After hearing him, I couldn't help but ask.


"So, how do I get these stones from the Celestials?"


Thori froze upon hearing my question. Knowing that I am asking a serious question, he sneered.


"You? Hmph. I admit that you're really powerful, and can maybe even fight individuals at the level of Gods. But you can only dream of defeating a Celestial with that mortal body of yours. You still know little of how vast this multiverse is."


I was quite displeased after hearing him, but I indeed know too little in regards to this world's power structure. My knowledge was limited only to the humans with superpowers that exist in this Earth and the Asgardians like Thor.


Before I could ask how powerful the Celestials are, Thori spoke.


"Don't worry. The Celestials doesn't have the Infinity stones anymore. It was once again scattered when the Celestials lost control of the stones. Right now, they're only considered as a long lost legend, with few crazy people still searching for them."


"I guess I will be one of those crazy ones, huh..." I muttered to myself.


"If you want to save that girl, yes."


With this new information at hand, I needed to figure out my next course of actions. I cannot just act carelessly starting from now, knowing that there are a lot more powerful entities other than me in this universe. After I resolve this damned curse, I swear I'm gonna get Lynn to provide me more video games. With that in mind, I meditated for the first time in a long while.




After I contemplated for a few hours, I got up from the bed. I figured out what I needed to do first and foremost.


I need to get a new body for Morgana first. Morgana is the only one who possesses the knowledge of this Earth's power structure (Thori said he just got here on Earth a few years ago, so he's not that much different from me). To converse with her, I would need to recreate her own body so she can transfer her soul in it.


Naturally, I am not a God. I cannot just create a new body out of nowhere. Thus, I need 'materials'.


It's currently 11:00 pm right now, a perfect time for my plan.


I closed my eyes and focused on the surrounding's death elements. Next, I slowly expanded the range of my senses until it covered the whole of Manhattan. I waited for a few minutes before I found what I was looking for.


"[Instant Teleportation]"


My surroundings blurred for a moment before I found myself in an unfamiliar room somewhere. I scanned the room and was surprised at the scene that greeted me.


A woman was lying on her bed. On top of her, a 9-year old child had a crazy grin on her face. This said child used the pillow that she was holding to suffocate the woman, who had the same hair and facial structures as her. I watched on with amusement as the little girl killed her mother.


"You're a feisty one, little girl." I said to her after she killed her mother.


"W-who's there?!" The little girl was surprised. Her eyes widened as she saw me approaching her. "Who are you? W-what are you doing here?"


"Relax. I'm not into little girls." I shrugged my shoulders as I confirmed that the woman is dead.


"What are you doing with my mother's body?" The little girl asked. Wow, I'm surprised that she can recover her composure at times like these.


"Hmmm. Let's see. How about you call me 'Death'? Didn't you just saw that I appeared here out of nowhere just when you killed your mother? I am here to get her dead body."


She's still a child, so a little trick like this should work. I'm gonna erase her memories later anyways.


"Huh? But does Death collect bodies? Doesn't Death only collect souls?" The little girl tilted her head.


Crap, she's too smart for her age.


"U-uhh. You see, this woman offended me somehow? And I'm here to get her body as well as her soul as a punishment. Yes, that's it." I hope she doesn't see me as a necrophile.


"Ohh, okay."


After that, I stored the dead woman's body on my Storage magic. Yes, the material that I'm talking about was an actual human body. I planned to acquire one using the death elements' guidance, which led me to this. I expected that death elements would always flock dying people, and I was right.


What I didn't expect was to witness this scene of a child killing her own mother. I lifted my head up and saw the little girl curiously examining me.


"Are you gonna erase my memories?"


Isn't she a little too smart for her own age?!


"Yep. More importantly, how did you acquire your powers?"


Like Reed Richards and Susan Storm, I can sense a foreign energy residing in her body. It was different than Reed's, but it was just as strong, if not stronger.


"I don't know." The little girl answered honestly.


If she didn't know, then there's nothing to gain here. I was hoping I could learn the source of these energies that transformed and gave powers to some humans on Earth.


"Well then, before I erase your memories, do you know where your father is? I might accidentally erase it, so tell me in advance."


"He's dead."


How can you say that without a change in your expression? Ah, well. She might have a screw loose in her head considering the fact that she killed her own mother.


"Other relatives?" I asked once more.


"I don't know."


"Then where do you plan on going after killing your mother?"


"I don't... know." The girl said with a lost expression.


This is taking too much time. If I erase this girl's memories of seeing me, there would be no explanation of how her mother's body vanished. There's also a chance that I'll erase her memories of her killing her own mother. Either the case, the girl would be left alone without anyone to look out for her and without memories of what happened to her mother.


Just as I started to think of other solutions, the girl spoke.


"Mister Death. Can I come with you?" She said with an ecstatic look on her face.


'Of course not'--is what I was about to say. However, thinking about it carefully, this might be a chance to widen my knowledge of this world. If I can discover what or who gave her those powers...


Just in time. I might need a new lab rat.


"What's your name, little girl?"


"Karla! My name's Karla Sofen." The girl smiled.


It was the same smile that I wore when wreaking havoc in the magical world.

A note from PG87 Mertens

Karla Sofen is an existing character in MCU; although I did a little bit of tweaking on her history, it should be fine.

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