Death is not the end.


This is coming from someone who personally experienced death once, and is experiencing it once more.


I have lived my life surrounded by death.


I was there when the people around me died. I was also there when the one who killed my family died.


And then...


I followed the one who killed the killer of my family.


I vowed to serve him with my life and my body for achieving the revenge I cannot exact until the day he dies.


For thousands of years, I stayed by his side.


I knew him better than anyone. Even better than I knew myself.


I was there when he ruled the whole world. The fate of billions rested in his hands.


However, he's not contented.


He sought the presence of someone.


Even so, I stayed by his side and helped him to the fullest of my ability.


Until, a catastrophe struck us.


This is when I first experienced death.


But I do not blame him.


Instead, I blamed my own weak self as I died without fully accomplishing my vow, which is to serve him until the day he dies.


However, as I said.


Death is not the end.


I woke up in a new world with my memories intact. I believe it is what the monks called 'reincarnation'.


As I arrived in this new world, there was only one thing in my mind.


That is:


To fulfill my vow in this life, no matter what.


In order to do that, I will conquer the world.


Before he arrives in this world, I will prepare the grandest gift. An accomplishment he once succeeded in doing.


I thought that I have the ability to follow his footsteps.


I was wrong.


There are stronger people other than me who exist in this world. Some even much stronger.


I was stopped by them.


Just when they are about to kill me, I struggled.


I refuse to give up on life. I refuse to die a second time.


This is not because I fear what comes after death.


But because I fear that I will die again without accomplishing anything.


That's why, as a last resort, I chose to seal myself.


I sealed my soul in an artifact, so even if my material body is destroyed, I will still exist in this world.


This time, I was not 'killed'. But I don't know if I can call it 'living' either.


I am ashamed to meet my lord again. For I have not done a single thing worthy of praise.


However, it is a hundred times better than not meeting him at all.


Even in this trapped state, I wish to meet him once more.


For many years, I waited for him to come.


And then, one day.


He finally arrived.


I sensed his unique malevolent aura that is second to nothing.


The aura that I will never forget no matter how many times I died.


Thus, I beckoned for him.


I released all the strength I have left.


To call for him.


To call for his love.


And once I meet him...


I, Morgana le Fay, will vow to serve him again in this lifetime.


This time, without fail.

A note from PG87 Mertens

Note that the Morgana in this story is a bit different from Morgan le Fay from the MCU. Nevertheless, they're the same character, only with different history. 

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Bio: A young human boy aspiring to be a writer.

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