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One more filler chapter then it's time to wrap things up.

Truthfully speaking, I'm only here to resolve their issues. After that, I can leave them to fend for themselves when I'm done. That's why I picked such government structure. I have no problems with kingcraft as well. I'm a ruler for 2000 years in my previous life, after all.


Right now, we're in the throne room of the Royal Palace. I am sitting on a golden throne chair with engravings of a golden dragon. The five Council Ministers half-kneeled in front of me.


This is the first delegation of tasks, so I better handle this properly.


The first in turn was the Minister of Military and Defense. A war general of Lemuria that somehow survived the previous war. He stood up, bowed, and put a hand on his chest as he greeted me.


Gahor: "My King, about my new department. The majority of our soldiers were killed during the previous war. I'm afraid we don't have enough manpower. Please give us your instructions."


"Hmm, I see. Well then, I'll give you the permission to appoint the Royal Guards in the Palace to command and train a battalion. With the Kraken guarding the Palace, I don't think anyone will have any funny idea. Also, hire more soldiers from the citizens, but don't force them. I will later increase the soldiers' average salaries and the newcomers will be prioritized in food distribution for their family. If that is still not enough, I will summon undeads later to fill in the gaps."


"Understood, My King!"




The next one is the Minister of Agriculture and Fishery. He's a nobleman who governs most of the fish farms that supports Lemuria, so he was naturally voted as the fittest one for the job.


Yeroki: "Your Majesty, I'm afraid that our main fish farms in the north are running out of resources. Although the previous war has lessened the number of consumers, there are quite a lot of rebels--*cough*, pardon me. What I meant to say was, there are quite a number of citizens that are coming back from various settlements. As such, I reckon that the food will sooner or later run out."


"Mm-hmm, I see. How about establishing new fish farms in the south and the east?"


"Your Majesty, with all due respect... The south and the east is the house of giant carnivorous monsters. As for the west; it was currently occupied by the human countries above. Thus, we have no choice but to settle for the north."


"Ah. So the monsters are the problem, correct? That's simple then. I will create several Devouring sandworms later to help you reclaim the south and the east. After that, I will station them there to guard for the fish farms. All you have to do is follow them and occupy the place. There should be a lot of fish accumulated there, enough to support this country for several years at most."


"Your Majesty is wise!"




Then after him, a nobleman and noblewoman stood up in pair. They were the Ministers of the 'Architecture and Technology' and 'Science and Knowledge' respectively.


""Your Majesty King."" (Dustap and Maliya)


Ah, so you guys were married, huh. That's neat, it makes things much easier.


Dustap: "Your Majesty, the reparations from the previous war is more than enough for us. However, we severely lack manpower and resources. I humbly ask the King for instructions."


"Mm-hmm, in that case, I will summon elemental liches later to provide assistance. They can control various elements and modify terrains, making them perfect for building things. I will also create builder golems to fill in the gap in manpower. Aside from that, you can ask the elemental liches to create any metal that you need in your constructions."


"Understood, Your Majesty."


Maliya: "Your Majesty, there are currently no problems in my department that need immediate solutions. However, when the city stabilizes, the children's education will need to start again. The previous King neglected education before and only used the citizens for military purposes. As such, we lack direction of where to go from now. Please give us instructions."


"I see. Well then, first of all, talk to your husband about the reconstruction of the school and its facilities. After that, I'll give you references from the school systems above so you can create a system that suits our current situation later. The culture and technology here are very different from above so make sure to carefully think about it. Do not rush."


"Thank you, Your Majesty."




Lastly, a young nobleman who looks to be in his teens stood up. He's the type of guy who would get flocked by women wherever he goes. He's the Minister of Human Resources, responsible for handing out jobs and managing the citizens.


Fioste: "My King, I'm honored to be in your presence."


"Mm-hmm. State your business."


"Yes. Reporting in: a total of 578 refugees came back from various settlements since yesterday. In my assumptions, that number will continue to rise for a few days before finally stopping. This is great news, as the manpower right now is severely lacking especially in Architectural departments. However, here comes the problem..."


Hmmm, there's not enough houses because some were destroyed by the previous war, and the food is only enough to go around for at most few days. The food problem has already given solution earlier, but if not given a proper fast reply, the citizens might revolt again.


"Alright, I get it. For the time being, make temporary camps in the north of the city. Make sure that hygiene and law are properly implemented, and they're guarded against the carnivorous fishes. I will create golems later so make sure to also tell the citizens not to panic when they saw it. As for the immediate food supply, I will order a hunting team later to hunt several whales enough to last until the new fish farms are established."


"Your will is my command!"




After I addressed all of their problems, they left one by one.


Then, I suddenly found myself grinning.


"As expected, I feel more at ease when ordering people around..." I muttered as I rested my hand of the throne.


Oh, by the way, where's Lynn, you ask? Well, she's currently in the temporary school teaching children basic knowledge. She's surprisingly good at handling children and teaching them. Because I was so absorbed in playing real-life Sims, I didn't notice that we already stayed for more than a week underwater.


It's okay for me to even stay here for a decade, but I don't know if Lynn's fine with it. After all, she stayed most of her life above ground where you can see the sun and breathe fresh air. Staying here for longer would not be a good idea for her, mentally and physically speaking.


While I was indulging myself in thinking, the Prime Minister arrived in front of me. Mara was now dressed like a real noblewoman. She wore a cocktail-like dress that resembles the sea. It is blue in color with many frills. The dress touches the ground so it kind of creates a wavy image. I think that this suits her more than her battle armor.


"Fin--Ah. Your Majesty."


It seems like Mara is still adjusting. Well, I don't really mind.


"I'm here to ask about a certain matter. We cannot decide for ourselves so we seek your consent."


I nodded so Mara continued.


"What will we do about the captured Atlanteans?"


Oh? This is quite a surprise. There are survivors, huh.


When I thought about what to do with them, I cannot help but leak a malicious grin.


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