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Let's take it slow for a while

"Oi, Mara! You guys sit this one out. Get that King Merro and I'll deal with this one."


"Huh? What?" Mara absentmindedly replied.


"I said finish your business while I handle that thing!"


"Eh? Ah, y-yesh! Be careful..." Flustered, Mara bit her tongue.


She then led the rebel army inside the Royal Palace where King Merro fled to. In the first place, I don't need any help. They would just be burdens if I fight that Kraken with them. Also, I don't think the rebels can do anything to those massive tentacles. (Sorry bois, no tentacle h-scenes today)


After that, I used the Devouring sandworm golems to engage the monstrous beast. It's not that I can't kill it, but an idea suddenly hit me. For that to happen, I would need a sufficient amount of time so I used the golems to distract the Kraken for a bit.


However, no matter how tyrannical the Devouring sandworms were to the aquatic aircraft, if compared to the massive Kraken, they would appear like tiny new-born snakes instead. Thus, I have no choice but to modify them first.


[Magical Golem Enlargement]
[Unbreakable Steel Body]
[Corrosive Body]
[Paralysis Saliva]
[Unlimited Regeneration],
[High Physical attack Resistance]
[Greater Hardening]
[Enhance Speed]
[Enhance Strength]
[Enhance Intelligence]


After that, a massive change occurred on the Devouring sandworms.


The originally 20-meter body of the golems suddenly swelled up and doubled its size. Their sand-colored skin produced a metallic sheen. Even from afar, you can feel that their defense increased tenfold. With this, the Kraken cannot crush them with one strike anymore.


Next, the golems' bodies excreted a black gooey substance. The black substance melted and corroded everything that touches the Devouring sandworms. It's the effect of the [Corrosive Body]. The sandworms also produced yellow saliva. I made sure that the [Paralysis Saliva] is potent enough to take effect on the Kraken.


Lastly, the overall abilities of the golems increased. Speed, defense, intelligence, and strength. It is also made to be able to regenerate its body in case the Kraken somehow destroys it.


However, despite that entire enhancement, the golems still can't beat the Kraken no matter what. That's the difference in their 'class'. Even enhanced, lower creatures can never beat a legendary creature. I fully know that; that's why they're only supposed to buy time for me to finish my magic.

With that, the golems are ready.


The Kraken turned its attention towards them as I started my preparation.


The golems charged. The 3 enhanced Devouring sandworms attacked the Kraken in 3 different directions. Outnumbered, the Kraken can only defend. Its 8 massive tentacles wrapped around the golems, trying to restrict them. It must've thought that the golems would be crushed...


However, that was a mistake.


Because the golems were enhanced, the Kraken's tentacles produced sizzling sounds as it touches the golems. The suction cups that were supposed to stick to the golems were met with corrosive substances that were oozing out of the golems' bodies.


The Kraken shrieked in pain.


Even the tentacles' crushing force cannot fully destroy the golems' bodies in one go as they have many defense enhancement. The only solution that the Kraken could think of was to slap the Devouring sandworms away and then slowly chip away their bodies. It relied on its super regenerative abilities to resist the corrosion on its tentacles.


After some time, the Kraken finally destroyed one golem. That said golem, however, immediately started regenerating itself while the Kraken was busy with the other two. When one golem was destroyed again, the first destroyed golem is already fully recovered as it charged to the Kraken once more.


The battle became a cycle of destruction and regeneration.


While all of that was happening, I never stopped forming the magic circle in my mind. With [Parallel Thoughts], I can construct the magic circle while still commentating on the battle.


Normally, I would always cast magic by reciting the chant or forming the magic circle. Chanting is easy. I just need to recite the words and the internal mana inside me would work things out.


Meanwhile, forming the magic circle is a much harder method. You would need to construct the magic circle in your mind first; by combining the structure, the form, the use, and the runes that you wanted.


However, since I already remembered most of the magic circle in the magical world, it comes without saying that all I need to do was to think of that magic circle and voilĂ : it would automatically form without me having to do anything.


Now, however, the circumstances are different. I would need to form a new magic circle that would produce results in accordance with what I was thinking. It's basically like creating a new magic spell by combining the properties of other magic circles.


Right now, what the magic circle needs are: to ensure the effectiveness of the spell, to cover the size of the Kraken, to make sure the spell last for an eternity, and finally, an undying loyalty.


After a few adjustments and enhancements, the new magic spell is finally finished. I named it...


"[Curse of Complete Subservience]"


At that moment, a new legend occurred.


Thousands of black magic circle hovered around the Kraken's body.


After that, countless black chains shoot out to bind the Kraken. No matter how much the Kraken struggled, it cannot free itself from the chains that bounded it. The Kraken roared as if to condemn the heavens.


After that, a white magic circle appeared. It clearly stood out from the rest of the black magic circles. The white magic circle then embedded itself on the head of the Kraken.


After that, starting from the head of the Kraken, white runic symbols appeared one by one. It slowly crawled until it covered the Kraken's whole body; until the tip of each of its tentacles.


After that... there was no more after that.


The Kraken swam towards me. In the next moment...


It brought its massive head down to greet its new master.


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