(Third-person POV)

Royal Palace, Lemuria.

The Royal Palace of Lemuria can be said to be grander than the Royal Palace of Atlantis. This is because Lemuria is a much wealthier country than Atlantis. A tyrant king ruled for 500 years, so it can be surmised that he's a man with ambition. All he cared about was making himself richer and more powerful, by raiding the other undersea cities and declaring war to them.

Naturally, his tyrant attitude incurred the wrath of some abused citizens, who later formed a resistance army. They rebelled against their king, so they were hunted and vanished to the city. But that is not what the topic is right now.

Currently, on the throne of the majestic Royal Palace, an arrogant-looking Lemurian gazed down at the informant in front of him. This Lemurian seated on the throne is wearing a full armor made up of golden metal. His elegant bearing was amplified even more by the ornamental pearls and the golden crown that he wore. He was the son of the tyrant ruler, King Merro.

"Repeat that again." King Merro lazily picked up the golden grapes on a plate and ate it.

"Y-yes..! The captured Atlantean who attacked us yesterday finally spoke. He said that they were plotted against, and all they wanted to do is to negotiate with us in terms of peace..." The informant kneeled with his forehead kissing the ground. He's visibly shaking in fear.

Hearing the report, King Merro snorted. "Hmph. Those Atlanteans thought I am a fool? I knew what they came here for. They came here for their Queen captured by the rebel army. A plot of that bastard for a reason of attack."

King Merro heard the full report from his spy in the rebel army. The rebel army made a deal with the King of Atlantis, to instigate a war with the Lemurians.

In truth, King Namor lied to Finn about the Atlantis being at war with Lemuria.

King Merro still hadn't broken the peace treaty they have with the Atlantis. Atlantis is a big city, almost on par with them. His father, King Naga, has been repelled by Atlantis a couple of times. Even with his father's powers, King Naga still failed in capturing Atlantis. That's why, they entered a non-aggression relationship.

However, now that the Lemurians have been continuously advancing their technologies by leaps and bounds, and their population booming, the King of Atlantis finally felt the threat. He created this plot to start a war with Lemuria.

King Merro disdainfully spat out the grape seeds. "Since war is what you want, war is what you get."

At that time, a flustered Lemurian soldier suddenly opened the door with a bang. Before the Royal Guards could shoot him, he already prostrated on the ground. King Merro squinted his eyes.

"Y-your Majesty! It's an attack, it's an attack!" The soldier said.

"The Atlanteans are faster than I thought..." Even with the threat of attack, King Merro still attained his nonchalant attitude. After all, he was confident that he can defeat the Atlanteans even if they launch a surprise attack like this.


"Your Majesty... It's, it's not the Atlanteans..." The still prostrating soldier suddenly looked at his King. Fear dominated his eyes.

"It's the demons... The demons have come to attack us!"


(Finn's POV)

We stood about half a kilometer away from Lemuria as I gazed at the city. On my side, Mara and the rebel army gulped in nervousness. Naturally, since this is war, Lynn was left in the rebel camp while looking after the kids. No matter how many times she begged to come with me, this is the only thing that I can't yield on.

"Uhm, Finn? Can I ask you something?" Mara suddenly asked.

I nodded at her so she continued.

"Please leave King Merro in my hands. He killed my betrothed. I would like to avenge his soul no matter what."

Looking at her resolute face, I cannot help but be amazed. Mara has been leading the rebel army with her fiancé, but he was killed by the King. Since then, Mara alone handled the burden of feeding and protecting the rebel citizens. For years now, revenge was the only thing that drove her forward.

"Do what you want." I nodded at her request. In the first place, there was nothing that I could gain in killing the King. If there's someone who would gain something, it would be Mara.

She gratefully looked at me. "Thank you. Aside from that, everything is yours."

Disregarding her slightly foreboding words, I took a deep breath and faced the undersea city once more. In just a matter of time, blood will fill the ocean, so I engraved the mystical image in my mind now that it's still beautiful.

I stretched my arms widely as if to imitate the scene in the Titanic.

"Gather their ashes.
Form their bones.

In the depths of the seas,
Here lie countless bodies.
Bitten, shredded, torn to pieces!

Creatures of the blue,
Black and white be your hue!

Arise, and hear my words!
Arise, my army, destroy them in hordes!"

[Last Verse of the Dead]. Unique tier Demonic magic, an undead summoning spell.

It is my favorite magic. Why?

Because as its name suggests, it will be the last verse you will hear before you die.

This spell is usually used depending on the place the caster is on. Let's say for example; if the caster is on a desert, all he needs to do is to revise the 2nd and 3rd stanza of the chant. Since there are not much of human bodies here or even Lemurian bodies for that matter, I cannot just use an ordinary undead summoning spell. That's why; I used this particular spell to create an army of undead out of the creatures who died here.

Great white sharks, hammerheads sharks, tiger sharks, killer whales or orcas, humpback whales, narwhals, and even the harmless dolphins. All their carcasses and bones gathered to give birth to a massive undead army. Their bodies were made up of white bones and some leftover flesh; a foreboding dark mist covered their body. Their eyes glowing an ominous red.

The army of thousands of undead sea creature really filled the view black and white.

Not only that; the bones of the small fishes and other aquatic animals were also not spared. It was gathered to one place and formed a figure of a gigantic beast.

A beast that is always called a myth with a length of at least 50 meters and a height of 20 meters. It snarled with its more than 300 sharp, triangular teeth arranged in six rows; each of the tooth with a size of 15-20 inches. Red, menacing eyes. An undead Super Megalodon was born.

Even though I've always used elemental and physical magic, never forget, I've been a Demon Lord for two millenniums. Dark magic, demonic magic, undead magic. These are my specialties. Even if you take away every magic I have, these will always be mine. Because they became a part of me a long time ago. That's an undeniable fact.

I shrugged off these thoughts and focused on the upcoming battle. The Lemurian rebel army still cannot believe what was happening in front of them, so I had to nudge Mara to wake her up from her daze.

"Eh? Ah, ahee? Huweehhhh. Ehaa?"

No good. She completely forgot how to speak. At her current state, can she still exact her revenge?

Since nudging didn't work, I tried slapping her at once to fully wake her up.


A crisp slap resounded. It was only then that she came to herself while squealing in pain. Although, she quickly forgot the pain and pointed at the undead army and the Megalodon in front of her.

"W-w-w-w-what is that?!!" Mara stammeringly said.

"A little trick of mine. More importantly, you should charge now. The Lemurian army is already on their city walls."

Mara seemed to have realized our critical advantage and yelled while charging. Right, our biggest advantage is that we came here by surprise. Naturally, I used concealing magic on the whole rebel army while they're unaware. Because of that, it was not only until my undead army showed up that the Lemurian army was informed of our existence. Their reaction time can also be called fast, even while considering the fact that they were attacked by Atlanteans just yesterday.

Speaking of Atlanteans, I wonder what happened to them yesterday. I left them after attracting a whole bunch of Lemurian army so big that it can be said that they're doomed. Since they plotted against me, I should pay them back twice as much, right? It's a common courtesy even in the magical world.

I watched as the rebel army, numbering no more than a hundred, charge with my thousands of undead sea creature army. I miss this magnificent sight which I often witness in the magical world. Back then, I would raise the dead and attack cities with the combined forces of orcs, goblins, and other monsters.

However, it was just a thing in the past now.

Since I now live in a peaceful world, I tried to keep it peaceful. Hiding my powers, hiding my urges, hiding the demons inside. It can be said that I did well until now.

Yes, until now.

Because right now, I'm gonna let loose for a little bit.

I'm sorry for this, King Merro. Blame your luck for it ran out.


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