I had a hunch who Lynn was ever since I met her. And now, I confirmed who she was.

She literally dragged me everywhere just to find other people with superpowers. Starting from the Monaco incident up to the latest, which is the Harlem incident. She would order me around like an assistant. I obviously don't like it at first, but I started to get used to it.

But now, she suddenly said that she won't force me to do it.

Lynn is a very childish girl. She is unprofessional when it comes to work, only wanting to find superheroes. Sometimes, I'm even amazed that she even survived in this world full of evil. Lynn stayed pure and innocent, always true to her desires. She would eat whatever she wants, and do whatever she likes. No one can stop her, not even me.

Outside of the cave, I saw the same Lemurian children that were playing with Lynn earlier. Taking a closer look, they appeared rather malnourished with their ragged clothes. The children meekly looked in my direction.

Noticing that I don't pose any threats, they slowly walked towards me. They handed me a necklace made out of assembled corals, with an assortment of rainbow colors. Next, they strangely cupped their hands in front of me.

Just as I was wondering what it means, the kid on the front pointed at her mouth. Ah, so they mean food.

I looked around and found a group of fish in the distance. I carefully casted ice magic so that it won't reach the children. They were scared at first, but then noticed that it was not pointed at them. They raised their head to see the dead fishes floating about. Then, I watched as they happily munched the fishes one by one.

I stared at the necklace they made once more and found myself irritated.

"Ahh, f*ck it! Let's finish this quickly so I can play my video games." I headed inside the cave once more.


"Really?! Thank you, Finn! I knew you would help!" Lynn flew to my embrace the moment I told her I'm going to help.

"Hey, get off me. I said get off me!"

"Just a little more...ow!"

I flicked her forehead, causing her to rub it in pain.

"Stingy" Lynn muttered as she stuck out her tongue. "Now it's certain that it will be a success!"

"Uhm, I appreciate your help, but what do you mean when you said it will be a success?" Mara raised her hand and asked.

We're not in a classroom so please don't raise your hand and just ask away.

"Fufufu. You see, Finn here is a strong magician. He can defeat that King Maroon-whatever and be done with it!" Lynn boasted while puffing her chest.

It's King Merro, not Maroon.

"Eh? King Merro has an army though..." Mara still seemed unconvinced.

"And we have a Finn!"

Oi, don't automatically label me as strong as a whole army. Well, you're not wrong on that part though so I guess it's fine.

"Oh, okay. Uhm, thank you for your help...?"

It seems Mara just gave up refuting and just went with the flow instead. You can't stop Lynn anyway so good choice.

After that, I told Mara to get her army ready because we're gonna set off first thing tomorrow morning. I was surprised that she fully trusted us and immediately notified her people to get ready. Since I don't know any healing magic at all, the injured ones can't do anything but sit this one out even if they wanted to join. That's okay too. In the first place, I don't need their massive number to win this thing. I, alone, am enough, though I won't openly admit it.


"Stories! Lynn, tell us stories!"

3-4 kids cheerfully pulled on Lynn towards the seaweed bed. After eating a small dinner, these children of the rebels urged Lynn to tell them bedtime stories. I heard that for the past two days, Lynn has been taking care of these children. Although no one told her, one of her duties is putting them to sleep.

"Alright, alright. Do you wanna hear the story of the Frog Prince?" Lynn smiled cheerfully.

The kids shook their heads. It seems like they already heard it before.

"The Sleeping Princess?" Lynn thought for a moment and said. But the kids still shook their heads.

"How about the Beauty and the Beast? Still no? Hmmm..."

I was worried for a moment that we'll get sued by a certain company, but I suddenly remembered that this is a fan fiction anyway.

After that, Lynn really listed all the Disney movies she knew of but the kids already heard of it.

Lynn looked at me in frustration. "Finn, help me..."

"Don't bother me. I don't know any stories."

At the same time that I said that, Lynn and the children looked at me with teary eyes.

Seriously? Well, whatever.

I sighed. "Alright, listen up, you brats. After this one, make sure you sleep."

""Yaaayy!"" Lynn cheered with the children.

I coughed. Well, since it seems like the kids already knew most of the stories above, I guess I'm just gonna made up a story.

"Long time ago, there lives a little boy in a peaceful town. The boy was loved by his parents and friends, but the Gods somehow hated the boy. The Gods made an accident to kill the boy and sent his soul to a hell-like world. In this world, the boy was powerless. He was tormented by the people around him. No one loved the boy.

Except one.

The Elven Princess, the Saintess, the Holy Maiden. This one girl had many outstanding titles which made her the treasure of the country. She was supposed to defeat the Demon Lord, along with the heroes. But the boy knew nothing of this. He just knew that the girl was kind to him. Even though he was shunned by everyone else, the girl was the only one who kept talking to him. He would sneak out at night to meet with the girl and they would talk all night long.

But this did not last for long.

One day, the King was informed of their relationship. That her daughter, the Princess, was secretly meeting with this boy. The King forbid her daughter to meet this boy ever again and sent her out along with the heroes, on a conquest to defeat the Demon Lord.

The boy waited for the Princess to come back, but she never did. He was left waiting.

Until, the Demon Lord destroyed the country the boy was in. He was taken and became the Demon Lord's slave. Tormented again and again. The only thing that kept him alive was the curse of Immortality given to him. And the hope of somehow finding the girl again.

Finally, after unknown years of torment, the boy inherited the Demon Lord's position. Given a new power, what the boy did first was to look for the girl, his Princess.

Sadly, he never found her; but he did found out what happened to her. She was killed by the previous Demon Lord. The heroes, her companions, abandoned her when the Demon Lord struck their country. Until her end, the boy never heard her voice ever again.

This left the boy devastated, causing him to lose his mind. The boy raged at the cruelty of fate. With his power, he destroyed everything in his sight. The boy hunted the girl's companions who left her and killed them. He massacred the people that did nothing to protect her.

The boy knew.

That even with his vast power, he cannot bring her back. No matter what he did, all that's left of her was her bones. Her soul already entered the cycle of reincarnation.

For countless years, the boy rampaged. He only came to his senses when there's nothing left to vent his rage on. Then one day, the boy sought the one who gave the powers to him. He asked, 'How can I meet my Princess again?'

He was given no answer. No matter how many times the boy asked, there was no response. That's why; he gave an answer to his own question.

He will follow her soul. The boy vowed to find her even if she's light years away from his current world. With this in mind, he utilized all his resources to create a gateway that can take him to other worlds. To find her again.

However, fate played with him once more.

He died without accomplishing his goal. He died full of regrets. Till his last moments, all he remembered was the warmth he once felt. He regretted that he wasn't given this power much earlier so he can protect the girl. He regretted the fact that he was powerless back then. Drifting in space for an unknown number of time, he was left thinking by himself.

And then, he was given another chance. He came back to his original world. He met his mother again. The boy found a place he could call home. And...

He met the girl once more. His Princess. Although the girl never remembered him, he swore to protect the girl with his life. Whatever it takes. Because he has power this time.

The end."

After I finished, I realized that all of them are already asleep, even Lynn.

I stood up with the intention to leave. But a hand was pulling my sleeves.

Lynn fell asleep while clinging to me. She's drooling with a stupid smile on her face.

"Good grief." I removed her hands and tucked them in bed.

Leaving the room, I closed the door.

A note from PG87 Mertens

Alright, the past is revealed. 


Btw, additional information: the death aura around Lynn is because she was killed by the previous Demon Lord. The Demon Lord's curse followed her even through reincarnation. It is the third case of Finn's conjecture (see Chapter 1.2) 


Even Finn is helpless against it as he doesn't have any intensive knowledge about curses that remains even after reincarnating. Finn cannot cure her of this curse, but he will find a solution later.



Also: Lynn cannot learn any magic asides from the ones that uses dark energy. 

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