"Atlanteans! Set off!"

With Colonel Dakkor's shout as a signal, 5 Transport Turtles swam with their maximum speed. Each of the gargantuan turtles carried 10 Atlantean soldiers equipped with war weaponry. Their powered suits are bulkier than usual and all of them carried Power tridents and Ray rifles of their backs. Our number totals 53: the 50-strong battalion, Colonel Dakkor, Lt. Folma and me.

Since our destination is the city of Lemuria, which is in the Pacific Ocean, naturally we'll take the fastest transportation method while considering the number of troops. Although their fastest vehicle can travel at the maximum speed of Mach 6 or even 7, it can't carry more than 2 people at most. On the other hand, Transport Turtles can travel as fast as an American jet when on water. It can also carry up to a maximum of 15 soldiers. As a result, we took the Transport Turtles and rode the currents.

Our route started somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean straight down to Panama, where lies an underground tunnel. According to the pursuing Atlantean pilot, he saw the Lemurians pass through this tunnel to get to the Pacific. When he investigated it further, he noticed the mark of the tunnel being excavated not too long ago. This means to say that the Lemurians especially dug this tunnel so they can secretly pass through it.

Next, when we passed through the tunnel, we will then ride the North Equatorial Current to get to Lemuria faster. They said that the current was no different than that of the current that Nemo's father rode with the turtles in 'Finding Nemo' movie. It will considerably boost the turtles' speed without exerting much effort. Thus, it took a total of two days until we finally saw the city of Lemuria.

"We will rest here for today. As we do so, we will also formulate the plan to rescue the Queen. Don't let your guards down!"

""Yes, sir!""

Colonel Dakkor issued a command as he took the lead in entering a cave. We traveled nonstop for two whole days so their fatigue must've been accumulated. Hence, even if we attack now, the soldiers won't be in their perfect state. Colonel Dakkor started formulating a plan after we sat down.

"Alright, listen up. Unlike the Atlantis, Lemuria doesn't have any barrier that prevents anyone from entering. They're an open book."

Saying so, he drew a big circle and wrote Lemuria on the middle. Next, he put 5 small pebbles representing the 5 squads of the battalion a little far away from the city. Then, he drew 2 triangles beside those pebbles. I don't think I was included but let's hear his explanation first before complaining. He continued.

"However, that doesn't mean we can just attack them freely. They have a lot of Patrol craft circling the perimeter around the city 24/7. And their Patrol crafts have better ray cannons than ours so that would be a huge problem."

Ahh, so the aquatic crafts that I blew up with [Glacial Spears] are called Patrol crafts.

After that, Colonel Dakkor continuously delegated their positions for the rescue mission. Four squads would act as a diversion led by Lt. Folma while the remaining squad, led by Colonel Dakkor himself, would be the rescue team. Similarly, we would use the tactics that the Lemurians did to rescue the Queen. Although we don't know where they put the Queen and Lynn, the four squads should buy enough time until Colonel Dakkor's squad locates the hostages.

"That's all. Remember your roles! For the glory of Atlantis!"

""For Atlantis!""

I knew it. He wasn't including me in the plan. He didn't even take a look at me to ask if it was okay. Ah, I guess he wasn't there when I blew up their Patrol crafts, huh. And he must've thought that I would just be a burden because I'm an ordinary human.

"As for you, because you're just an ordinary human, you would just be a burden so please just stay here inside the cave and wait for us."

See? As I said, Colonel Dakkor wasn't even considering me at all.

"All right. Good luck"

I bid them farewell as they finished resting and set out.

In truth, I already knew where Lynn is because of my magic. I used [Clairvoyance] and saw that she was fine so I took my time humoring King Namor. [Astro Suit] is a really strong magic spell, you see.

If my guess is right, King Namor plotted with a group of Lemurians to specifically capture Lynn while making it look like their true goal was the Queen. He then sent me out with the rescue team to accomplish his goal, which is to destroy Lemuria. He must've calculated the depth of my magic and plotted to incur my wrath by kidnapping Lynn. In addition, he even separated the Queen and Lynn to make it look like the Lemurians killed Lynn when the rescue team comes back with only the Queen. He's a crafty bastard, that guy.

With that, Colonel Dakkor's rescue team should come back successfully rescuing the Queen sometime later. Consequently, King Namor thought that I would rampage the moment they returned without Lynn.

The Queen was currently sitting on a sofa while sipping tea somewhere in Lemuria. While Lynn was a little far away from the city. They sure made it look like she was really killed so that when I search Lemuria, I wouldn't find her even if I turn every rock in the city.

However, King Namor failed to include the extent of my search magic in his plans, which is why he ultimately failed.

I watched with [Clairvoyance] as the Atlantean soldiers commenced their rescue mission. Their powered suits are equipped with a jet propeller to make them faster on evading. With Lt. Folma's instructions, they made the Lemurian Patrol craft a target practice. He's surprisingly good at commanding, eh.

Although the Lemurians' reaction time is fast, the Atlanteans can actually hold out really well. Four squads were all it took to destroy 3 Patrol crafts. Then, they faced the reinforcements as the Lemurians continued to respond to their attack.

Meanwhile, on Colonel Dakkor's side, they have already located the Queen and are preparing to escape. Naturally, they already knew where the Queen was ahead of time since this is King Namor's plot. Although they met some 'trouble' on the way, I reckon that that too was on his plan to make it look less suspicious.

"That guy's so meticulous yet he still failed. Lol" I muttered while overlooking the Atlanteans retreating to this cave. In the end, his biggest mistake was still underestimating me. I'll make sure he'll pay for trying to use me.


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