Lemurians, residents from the city of Lemuria, looks no different from Atlanteans. They all have blue skin, pointed ears, and gills on their necks. If I would have to differentiate them from Atlanteans, it's probably their more advanced technology that stood out most. Aside from that, they also have bodies that are buffer than most Atlanteans and their movements that clearly showed their war-trained nature.

A total of 15 Lemurians equipped with advanced weaponry 'mysteriously' bypassed the Atlantis barrier. 10 of them bombed the palace as a diversion and fought the Royal Guards, while the remaining 5 was said to excel in sneaking.

They kidnapped the Queen resting on her personal chamber and spotted Lynn in the process. As usual, her luck ran out as she witnessed the kidnapping while she was supposed to go to the bathroom. (Is there a bathroom underwater?)

When the assailants couldn't destroy the [Astro Suit] no matter what, they kidnapped her along with the Queen instead. It's to prevent anyone from knowing their plot.

I sat in the corner of the room as I listened on the report of the attack. A big round table made up of white marble was situated in the middle of the room. On the top-most chair was naturally King Namor. Surrounding him were the 'Council of Elders', the second-in-command aside from the Royal family. There's also the war generals and of course the high-ranking nobles.

On the other corner of the table, opposite of King Namor is a captured Lemurian guarded by two Royal Guards. He 'obediently' told us their whole attack after going through some torture I'd rather not know.

"T-that's it... that's all I know..." The Lemurian powerlessly concluded his report.

"Mm-hmm." King Namor nodded as he gestured the two Royal Guards to take the Lemurian out.

After that, the Council of Elders spoke out, starting the discussion.

"My King, this is a serious matter. We're currently at war with the Lemurians. This attack proved that they found a way to disregard the barrier and even made their way to the Queen's chamber without being noticed. I'm afraid..."

"This time, only 15 individuals attacked. However, there's no saying that they would bring an entire battalion and terrorize the citizens the next time this happens."

"This isn't the first time that the barrier was bypassed, but this is indeed the first time that the assailants got as far as the Queen's chamber. Even managing to kidnap her without our knowledge."

King Namor listened to them one by one, nodding at each of their statements. When the Elders all finished speaking, he finally spoke.

"Your worries are unfounded. The assailants this time have indeed bypassed the barrier, but I can assure you that it won't be the cause of our demise. Their numbers are as such maybe because of the restrictions of the method they used to open up a hole in the barrier."

It's true. No matter how tight and strong their barrier is, I can indeed open up a hole or even destroy it entirely. Though I won't say that, of course. But for the Lemurians, they must've had a method to open a similar hole to get inside the barrier. However, the hole was only big enough to support a dozen or so people from entering, hence their small number.

King Namor continued. "As for the kidnapping of the Queen, we cannot deny the fact that the intruders are highly skilled not only in assassination but also in infiltration. They managed to destroy several alarms while they infiltrated the Queen's chamber quietly. Even quiet enough to not cause suspicion among the Royal Guards. It can even be said that they somehow have an intensive knowledge of our palace."

To the last of his statement, the seated on the round table shook from surprise.

"M-My King! Are you saying that there's a traitor among us?!" One of the Elders said.

"I'm not accusing, it is merely a conjecture at this time. But yes, we cannot neglect the possibility." King Namor's eyes sharpened as he observed the whole room. He then called out a name. "Colonel Dakkor."

"Yes, My King."

One of the war generals stood up in response to King Namor's call. He emitted a strong bloodlust even while doing nothing.

"You will lead the mission to rescue the Queen. You can select a battalion and set out immediately this morning. Lt. Folma, follow him."

""Your will is our command!""

Another guy, Folma, whose looks is much closer to a fish than a demi-human replied with Dakkor. His skin is green with scales on some part of his body. Two mudfish-like whiskers formed like a mustache on his face.

"And finally... Sir Finn. We apologize again for your woman. If not for the negligence on our part, your woman wouldn't have been captured."

How many times would you say 'your woman, your woman'? I was too lazy to refute him so I stayed quiet instead.

"However, now that this happened, we ask for your cooperation in rescuing the two ladies. I'm afraid that our soldiers lack experience in this kind of mission, so we need your help."

'No, how can you be so sure that I know these kinds of things too?'

I pretended to think about it for a long time, before finally nodding. In truth, I was already prepared to butt in and volunteer myself in case King Namor ordered a rescue mission. However, I instead made it look like I was deliberating hardly. There was a reason, of course. I just used global magic to search for Lynn's presence, and I indeed confirmed that she was no longer in the Atlantic Ocean, but somewhere in the Pacific instead.

In just 3 hours since the attack has concluded, the Lemurians have already brought the Atlantean Queen back to their city. They traveled for approximately 6000 miles per hour or Mach 8, in the very least. It's even faster than the North American X-15 jet that traveled for 4600mph (Mach 6), the world record holder for the fastest manned aircraft in history. The Atlanteans explained that Lemurians are more developed in transportation because of their home location, which is in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

While King Namor did send out a pursuit, it was still no match for the Lemurians' technology. Thus, the pursuers were left to dust.

Don't get the wrong idea though. I'm not participating because I was forced; it was because I wanted to. You can say it's partly because of Lynn. You can also say I'm just a little deranged in the head. But the most important reason of all was: this is the first time that someone dared to play a game with me. A dangerous game, if I might add.

King Namor turned around and left the room, smirking evilly.

With all in that place, the meeting concluded.


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