According to the myths, the city of Atlantis is an advanced city that once flourished on lands but was sunk during the Great Cataclysm/Great Flood. The people living in the advanced city sunk with it, and their God, Neptune, bestowed them the ability to breathe and live underwater. Seeing it closely, it was no different than what the myths told us. Or it is possible that there was someone who already discovered this city before, thus, creating the myth from it.

The city of Atlantis is covered by a dome-shaped glass barrier that retracts whenever it senses the Atlanteans entering. Beyond it was the futuristic city of Atlantis. Although I said futuristic, that only applied to the tall buildings. Some buildings were a hybrid of coral reefs and their architecture.

Atlantis has a monarchy government. So as we reached the Royal Palace, guards and maids started to greet the King. The Royal Palace is made up of pure white marble. Its insides are decorated with pearl and gold chandeliers. It was the very definition of wealth.

Inside the palace, a grand feast is already waiting for our arrival. I don't understand why King Namor, Lord of the Seven Seas, prepared a feast just for us but there's definitely something fishy going on here. (Did you get the joke? Is it fishy enough for you?)

"Welcome to our humble city of Atlantis." King Namor suddenly raised a wine cup. "Let the feast begin. But first, here's to our friends from above."

I imitated his gestures and raised a wine cup too. "Cheers."

Meanwhile, Lynn already started eating. What is she eating? Well, since we're on the sea, naturally it would be seafood. Lots of lobsters, shrimps, tunas, and even shark sushi. It's all seafood and seaweeds, huh.

"Our country can only offer sea creatures as supplements, so I apologize for any inconveniences." A gentle voice of a woman was suddenly heard from afar. The woman appears to have blue eyes and auburn hair. On top of her head lays a slender crown.

"My Queen." King Namor beckoned as the woman approached us.

"My King." The Queen greeted back. It must be a tradition or something.

Facing us, King Namor introduced his wife. "This is Dorma, my wife, and my one and only Queen."

"It's very nice to be your acquaintances, humans from above." Queen Dorma smiled at us.

"Yeap." I replied while tossing a shrimp in my mouth and delighting in its crispy texture.

The King and Queen pair appeared to not mind my rude behavior as they were still on full smiles. My suspicions quickly went up a notch.

After that, the banquet was quickly over. There were some dancers, acrobats, and comedians who performed to keep it lively. It was an open banquet, to which the civilians can participate, so the food was quickly gone. We didn't even manage to taste all of it, although Lynn was the only one concerned.

"Well then, I guess it's time to go." I said as I stood up.

When I was about to call Lynn who was playing with some Atlantean kids, the Queen suddenly spoke. "Why don't you guys stay for the night? Coincidentally, tomorrow is the Festival of Corals. It is only done once every 4 years, and only one human has ever witnessed it. We don't mind other humans participating."

"What a good idea." King Namor nodded in agreement.

"No thanks. We'd like to go home if possible." I flatly refused. But despite that, the pair still insisted.

Noticing that my decision wouldn't budge, the pair turned to persuade Lynn. Crafty bastards.

"What say you, Young Lady?" The Queen smiled beautifully at her. Obviously, Lynn was no match against the Queen; especially when the Queen is emitting a natural-born charm. I cannot accuse her of using magic because there is no magic in play. She was just born with it.

"Finn! I'd like to see the Festival!" The airhead girl said.

"Alright. Whatever you say."

There was something on my mind.

Although the reason why I agreed like that is partly because of Lynn, there was something more important. I have a feeling similar to playing a detective role in those detective games. It's the feeling that can keep you awake.

I've noticed lately that no matter how many games I played, it no longer brings me any excitement anymore. Since I cannot sleep ever since coming here, I've been using games as my escape path. But as I said, it was not a solution; it was only a temporary escape.

If the only thing that keeps me awake is taken away from me, I don't know what I might do. I realized that my thousand years as a Demon Lord would never fade away from my history, no matter how many changes I've made. Even until now, I still unconsciously believed that everyone has an ulterior motive against me.

For several months now, I've been holding it back. From the Stark Expo, Puente Antiguo, and the Harlem incident. If I wasn't holding it back, obviously it could've gotten a lot worse, and it could've also caused massive destruction of human lives. Thus, I became an active volcano that is ready to explode anytime. I think that if I can't find an outlet soon, I might really explode. I don't want that. I don't want to see the people around me get hurt.

However, here in the deep sea, where there are no eyes that can keep me in check, I can do whatever I want. It's the perfect place for me.

It was not flawed reasoning, nor a reckless behavior. It's just the whim of someone who tried to become something that he's not. And now, that someone just might want to loosen up a little bit.

I'd like to see how things would play out starting from now on.


Night of the same day.

Since we're staying the night, we're naturally given the guests' room. My room is a little farther away from Lynn's though, the reason being the male guests and female guests rooms are separated. It was a fair logic just like the dormitories in colleges.


I am lying in a soft seaweed bed while stubbornly trying to take a sleep when suddenly, a very loud explosion resounded. It was so loud that the fishes sleeping in my seaweed bed were disturbed. However, I still closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.


A little while later, the door to my room was blasted open by an energy beam. I opened my eyes as I sat up in bed, pretending to be surprised. Several Royal Guards marched in and pointed at me with their Power tridents and Ray guns. The one leading them was an Atlantean with distinct white eyes and a bald head.

"Human! How dare you lead an army here! You should be punished with death!" The leader said while pointing his charged Power trident to my face, ready to fire at any time. He did not even ask a question as he directly accused me.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I honestly said.

"Silence! You still claim innocence? Fine, let's see how long you can last after I blasted off your nose!" The Royal Guards prepared to shoot with his lead.

"Halt!" Just as when he was about to fire and I was about to cast an annihilation spell, King Namor appeared out of nowhere and stopped them. "He's not the one who caused all of this. I can assure you that."

"But my King! He--"

"I stand as I claim! Or are you saying that I've gone senile?" The King glared at his subjects.

Naturally, they all cowered and kneeled on the ground in fear of their King's wrath.

King Namor then apologized to me and finally got to the point.

"The attack was orchestrated by the Lemurians, which is currently on war with my country." He said in a grim tone.

Although they said he's the Lord of the Seven Seas, in reality, he does not control/govern all of the undersea cities. There were some that waged war on his alliance; like for an example, this undersea country Lemuria, which is situated in the Pacific Ocean. That's a long way from Atlantis which is in the Atlantic Ocean.

"My Queen Dorma has been kidnapped. And we found out that they also kidnapped your woman."

Now then, I guess I'll play along with you for a bit.


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