There were several things that I noticed while battling them:

First is that they are really called Atlanteans, residents from Atlantis just ahead of us, and that they're at least 10 times stronger than a normal human. They have the capability to shatter my tier 2 barriers if they attacked simultaneously while focusing on one point.

They are also very adept at sea battles as it can be seen from every formation they took and their swift but precise movements. It even seems like they aren't even bothered by the 'low temperature, high pressure' of the deep sea as they move without something hindering them.

Secondly, their weapons are more advanced than the human weapons above. Those bidents and tridents seem like magically shooting out energy beams, one at least as powerful as Stark's. Their powered suits are even on par or a little lower than Iron Man's. However, up above, only Stark possesses this kind of technology, while these guys are only grunts. It is clear that the myth of Atlantis being an advanced civilization is true.

And lastly, despite all of that, they are still absolute garbage in front of me.

"Kuh...! How?! How are you so powerful?!"

I shrugged my shoulders at Captain Arkus.

"[High tier Death Curse]"

A black magic circle appeared on the ground. It covered all the Atlanteans present on the battlefield.

"W-what is this?!"

Just as the Atlanteans were panicking, the black magic circle dissipated. It turned into a black mist and forcefully entered the Atlanteans' bodies.

A magic spell that will bring 100% death. It will corrupt your insides; turn your brains into mush, and slowly corrode your organs. Although, for the first few days, you will not notice a change in your body. It will just suddenly appear before you know it and boom. Dying without knowing how. Good luck with that.

Because no signs will appear on your body, it would only look like nothing happened. I don't want to see Lynn get traumatized, you see. I think blood and gore are still too much for her.

Just as I said, the Atlanteans failed to notice any change in their bodies. They made a body check on themselves, and finally concluding that my spell 'failed', they regained their arrogance.

However, I'm already done with them. My excitement was short-lived.

"I've already accomplished my goal, I guess I'll leave now. Lynn, let's go." I turned around and beckoned to Lynn.

"I wanna play more though..." Lynn visibly sulked.

"We can go here anytime we want. I'll take you some other time again."

For now, I wanna go home and continue to play CoD instead. While thinking of such, I decided to go up but the Atlantean soldiers refused to let us go instead.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Just as Captain Arkus finished speaking, reinforcements came from the city of Atlantis.

Three futuristic aquatic crafts hovered before us. It's a two-man piloted ship the size of a school bus with open cockpits. On each of its sides appeared what seems like a ray cannon or something similar. It started charging.

Naturally, I stopped advancing. "If you fire that cannon I swear--"


6 thick energy beams were simultaneously fired at us. A simple [Absorption Barrier] cannot stand this one and might crumble. So instead, I casted a [Reflecting Mirror], a shield with the ability to bounce off any incoming projectiles. Although, it cannot reflect physical attacks, which is one of its shortcomings compared to the [Absorption Barrier].

The 6 thick energy beams were deflected to different directions because of the round surface of the shield.

"Hey, why are you trying to kill us?!" Lynn finally realized the dangers as she fumed at them instead of being scared. I really admire her courage at times like these. Other people might have had shit their pants already when the ships appeared. Instead, I can see that she fully trusts me as she acts without care of getting hurt.

"She's right; you can't just shoot people."

Sigh. They asked for it.

"[Glacial Spears]"

The water surrounding us condensed and slowly took the form of ten 5-meter long ice spears. The ice spears have a sharp point from end to end with the thickness of a leg. I shot the three aquatic crafts with two spears each. It exploded, but I couldn't care less even if the drivers died. Fortunately for them, all six survived albeit with a deep injury.

Some of the Atlantean soldiers raged upon seeing it, some of them stood stupefied, and some of them hurried to rescue their comrades. Captain Arkus was especially trembling not from anger, but from fear. It was close to the phenomenon where herbivores fall into panic and their bodily functions seem to come to a stop under the stare of a large predator that they have completely no chance of winning against. Yes, it was that kind of trembling.

"Just what... are you...?"

"'The guy who just wanted to go home and play some video games but was kept getting interrupted' guy. And guess whose fault do you think it is?" I squinted my eyes at him.

He took a step back while still trembling, and just when he was about to order a retreat, an Atlantean soldier shouted excitedly. "Reinforcements!"

I guess the explosions were too loud.

From afar, several gargantuan turtles with the diameter of at least 5 meters carried many more Atlantean soldiers on their backs while hastily approaching us. One of them called it the Turtle Transports. What a creative name.

As they got down from the turtles and surrounded us with a formation, I can see that they have different weaponry than these soldier grunts. They're equipped with futuristic ray rifles, ray pistols, and more powerful-looking tridents. They also have grander powered suits compared to these soldier grunts.

"We are the Atlantean Royal Guards. Surrender now or prepare to die." One of them pronounced monotonously. It seems cool and all except for the fact that we're being pointed at with ray cannons and guns.

"Finn, couldn't we just teleport back? I want to eat now. I'm hungry." Lynn pulled me and whispered.

"I agree. However..." Before that, I wanted to teach these guys a lesson first. Just as I initiated a magic spell and separated the remaining 4 [Glacial Spears] into dozens of mini-spears, an imposing voice suddenly resounded at the back of the pack.


It came neither slow nor fast, arrogant nor carefree. The voice imposed an unseen grandeur that can make you unconsciously follow it. It was a hypnotic voice usually used by a great King or an overbearing Tyrant.

The Royal Guards parted in the middle and the one who spoke monotonously earlier suddenly exclaimed proudly while kneeling. "Namor the First, King of Atlantis, Emperor of the Deep, Lord of the Seven Seas and Supreme Commander of the undersea legions! Kneel under his presence!"

That's a lot of titles.

A man in a golden powered suit suddenly walked on the path that the Royal Guards created. He's more than 6 feet in height, black hair, pointed ears, and blue-greyish eyes. He wore a majestic golden crown on his head. But the surprising thing was: he had the skin color of a human being, different from these blue-skinned Atlanteans.

"I'm Namor, current King of Atlantis. My soldiers sincerely apologized for their unwelcoming behaviors." King Namor said as he urged his soldiers to bow.

It was easy to discover that he's the kind of person who wouldn't easily bow down to others just from his earlier words. If he really was sincerely sorry, as their King, he should've known how his subordinates' mistakes are his mistakes as well.

However, instead of committing it, he blamed it to his soldiers rather than shouldering the blame with them. In short, he's the kind of King who prioritizes his interests first before others; the type that I detest the most.

"Yeah, no. I couldn't care less. Can we just leave?" I uttered in pure annoyance.

"How preposterous! You--"

"Silence." King Namor raised his hand to stop the Royal Guard from speaking further. He then turned to us and smiled, "My friends, it's been a long time since I met fellow humans. I sincerely offer you a chance to witness the city of Atlantis in exchange for your forgiveness. There's also a banquet too if you'd like."


As expected, the moment Lynn heard the word banquet; she turned to me with sparkling puppy eyes.


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