We dived deeper than I expected so I casted [Illuminating Orb] to provide a source of light. I guess it must've been the reason why great white sharks attacked us a couple of times, to which the [Astro Suit] proved its usefulness. Even the great whites cannot pierce through the suit, so I lightly threw an [Electric Bolt] to scare them away.

Lynn got mesmerized by the deep sea creatures that she witnessed as we dived down, but it paled in comparison when we saw the magnificent and glorious city of...

"Atlantis?" Lynn murmured.

"I guess so, look." I pointed my finger to the 7-8 shadows that were quickly getting larger, approaching us. With my enhanced eyesight, I can see that they all have blue skin, not that much different from the color of the sea. They also wore futuristic power suits and even equipped with either bidents or tridents.

As they approached us, they swiftly made an encircling formation and pointed their weapons at us. They're clearly not very welcoming towards guests.

"Who are you?!"
"What?! A human?!"
"What! How can that be!"

Ah, they can tell we are humans? Oh, maybe it's because we don't breathe underwater like they do because of the gills on their necks. Yeah, that's probably it.

They murmured among themselves for a while, before a leader-like existence took a step forward. He has a different helmet than the others so it's easier to notice that he's a named character. The peanuts gallery even chanted his name, Captain Arkus, while he made his way here.

"Humans! How did you find us here?!"

"We followed one of you, obviously." I pointed at the guy I followed earlier. But instead of them glaring to that guy, their gazes towards me intensified even more. My lips twitched. "Oi, oi, oi. I'm actually a victim here. That guy was the first to attack--"

"Silence!" Captain Arkus raised his trident. I had the notion to blow his head off while Lynn was busy playing with the cute little sea creatures but I suppressed it.

Captain Arkus turned to look at the guy that attacked us a couple of months ago and asked grimly. "Is it true?"

The guy timidly nodded, but in the next moment, he nervously stuttered a response. "B-but, they neared me, a-and I got scared! I thought they were going to--"

*supak!* A crisp slap resounded, scaring away the sea creatures that Lynn was playing with. I held her neck as she was about to complain to the Captain.

"You insolent fool! Not only did you initiate an attack to the humans, but you also led them here! You deserve a week of punishment in eater-corals' prison! Get him out of here!" Captain Arkus declared mercilessly despite the guy's begging. I pitied the guy and decided to let him off as eater-corals sounds like more gruesome than what I would do.

Captain Arkus then turned to me. "Humans! I must warn you, you cannot speak of this city to any other being and divulge its location. Once you do, we will find you and kill you! Now, leave and never come back!"


Just as his voice resounded, a flash of camera lightened up their comical faces. Lynn smiled cutely as all attention gathered on her.

"You..." Captain Arkus trembled. However, in the next second, he thrust out his trident towards the direction of the waterproof camera and an energy beam shattered it.

"Ah!" Lynn didn't even get a chance before the camera shattered. Good thing that the [Astro Suit] perfectly worked as her hands didn't get a single scratch despite that powerful blast.

"My camera..." Lynn mourned for her camera before pointing at Captain Arkus. "How dare you! That camera was handpicked by Finn himself!"

It's true, I chose it for her. I didn't want to see her bringing a retarded pink camera full of childish stickers every time we interview someone.

"That camera is priceless! At least pay compensation so I can buy a new one!"

Oi, oi. You just contradicted yourself there.

Lynn berated him for a full minute before Captain Arkus finally blew off. He roared as he thrust out the trident a second time to shut Lynn up.

Obviously, I wouldn't just stand there to watch her get attacked so I created a barrier between the two of them. The energy beam that hit the barrier dissipated to nothingness like it was absorbed. Then, a similar energy beam blasted out of the barrier as it headed towards Captain Arkus. He blocked it using his trident despite being pushed 3-4 meters backward. It was the combination of [Absorption Barrier] and [Force Rebound].

After positioning himself in the water, he glared at me like I killed his whole clan. "Attack!"

The rest of the sea dwellers attacked at the same time, thrusting out their weapons as energy beams shoot out repeatedly.


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