June 2, 2010. Early in the morning.


I was woken up by a disturbance in the surroundings. We're currently staying in a cheap hotel, still in Puente Antiguo. I looked out of the hotel's windows and stared blankly at the sky.


Up ahead, about several miles away from this town, spiraling down from out of the clouds is an enormous tornado. Suffuse with the strange rainbow light, it roared like a thousand freight trains as it touches down. In the middle of the enormous glowing funnel cloud, a huge pillar of light beam struck down the center with a terrifying intensity.


A few moments later, it subsided. Gone like it was never there in the first place.


"Good grief, it's finally happening."


Sighing, I used my [Clairvoyance] magic to observe what came out of that storm. One thing I know for sure: whatever needs that amount of massive energy can't be something 'normal'. And there's already a candidate in mind.


Ah, just like I thought. It was those guys-- residents from another world.


In the middle of the desert, 4 silhouettes can be seen coming out of the dust. A guy with the girth and figure of a sumo wrestler; a nattily dressed charismatic guy with a neat mustache; an Asian-looking guy holding a large mace; and lastly, a beautiful woman clad in armor with a sword and shield by her side. I'm guessing that they came from the same place as that voice that I talked to yesterday.


They were all wearing armors and weapons that are obviously out of this world. And most of them also contained a noticeable amount of magic power in them.


Behind the four, what's left of the teleportation storm was a set of runes not unlike a magical circle. As I inspected it, I realized: it was not too dissimilar to the magical circle used in summoning heroes. I instantly noticed it because I did intensive research on this kind of magic to develop a teleportation spell capable of traveling through another world, which I failed to, of course. But that didn't mean that I forgot the tens of years I spent examining the summoning circles used by the human kingdoms to summon heroes.


Unfortunately, no matter how I sliced and diced the summoning circles, I still cannot develop the magic spell. And this time too-- as I examined the set of runes, I can understand it quite a bit, but I cannot just magically create an entire magic spell just from it. Obviously, I needed the theory behind it too.


I discarded the thought of pointlessly heading there, and continued to observe the guys that came out from it. They were currently headed for this place.




I'm eating breakfast with Lynn when suddenly, another teleportation storm occurred. I didn't even care this time and continued eating like nothing happened. Lynn, however, felt something amiss.


"What was that?" She asked.


"Just some magical spell from another world that can teleport people into this world."


"Oh, okay."


Lynn then resumed eating.




'I should've gone to that second teleportation storm.


I should've stopped that 'thing' that came out from it.


I should've taken it more seriously since the start.'


I thought as I gazed at the 'thing' that came out from the second teleportation storm.


Striding down the street of Puente Antiguo is a figure of a giant robot. The giant robot was made up of otherworldly metal, its structure not too dissimilar from an Iron Man suit; the only difference is that this one's finer and closely resembles a giant man instead. A red, fiery energy is glowing from within it.


Apparently, its name is the 'Destroyer', according to the four 'Asgardians' trying to stop it. It was more like a living armor than a robot, it seems.


A part of the Destroyer's facial structure retracted downwards, showing a hollow structure. In the next moment, it unleashed a blazing hot beam from its face, blowing up cars and setting storefronts aflame.


The four Asgardians from earlier fought to stop it, while some of the residents helped others evacuate the town.


Meanwhile, Lynn and I were currently standing a little far away from it, observing as the Destroyer wreaked havoc. Naturally, I already casted a tier 5 [Barrier of Resist Fire] around us in preparation for astray heat blasts attracted by Lynn. The girl in question is busy taking a good shot of the battle.


On the other hand, after the residents evacuated, 4 people remained watching the battle as it unfolds. Three of them were humans; two women and a guy nearing his 60s. The last one; an annoyingly beautiful man. Yes, beautiful. He is magnificently handsome, long blonde hair flowing around his classically sculpted features. Sure enough, the man is not of this world too. I just overheard him calling the Asgardians as 'friends' quite knowingly.


The hammer, another world, All-father, Asgardians. I suddenly remembered the Norse mythology that was taught to us during my high school days. (Wow, I can actually remember what happened thousands of years ago like it was just yesterday.)


'Ah. Then this crisis should be solved even if I don't interfere, right?'


As though I jinxed it, the four Asgardians crumbled before the Destroyer. They couldn't damage it in the least, the best they could do was stall time. Even after the woman in armor pierced it to the ground with a lance, the Destroyer easily rearranged its body parts to get out of the situation, managing to even fire a return blast to the woman.


When all four of them was about to die, the blonde guy stepped in. One of the human woman called out his name, Thor, but to no avail.


Thor proceeded to help his friends before walking unarmed towards the Destroyer. In one glance, it looks like he was talking to someone who's controlling the Destroyer if there's any. The Destroyer ceased its action, while Thor continued walking closer to it.


Just when it looks like his talking works, the Destroyer suddenly hurled out its enormous arm, swatting away Thor for a couple of meters.


The human woman stared blankly for a moment before dashing straight to Thor, disregarding her companions' calls. The Asgardians looked on with anguish as Thor breathed out his last breath.




"Is he dead?" Asked Lynn.


"Gods are not easily killed."


The moment I finished speaking, a blinding bolt of lightning struck down on Thor's body, creating a huge cloud of dust. Thor, who they thought was dead, suddenly raised his hand and caught something from above-- it was the Mjølnir.


As the cloud dust dissipated, Thor, clad in his full battle armor, holding Mjølnir in his hand appeared. Lightning ran over the course of his entire body.


Thor then swung the Mjølnir around, taking off straight up into the air. The Destroyer looked up as Thor summoned a tornado of gale and lightning. Debris from the battle began to rise up into the sky, some hitting the Destroyer.


Eventually, the storm got strong enough to lift the heavy Destroyer off of its feet. The Destroyer tried to fire heat blasts at Thor, but he easily blocked it with his hammer.


High up in the sky, it was easy to tell that the aerial battle belongs to the one who has the ability to fly, in this case-- Thor. The Destroyer was easily defeated by Thor with his hammer, its massive body falling to the ground with a loud explosion. With that, the battle ended.


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