Now fully prepared for the battle, Stark fought back against the man. While Iron Man was now more durable, the man blocked Stark's gauntlet strikes while Stark struggled to defend himself against the deadly electric whips, which the man had managed to wrap around Stark's neck. The man delighted in Stark's suffering.


But despite the man's best efforts to kill him by increasing the power of the whips while trying to choke him, Stark eventually defeated the man using his Iron Man suit. With two punches to the face and stomach, the man was unable to stand and Stark destroyed the man's crude armor while he was captured and taken away to prison. As he was being pulled away by the police, the man spat out his own blood and continued to mock Stark, claiming that Stark had lost the fight.


Good grief, it sure turned into chaos real quick. Naturally, the F1 race stopped. The race staffs tried to pacify the masses, while I and Lynn were escorted out of the grandstand.


"Ah! We forgot to take pictures of the battle!"


You're noticing that only now? Outside, Lynn suddenly exclaimed with a shocked expression.


"Don't worry. I took several pictures of it."


"Are you a god?!"


Turning to me, Lynn said with widened eyes. Well, I could've achieved Godhood if I tried a bit harder, but there's no way I can tell you that.


While Lynn was on a good mood, I poured cold water over her head, saying: "Now that Stark's attacked, there's no way we'll get that interview here in Monaco."


Lynn crumbled again. Yep, watching her change expressions is a little amusing so I just can't help it.


"M-maybe if we tried harder--"


"Ah, what? Stark just said they would come back to New York tonight? See?" I pretended to have heard something from a bystander and turned to Lynn.


Although, it was not a lie that they would fly to New York tonight. I heard while using my [Clairvoyance] to check on them occasionally.


Lynn sighed in defeat. But in the next moment, she happily cheered like a little girl. "Alright fine. Since we couldn't get that interview, we still have 2 days more before our flight back to New York. We're in Monaco, so we should make the best out of it! Let's go!"




"Sand!" Lynn crouched down and grabbed a fistful of sand.


"Sun!" Lynn stretched her arms widely, basking in the sunlight.


"Sea!" Lynn ran towards the beach.


"We're in Monaco Beach!!"


Seeing such a childish act, I distanced myself away from her because of shame. Even after receiving quite a lot of weird glances, Lynn continued playing like a kid on the shore. Wait... she is basically a kid trapped in an adult body, and we're in a beach anyway, so whatever.


I set up the beach umbrella that Lynn got from god-knows-where and laid the blanket. Next, I took out the sunscreen and applied some on my skin. Even though I can use strong magic, my weak body is still vulnerable to the elements, no different than that of normal humans. Unless I put a buff on me, of course. But putting a buff just so I could protect myself from sunlight seems absurd, so I used a sunscreen instead.


Taking a sip from my orange juice, I enjoyed the view of swimsuit beauties walking around the beach. Ah, so refreshing.


"Finn! Join me! The water's so nice here!"


While I was basking in delight, an annoying voice suddenly interrupted me. Lynn was currently riding on a Jet Ski. This woman really does whatever she wants.


"Yeah, yeah. Knock yourself out." I uninterestedly replied and continued to ogle at the beauties.


In the next moment, however, my eyes widened. A bad premonition crept up inside me. I looked at Lynn. And just as I thought, the Jet Ski she was riding on seems out of control.


"I said 'knock yourself out' but I didn't mean to knock yourself out literally!"


"H-help meee-- woaahh!"


I quickly swam towards her after casting deceleration magic, noticeably decreasing the speeding Jet Ski. Meanwhile, I casted an acceleration magic on myself.


"Fiiiinnn-! Save meeee-!" Lynn's scream got nearer and nearer after a minute of swimming.


I... was surprisingly getting tired. I failed to realize the consequence of using an acceleration magic with a weak body constitution. Just imagine how a 1990 car would look like after you replaced its engine with an F1 race car engine. That is what's happening to my body at the moment.


After the Jet Ski got far enough from the shore, and after making sure that no one can see what's happening anymore, I casted psychokinetic magic to the Jet Ski, effectively stopping it in its track. I reached Lynn quickly after.


"Are you okay?" I asked.


"That..." I can notice Lynn's minute trembling.


Just when I was about to ask again if she was really okay, she quickly raised her head, showing a big smile. "That was great! One more, one more!"


I sighed in relief. It looks like she was okay. I checked the Jet Ski using an x-ray vision-like magic and was astounded at what I saw. Inside the Jet Ski, was a motherf*cking seashell. How can there be a seashell in there?! After thinking about the death elements surrounding Lynn, I didn't care anymore. Good thing she was an airhead and didn't ask any more about my abilities.


But it goes without saying that the Jet Ski can no longer work. And just as expected, we are almost a kilometer away from shore. How great.


"Hey, get down already. Let's swim ashore and come back with help to retrieve this Jet Ski."


"I can't swim though? Hehe~" Lynn cutely scratched her head, embarrassed.


My eyes widened in astonishment. Are you serious? Why did you ride the Jet Ski then if you can't swim?!


"What do you mean you can't—[Barrier]!"




In the middle of my sentence, I was interrupted by a loud explosion. My barrier magic completely stopped it though so no one got hurt.


Looking at the thing that hit my barrier, I realized that it was a trident.


"Huh? What? Eh?" Lynn was surprised; she didn't know what was going on.


Meanwhile, the culprit hastily dove down into the sea after seeing that its attack failed. Unfortunately, it disappeared before I can even cast magic.


I think I was getting a bit rusty; because if it was before, that shithead would be in pieces right now.


Before the trident fell into the sea, I swiftly stored it inside my storage magic.


On second thought, I discarded the idea of swimming to the shore. Instead, I rode the Jet Ski with Lynn using psychokinetic magic to the shore.


When we got there, Lynn immediately started making a sand castle, oblivious to the fact that her life got threatened twice in such a short period of time. It's a relief that she didn't dwell too much about what happened earlier.


The next day, I spent the entire afternoon working on something. I discreetly casted a particular magic spell on the entire beach of Monaco, including the 5-kilometer radius sea near it.


I'm not a petty person, you see. But I do hold grudges. I especially hate it if I was attacked without prior notice, without rhyme nor reason.


After that, we spent the rest of the trip wandering the city of Monte-Carlo and boarded the plane back to New York early in the morning. Thus, our short 3-day trip to Monaco came to an end.


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