"In the end, we didn't even get a chance to ask for an interview..." Lynn sighed dejectedly.


"We got plenty of time." I consoled while pretending to watch the TV. "Besides, Ms. Potts becoming the new CEO of Stark Industries is a piece of news that Robertson wouldn't refuse."


We overheard their conversation to others a while back, that's why we knew. It really is a news-worthy scoop.


"I hope you're right." Lynn sighed once again. "But still, let's go find Mr. Stark to ask that interview. Where is he anyway?"


In the bathroom. Changing into an F1 race uniform.


But I can't say that, can I? I deactivated the tier 6 magic [Clairvoyance: Dragonian] and took a sip to my orange juice. So refreshing.


What I just used was a magic spell that can 'spy' other people, no matter where they are in this world. It can monitor an individual's activities by utilizing the all-purpose mana in the surroundings.


Of course, I cannot just use it to spy whoever I wanted to. There are limitations. Like if I want to locate someone and use [Clairvoyance], I would need to calculate their longitude and latitude location. And it's not easy to do so; that's why I used the tier 3 magic, [Tracing Searcher: Human], usually used by the hunters in the magical world. That's the magic circle that I place on Stark's heart earlier. It automatically provides the location of the target, making it easy for me to use [Clairvoyance]. These two magic combined sort of works like a GPS + satellite.


Ah, now he's in the F1 race track. That's on the TV by the way, not on my magic. And as Lynn saw Stark on TV making a ruckus, she started heading off outside the hotel. Stark seems like he forcefully replaced the driver of his company's race car.


As we arrived in the Grand Prix grandstand, the F1 cars are already revved up; engines roaring and tires producing white smoke. Then, the go sign resounded, signaling the start of the race.


The F1 cars started unhurriedly at first until all of them began to speed up, wanting to be in the lead. Stark's surprisingly not bad at this race car driving, as he can be seen competing with others just fine. The bystanders can be seen shouting Stark's name.


All's going well, until a man dressed in orange as a pit crew walked inside the race track. The staffs supervising the race shouted at the man, telling him to come back. But the man seems like he heard nothing as he ripped his shirt while walking.


Revealing two long whips, the man's shirt was set ablaze; not because of fire, but because of electricity. What appeared underneath his shirt is crude-looking armor that seems to imitate something.


In the next second, the whips produced electric current.


As an F1 car approaches the man, he suddenly lashed out the electrical whip. The car was cleanly cut in half as it proceeded to crash on the track's fence. The people screamed, panicking and stampeding away from that place.


The F1 car blew up once more and one if its tires miraculously flew towards the audience area. Should I say it's as expected or just bad luck? The car's tire was coincidentally headed our way; or more precisely, headed straight towards Lynn. While she closed her eyes, I slapped it away and pretended to stumble backward. I quickly looked around. Good, no one suspected a thing as most of them are busy caring for themselves. Good grief, the death elements around her are diligently working too, I see.


The man proceeded to cut some more cars until Stark's F1 car arrived. The man's eyes lit up. Then, he mercilessly cut the car in two pieces. Before the electric whiplash, Stark car was no different from others. His car tossed and tumbled, crashing upside down.


The man took his time walking up to Stark's car. And after arriving, he further cut it in half.


However, to his surprise, Stark had already gotten out of the car and seemingly escaped.


Unexpectedly, Stark struck the man from behind. Having escaped from his car, Stark attempted to knock the man out, but despite all his best efforts, the man's crude weaponry seemed to be Stark's downfall, as he was unable to defend himself from the deadly whips which the man swung at him, although he still managed to avoid several of the lethal blows aimed at him.


Stark managed to cause an explosion to put some distance between himself and the man using the leaking gasoline from the destroyed F1 cars. However, the man refused to give up so easily. As he continued walking towards Stark and just before the man could whip Stark to death, a Rolls Royce car drove into the fight and crashed into him, pinning the man to the wall and briefly knocking him out.


Needless to say, inside the car were Ms. Potts and the bodyguard. Stark sighed in relief.


They appeared arguing about something as Ms. Potts looked angrily at him.


Just as Stark opened the door to get inside the car, an electric whiplash suddenly cut the door in half. The Rolls Royce car tried to pin down the man again, while the man attempted to escape by cutting the car completely into pieces in a fit of rage.


Finally, when the man successfully cut the car into two, Ms. Potts suddenly threw a red suitcase towards Stark. Stark's eyes lit up.


Stark caught that suitcase. Opening it, the red suitcase repeatedly transformed, finally covering Stark's whole body in metal armor. The seemingly normal suitcase was actually an Iron Man suit in disguise.


Donning in the Iron Man suit, Stark kicked the car with Ms. Potts inside out of harm's way.


At that moment, I realized: I feel like I'm watching a movie...


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