This is a one-time opportunity, so you better pay attention.

Now, listen carefully.

I was just an ordinary guy. A dropped out guy; without a job, without a girlfriend. Living in my mom's house despite being 20 years old, I'm your so-called NEET.

But don't get me wrong. I did not experience a traumatic past or any of that bullshit that resulted in my NEET life. I chose this life. I mean, life is just a series of bad choices, am I right?

If so, then I'll choose the 'I can play video games and watch animes for the rest of my life' life.

Why is all of this important, you ask? I don't know, what do you think? Of course, it's for the character background.

Anyways, I thought my life wouldn't get any better, but it did.

I died.

To a truck.

And then I reincarnated in a fantasy world of magic.

Cool, right?

Heck no.

I mean, what can I do, I didn't get any superpowers despite reincarnating. Hell, I got negative abilities. I have no aptitude in magic in a world where even the lowest peasant can cast magic.

How can I even survive in this world of magic if I'm just an ordinary person?

Naturally, as a slave, I slept with the horses; hays as my pillows and air for a blanket. For 5 years, I ate hard bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every day. I consider it lucky if they gave me soup, and not if they didn't.

I thought my life wouldn't get any worse, but it did.

The kingdom fell to the attacks of the dark army.

Monsters of all shapes and sizes.

Orcs army, wyverns, Behemoths, an undead army, Demon Lord. You know all of these, right? Good, no need to explain.

The nobles I served died to them.

But surprise, surprise. I didn't.

Instead, I just changed jobs from a 'noble's slave' into a 'monster's slave'.

Nothing much has changed. I was still being worked as a slave anyway. Sometimes even becoming the Demon Lord's lab rat. The only grace is that I get to eat meat occasionally.

In my 10th year of reincarnating, I finally realized something. I don't age like any other humans do.

No matter what the Demon Lord fed me, be it poison or a curse, I always come back to a normal, perfect state after a matter of time. The Demon Lord became curious because of it and scouted me.

Alright, I got promoted.

Into an official lab rat, that is.

The Demon Lord fed me every poison and curse that he concocted to test the results. It was a variation of all torture that even hard-core masochists would say 'pass'.

That went on for hundreds of years.

I mean, technically, the Demon Lord also doesn't age.

We became friends, actually. The relationship like that of a human and his pet hamster. I get to eat delicious food every day and sleep in a warm and comfy bed. My life finally got better, I thought.

But sadly, the Demon Lord died in a battle.

When I thought I'm going to be transferred as a slave again, the Demon God suddenly said, "What do you think of becoming the new Demon Lord?"

So I did. I became a Great Demon Lord.

He bestowed me a magic aptitude better than those of summoned Heroes. I also received power stronger than any other Demon Lords' in history. Why?

Usually, the 'Immortality' part consumes the biggest portion of power granted by Demon God bro. However, since I'm already an Immortal, all those portions became a supplement to my magical power instead.

This is where the fun part started.

Killing sacred beasts, massacring cities with an army of undead, headhunting servants of God, displaying the Heroes' heads in my shelf, plaguing a whole continent with deadly virus... Damn, I wreaked havoc in that world. It was great. 'Was'.

After 2000 years of toying with the humans, they gave up hope. They no longer resisted. No matter what I did, they just accepted whatever death I granted them.

An empty feeling consumed me. I regret massacring their cities. I regret destroying their continents. I regret hunting Heroes and servants of God. I regretted all of my actions.

So what I did next was simple. I began to research a way to get into another world.

I mean, if I toyed with the humans slowly, they would last a little longer than 2000 years, right?

Yes, what I regretted was that I toyed with them too roughly. That's why their spirits broke after just 2000 years of suffering. I forgot how frail humans can be.

My research was advancing smoothly, and even Demon God bro approved of it. He's also a destruction-loving pervert like me, I guess.

But, I overestimated my ability. I couldn't wait anymore so I hastily finished something again. A repetition of my past actions. The result?

The transportation circle blew up. My body got sent into oblivion, destroying that world in the process. Even Demon God bro can't revive me, so I died again. Shit.

I was already waiting for Hell's door, but it never came. I guess even Satan himself felt threatened by my presence if I go there.

I don't know how long I floated in the darkness, neither dying nor living. I don't have a corporeal body yet I can think. Unexpectedly, I didn't feel anger or hatred. I just felt... empty. I suddenly realized: what I felt before wasn't emptiness. It was lust, hunger. And now, this emptiness is the only feeling that remained in me.

In a space where nothing exists yet I remained, my mind thought over my past 2 lives. My ordinary life on Earth and that damned piece-of-shit magical world. In the end, the biggest regret that I realized, surprisingly, is that I didn't even get a chance to say 'I love you' or 'Thank you' to my mom.

In my original world, I live a carefree and peaceful life. I can eat when I wanted to eat, sleep in a comfy bed when I wanted to sleep. No one can dictate my life other than me.

Compared to when I was living in the magical world, where every mistake equals punishment, it was heaven above hell. There came a point of time that I even wished I was better off dead instead. But even fate isn't so kind to me, taking away the liberation called death.

In the end, I missed my original world, where I could've lived peacefully in my whole life.

If I would be given a third chance of reincarnating, I would definitely try to avoid my regrets. I would never make the same mistakes again. I would cherish my loved ones more than my life, and live with them peacefully until I grow old.

I thought, and thought, and thought, and thought. An endless cycle of thinking and waiting.

And just when I thought I would forever drift into nothingness, a white light suddenly consumed me. The light was too strong that I thought I was going to heaven. It scared me. But instead, what happened next gave me a huge but pleasant surprise.

The first thing that entered my vision is a beautiful middle-aged woman. Short blond hair, big almond eyes, pale white skin. She wore a white coat as she embraced me, sobbing.

At that instant, a feeling of familiarity arose in my heart. It's like I know this woman but at the same time, I don't. I recognize the contours of her face. Because no matter how beautiful the elves or faeries in that magical world are, this face was somehow engraved in my mind.

I felt a sense of warmth, a feeling I already forgot. My hazy memories finally recalled who this woman was.

"It's okay, mom. It's okay..."

I patted her back as she continued sobbing. I looked around, and just like I thought. I noticed that I am in a hospital room, complete with hospital equipment supporting my body. The nurses already left to give me and my mom privacy.

After a few minutes, she finally stopped crying.

"I-I thought you wouldn't wake up. You were in comatose for 2 years, you know! Hic..."

Just like I thou--

"Huh? What tomatoes?"

"Comatose. You were in a coma for 2 years, my son."

'Oh, okay'-- like hell it is! Coma? I was in a coma? The magical world... How about the hardships and tortures I went through? Are you saying that it was all a dream? Are you kidding me?! I felt all of those pains down to my bones! Every needle inserted in my arm, I screamed in anguish! How can that all be a dream?!

"Son? Son? Your face is turning pale, are you okay? Do you need anything? Here, drink some water."

My mom's gentle voice brought a stop to my darkening thoughts. I remember now. Her name is Minerva. Minerva Mertens.

"I-I'm okay. I just spaced out for a bit..."

I took the cup from her and drank from it. The clear and cold water washed away my thoughts, cooling off my head.


I sighed lightly as I tried to reorganize my thoughts.

"Let's go home, my son. You need a lot of catching up to do."

My mom said with a smile.



My family consists of me and my mom only. Father left us when I was young, so my mom raised me alone. She worked as a doctor. I heard she was also the one who took care of me for the past 2 years I am in a coma.

We lived in a well-off suburb in the Upper West side of Manhattan, New York. In a not so large house, I and my mom lived together. She did not permit me to live alone in a dormitory during my college days as she pampered me like a baby. I guess she was one of the reasons why I became a NEET, though I don't blame her.

Back to being an ordinary human, there's only one thing I can do.

'Let's watch all the animes that I failed to finish first. And maybe live a normal life this time.'

Or, so I thought. I didn't realize that the Earth I lived in now was already far from normal.

A man in a metal suit flying around the city, saving those in need. A buff 90-years old dude in cryogenic hibernation. A human turning into a giant green monster with anger issues. A self-proclaimed god of thunder with muscles for brains wielding a hammer.

These are just some of the abnormalities that arrived in my world.

Now, what is happening, you ask?

I don't f*cking know. Maybe the Gods of the world I destroyed followed me and sent superheroes to kill me in revenge? Because after a few months of living in this world, I realized something: I can still use the magic spells I learned in the magical world.

How? Let me explain magic in simple terms. Magic is the result of forcefully using the external forces to make it do your bidding. It can be achieved in several methods, like chanting, magic circles, scrolls, enchantments, etc. In short, it was no different from the novels you've read so far.

Back to the superheroes. Yeah, they're real, alright. I confirmed it.

Not only that.

When I used global search magic to find more abnormalities like these, my head hurts because I couldn't count them all. A dark organization planning to disrupt the world? An advanced civilization being hidden from the world? And there's even a group of sorcerers no different from where I came from.

Apparently, it seems like my not-so-normal life will continue with these oddities in existence.

So here I am, recounting you my story. I hope you listen, and listen well.

For I, the Great Demon Lord that destroyed a world, the harbinger of death itself, shall avoid these so-called superheroes and live my normal life. Hopefully.


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Bio: A young human boy aspiring to be a writer.

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