How Much For Your Soul?

by From Planet Bob

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Harem High Fantasy Male Lead Reincarnation Ruling Class Strong Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A god is bored. This is never a good thing, especially if you are chosen to relieve that boredom.

Two people that argue over a fan-fiction are selected to enter a world this god created and prove their arguments by living them!

One, a male that realizes that this brutal world is a chance to live out his desires, the other, a female that holds up Earth's values and morals, believing that just because the world changes, a person does not change their personality.

This story follows the male's point of view.

Obviously, this is a fan-fiction and credit goes to original authors. Also, thanks to Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia, I pillaged like a Viking.

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A fan fiction done right

Shameless Author and shameless MC. All in all a fan fiction done right. The mc a trasported human from earth embracing whole hearthedly the cultivation mind set of cold, gain seeker and rutheless. The only downside is how easily the mc do everything with no real enemy  yet chap 16 but maybe the main antagoniste will finnaly create him problem.  

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It is a Fanfic, not an Original. Give it a try.

Once again, it is a Fanfic and from my opinion (as of chapter 20-ish) it's a good, relaxing, with a touch of "slice of life" and different perspective's fanfic of TDG (Tales of Demon and God).


There's a bit of plot hole here and there but it is very minimal (you could probably ignore it), give it a try.

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This was a fun read, I read all published chapters (28) the synopsis tells you pretty much what the story is about, although it implies multiple leads, this is not a multiple leads story, this is all about the reincarnated guy, the girl is mostly a minor character (a surprisingly believable one too).

These two people get reincarnated into the tales of demons and gods world; the protagonist is a guy who argued that if some guy gets reincarnated like that they would use the opportunity to play out their desires and build a harem, while the stupid girl was arguing against it, and then some god decided to just kill them off with a truck and give them an opportunity to prove their points of view.

So naturally, our protagonist's #1 goal is having a harem, which he has no problems getting whatsoever with his cheat like abilities.

That all sounds pretty basic but the guy is not your typical good guy protagonist, he is (as the female antagonist rightly describes him) a crazy megalomaniac. The scenario is kinda what you'd expect if instead of some good guy, the guy that gets reincarnated is one of the minor villains from a xianxia story, armed with knowledge of everything that's going to happen he makes plans for world domination.

It's a bit of a mix though, although he has no leash on his carnal desires and he's quite the little tyrant all around when it comes to managing his uh 'employees'... Not to mention the many ways in which he messes with the protagonist... Yeah pure evil that... He is trying to create a utopia for himself,  but he's not going out of his way to make the people he rules over suffer either. Increasing their quality of life from living on scraps to living a little higher even; but by modern earth standard he's an oppressive dictator from hell. Doing all the things oppressive dictators do, a real benevolent and magnanimous Kim Yong Il we have here. Our lord and savior.

Despite this I actually like him, which is a bit strange, we don't have a grey area like say in Code Geass where the protagonist is kinda evil yet mostly justified and doing good things, no this guy is just plain evil. But as a byproduct of his evil ways he is really pushing the development of this world forward by massive leaps.

It's a pretty different story; a different experience, I recommend it but be prepared for an unconventional protagonist.

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Like the title says, it really is superb. our protagonist takes full advantage of his knowledge of the original novel and dominates! at the time of this review he's still in the #'Tiny World', so its not super fast paced, nor really slow, but will probably be changing soon since he finally started cultivating his ultimate cultivation technique.

As for plotholes... dont ask me, last time i read tdg was like 3 years ago. dont remember everything, and no imaginary plothole caught my eye.

A little spoiler alert, but to really appreciate our protagonists main ability, which is called "library of heavens path" named after a novel of the same name, you need to read that novel, well at least a dozen or so chapters of that novel to understand how overpowered and usefull that ability is. the ability itself was slighly nerfed, but seeing as i havent read that novel much, cant really remember if it was alot or not.

As the chapters progress, you can see our protagonist developing mentally, while still keeping his main personality points. you could say that he is immature, a psycopath, and a mass murderer, but he's no longer on earth, so our morality is meaningles to him. its a xianxia, a kill or be killed world. a world where people are killed when they look at someone the wrong way. thats the way these imaginary chinese worlds work!

anyways, just read this. you will not regret it (probably)

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Shen Yue the Overpowered Trash

Say what you want about Shen Yue, but at least he's not a hypocrite. (like many other xianxia protagonists are)

I recommend this story to anyone that has read either the webnovel or the manga of Tales of Demons and Gods and who likes power fantasies. It's well written, my only complaint would be that i would like there to be more faceslapping.