Circumventing Fate

Circumventing Fate

by MiraiSaesang

When Lei Xing booked a luxurious cruise as a graduation present to herself, she expected to have plenty of well-deserved rest and relaxation with an ocean view before jumpstarting her career. What she did not expect was to be the unlucky person who would fall overboard to a miserable watery death… or so she thought. 

To her astonishment, she opened her eyes to find herself in an ancient setting, a different body, and a new life as the eldest daughter of a high court official.

{...Okay, at least I'm rich...I can still live happily and freely, it's still a golden opportunity at a second life. I can live it well~...maybe go travelling, start a business, or something…It definitely could be worse...}

To Lei Xing’s horror, her new host was scheduled to enter the palace to compete in the concubine selection for the new Emperor. 

{...What?! I am definitely not interested! Of all places, it’s that viper pit! I’m not built for any Royal BS or harem fights. Please keep your scheming lives to yourselves and leave me the hell out of it, NOT INTERESTED!!!... Can I not go, please? T_T)...No? Nevermind then, failure is always an option... Failure is the only possible outcome. Bring it on! Hahahaha…}

While Lei Xing was making plans on how to skip out of town, fate was also very busy working out its own plans for her, mapping out its own course for her life behind the scenes... Poking holes in her plans to her confusion and outrage. 

"...Little chicken, as long as I'm alive you won't die."

"Nonsense, if anyone is going to cause my death, it would be you!!"


"Do you really feel nothing after all this time?" He asked as he looked at her with searching eyes, trying to see into her soul...

"...Who...would..." she mumbled under her breath...


"That stupid old man, I'm going to end him when I find him...You better hide well!!"


Author's Note~~

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read as you go along! Please VOTE and COMMENT as you read along and I will be sure to respond~~ 

Thank you again and HAPPY READING!

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Word Count (10)
Group Leader (III)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
71 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - I'm Alive? ago
Chapter 2 - Incompetent Glee ago
Chapter 3 - Wake Up Call ago
Chapter 4 - Annoying Interloper ago
Chapter 5 - Useless Emotions ago
Chapter 6 - Quack Doctor ago
Chapter 7 - Send-Off ago
Chapter 8 - Beginning ago
Chapter 9 -Masterpiece ago
Chapter 10 - Context ago
Chapter 11 - Mountain Pass ago
Chapter 12 - Wise Words ago
Chapter 13 - Too Comfortable ago
Chapter 14 - Novelty ago
Chapter 15 - Lifetime Opportunity ago
Chapter 16 - Stormy Emotions ago
Chapter 17 - Life Choices ago
Chapter 18 - Unbridled Fate ago
Chapter 19 - Friends? ago
Chapter 20 - Betrayal ago
Chapter 21 - Moving On ago
Chapter 22 - Play Dead ago
Chapter 23 - A Child's tale ago
Chapter 24 - Food Crisis ago
Chapter 25 - Reality Check ago
Chapter 26 - Plot ago
Chapter 27 - Info Hunt ago
Chapter 28 - Aspirations ago
Chapter 29 - Golden Opportunity ago
Chapter 30 - Lucky Break ago
Chapter 31 - Nostalgia ago
Chapter 32 - Mental Digress ago
Chapter 33 - Consideration ago
Chapter 34 - Retrospect ago
Chapter 35 - World of Intrigue ago
Chapter 36 - The Uncanny ago
Chapter 37 - Old Wounds ago
Chapter 38 - Escapade ago
Chapter 39 - Confusions ago
Chapter 40 - Haggard Concern ago
Chapter 41 - Plot Hole ago
Chapter 42 - Remission ago
Chapter 43 - Reunion ago
Chapter 44 - Past Ghost ago
Chapters 45 - Illumination ago
Chapter 46 - Floating Illusions ago
Chapter 47 - Pass ago
Chapter 48 - Paved Road ago
Chapter 49 - Old Sage ago
Chapter 50 - Confidant ago
Chapter 51 - Brewing Storm ago
Chapter 52 - Unexpected Interruptions ago
Chapter 53 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 54 - Perplexing Encounters ago
Chapter 55 - Invitation ago
Chapter 56 - Limbo ago
Chapter 57 - Social Call ago
Chapter 58 - Forestall ago
Chapter 59 - Arousal ago
Chapter 60 - The Forsaken ago
Chapter 61 - Companion ago
Chapter 62 - Unilateral Loan ago
Chapter 63 - Moonstruck ago
Chapter 64 - Deluded Plot ago
Chapter 65 - Good Talk ago
Chapter 66 - Dawn ago
Chapter 67 - Dinner Guest ago
Chapter 68 - Sleepover ago
Chapter 69 - Lost Tourist ago
Chapter 70 - Clandestine Exploit ago
Chapter 71 - Lay Off ago

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The story is about a modern woman getting reincarnated in a setting that seems to resemble ancient china, or perhaps is actually ancient china itself, so nothing new there. If anything, compared to the stereotype she actually has a very nice family, at least as of chapter 5.

The grammer is pretty good, which is a must for me, so you get a point for that. Whilst there is some awkward phrasing every now and then I've not seen any outright mistakes.

The story and characters so far are not very outstanding, though there is some interesting foreshadowing. I wouldve liked to see a more in depth initial interaction between parent and child when she woke up at the beginning of the story. The parents just seem like background characters here, and even though she has good reason to avoid them I cannot imagine a parent of a child who just nearly died just saying 'oh sure, take your time honey, I'll just go bother someone else'. If they cared they would be fussy to the point of annoyance.

Though maybe I've read the family all wrong and they're wolves in sheeps clothing instead of a loving caring family, who tried to have her killed discreteetly  for some reason. That would be an interesting plot twist.


To summarize, it's a fun enough read to pass the time, but not interesting enough (to me) to binge read the entire 33 chapters currently released as I do with stories that DO interest me.