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After Ren checks his status he is ready to leave the cabin and go outside.. What he sees when he comes out is a forest with huge trees covering the sky.. Not knowing where he is and what he will do from now on Ren remembers that there is a fuction on his system.

Ren: "Map"

System Notice: Opening map fuction.. Scanning 20 km focusing user as the center. Map fuction is fully fuctional with color indicates

RED: Enemy


BLUE: Neutral

GRAY: Dead

 All of a sudden Ren sees a circular map appearing in front of him. While searching for any trace of civil he realizes that half the map is filled with red colors while the other half shows blue.. Ren realizes that there are probably beast in the red area and clicks on 1 red dot.. Suddenly he sees a system notice

System Notice: Common grade Red Boar. A beast commonly seen in forests and places with abudant grass. Very slow but good strenth, it mainly eats grass and it has very good hearing

Realizing that the forest is full of beasts for the first time in his life Ren is anxious.. It's to be expected since he never killed or even hit anything in his life and now he is forced to fight and become stronger so he can survive.Thinking about all that Ren decides that it's better to be more careful and he goes back into the wooden cabin and sits on his bed while calling the shop fuction to eat something.

Weapons Armor Consumables Skills Cultivation Techniques

Ren decides to eat first and then search for useful skills to help him survive while also training to get stronger.

Food Alchemy & Materials Beast Food Arrays & Materials
Bread(15CC) Qi Gathering Pill(50SC) Grass(10CC) Spirit Stone(2GC)
Meat Jerky(25CC) Basic Antidote Pill(50SC) Lotus Flower(75CC) Array Flag LvL 1(2GC)
Vegetables(100gr-40CC) Body Powder(50SC) Blood Pill(1GC&20SC) Array Barrier LvL 1(15GC)
Water Flask(1ltr - 20CC) Spirit Grass(1GC) Begginer Evolution Pill(LOCKED) Heaven and Earth Array LvL 1(LOCKED)
Further products Locked till Core Formation Level!!

Ren: "Purchase Bread x2,Water x1, Qi Gathering Pill x1  and Body Powder x1"

System Notice: Buying 2 Breads,1 Water Flask,1 Qi Gathering Pill and 1 Body Powder Bag for 1 Gold Coin and 35 copper coins.. Remaining coins in hosts space bag 8GC, 50 SC and 65 CC.

Ren opens his space bag and starts pouring out all the time onto his bed while grabbing the bread and he starts eating.. He would occasionally study the qi gathering pill as well as the body powder.. From the shop info it seems that the qi gathering pill helps the user gather the qi in the distance of 1km onto the user while the body powder is a crimson colour powder that needs to be in contact with the whole body of the user while bathing to take effect. Thinking all these, he finishes both breads drinks 2 mouthfulls of water and then gets on a meditative stance while holding the pill.. Brimming with confidence he swallows the pill while waiting.. Suddenly he feels the qi all around him rush at him like a hungry monster while he panically tries to relax his mind and starts practising the first level of the heaven devourer technique.. Unbeknowst to him all the qi in the surrounding 5km feels the pressure of his technique and rushes forth to him while he circulates it before delivering in his dantian.With empty mind he continues until he realizes that he cant feel any more qi.. Opening his eyes Ren sees that instead of the morning sun that just went up, time passed and its already past midnight while he was cultivating.. Curious about his results he opens his status to check his progress and what he sees stuns him..

Name Ren Devo
Age 14
Health Healthy
Experience Points 50
Qi Level Fountation Establishment 3(41%-EXP:0/500)
Body Level Refinement 1(02%-EXP:0/500)
Bloodline Heaven Devourer LvL 1(Common 17%)


Cultivation Techniques Heaven Devourer Technique(Immortal Qi),Infinity Star Body(Sacred Body)

Not realizing what happened Ren asks the system why his cultivation upgraded twice while the pill descriptions informed him that the pill isnt much of a help but a 10% increase in effectiveness..

System Notice: Host forgets that the Heaven Devouring Technique is an immortal grade technique.. Also host should remember that the pressure from your bloodline applied to a distance of 5km making the qi rush onto you and helping you pass the barriers of lvl 1 and 2 of Foundation Establishment..Host should also try to collect beast bloodlines to level up your own bloodline making the effect even more powerful..

While thinking about what the system said Ren looks at the body powder with a fervent look, but after thinking it for a while he realizeis that the body powder wont give him a big boost in strength alike the qi gathering pill together with his bloodline.. Making the decision Ren buys 10 water flasks from the shop and goes into the tub at the corner of the room.. After taking off his clothes he fills the tub and scrumps the powder all over his skin before going in the water and running the body cultivation technique..All of a sudden he feels extreme pain and itch but his willpower is also high allowing him to continue to perseve. After 2 hours of feeling his bones and musces break apart and being forcefully fixed the effects start slowing but he continues to cultivate while also running the qi cultivation technique and he gaps as the moment he runs both techniques together he feels his blood boil and his cultivation circulating faster and faster.. Thinking that this is the result of his bloodline he continues until the morning.. Getting out of the tub and stretching Ren can feel the powerful strength of his blood and muscles while his dantian is full of qi. Deciding to wear the clothes with the robe and check outside if the sun is up Ren is checking his status.

Name Ren Devo
Age 14
Health Healthy
Experience Points 50
Qi Level Fountation Establishment 3(88%-EXP:0/1500)
Body Level Refinement 2(13%-EXP:0/1000)
Bloodline Heaven Devourer LvL 1(Common 21%)


Cultivation Techniques

Heaven Devourer Technique LvL 1(Immortal Qi)

Infinity Star Body LvL 1(Sacred Body)

Seeing the increase over his strength Ren decides that he should at least buy  some skills from the shop to ensure his safety and chances of killing beasts,

Skill Repertoire
Attack Skills Defence Skills Movement Skills
Sword Mastery LvL 1(2GC) Bronze Skin LvL 1(2GC) Dodge Mastery LvL1(2GC)
Bow Mastery LvL 1(2GC) Qi Shield LvL 1(2GC) Silent Steps LvL 1(2GC)
Spear Mastery LvL 1(2GC) Iron Body LvL 1(2GC) Shadow Movement LvL 1(2GC)
Dagger Mastery LvL 1(2GC) Elemental Shield LvL 1(2GC) Cloud Chess Steps LvL 1(2GC)
More items will be unlocked at Body Transformation Stage!!

 Ren: "System buy sword mastery,cloud chess steps,bow mastery and qi shield. Also scan and analyze them"

System Notice: Purchasing Sword Mastery LvL 1, Bow Mastery LvL 1, Qi Shield LvL 1 and Cloud Chess Steps LvL 1 for 8 Gold Coins. Coins remaining to the host are 50 Silver and 65 Copper.

System Notice: Scanning and analyzing skills as requested from host

Sword Mastery: Allows the user to handle a sword proffessionally and skillfully. Maximum level set at 25 and ranks described as Sword Novice(1-9),Sword Master(10-19) and Sword Sovereign(20-25). Mastering the skill grants unique skill Sword Aura.

Bow Mastery: Allows the user to use a bow skillfully and with better accuracy depending on the distance. Maximum level set at 25 and ranks are described as Bow Apprentice(1-9),Bow Master(10-19) and Bow Sovereign(20-25). Mastering the skill grants unique skill Hawk eye.

Qi Shield: Allows the user to control their qi and project it in a form of a shield to defend against attacks. Maximum level set at 25 and leveling the skill at lvl 10 grants the user the unique Skill Qi External Control.

Cloud Chess Steps: Allows the user to use this movement skill inside the radius of 100m skillfully changing positions while each step charges qi to allow the user to attack at the 5th step with 10% more power, at the 10th step with 25% more power and at the 15th step with 60%. Cancelling the skill or stopping the steps before the minimum of 5 will result in the charged qi backlashing.


System Notice: Congratulations host, as a reward for learning sword and bow mastery the system opened the hidden status block named titles. Titles give the user extra strength depending on the name. Granted the title of Sword Novice and Bow Apprentice.

Sword Novice: 10% more power and 5% attack speed while wielding a sword.

Bow Apprentice: 10% more power and 5% accuracy while wielding a bow

Seeing all these notifications Ren cant help but smile.. Leaving the house and looking at the map Ren sees a red dot away from the others and notices that is a boar not far from him . Unsheathing his sword he gets prepared while running in the direction of the boar. All of a sudden he find a river in front of him and he instictively feels a presence around him.. Turning his head right Ren finds the boar drinking from the river. Preparing to take action he activates Cloud Chess Steps and starts running at the boar with extreme speed. Circulating his qi he coats his sword in it and attacks after his 5th step.The boar insticts go crazy and all of a sudden it realizes someone attacking, without thinking it takes a defensive stance and faces towards Ren.

Ren doesnt stop as he continues on his 5th step and imediately points the sword at the head of the boar while thrusting his sword.. His sword collides with the boars head but doesnt penetrate it . Ren backs away as he prepares to continue attacking while the boar also takes an offensive stance. Feeling that the boar is ready to attack imediately activates Cloud Chess Steps and prepares to dodge the attack while the boar runs at him.. Dodging 4 attacks continuously Ren decides to attack again. Decreasing the distance with the 5th step Ren goes to the right of the boar putting all his qi unto his sword and attacks the boar's stomach , managing to wound it.. The boar roars as it feels pain at the cut but Ren doesnt give's it time as he thrust's his sword at the boar's wound dealing fatal damage.

The boar falls on the ground and starts spasming while Ren imediately cuts it's head to relieve it from its suffering. This is the first time that Ren hits or kills anything but even then he doesnt feel a thing. He knows that in this world the rules are made from the strong and that showing mercy might backfire.

Without thinking anything else Ren smiles and sits down in a mediative stance to recover his qi while his listening to the system notifications.

System Notice: Congratulations host for your first kill. Killed Red Boar adult beast and gained 500EXP. Drops calculated.. Host gained 22 CC, 1 blood essence of common bloodline and boar skin quality normal.

While smiling Ren comes at a dilemma as the next notification rungs at his head.

System Notice: Blood Essence of common grade red boar found. Would host like to absorb the blood essence strengthening host's own bloodline or would you like to use the blood essence for body strengthening?


A note from VanGon

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