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Qi Levels: Foundation Establishment(1-9), Core Formation(10-19),Golden Core(20-29),Nascent Soul(30-39),Tribulation Management ( 40-45), Immortal Core(46-50)

Body Levels: Body Refinement(1-10), Transformation(11-18), Sacred ( 19-22) and Immortal(23-25)

Another day comes as Ren gets up from bed while the sun rays pass through his window.. Getting up from bed, he brushes his teeth and eat a simple toast for breakfast before going to school..

The rest of the day passes by fast as always and Ren gets up from his desk to go home but on his way to the school gate 4 guys surround him and tell him to follow them.

Without even making a sound Ren follows behind the leader of the group named Marco. He is very tall with muscular build and even though a high schooler, he is 1.90m in height.

While they walk the leave the school and go behind the stores right across the road and continue to an alley where there is nothing more than a trash can..

Marco sits on a broken sofa there while he talks to Ren.

Marco: "Did you bring money today shrimp?"

Ren looks at Marco a few seconds before answering

Ren: "No"

Marco looks at Ren with a hint of anger in his eyes before signalling the other 3 guys and they start beating Ren on the ground for more than 5 minutes..After they finished they left while leaving behind a face-blooded Ren on the ground.Without making a sound Ren gets up and starts walking slowly but steadily towards his home while getting odd looks from the surrounding people. Arriving at his house he goes imediately for a bath to relax while something odd is happening .. His face is starting to heal automatically. Ren doesnt find this strange so he continues goes into the bath and gets a shower before getting out and relaxing on his sofa. The house he stays in, is the family home of his parents who died 4 years ago in a car accident and since then he lives alone. To maintain the electricity and water as well as food expenses Ren is working in a supermarket in his neighborhood.

While eating and watching some TV, he realizes his foot is striking on something and when he looks down he find that the wood from the floor broke and came up revealing something inside. Curious about what it is Ren grabs the wood and breaks it off the floor while looking at an antique box that reveals itself with a mark of a wolf on it.

Ren picks up the box and places it on the table in front of him while looking at curiously. Interested in whats inside, he twist the key found in the lock of the box and it opens. Staring at the chained ring, Ren picks it up and stares at it while finding nothing else inside. He decides thats its worth something so he might as well sell it to help him pass the days. With that in mind he wears it around his next and then gets up to get ready for work.

Locking the house and going down the street leading to the supermarket, Ren is looking at the ring while lost in thoughts when suddenly he hears a sound. When Ren turns his head he sees light and then he feels his body getting dragged down on the street while his last thought was on the image he managed to see when he turned his head. A motorcycle heading right at him in 2 metres distance..

After a long time Ren manages to open his eyes and look around.. What he sees is a small wooden room closed of with only a lamp for light and nothing else around except the bed.While he tries to get up, he starts getting headache when he found a voice in his head making noise.

System Notice: Initializing system program for user
System Notice: Protocol Checked, Parameters Checked


System Notice: Energy Source.. WARNING system found the user in cultivation world, rebooting configurations according to world law...

System Upgraded

System Notice: Fuctions All Checked

System Notice: Welcome user to system interface. System is an autonomous AI in your command to ensure your safety and daily life


While Ren is listening calmy to all this and thinking this is a dream he gets up from bed and looks around this small cabin for anything useful. Suddenly when his turns toward the door his spots a lamp while hearing the voice of the system inside his head

System Notice: Users information can be displayed with word "status". Reminding the user that the Starters Pack is available in the inventory fuction.

Ren decides that maybe afterall there is really a system inside his head and replies codly.

Ren: "Status"

Name Ren Devo
Age 14
Health Broken Dantian | Accumulated Fatigue
Experience Points 0
Qi Level 0
Body Level 0
Bloodline Heaven Devourer LvL 0(Common)


Cultivation Techniques ---


Ren looks at his status in wonder especially his bloodline weird name.. Getting curious about this world and gathering information is his first priority so he can understand exactly what is going on here..

Ren: "System what exactly is going on with this status? Why is there so much information i dont understand?"

System Notice: In accordance to hosts memories your world didnt have cultivation. On this world cultivation exists and its a form of practise for the body or qi to increase and give boost to the user's strength. In this world the levels of Qi are Foundation Establishment(1-9),Core Formation(10-19),Golden Core(20-29),Nascent Soul(30-39),Tribulation Management(40-45) and Immortal Core(46-50) while Body levels Refinement(1-10),Transformation(11-18), Sacred(19-22) and Immortal(23-25).. Killing monsters or people and cultivating will increase your experience and in accordance your level of both body and qi. Cultivation techniques in this world are divided into 5 ranks Yellow,Profound,Earth,Heaven,Immortal and the better your cultivation technique the faster the speed of your cultivation and strength. Bloodline is a unique ability granted to few people who have the blood of the Beasts in their body implanted or through birth and have their own specific skills and abilities. Bloodline ranks are Commond,Uncommon,Precious,Rare,Legendary and Divine which are also the categories of the beasts in this world.Skills are categorized into movement techniques/killing techniques and defense techniques for the host to buy from the shop. Host should remember the Starters Pack in your space bag so your can gain a lead to what you should do.. Also reminding host to check all system fuctions before leaving this cabin so the host can familiarize with the system"

Ren: "Wtf.. Show Fuctions"


System Fuctions


Map Scan
Shows the status windows of the user Allows the user to shop useful things with coins Shows a circular map with center the user in 20km distance Allows the user to scan beast or people to collect information


After checking the fuctions Ren decides to open the space bag and take the starters pack from inside.. All of a sudden 2 books , 1 pill ,1 small leather bag, 1 robe and 1 sword show up in front of him and startled him before listening to the system announcement.

System Notice: Congratulations host for opening the Starter's Pack and obtaining Heaven Devourer Technique, Infinity Star Body , Greater Recovery Pill, Space Bag , Recovery Robe and Iron Sword

Ren: "System scan all items"

System Notice: Scanning in progress... 

Heaven Devourer Technique: Most optimal immortal cultivation technique for those who have the heaven devourer bloodline.. Allows the user unprecented speed for cultivation and amazing strength boost as well as compatibility with hosts own bloodline. Leveling up after cultivating this technique will ensure host the primal awakening of his own bloodline

Infinity Star Body: A sacred body cultivation technique that allows the user to absorb star qi and refine his own body making it possible for user to use all attritube skills and cultivation techniques. High level cultivation of this body technique will result in dantian taking the shape of the universe capable of refining even stars!

Greater Recovery Pill: An 8th grade pill capable of recovering any kind of injury as long as the user has a breath left before passing

Space Bag: A leather bag made from the Space-Time Deer skin capable of storing and withdrawing countless items within a space of 10 cupib metres.

Recovery Robe: A robe made of special materials capable of always being clean and reducing recovery time for injuries by 10%

Iron Sword: A common sword usually used for hunting and training practises


Ren looks at the pill and without any hesitation swallows it hole. All of a sudden he senses a sharp pain in his stomach region where the dantian is located to store qi and he breaks in cold sweet but he still keeps his senses and endures. After aproximately 5 minutes he is notified that the recovery is suffesful and his dantian fixed. Without wasting any time Ren gets the 2 books and starts reading the body cultivation one while listening to the announces of the system

System Notice: System scanning cultivation technique... Technique scanned and saved in system database, sending the cultivation method into hosts brain!! Congratulations host for advancing into Body Refinement LvL 1

Ren then looks at his body and feels sudden heat coming from it and also amazing strength in his muscles even though he is very thin and weak looking.. Suddenly he turns his attention to the Heaven Devourer Technique and start reading and comprehending whats inside.

System Notice: System scanning cultivation technique... Technique scanned and saved in system database, sending the cultivation method into hosts brain!! Congratulations hosts for advancing into Foundation Establishment LvL1
System Notice: Host bloodline awakens to the 1st level and enables host to absord foreign beast bloodlines to strengthen itself


After Ren hears this he picks up the small space bag and puts it into his belt while hanging the sword in the sheath. Now he is ready to leave but not before checking his status one more

Ren: "Status"


Name Ren Devo
Age 14
Health Healthy
Experience Points 50
Qi Level Fountation Establishment 1(09%-EXP:0/500)
Body Level Refinement 1(02%-EXP:0/500)
Bloodline Heaven Devourer LvL 1(Common 0%)


Cultivation Techniques Heaven Devourer Technique(Immortal Qi),Infinity Star Body(Sacred Body)


A note from VanGon

The next chapters might take a while to get ready and i will have more information posted regarded the general world basics..

EDITED: Added boxes for the system and cleaned it a bit

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