Heaven Devourer

Heaven Devourer

by VanGon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content


Ren is a simple youth living in america alone while attending high school.. Even though he is getting bullied Ren never cried or fight back. He is always calm and even though he works in a supermarket as a part timer he is very poor..

One day after he goes back home from school Ren start cleaning his house when he find a box hidden in the whole room. Curious about the box itself Ren decided to open it and the only thing he found is a ring tight on a necklase chain inside. Ren chooses to just wear it and leaves for his part-time job when all of a sudden a car hits him..

Confused because he can still feel dizzy he opens his eyes only to discover that he is in another world where cultivation exists and he has a crippled dantian..

Follow Ren as he starts his cultivation journey with the help of his system!


Author's Note:

First novel so go easy on me guys! Also this novel has many gore and sex scenes so be prepared

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