Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Slice of Life
Hi guys! this is my first time writing a fiction so feel free to comment, criticize and suggest. Any violent reaction are welcome too.

Kellen a well-known civil engineer in his company became infamous in his country after an incident related to his job led to death of many workers.

Being deprived on what he had before and lose hope, he decided to make his life work again. Only to get involve in an accident that will cause him lie in the bed severely beaten and unconscious for who knows how long.

What would happen, if he found out that he is in unknown world as a spirit and cannot go back to his body?

This not a typical REINCARNATION story find out why.

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Gonna give my honest criticism

I read chapter 12 at this post. What I can say about the plot so far is nothing really happened at least nothing worth mentioning, taking a while or having little to no plot is fine however in that case you must have good characters. What I can say about the characters is they are extremely bland, nothing memorable about them at one point you mention how Asmot is not in his usual demeanor which is what? a funny guy that I can tell by the 1 joke he told so far. I don't mean to insult I'm saying this so hopefully you can use this to make a better story. The concept is alright but just how you are telling it is like reading a history textbook very boring nothing to either develop an attachment with the characters or the story. You can kill off any character right now and I wouldn't care unlike with fullmetal where I am put on the brink of tears during the funeral for Hughes.

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I enjoy reading this story and it has a lot of changes of becoming great