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63-Conclusion: Return To Hometown Arc

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At the mountains,

"She left huh...?"

Ryuga looks up at the sky.

"Are you really with the Illuminati, Rori?" Ryuga looks to be sad.

Ryuga begins to make his way down to the city while holding his cleaver in his right hand and leaving his left hand hanging alone.

(There are so many things I am still unaware of)

Ryuga makes it down to the city.

(First of all, the traitor thing, we already know that one of the Revons is the traitor...But with the way she spoke, her expression of speech was pretty much any of us reaper could be a traitor)

Ryuga calls for a taxi.

(If that is the case, was she implying that there are more than one traitor)

Ryuga thinks as he rides to Rori's place.

(If that is really the case then, it might be hard to trust anyone and everyone)

"Sir what's with that big cleaver and why do you have so many injuries. Your also bleeding from certain areas, would like me to take you to a hospital?" The taxi driver asks.

"Just drive would ya?" Ryuga says as the taxi drive sweats and drives in fear.

(There is definitely something strange going on...It didn't seem like she was lying about the big boss taking interest in me too but...There is more to this)

Ryuga gets down at Rori's place ans gives the taxi driver his payment.

Ryuga looks at the main door where exorcists stand.

"Ah shit...Don't tell me..."

Ryuga runs towards the entrance and barges through the main door.

"HEY WAIT!" The guards at the entrance door say as Ryuga barges him and they couldn't stop him.


Ryuga hears the sounds from Nazu's room.

Ryuga runs up Nazu's room.

Ryuga feels pain in his left shoulder but runs upstairs as the exorcists try to stop him.

(Tsch, my shoulder injury just got worse because I broke the door with it)

Ryuga barges through Nazu's room as he bashes his right shoulder this time.

"Ryuga?!" Cross looks to be confused.

Cross is standing in front of Nazu who is tied to the chair and beaten up.

"Ryuga you old bastard...What the hell is going on?" Nazu seems to be shocked looking at Ryuga's condition.

"Exactly my question, what happened to you?" Cross asks.

"Get Alice here, I need to get healed." Ryuga says.

"O-Of course!" Cross says as she immediately calls Alice.

"Also, let her go." Ryuga says as he sits down near the door sticking his back to the wall.

"But why?! She's a siren Ryuga! A siren-"

"SHE'S MY DAUGHTER FOR CHRIST SAKE SO JUST LET HER GO!" Ryuga screams and cuts off Cross.

"Ryuga..." Cross seems to be shocked.

(Why would Ryuga protect a Siren?)

Cross released Nazu and Alice immediately arrived to the scene.

Alice heals Ryuga in the living room while Nazu sits in front of him.

"You know...It's been almost six years since the last time I heard you say that I am your daughter..." Nazu says to Ryuga.

"Doesn't mean anything to me right now, hmph!" Nazu looks away and pouts.

Ryuga gives a smile.

Alice looks to be shocked.

(That's Ryuga's smile...A true smile...He seems to be happy for once.)

"Six years ago, I made a promise to you and I am sorry I couldn't keep it." Ryuga says with a sad smile.

Six years ago,

"You heard about that cop Toshi's wife."

"Yeah I heard she had back doors to get into the police."

"I have heard that she's more into the god within the police."

"Yeah, she tried to throw herself at him once or twice."

(Common people, they are such idiots...They never understand what a cop has to go through. Toshi was a great cop and a great friend to me. I was the chief of the Shibuya branch office while Toshi was the chief of Yokohama branch.)

(We were wild apart but we still collaborated a lot on of cases.)

(Some even said that he was the right hand man of the god within the police...But in my eyes he was even greater then me. Someone who I could never catch up to.)

(We begin to know each other so well that I used to visit his place from time to time and he used to visit me, Toshi's daugher grew pretty close to me. I begin to see her as my own daughter.)

(When the news was out that he died, I didn't believe it...)

(When I reached at his funeral, it was all over for him, I saw his body and he had a brutal chest wound, the killer, they were never found until now)

(People were bad mouthing his wife during the funeral...I was shut then because I believed that it was the best course of action but soon after...)

"I bet that her daughter of her's is going to be a slut just like her."

(That's when I had to take an action...)

(I hit that guy who said digusting things about that little kid)


(I soon had Rori transfer to my department and have her live in Shibuya where I could have her work under me)

Present day,

"I still don't understand, why you would call a Siren your daughter." Cross says to Ryuga.

"Because she is, that little girl is my daughter." Ryuga says with a smile.

"Oh yeah, Ryuga...Where is mom?" Nazu asks Ryuga.

Ryuga's eyes widen.

"What's the matter, Ryuga?" Nazu asks.

"Ryuga...Your hiding something, what is it? You haven't said how you got your wounds yet." Cross says.

(I can't trust anyone except one person right now...)

"Cross, if you don't mind, let's speak in private when we go on that vacation to US." Ryuga says to Cross.

"As for you Nazu..." Ryuga looks away.

Ryuga sighs.

"It turns out that Rori has committed some grave crimes and she's running away from it, these are wounds inflicted by her." Ryuga looks to be sad.

"Stop joking, Ryuga mom would never...Do...It..."

Nazu notices Ryuga's sad face.

"Cross, I have two more request from you." Ryuga says.

"Of course, you can speak up, after all, your the only reaper I can trust other then my sisters and my little brother." Cross says.

"My first request is keep Nazu in a safe place, would you?" Ryuga asks Cross.

Cross sighs.

"Normally I would say no, but, since it's you fine." Cross says.

"Wait! What do you mean by safe place?!" Nazu asks.

"Nazu, simply put it, your life is in danger." Ryuga says.

"At least that are the indications that Rori gave me...." Ryuga says.

"What?!" Nazu seems to be confused.

"Anyways, I need to listen to me, right now." Ryuga says.

Nazu nods.

"If you say so..." Nazu says.

"What's your second request, Ryuga?" Cross asks.

"Cross, your ability, it's telepathy isn't it?" Ryuga asks.

"How did you know?!" Cross seems to be confused.

"It seemed strange that you knew about a lot of people and how they thought to me, so I thought that your ability would be something mind related." Ryuga says.

"Wait what?! Ability? Mind reading? Telepathy? Ryuga your not making any sense here." Nazu says to Ryuga.

Cross looks at Nazu.

(She doesn't seem to know anything about us reapers but she's a Siren...How in the world does that work?!)

"I will explain that to you later but right now, use your ability on me Cross." Ryuga says.

"I can't because you have no spiritual power. I can only read minds of those who have spiritual power and their spiritual presence is lower then me." Cross points at Ryuga as she says.

Ryuga looks at Cerberus, Cerberus nods.

Cerberus hops on Ryuga's head.

"Now use it." Ryuga says.

"Hmm? I see, you want me to research on this indivual within the exorcist registry." Cross says as she reads Ryuga's mind.

Ryuga realises something.

"I told you Ryuga, if their spiritual presence is greater then me, I can't use my ability on them." Cross says.

(That is why she can't catch the traitor huh...)

Cerberus sleeps on Ryuga's head stopping the spiritual power transfer.

(Still something seemed odd about her sentence...)

Ryuga thinks.

"Well, whatever the case be, you should get your packing done." Alice says to Ryuga.

"Oh yeah, we are going to US in 2 days." Ryuga says.

Alice nods.

"It's going to be a different enviornment there." Alice says as she smiles.

(Yeah and there is also going to be the Revons restaurant which I have heard so much about)



"Ryuga Aragi huh...His quite an interesting guy but, will he meet big boss's expectations." A man sits in a dark corner.

"I wonder, I wonder, are you going to be able to survive in US with your squad or are you going perish forever along with that squad."

A maniac's laugh in the background.


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