At Rori's house,

Ryuga stands firm with his cleaver.

Cerberus takes a sit on Ryuga's head while Medusa around his neck.

"You really think you can win against me, Ryuga Aragi?" Rori questions Ryuga.

"Hey Rori, let's take this els-"

Rori suddenly teleports in front of Ryuga.

Ryuga's eyes widen.

(She's so fast!)

Rori grabs Ryuga's collar and drags him out of her house through the broken window.

(Such strength! What the hell is she?!)

Rori brings Ryuga at the top of the mountain and throws him like a bullet to the ground.

Ryuga controls his fall and gets back on his feet.

Ryuga realises something.

(Where are Cerebus and Medusa?!)

Ryuga looks around.

"Don't worry, they are at my house most probably searching for you and I have erased your scent so they have no chance of finding you here in the mountains." Rori says with a smirk.

Ryuga readies his cleaver.

"Let's not waste time, I have other work to do too." Ryuga says as he rushes Rori.

Ryuga swings his cleaver towards Rori.

Rori stops the cleaver with just her right hand's single finger.

"What the-"

Rori kicks Ryuga down to the ground causing a huge impact.

Ryuga gets back up but this time with some major injuries to his body with his blood pouring down from his forehead.

"You actually stood back up even after taking that blow...What is your body made of, Ryuga?!" Rori questions.

"Your quite strong so it must be that your one of the top members of your group, which makes it necessary for me to take you down." Ryuga points his cleaver at Rori.

"Your quite an intelligent person Ryuga but this time, I have no choice but to say, your totally in the wrong here." Rori says with a smirk.

"I am nowhere near the top members, they are way stronger then what I am." Rori continues.

Ryuga's eyes widen.

"Sorry to disappoint you Ryuga but your weak, too weak to even be called a challenge." Rori says as she gives Ryuga a sad look.

Rori teleports in front of Ryuga as Ryuga gets shocked.

"I can just flick my finger towards you and you will easily be defeated." Rori says as she flicks Ryuga's forehead.

Ryuga is sent flying towards a tree bashing his back body against it and spitting out blood.

Ryuga sits next to the tree.

He tries to get up using his cleaver.

"Sit down Ryuga!" Rori says as she kicks Ryuga's shoulder.

A crack is heard within Ryuga's shoulder.

"Even after I inflicted a major injury to you your unfazed...Just what you would expect the god within the police to be like." Rori says as she chuckles.

(My left shoulder...She broke it...Tsch!)

"You can never win against me at your current state Ryuga." Rori says as she begins to leave.

"Your...Not going to kill me?" Ryuga asks Rori.

"Killing you would be no fun now, maybe, after you get stronger I might have fun killing you." Rori smirks at Ryuga.

Ryuga gets back on his feet holding his left shoulder.

"Take care of my daughter, alright? Don't let her walk into this world of darkness." Rori says as she makes her way out of the forest.

Ryuga looks to be angry and sad at the same time.

"Another thing..." Rori tilts her head around.

"I don't who it is but there is a traitor within you bunch of reapers." Rori says.

"What makes you say that?" Ryuga asks.

"I work with Illuminati and the Illuminati have a good connection with the Hit." Rori says.

Rori turns around.

"Hit, the branch is a spy network of Unity. While we Illuminati assassinate our target, the Hit gather info on all of them and many more." Rori says to Ryuga.

"Why say this to me?" Ryuga asks.

"It's simple really, you have peaked the Big Boss's interest. So I don't mind sharing info with you." Rori says with a calm smile as sge vanishes from front of Ryuga.

"Big boss my ass, she was doing this because I am a reaper..." Ryuga says as he looks up towards the sky.

"Isn't that right, Rori?" Ryuga questions as he looks up the sky.




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