Ghost World Academia

by SD787

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Romance Harem Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The only thing he wanted was to find out the mistake he made in his relationship.

One day on a train, 35-year-old Ryuga Aragi meets a woman with silver hair. The next day, Ryuga gets turned into an 18-year-old only to find out that his wish to be younger was granted by the same woman on the train and that this same woman is a part of another world called the ghost world where her role is that of the reaper and her job was to find a candidate to be the superior death reaper. The woman chooses Ryuga as the candidate and takes him to the Ghost World Academia where they will teach every candidate the basics to be a reaper and fight for the spot of the superior death reaper.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
00-Breakup ago
01-Fang of the Ghost World ago
02-Yukina Yuu And Price ago
03-The First Hurdle ago
04-The Deciding Factor ago
05-Divided ago
06-New Stay, New Day   ago
07-To The Wilds ago
08-The Hellhound Problem   ago
09-Reaper Battles ago
10-Missing ago
11-Never Mess With My Friend! ago
12-Rookie’s Battle Tournament ago
13-The Rookie's Tournament Begins! ago
14-Top 16 Draw ago
15-Top 16 Round Begins ago
16-A Root Vs A Tree ago
17-The Blind Beauty ago
18-Cloud’s Warning ago
19-The Battle Of Aces ago
20-Ryuga Vs Cloud ago
21-End Of The Round of 16 ago
22-Ryuga Aragi And His Mother ago
24-Round Of 8 ago
25-Mayumi Vs Yukina! ago
26-Ryuga’s Stand ago
27-A Friend ago
28-The Gamble ago
29-Ryuga Vs Rayds! A Game Of Gambling! ago
30-Awakening ago
31-Mephistopheles ago
32-The Second Princess Of City 7 ago
33-A Reaper Challenge ago
34-Lucifer ago
35-The Day ago
36-Need For The 3rd Member And Finding Them ago
37-The Battle Day ago
38-Nightwolf ago
39-The Battle Of Brutes ago
40-Pure Strength ago
41-Conclusion: Save The Dorm Arc ago
42-Exams ago
43-One Can Still Smile At The End ago
44-Drang's Confidence ago
45-The Freshman Examination! ago
46-Home Sweet Home ago
47-A Reaper's True Job ago
48-A Sister's Request ago
49-Carlton Francis ago
50-A Hero ago
50.5-Fallen ill ago
51-The Treatment ago
52-A Sister's Protection ago
53-Unexpected Visitors ago
54-Something Beyond Human ago
55-The God Within The Police ago
56-Loki The God Of Mischief ago
57-Illuminati ago
58-Vacations ago
59-Lonely Feels ago
60-Who Is Lonely Feels?! ago
61-First Encounter ago
62-Underestimated ago
63-Conclusion: Return To Hometown Arc ago
64-TO USA! ago
65-Toshi Bazuki ago
66-Reaper Summoning ago
67-The King And A New Death Reaper ago
68-The Traitor! ago
69-Revon's Restaurant Arc, LA Branch-I ago
70-Revon's Restaurant Arc, LA Branch-II ago
71-Revon's Restaurant Arc, LA Branch-Infiltration-I ago

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I love settings where there is an academy’s of some sort. It’s one of my favourite settings!