Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story

Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story

by Trashlyn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Finding himself kicked out of his foster parents’ home on the night of the Emergence, John Doe Smith doubted even his luck could get any worse.

Now irrevocably changed by the Emergence into what many see as a monster, the newly dubbed Wraith must now deal with the consequences of her new powers in an unfriendly world.

This story is set in the universe of QuietValerie's Kammi Kettu, I have been working with her on this.

Echoing Valerie:

This story has LGBTQ themes, Cuteness and Heartache , so if that's not your thing, I'm sorry :).

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 1: The Storm ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 2: Shadows and Lightning ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 3: Wraith ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 4: Mirror ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 5: Chocolate ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 6: Hope ago
Interlude 1: Ms Clark ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 7: Despair ago
Interlude 2: Alexander Spencer ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 8: Discovery ago
Arc 1: Into the Darkness, Chapter 9: Sunlight ago
Chronology of stories in Quietvalerie's kammiverse ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 10: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Afternoon ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 11: Homecoming ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 12: Songbird ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 13: Hugs ago
Interlude 3: Unbowed ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 14: Hospital ago
Authors note: chapter delay ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 15: Steamed ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 16: Blackout ago
Arc 2: Out of the Birdcage & into, Chapter 17: Emotional Whiplash ago
Interlude 4: Mystrix Pallas, Part 1 ago
Interlude 4: Mystrix Pallas, Part 2 ago
Author's note: News from the void ago
Interlude 4: Mystrix Pallas, Part 3 ago
Author's note: Discontinuing updates on Royalroad. Sorry. ago

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I like the character development and the details given in the mc’s background. It really brought a sense of thought when I processed the first information and brought me to right mow of review it. Overall It’s a great start with interesting hooks here and there as the story develops.








So, I've been enjoying this story from the perspective of someone who created the world it's written in, with the help of the lovely author of this story. So there is a bias here. That being said, I have always admired the way her writing is carefully crafted and constructed with thought, a pretty intense juxtaposition with my own writing, which is throw haphazardly at the page.

The story tends to cut out all the miscellaneous crap that bulks up a normal tale, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. This part is really a matter of style and reader's preference if I'm totally honest. So my personal opinion on the matter is that usually I highly enjoy a bunch of fluff that helps flesh out the story, but somehow I find myself with enough information to fill in the blanks here without there being a need for the extraneous crap.

Now, as far as the characters go, I love them, even the one that was created to poke fun at me >:O. Kelly is my creation, but she's been given a lot more character in this story. Robin is a treasure and deserved to be let out of her cage to fly happy and free.

What's grammar? I have no idea.

EDIT: Gosh, it's been a while since I made this review. Things have gone from great to plain awesome. Her writing has just skyrocketed in quality even above the level she was writing at when she started. Ashlyn is constantly coming to me with wild and intriguing new ideas for our intertwined stories and it's showing in how much more interesting things have become.

At this point, the Kammiverse is just as much her brain child as my own, with the differences between our ways of thinking dancing and merging together. Almost every aspect of the greater story becoming something far better than it ever could have been had we been working on our own.

So yeah, the story she's writing rocks, her characters rock and fuck am I impressed with how much fun the story is, and how much fun she is to write with.

<3 you're amazing Ashlyn, keep on going!


Equivalent to a gut punch followed by a massage.

Songbird is one of the Kammiverse stories. If you do not enjoy sad stories, then the beginning of this story will not be your thing. If you persevere through it, or simply enjoy those sorts of stories, the payoff is absolutely worth it. This story explores parenthood, abuse of the system, and has a nonviolent protagonist. This is the Kammiverse story that goes the most in-depth into how the American government is treating the Emerged, and it is not pretty. My only complaint is that the villains are rather one dimensional racist assholes, with little else currently added to their character. It is cute, it is beautiful, it is tragic, just freaking read it. 

Luna Foxfire

The lullaby of my soul!

I should have written this a long time ago.....!

Songbird has made me cry more than any other book I have read for how much the character are suffering, at the start... Somehow I see life there... 'cause life is just suffering but sometime in that darkness a sun gonna shine brightly...

Ashlyn only:

 In Robin case..... she got the poor Kelly even more alive in your writing than anywhere eöse, a poor tortured soul, both saved each other.... but now we are all worried for the lovely punk girl...  ;-;

She also got a dad, Embowed that I know will give her back what she gonna relit in his broken heart...

The more I read the more I fall in love with the character you created or given a new personality to them (Kelly)

Story-wise this story is really good but it really stings the heart just seeing the pain of all your character, but it helped me expulse finally the tears of my crying and dying soul. For how much emotion you have written in it... just thank you and sorry because it was probably not easy for you too!

Your style is great, it's dark but there always some light in it, your grammar Is worked on and truly rich!

In overall this story is incredible because you can give us with it a part of your pain, I admire that from all those chapters seriously thank you for songbird Ashlyn.



Okay, honestly I am terrible at writing out my thoughts and can't judge style for shit, but here goes nothing.

As is the wonderful trend with the Kammiverse stories, this is a story involving trans subjects and lesbian action. And its soooooooo good. Love the characters and how they are written. Especially love the little collaboration our authors have going on. I could go on on how the plot and characters, and grammer are wonderful, but that's what the stars are ther for, aren't they?

A really good story that while it has nice fluffy moments, really slaps you in the face with a large dose of reality in a great what if universe.


Worth reading but fucccckkkkk meeeeee

Alright, I'll put the TL;DR at the start. This story is good but it's a fucking challenge to bite into.


In terms of the authors ability to write I'm more than happy, the characters are also pretty unique, even if they are pretty sparse.

This story is like eating all the crust on a loaf of bread before even considering the mere concept of having a sandwich. You know that the future might be good, but fuck me if the present isn't a bag of dicks that are being mercilessly shoved down your throat.

I don't hate the story for this, quite the contrary. I enjoy stories that play hard to get, it makes you want to read more. Maybe I'm just a masochist. Either way, I recommend reading this. 

Kara Null

This story drew me in and had me rooting for Robin right out of the gate. It's amazing just how much each chapter built on this character to the point where you felt like you were right there with her. Sharing her struggle.


Not only that, but as things look like they're heating up, you give us a couple of alternate POVs. Usually this is something that drives me crazy because I'm impatient and feel like I'm always chasing the need to see how things turn out. In this case I didn't feel that way at all. Those chapters are every bit as engaging as the main story line. I didn't feel that way at all.


Then there's the end of Arc 1. I won't say much because I don't want to spoil anything. I will just say instead that it was glorious, and I really can't wait to see what's in store for Robin next!


well done not sure what else to say without spoilers


Songbird feels like quality hot chicken. It was designed to hurt, but it hurts in the best way, and then you get the rest of the flavors and you just sit there in awe at the chef's skills. Robin's treatment from her parents and her institutions and her hope being ripped away a lot hurts, but it hurts in such a way that you want her out, as soon as possible. And I mean, hey Chapter 9 has just gotten released concluding Arc 1. Only good things for Robin now. 

Right Ash?


Edit 21/6: Okay. Robin is getting good things, definitely. But also very heavy hits. The reveals with Kammi, Robin's own journey, and her relationship with her caretaker and guardian. I love this sappy shit. I love seeing Al be a dad he didn't get to be due to his queerphobic wife. 


When Dark turns to Light

At first, I was a bit worried, since the story started out pretty dark.

Personally, I cannot handle dark stuff that well, but it was consistently good throughout the dark part!

After that part, I couldn't tear myself away from the story even more than before.

Really well written, full of important lore, can't wait for more!