The Death of Money

by Sleepy Rus

Original ONGOING Adventure Mystery Sci-fi Cyberpunk LitRPG Male Lead Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

After the Second Global Depression, Pak Yeung-Sung works a supermarket job in a world without money. And, like his cash register, he doesn’t believe change is coming anytime soon.

After he is caught giving away rations, he is taken away by the enforcers and is convinced that he will die. But then he is given an offer; Join an experimental facility and your family will be taken care of.

As it turns out, this an economic experiment by the CEO of one of the biggest tech firms, Jordan. And also, the currency within this colony comes from a game: Airgead.

It seems too good to be true. It seems too stupid to work. And Yeung-Sung soon finds out that it is.

 But in 90 days, the UN will come to authorise the system worldwide. Before that happens, he needs to learn the game, infiltrate the factions and corrupt the economy. All while searching for clues about what Jordan’s true plan is.

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Sleepy Rus

Sleepy Rus

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Part 0 Prologue ago
Part 1 Border Control ago
Part 2 Border Control II ago
Part 3 A Short Ride Home ago
Part 4 A Short Ride Home II ago
Part 5 A Short Ride Home III ago
Part 6 At the Bottom of a Tree Trunk ago
Part 7 At the Bottom of a Tree Trunk II ago
Part 8 At the Bottom of a Tree Trunk III ago
Part 9 At the Bottom of a Tree Trunk IV ago
Part 10 Groceries ago
Part 11 Groceries II ago
Part 12 Groceries III ago
Part 13 Groceries IV ago
Part 14 Transit ago
Part 15 Public House, Private Lives I ago
Part 16 Public House, Private Lives II ago
Part 17 Public House, Private Lives III ago
Part 18 Logging in ago
Part 19 Logging in II ago
Part 20 The Tallest Trees Cast the Darkest Shadows ago
Part 21 The Tallest Trees Cast The Darkest Shadows II ago
Part 22 The Tallest Trees Cast The Darkest Shadows III ago
Part 23 Info for the Infirm ago
Part 24 Info for the Infirm II ago
Part 25 Info for the Infirm III ago
Part 26 Trying By Doing ago
Part 27 Trying By Doing II ago
Part 28 Balconies are for Lovers not Losers ago
Part 29 Balconies are for Lovers not Losers II ago
Part 30 If the Gauntlet Fits ago
Part 31 Falling Through Mazes ago
Part 32 The Invisible Alloy ago
Part 33 The Visible Alloy ago
Part 34 The Visible Alloy II ago
Part 35 Blind ago
Part 36 Ugly Ducklings ago

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