Greater Beyond

Greater Beyond

by Saga Rakiyuga

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The story is set in the normal human world where all sorts of normalities are witnessed day by day. Kige Rei, the protagonist, is an average person in the real world that struggles to live by his own standards while being constantly bullied every day. He can't achieve anything in life, has bad grades, no friends, no girlfriend and has unsupportive parents. Not being able to take the pressure anymore, Rei decides to suicide hoping that his next life would be better and not horrible like his previous one, but even after the suicide he still remains in the same world. Soon enough he notices that everything around him is different, every living form has levels, status and the formalities of the usual world have disappeared. Is this the brand new start for Rei?

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Saga Rakiyuga

Saga Rakiyuga

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TYE rannical

While I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done, for not only starting a fiction but getting so far with it. I nevertheless really disliked this novel.

This novel features the worst MC I've seen in ages. The kid doesn't seem to be able to accomplish anything on his own and he constantly needs explanations to the most rudimentary things. Simply said, the kid is a moron.

Also the constant non-stop dialogue bugs the mind, a fact that is only multiplied by the lenght of the chapters and how bad the dialogue was. I'd often run into pieces of the story which I'd want nothing more than to skip. But I can't because I know if I do i'd miss important plot points to the story.

Moreover, the chapters dialogue features some of the most broken English I've read in a long time. I'm not a grammar nut (as can be seen by how i write) but I still have some levels of grammar i cannot deal with. The dialogue for the characters are really cringy and stupid and  the general sentences often have many errors in them. This constantly pulls me out of any immersion. 


I hope you don't feel that I was being mean in  this review, these are just my honest opinions.