"What will you two gentleman have for breakfast?"

In my dimension, the sudden morning would be met with a blazing rising sun elevating from the deep horizon yet in this one, no such thing occurs. The only breeze could go down my spine through this supposed morning. It's not like I'm complaining, but it feels weird. If there is one thing that a human like me has problems with, then it would be adapting to unknown circumstances. Well, it depends for the most part. Although, that's hardly the problem at hand. What should I choose for breakfast, really? As far as I can tell, all these foods are unknown to me, mainly because they hold names from a different language. How come I never took interest in learning other languages? Speaking of which, never, but never, have I taken interest in many things really. I suppose my lackluster knowledge can be less repulsive if I ask him for some help. Zakarias ought to know what's good or not.

"How many for option 3?"

Option 3? Oh, the menu apparently has a price tag to it. Unfortunately for me, I know not what it means, but apparently, Zakarias does, thus he asked for it. Ah, nevermind, the price tag is still readable to my eyes. It says '33.29 min'.

"That will be 33.29 min, sir."

".......What's the least expensive option on the menu, in your opinion?"

Now that's awkward. Once I got the price tag right, I decided to scroll through the whole menu which contains seven pages in total and the least expensive one was... option 3. But that's even more awkward, why would Zakarias ask something that he already knows? He isn't dumb, in my eyes, so what exactly is he trying to achieve with this? Unless... Don't tell me... Wait, it would make sense. Given the fact that the Elder only paid us the boat ticket, it could very well mean that we are...

"Option 3, sir."

"...............Do you only accept min?"


We might be broken. No, that's not a 'might'. We are undoubtedly broken. Though this is just my assumption, given the fact that Zakarias asked the waitress if she accepted anything which isn't min should probably mean that we don't have the means to pay for our breakfast. How could this happen...

"I'll pay for them. We will go with option 5."

"Thank you so much! Alshaka chockels, correct?"

"Ah, yes. That will be it, I'll pay in the end, if that's alright."

"But of course! Customers first. Please wait a bit, they will be done in a bit."

Honestly, I'm glad we get to eat, but this feels like it was made on purpose to see someone suffer. I forgot how they love to argue between one another. Maybe they don't even notice how they love to argue over such little things yet that was one of the reasons as to why I didn't object her coming with us. Though I haven't seen her since yesterday, Zakarias wasn't really happy about seeing her as he hides part of his face under the menu. Nevertheless, the brown haired girl sits right next to him despite such shortcomings, she really wasn't bothered by the way he acted that much, apparently.

"Broke already? That's sooo unlike you! What happened?"

"I'm not broke. I was just offering a more gentle way to pay for our breakfast. I thought that there was a bounty hunt or some troubles that the ship was facing, so I offered a gentleman's proposal to the lady. Just because I did that, it doesn't mean that I am broke."

"Ah, really? I guess you don't need to eat, then. I'll be off then."

"Wait don't you need to eat though?"

"Nah, I'm good. Bye."


...Wait, is this really happening?! How can your pride be so big, Zakarias! Have you forgotten that we will receive our breakfast in just a few minutes or something? If by the time the waitress arrives here and we don't have a way to pay, which we don't, then we might be expelled from the ship on our next stop. Taking into consideration that there are only two more stops until Kralima, we could very well be expelled on our next one if we don't pay for the food...

"Zakarias, we might be in trouble, you know..."

"I noticed, I noticed. Are you good at walking?"


"If by some chance we have to walk for around 60 kilometers until we get to Kralima, you wouldn't mind, would you?"

S-Sixty kilometers?! Are you insane?! All of this just because you are too prideful to accept her help. I suppose I have to do something about this or else we might be on the verge of losing here.

"I'll go talk to her."

"As long as it's you, that's fine."

In other words, as long as it's not him, it's fine, that's what he means. I'm fine with that yet the possibilities of Lodya even paying attention to me are lower than zero. I know this for a fact when Zakarias activated his Galactic Drive and went off to the village all by himself, I and Lodya had to walk together to the village. The most terrifying part is that when I tried to talk to her all I got was a 'Don't talk to me'. Yet now for the sake of not getting expelled from this ship, I have to do the impossible. Talk to a girl. For some reason, I'm always terrible at talking to girls. You might call it anxiety, and if you do, you would be totally right. With that said, I take off, by removing myself from the wood chair, I follow the direction to the hallway where I saw Lodya leave off too.

"...Where is she?"

Without any doubt, my eyes captured her leaving the dining hall. If she isn't here then where is she? Ah, damn it. This is so unlucky, we don't have much time, just where the hell could she be...? Well, no use crying over spilled milk. First things first, there is a need to observe my surroundings. All the training battles that I and Azmai got over the past two years has taught me a lot of things. If one does not know where something is, or the course that one should take then the first move would be to observe. Let's see... From observing this hallway, there are two ways to go. No, there are three. One goes to the right while the other goes to the left. For the third, it's a staircase, which should imply that there is something up above.

Of course, I don't know what it is. And why is that? Because the male dorms stay under the ship, in a sub cave if you may call it. Then, where exactly are the female dorms? Shouldn't they either be in this medium hall or above? Luckily, there are instructions. By running up to the center of the hall, it's possible to observe the entire map plant of this ship. Up above, it's definitely the female dorms yet forming the assumption that Lodya is there could prove to be fatal. I shouldn't assume that she has gone too far because only about twenty seconds have passed. While many passengers from the ship pass through me, the observation has reached its conclusion. If she isn't up to the right which is where the plaza is located, then she is most likely to the left where the gazebo is. That reminds me... Zakarias told me that Lodya was a rather wild person. A wild person would enjoy gazing at nature, right? Thus, assuming that she has gone to the left to observe the sea creatures wouldn't be a bad assumption. Yet, there really is a big chance that she is upstairs. Mainly because up to the top there is her dorm, plus toilets. Knowing a girl, assuming that she has to go to the toilet would be a fair assumption.

This is good. It's alright to create speculations and for the most part to formulate a plan to actually achieve results. The following plan should be, checking the most obvious places first. To start off, going to the left should be the correct choice, due to my assumption. If she isn't there, then I should hurry up to upstairs. But, there is a slight problem, as a man, if I'm caught searching through there, I could very well be labeled as a pervert nonetheless. Ultimately, this is a run against time. Guh, if only I knew how much the food would take to get ready. Making an assumption about that is certainly a bad move since I have no idea about it. Creating assumptions about something that has no base, is meaningless. Therefore, only creating speculations about something with some base knowledge in it, is worth it. Alright, let's do this.

Initiate the plan, first I must go to the left, therefore, it's necessary to apply a bit of sprint. Luckily, I have not skipped my training. Though, that's not entirely true, how am I supposed to practice my sprint when we are on a boat with such limited space? If I'm seen running around, then weird looks would come haunting me. So, that's out of the question. Initially, running was the plan, but hurrying up to the place while slightly moving fast would be ideal, that's what I will do. Eventually, having passed about forty seconds, I reach the gazebo. In my current field of vision, there are only seven people right here. The biggest number would be the father and the mother. Accompanying them would be their two daughters. Plus, they are only having fun at gazing through the telescope. Apparently, people really love wild nature at its finest around here. Neverminding that, only three people remaining, putting the ones mentioned earlier aside. An old man who has a snake is sitting right beside me. Since I'm at the door of the gazebo, he is literally right next to my right. Normally, expressing fear towards a snake would be the natural reaction yet the snake is so nibble and little that is represents cuteness and not fear. Lastly, for the two other people, it's just two lovers kissing each other. Don't worry, I will respectfully leave and not stare at you two, enjoy your time.

"Not here huh? Only two places left. The plaza is next, apparently."

Without wasting too much time, I hurriedly walked right to where I started and verified the plant once again since I get lost quite often. Good thing is, I didn't get lost this time. Alas, the path was open without anyone in the path this time, to ensure what I was about to do was the correct move, I locked away from the right and looked in the gazebo's direction to see if there was somebody there. There was, only one old hag. There is a reason as to why this is being done, of course. But seriously, I get that when you supposedly grow older to that age that your body grows even slower, but I can't help to feel a bit frustrated whenever someone walks slowly like that. As the old hag passes through the hall, I recall how many time has passed. It's quite hard to recall the exact time that has passed. Although, if I think about it... By the time I left the dining hall and spent the time analyzing the map plant, that should have taken me for about 1 minute and twenty seconds? More so, when I decided to hurry to the gazebo, it was forty seconds, so two minutes huh? So, by being here and waiting for the hag to pass to the dining hall, it's taking me about forty seconds, so two minutes and forty seconds. Nevertheless, it's undoubtedly more because by the time one concludes the assumed time, another ten seconds have passed, most likely. So, two minutes and fifty seconds?

After taking about twenty seconds or so, the old hag manages to reach the dining hall. Just as she does that, I leave off to the left without any time to waste. Unlike when I went to the gazebo, I sprinted this time around, to make sure that time could be preserved for the most part. It took me a grand round fifteen seconds to reach the plaza. Bothering with counting time anymore is a waste of time, which is ironic. Either way, by masking the fact that I just ran, I calmly enter the plaza only to be utterly disappointed. Quickly gazing at every table, couples could be witnessed. On second thought, this really is a tourist attraction for the most part, right? I wonder where they come from. Maybe from the main citadel? It would make sense if the citadel was full of technology and such since people who live there don't have the ability to see nature out in the open like this, then this would just make the perfect tourist attraction. Putting that random thought aside, Lodya was nowhere to be seen. However, there was something that caught my eye for a second. I have no idea what the plaza would look like in the first place. Multiple attractions could be seen all over the place. How I would love to try these unknown features. Though, that's not the correct train of thought right now. If Lodya isn't here, then there is no point in searching the plaza any longer. Hence, the conclusion came, she is neither here nor in the gazebo, thus she is upstairs. Once again, my feet quickly take off, but this time, I had to go even slower due to the increase in numbers among the main hall. In the end, once I reached the upstairs, I was quickly countered.

"Sir, where do you think you are going?"

Odd as it may sound, there was no main guard in the staircase entrance, but as soon as I climbed the rusty stairs, step by step, hastily climbing up even further, I encountered one male guard who had a rather muscular build. The only reason as to why this tendency could be visible to the likes of me was simply due to his dynamic approach to me. Truly resembling that of a bodyguard. As much as my best interested screamed that avoidance should be clearly the right choice here, no such thing could be achieved. Giving up in all hope, a desperate try with a desperate value came forth.

"I would very much like to go to the toilet, please."

Not the most accurate lie yet by faking it a bit, it would be clear that I was truly at my wit's end, as my hands went right to the top of my pants, where my groin is located. It was crystal clear that what I was attempting at such place could be viewed as a perverted action, but to gain the guard's trust I had to do this. To create a solid and truthful presentation, I had to completely re-create what it would seem like to be a man that needs to go to the toilet right away.

"This is the females' dorms. Males are not allowed to be here. Look over there."

Raising his right index finger, the muscular man points right into the signal that has the forbidden signal saying 'No Males Allowed'. Of course, that was hardly impossible not to notice, which I already did, yet for the sake of not getting expelled due to not paying the food, I must find Lodya. That's right, she is the only one who can actually afford to pay our breakfast. Damn it, the life of a broke man is a hard one.

"P-Please sir!! I must go to the toilet...!! I can't hold it any longer."

"I am sorry, but if you want to go to the toilet then I suggest you go to the dining hall's entrance and turn to the right. There, you will find a bathroom for males. Make haste, please. Also, just for your information, even if you pee right here, I will not take responsibility. You are on your own."

...This plan was an utter failure. I didn't think I was this much doomed but by the looks of it, I was proven wrong. My methodology was purely wrong here. Perhaps reading too much manga about perverted meetings has led me to the conclusion that this would be possible. This is the reality, after all. No excuses here. I guess me and Zakarias are bound to walk for a bit. Damn it, I even wanted to visit the Plaza. Although once given thought, the premise of this plan was bad as hell. With my thought alone, achieving this was very much impossible. Asking Zakarias for help was probably the wisest choice. I am to blame for this failure and none else.

"T-Thank you for your assistance, sir."

"No problem, glad that I was helpful."

Surrendering to my own failure, I drop the act of a man who can't hold it. But, the act could only be dropped once the guard could no longer watch me, otherwise, it was clear that I was faking it. Ultimately, that could have provided some trouble, since the act was for a purpose and if that purpose is seen as a fake one, then the consequences for that, might not be so pleasing, in all likelihood. Once again, I'm back to my starting point. As a man who has failed in every way possible, I will take responsibility for this and tell the waitress that Zakarias wasn't to blame for this, but instead, it was I. Passing through the two doors that were both the male and female bathrooms, the quick thought came to me. Earlier, leaving in search for Lodya, I never noticed that there were two doors right on both of my sides. Perhaps this was the biggest flaw of my plan. No, that can't be. I failed, there are no excuses here. Time to embrace the blame. With such a decision, I open the wood doors slowly and direct my gaze towards Zakarias only to find...

"Rei, it's gonna get cold. Hurry up."

"Where were you?"

...Now, this doesn't make sense. How come Lodya is right here? This really makes no sense. Let's rethink a bit. How could she end up here? Maybe I started over the wrong spot? Perhaps, Lodya was in the Plaza and decided to come back while I was busy searching through the gazebo. That would make more sense, I suppose. Or, she was upstairs and by the time I either went to the gazebo or the plaza, she descended and right away, came to the dining hall. Maybe, but just maybe, that was the correct choice. No, I'm missing something crucial here. Looking back now, I saw her leaving, but I never saw where she went to. I only saw her closing the wood door and nothing more. Then, could that mean, that she went to the toilet instead of actually going to the Gazebo or the Plaza? Or even upstairs? If I think further, Zakarias said that 'As long as that's you, that's fine.'. Could this be interpreted as if he was too embarrassed to go to her because she was in the bathroom all along? I overestimated Zakarias's pride, by the looks of it. Yet this makes me wonder, could it be that, if Lodya had not returned, then would Zakarias go out of his way to convince her? Wait... The fact that she is here fully implies that. I don't know what he did, but Zakarias managed to get Lodya to pay the breakfast. I'm overthinking this, aren't I? How strange... Just from who did I gain this overthinking disease from? But, I have to answer or else, it will get awkward.

"I went to the Plaza. It has some interesting things, it makes me want to go there more often, honestly."

In all essence, giving a lie is always advantageous, though, giving the truth sometimes has no harmful consequences to it. And it's a fact, the Plaza has some interesting things. So interesting that, after breakfast, I will go there.

"Really? But, don't get lost. We are almost arriving, just so you know. Remember our goal."

Right, our goal is to find out more about Atlas's. Though, my real goal is just to leave this dimension. I wish I knew how to leave this dimension, but unlike Master, I can't simply just open a dimension portal and access the Via Temporis. Even if so, apparently, with my level, riding Kaliya is beyond impossible, so that's out of the question. I'm assuming that the Atlas has a certain base of power in them that allows one to fully access the Via Temporis. Yet, it doesn't occur to me how to open a dimension portal. Hoping to find answers to that, investigating the source of power that scourges from the Atlas might be the correct choice here. But, it comes with a lot of work, mainly a lot of stops. Can't I just go home...?

"What goal?"

Asking that, was the ever curious Lodya. Amidst that, I take my seat which was solely isolated, since Lodya is sitting right next to Zakarias. There, I gobble right into the food, but not too violently, otherwise I would be seen as someone who lacks manner. Not like I care in particular, but I suppose I would be bothered if my eyes met someone who would do something like that. Man, it's so delicious. What is this fragrance? This subtle substance is angelic. Though, her cheesecakes are unrivaled. Nonetheless, this is pretty good. It really makes me wonder just how expensive this is... On the bright side, I don't have to pay for it. More importantly, how did Zakarias manage to win her trust back in such a short time?

"We are investigating Atlas, so we plan on going to the main citadel, Ralcultak. Though, we will have to walk on foot all the way. Don't complain if you end up lagging behind." Harshly delivers Zakarias.

"Can we pass through Afurecedia along the way? Please!"

This is the first time I'm hearing that name. I shouldn't be surprised. From here on, there is a vast chance that I will listen to things I have no idea what they for the first time. The true meaning of exploring the unknown is to open yourself to a new horizon, not to a horizon that you are effectively familiar with. That's what Master told me at least. I highly agree, because if one stays in one place for a very long time, then that one's mind will start to close itself to new opportunities, ultimately, forming an independent perspective that cannot be shattered. Once again, Master said that was bad, due to the fact that those kinds of perspectives are for the weak, not for the strong. A strong person seeks, a weak person stays. Though, Master... Does a person always have to be strong? Isn't that tiring? Even for someone as amazing as yourself?

"No way, Lodya. You always take your time there. And your time is a lot of time. Out of the question."

"Excuse me?! You're the one who always takes time in bookshops and stuff like that! Why are you blaming me for taking my time on things that I like when you yourself take more time than I do?!"

"For your information, those bookshops actually hold valuable information! Unlike your flower shops!"

"Well, I'm so sorry Mister Perfect! Apparently buying flowers is now a crime, huh?!"

"It should be... I mean, they will die, regardless of the time you invest in them, right?"

"Heartless! Even after I gave you a second chance, you just blow it like that. I'm not paying this."

Oh, please not again. I can't take this anymore. Zakarias, please make the right choice here. We both know how doomed we are if she leaves. Still, why does Zakarias have to be so ruthless, shouldn't it be fine to make a stop every now and then? We are going on an adventure whether we like it or not, so this really shouldn't be something to argue about. Nevertheless, the rest of the people are looking at us. I wonder how I am viewed in their perspective. Let's see, my position right now is equal to a candle, yes, that's what must be going through their minds. Just for the reference, a candle applies to someone who is constantly the third element aside from the main couple. A candle doesn't know his/her place and always, but always, makes sure to stay beside the main couple, which is awkward because then the main couple can't progress romantically. However, this is not the case, this is a pure argument. Not a lover's quarrel, but a heated exchange of words.

"How romantic..."

"Honestly, young ones these days are so open in expressing their feelings for each other. Their burning flames of love look so extinguishable now that I look at them."

"Ah, youth!"

Such comments were being exchanged in secrecy all over the dining hall. Obviously, both Lodya and Zakarias listen to them, and of course, they were bothered by it.

"L-Lodya, we can visit Afurecedia, in the end, just, please... We are giving people the wrong idea."

No, by asking her to stay, you are just giving them even worse ideas. Not like he asked her to stay, but the fact that you are grabbing her hand clearly implies that. I wouldn't want to be in your place, Zakarias. But, without a doubt, any teenager would. This is what they call love or something like that. Perhaps I'm truly a sad person for never being able to experience it. Never, ever did I have a crush on someone or did someone have a crush on me, I think. That seems about right. I wonder how Master is when it comes to leading with girls? I'm assuming that he is not very good, I mean, I don't have pleasant memories from when we were at Maid Paradisis.

"O-Okay... I'll forgive you for now..."

Tsundere reaction. Plus sixty points. I wish I could tease her, but who knows just what my punishment would be. My record when it comes to teasing females is disastrous, truly. Galatea was one thing, which was expected. But, Leviathan was just overkill. How come my face still remains intact after that godly slap? Putting that aside, Zakarias did a good job calming her down. This just proves that Zakarias is really bothered when it comes to the opinion of others. Or maybe, he was simply bothered by the fact that people were viewing Lodya like that. If so, I would like to praise you for that, Zakarias.

"So, what exactly do you want to do in Afurecedia, Lodya?"

"I need to level up my original ability. And besides, it's been years since I've gone to Afurecedia. In other words, it would do me well to pay a visit there! As promised you will take me there when we reach Ralcultak, right?"

".........I never promised...." Silently replies Zakarias.

This one is on you, Zakarias. Girls will often take what you said for a promise and by denying it, you are simply infuriating their wrath even further. Emphasizing with his current position might be impossible for someone like me. As much as my desire to help him would entangle my heart right now, such a thing was beyond my capabilities. Still, Afurecedia, huh? Zakarias mentioned a flower shop, so could it be that Afurecedia is a land of flowers? More importantly... I've been meaning to ask Zakarias a question ever since a while ago. Now that Lodya is here, I could very well use this opportunity to get it off my chest.

"How do you obtain an original ability?"

"Hm? Could it be that you don't have it?"

If I had, I wouldn't be asking for it. Although, depending on how it's obtained it could prove to be a logical question if asked again. Though, my doubts remain grand about that.

"He doesn't have it. I was quite surprised, because back then he showed me an amazing skill of his. I even broke my hand because of it. I feel sorry for the guy who ever tries to punch you."

Unfortunately, I had to remind myself that I am strictly forbidden to use that ability unless a mortal danger appears, so it's not as easy as it sounds. Besides, to maintain my ability, there is a need to train myself every day. Not quite every day, it's just that if I miss the training then my status will decrease thus making the Seal Breakers quite weak. It's nothing grave yet it's not something to relax about. Or, so would my Master say.

"S-Seriously? What's the skill called?!"

An accurate question yet giving the right answer isn't an option here, therefore the correct option is to think of a name for the ability. Master calls it Seal Breaker, but is it a spell or a skill? Master told me it was a 'Conquering Art', so maybe it's related to Martial Arts? Ah, yes. Since it enhances the user's strength, velocity, attack, and defense, it could very well mean that it's for martial use. After all, it only provides a rightful usage in a hand to hand combat type of scenario. Seriously... Why teach me a form of Martial Arts when other dimensions out there revolve around original abilities, spells, and skills? There are probably more, but Master is always so secretive about it.

"It doesn't have a name."

"No, no. That's impossible. Go through your menu and search through it. You will find the name. Tell me please."

How clever. Although looking at my menu only brings me sadness. By moving my right index finger from up to down, a whole new screen appears in front of me. No items, no weapons, no skills, nothing. Which means that this is something beyond that. Master, just what the hell are the Seal Breakers... If it's not a spell, nor a skill, then what is it? Oops, I forgot to mention. Aside from the items, weapons and skills slot, there is the spell slot. Although, Master told me that was available because it was a beginner's feature and that once I obtain something aside from them, the slot will appear in the menu. Although, since I haven't it's practically impossible. Reminding myself of my time in Aquaris, when I gained the experience points, some options appeared on the menu... One of them was to level up, yet I can't exactly remember the rest. Oh right, there was the option to buy skills. Maybe, when I gain experience points, I can then buy them. But... How the hell am I supposed to level up when I'm forbidden to use my own abilities?! Ultimately, I will have to lie and name the Seal Breakers something different. What name should I...

"Rei, what's wrong? You've gone silent. You do that quite often. Are you thinking about something?"

"Ah, no... My skill is called Sky Breaker. That's the name of it."

By replacing the letter 'e' 'a' and 'l' for 'k' 'y', the name 'Sky' is formed. Unlike the previous name, which was transformed from Seal to Sky, I maintained the name 'Breaker'. Call it lazy if you may yet the time at hand really gave me no time to think of something clever and unique. In contrast to most people who like to think long and hard about cool names, I'm a shame to such people as the creations of unpleasant names are quickly crafted by my own mind. It's my mind. Even so, I like the name of it. Which is strange, since I'm always against my own creations... When did I learn to enjoy my own creations like this?

"I see, I see. My original ability name is Fallal!"

"And mine is, Tenebris, but you already know that, right?"

"Yeah, but still how did you two obtain an original ability?"

"So you really want one?"

Not necessarily, it's just that with this restriction, I am essentially weak, more than I already was. That's not exactly ideal, in my opinion. Besides, my curiosity has hit its peak now. An original ability, huh? The sound of it sounds pretty good. To have something for yourself that you can call it your own, gives off a pretty satisfying feeling. Then again, this is just for the sake of reinforcing my defense. Along the way to Ralcultak, we are most likely going to encounter opposing forces. Although there is no base reasoning for this, this dimension is most likely conquered. Otherwise, the reality aspect of it would still remain intact yet this isn't like my own dimension. There are monsters out in the wild and people are actually aware of the Leveling System. Plus, the fact that there isn't the ability to go into Survival Mode just like in my dimension proves that. Once or twice, I've tried to access it through the menu, it's always on the bottom of it, but to contradict that, it's not. That probably means that this dimension is conquered, therefore there is no need for the Survival Mode because we are already in it.

"Should I not?"

"Are you kidding me?! Of course, you should! I can't imagine how boring it must be living off without an original ability! It's like it gives you more reason to live! It's so exciting! Isn't that right, Zakarias?"

"Haha, I suppose you are right, Lodya."

They actually agreed with each other for once. It's not every day that one gets to witness such a scenario. Furthermore, they both smiled at each other. As always, the other people still among the dining hall are gazing at them. What the actual hell, such creeps. Though, they are mostly just admiring what may be true love could be like.

"Rei, by the time we are in Kralima, we will take you to a crafting shop. There you can actually start the process of gathering an original ability."

"There is a process to it?"

"There is a natural process to everything, you know. Gathering an original ability requires different steps for everyone. For example, to forge my original ability, I had to go through a forbidden Savana and kill a chameleon. Although that was just the main ingredient for it, there were other requirements. Either way, once your main ingredient is listed you will need to gather it and others along the way."

"Why a chameleon though?"

"I actually wanted an original ability that would allow me to copy other people's aspects and perfect them. I suppose that's what a chameleon does. But, the chameleon just copies the aspect, it doesn't perfect it. Hence, the necessity for the other items. They are not easy to obtain. Either way, we should look into it once we arrive Kralima. The information I gave you will not apply to you. It didn't apply to Lodya, if I remember correctly."

"Yeah, I was furious! I almost thought for a second that he proposedly tricked me. But, that wasn't it, it was just a different process."

"And there you have it. But relax, it's just something that everyone in Ceulonia strives for. You are one of many."

'One of many'. Those words bring me back when Master and I had talked about my dimension's conditions back then. At that time, such nervosity came flowing right into my head that I was right about to burst. But, Zakarias is right. His original ability does resemble that of a chameleon. A chameleon watches its prey for a long time, therefore obtaining their form. That was just like Zakarias yesterday, observing the Sea Captain with such a dreadful seriousness. Though, it appears that I will have to wait. Amidst all this small talk, I managed to finish eating my food.

"Thank you for the food, Lodya."

"Ah, no problem at all."

"I'll go to the main plaza now."

But, before that...

"Hm? What is this?"

"It's a friend request. Accept it please."

"Sure, but what for?"

"Once I'm gone to the plaza, we might arrive at Kralima. Message me when we are there, okay?"

"Sure thing."


A resonating response comes out from both of them. Thus, not wasting any more time, I leave right into the main hall. By turning right, the opposite direction to the gazebo, from afar, the main plaza could be spotted. While walking, by accessing the main menu, my friend's list got two more slots. The first being Master, of course. Although, I have doubts about whether or not he will ever be bothered to reply to a message. And if I send him a message, then I'm bound to get ignored. It takes experience, failure and most of all, persistence to get my Master's attention. I am not that type of person. As someone who respectfully appreciates his doings, I will not bother him, instead, finding a way out of this dimension on my own sounds pleasing. That is if such a way out exists in the first place. Well, it does. But not the option to obtain it. The screen was exactly like this:

[Friend List:]

⚫ Lodya

⚫ Tiddal

⚫ Zakarias

It also possesses the ability to relay a message, but that's about it. Still, I'm grateful that they accepted the friend request without complaining. This will be better just in case if I get separated from them. Since they both gave the reactions of someone who listened to my words for the very first time, it makes me wonder if they never tried to create a friend request to each other. On the other hand, their trust among each other is probably so high that there shouldn't be any necessity for it. Maybe that's it. Regardless, my way towards the main plaza was made silently, and finally, all the main attractions could be gazed at. Although, it would be wise to ask someone who is familiar with the place first, otherwise I would be simply looking around clueless. That's not such a bad thing yet it's not the best option. The person to go to should be the bartender, who is cleaning the cups right now. Nevertheless, the view from here is amazing as always, the ocean is so blue and radiant that it makes my eyes hurt, because it shines so much. The constant roars from the sea creatures and seal eagles close by are impressive, but that's nothing new, I suppose.


"Ah, hello there! How may I help you?"

Hm, how to start this conversation...

"I-It's my first time here. Could you give me indications for each attraction here in the plaza? S-Sorry if I'm being a bother..."

"Ah, not at all! As a matter of fact, it's pretty common for most tourists here to ask that question! But first... My name is Rodrik! What's yours?"

After meeting the serious guard guarding the female dorms, I thought that there wouldn't be any nice people around, however, to my own naivety, I was proven wrong. By extending his right hand, the black-skinned man offers a handshake. Embracing with grace such welcoming, without holding it back, I shake his hand with force. Not to be intimidating but to demonstrate respect. I believe that whenever someone demonstrates a certain weight or amount of respect that that person should be given fine retribution. Yet, that's something my Master completely disagrees with.

"My name is Rei!!" I say with enthusiasm.

"Ah, Rei! A pleasure to meet you! So you were interested in the attractions here in the plaza, right?"

"Yes. I just couldn't help it. From where I come from these type of attractions are not available like this..."

"Ah, fear not! I will be explaining any attraction that you might be interested, but for the best of your interest, do you wish to buy something from the store?"

"Um... I don't have any min with me right now... Sorry..."

"Ah, that's not a problem! While some attractions cost min to play, our shop does not cost min. Instead, if you don't have min, you can simply give Experience points to buy something from the store!"

Experience points? Do I even have them, to begin with...

"How do I check if I have experience points, Rodrik?"

"Ah, yet another common question, Rei! You see, once you search through your menu and see your level bar, you will see that you have some stored experience points! Those, are experience points. However! I should warn you, once they reach 0, that's about it! With that said, you should check yours!"

Um, let's see... Once again, by elevating my right index finger and sliding it down, the menu opens. My level bar says that I am level 7. That much, I already know. But, what I didn't know was that one could spend their remaining experience points like this. 4393 experience points left to advance to level 8, it seems like. I currently have 765 experience points, it seems. By taking them out, it will probably mean that I can now afford something from the store.

"I have 765 points of experience. Does that amount to anything?"

"Ah, plenty, yes! Now that you have assured them, do you wish anything from the store?"

"...What do you have for sale?"

"Ah, I thought you would say that. We have a diversity of weapons, skills, spells and many other things for sale, choose wisely now!"

Let's see... What do I need right now? A weapon would be nice since I can store it inside my weapon inventory. By looking at the standings, there is a variety of swords, shields, guns, axes, bows, poles and crossbows. Woah!! How sick is that... Although, once again, I have to wonder, how come such things are here for sale? This could clearly be meant to kill someone, I think. Therefore, selling such things could be entirely questionable.

"Permit me to ask, but, why are weapons that could kill people on sale like that?"

"Ah, not an odd question, truly. But the answer to that is obvious. It's strictly forbidden to kill people here in Ceulonia. These weapons are strictly for slaying monsters, or to engage in a confidential duel."

"Yeah, but couldn't a killer just ignore that and proceed to kill some nonetheless."

"Ah, no such thing! Should a person kill someone, their soul will be thrown right into a forbidden dimension for all eternity. Furthermore, the dimension champion will immediately teleport to the killer's location, apprehending him. To ensure that the killer is not successful with his doings, the dimension champion will cease justice. This rule was strictly set under the Ceulonia's primal regulation index long ago. Long ago, people would try to achieve such things. Alas, the dimension champion always prevailed. Ceulonia today, is a fine land, thanks to them. Plus, once you have committed a crime here in Ceulonia, it will be under your profile. By simply scanning you, I can see that you have not committed a crime here in Ceulonia. If you had, I wouldn't even bother selling you these weapons, you see. But don't worry Rei! You are in good hands."

D-Dimension champion? That's just like... Master! So there are other people like you huh? This really shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, as it says 'Dimension Champion', it's bound to belong to a certain dimension. This really confirms it, this dimension is already conquered since it has a Dimension Champion to it. Nonetheless, this is a fairly strict policy yet it's amazing to preserve peace like this. A land with none dying under other's doing. That's amazing...

"I see... That's fantastic, really! Ah, sorry I will now choose what I want to buy... It's... Huh.... Um......."

...This is hard because I have no idea what I want...

"Pardon me. I just couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Could it be that you are a beginner?"

Approaching me from behind, a boy who is slightly younger than me, states his presence. With dark hair just like me, yet slightly milder. Utilizing long boots and brandish clothes, furthermore, with a whole unknown top to my knowledge, though it's slightly gold with white shards all over his clothes, he stands before me.

"Who are you?"

"Forgive my lack of manners. I'm..... Lazol."

Though unnecessary, Lazol bows down to me for not stating his name. That's the first time someone has ever bowed down to me. Maybe I shouldn't have asked that question since it came down to this. Still, what impressive manners.

"T-That's okay! I'm Rei. Nice to meet you, Lazol!"

"Likewise, Rei."

"Ah, could it be that this young man wants to help?"

"Once again, forgive me, for I lack manners. Call it curiosity if you so desire, but seeing that you were having difficulty choosing your weapon made me want to help you out. I'm sorry."

W-What's with him apologizing so much? Can someone be so humble?

"Ah, you misunderstood the situation, young man! Rei here is indecisive, so I think he would very much like your help. Isn't that correct, Rei?"

"Y-Yes. As you mentioned, Lazol, I am a beginner. If it isn't too much to ask, would you help me?" I humbly ask away giving out a bow.

"Raise your head, Rei. You shouldn't bow down if you have done nothing wrong. Allow me to ask of you, how many EP do you have?"

Although it took me a while, maybe like two seconds, I immediately came to the conclusion that EP stood for Experience Points.

"I have a grand total of 765 experience points. It's not much, I think..."

"Nay! The price tag shan't matter, as long as you wield your weapon with fortitude, it shall contain an undeniable price by itself!"

Lazol surely just spoke some truth right there. Yet the price tag is always relevant because the pricier it gets the supposed better it is.

"Ah, such truth, a warrior's words, if I may say!"

"What do you suggest I choose with just 765 EP, Lazol?"

"Thou shan't worry, I have just the ideal offer for you. My offer to you is the following! By buying the 'Myriad Blade', it should be a fair bargain."

It's incredible how Lazol says every word with such intensity and enthusiasm. I've met two amazing people already, this is proven to be... more fun than originally given thought. However, there was another problem at hand currently. The so-called 'Myriad Blade' costs 980 EP. Taking into consideration the fact that the only EP with me right is 765, the blade is... unaffordable!

"...The Myriad blade costs 980 Experience Points... I only have 765 Experience Points..."

"Sir Rodrik, is it alright if I split some of my EP with him?"

"Ah, no need for such formality! Why, of course!"

"Then it's settled! I shall aid you on your pursuit for a strong weapon!"

"N-No, I couldn't... It's really nothing... I can always buy a cheaper weapon, after all."

"That can't be! I insist! As a fellow swordsman, thou shall make radiance."

I don't think I've ever said that I was a swordsman. Nonetheless, when Lazol says such words, it's impossible to say no. Though hiding it, my happiness bar was pretty high right now. To achieve a powerful weapon like that, a truly lucky circumstance.

"Then, I'll take your offer, Lazol."

"I am most grateful. It is my pleasure to ensure a reinforcement to a swordsman's arsenal."

"Ah, then without any time to waste. I'll be taking the 980 Experience Points from you Rei, and this fine chad, Lazol!"

Fine chad? That's a first. Regardless of that, by turning his eyes red, Rodrik firmly gazes to both I and Lazol. I'm assuming that he must have collected the supposed experience points. Just to make sure that it was like that, I will check the menu. Let's see... Ah, that really did it. My level bar is back to zero. 5158 Experience before advancing to level 8, so it seems.

"Ah, here is your sword, Rei! If you want to add it to your inventory, then hold your right hand in it for about five seconds!"

That's also a first. So this must be how you collect something. No, that's dumb. One probably needs to fulfill conditions first. The conditions for this achievement was handing out Experience Points, if not then I could try and do the same thing to another weapon yet I doubt it would honestly work. A very clever system, I suppose. Abiding time, I hold my right hand into the sword's main body for five seconds and then it disperses. Quickly after, by checking my weapon inventory, this could be witnessed:

[Myriad Blade:]

⚫ Attack: 18

⚫ Defense: 13

⚫ Velocity: 27

⚫Strength: 21

Additional Feature: Gains the status and additional features of another weapon, once slain. However, if used this way, it will also gain any additional weaknesses that the slain weapon possesses.

I'm a terrible judge, so I ought to ask someone far more experienced than me if there is anything noteworthy about this weapon.

"Thank you so much, Lazol!"

"N-No, again, it was my pleasure! If you would like, do you want to discuss a bit more?"


"How fantastic! Sir Rodrik, two lemonades please!"

"Ah, chad, no formalities, just call me Rodrik!"

"I'm flattered by your honesty, Rodrik. Allow me to thank you."

"Ah, no need, no need. Just wait a bit, they will be right up, fresh lemonades for you two fine chads!"

With that said, both I and Lazol take the most east seat which is right next to the board of the ship. Once again, an amazing view could be witnessed. However, to my surprise, there was something that was not present there before. Yes, with such height, it would be impossible to not notice.


"What is it, Rei?"

"Ah, it's just that... Do you see that statue over there?!"

Directing my right index finger to the golden statue that was right in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere, Lazol finally glances at it.

"That's our champion, Rebellyon!"

"S-So that's him?!"

As much as I would like to describe the statue itself, it was too far away, even for the likes of my feeble eye. Nevertheless, such an epic statue stood by as we glanced upon its majesty.

"You seem curious about Rebellyon. I take it that you would like to know more about it?"

"Do you know about it, Lazol?"

"Of course. It's the most common tale of Ceulonia. The heroic decimator, Rebellyon!"

"W-Woah, sounds awesome... Would you tell me about him?"

"But of course!"

To be continued.


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