Selkitat Dimension, -6 am, Myraliga Country.

The Country of Myraliga. Among the Selkitat dimension, there are a total of 623 countries. Some being quite vast while other being severely small, mainly such countries that imply those of islands. Alas, the one country which is the wealthiest one is without a doubt the country of Myraliga. Possessing a wide amount of soldier to guard every station of the country, peace was to be counted on. Such things as violence, thievery, turbulences, and disarrays were never a problem due to the laws of Myraliga. While Myraliga upheld a fair primal index, there were certain actions that were forbidden among the articles in which they were written. Even so, an everlasting harmony could be pronounced as a visible utopia.
In comparison to other dimensions out there in the infinite Via Temporis, the Selkitat Dimension is arguably one of the best constructed. Some might say that Selkitat places itself in the very top 50 dimensions to visit. While Myraliga vastly invests its resources on military defense to make sure that peace is always within sight, Myraliga has to its arsenal many other traits. What most countries have in special is a well balanced economic system that allows every citizen in it to live their days to their fullest of all potentials. That itself is an important characteristic of the Selkitat Dimension. There is no poverty on the surface, thus accepting and embracing the reality which is the brilliant dimension Selkitat.

Furthermore, Selkitat has a very good orthodox sense of culture enabling other people from outside dimensions to thoroughly enjoy the amount of difference which is commonly witnessed within Selkitat. Aside from that, Selkitat also owns a very exquisite architecture among its constructions, mainly the beautiful palaces. Even what it would be considered low by all kinds of standards does not lose in terms of value here in Selkitat. Besides that, all sorts of products are above in comparison to most dimensions. The amount of artifacts, licenses, weapons, atlas, and whatnot that can be found within Selkitat excels perhaps above most dimensions. Therefore, it is viewed as an attraction site to a large number of targets within every dimension. However, this would imply that the price for all these available luxuries would be beyond outrageous yet that’s not the case. Thanks to its unmatchable economy balance, Selkitat erupts a constant perfection when it comes to every single point.
Although despite its merits and omnipresent good points, Selkitat has one big weakness, that being… It is a dimension, just like many others. Meaning that it is open to attacks, even more to other dimensions. Of course, through the construction of Selkitat which is witnessed today as a dimension of many values, it had to face many rivalries, hardships and loses.

To make sure that this wouldn’t happen ever again, a secret system was enforced; Primal Index. The ever mighty Primal Index is a system that in all its essence consists of several regulations which makes sure that whoever punishes or breaks a rule in it, will get sent to one of the forbidden dimensions named ‘Insanterna’. Though, little to nothing is known about Insanterna.
All that is known is the very fact that once one goes to it, that person will never come back from it. Needless to say is, there is no concrete proof that this is the truth, therefore people can simply base it as nothing more than a spread rumor to make it less credible. But, the truth is something that cannot be ignored in the face of reality. All people that have broken the laws of the Primal Index were never ever seen again.
In all likelihood, there are no rules that forbid war from ever breaking out between dimensions, only among the dimension itself, though that’s very unlikely. And so, Selkitat has been defending itself from the frequent attacks of other dimensions. However, this time around, things are not as simple as to repel the adversities aside to make them irrelevant. If forces are not present to meet up to counter other opposing forces, the winning force would be the one who continues the oppression.


Myraliga’s Main Palace, King’s room.

“…Where in good heaven’s name is him?”

“To think that he would desert us like this… I expected better things from him! I can’t believe that Selkitat’s fate is in the hands of a filthy vile impostor like him! It was obvious from the start that he just wanted to fool around.”

It appears that the current atmosphere that compels the King’s room is a stressful one. To be more precise, everyone that is present as we speak is taking a seat among the large table. All of this for one purpose.

“Gentlemen and ladies, I’m sorry for the wait. I will now announce as to why the King has summoned all of you Excellencies right here and now. Truth is, as you all probably may know, one of our most important elements is currently missing, thus creating preoccupation within our system. Today, we shall discuss methods to defend Selkitat due to two facts. One being, Selkitat is about to be under attack. The ones who are delivering this striking force is no other than the Kelurus dimension.” Declares the dextral arm of the King, Dex

“W-What? How can that be? They are no match against us! To strike us at such time is preposterous…” Entices the great-general Kartisal

To the most common of all knowledge, over the past three years, one of the most noticeable presences that is essential for Selkitat to repel other striking forces from other dimension vanished one day. Ever since that day, 3 years have passed. Amidst those three years, the dimension of Selkitat has managed to uncover the fact that such a presence is nowhere to be seen.
However, that will not last for long, as suspicions among the enemies have grown to notice since that presence has never once come forward in battle in the time period of three years, thus making it more credible to the enemies that this presence is simply not present. Not by the option, but for another motive.

“Although the enemies are still very far away, according to our Temporis observers, it is undeniable that we will eventually have to clash with Kelurus’s striking forces. As for the second fact, I’m sure that most of you are aware by now, but our main force of the attack is missing. As a matter of fact, he has been missing for 3 years now.” Continues Dex

“Isn’t it fine though? Normally the very premise of our dimension being attack would invite trouble over to our side, but it’s Kelurus we are talking about here. We have defeated them in the past, so why are we exactly so worried about this?”

A valid question came forward from a man known as Luden. Although the Kelurus dimension is pressing forward with their strike, it is apparent to any person that lives in Selkitat that Kelurus was never able to conquer this dimension on their own. So, knowing such thing and stating it would prove nothing since Selkitat could simply just repel the attack, if not eliminate all the opposing oppression.

“Usually, that would be the case. However, that is not the case. If not, then this meeting would be meaningless.”

“So, what exactly is so important?”

Just as Dex was about to deliver his words to the rest of the summoned excellencies that are present inside the King’s room, the left arm of the King, Rel, takes over.

“According to our observers, it’s not only the Kelurus dimension that is preparing to launch an attack on us but in fact, it appears that they have entwined themselves with an alliance with other two dimensions. Although this is nothing more than a baseless rumor, some observers say that those two dimensions are ‘Zikanos’ and ‘Glacivas’.” Declares the silver-haired young lady

“…Now that’s a bit troublesome. We never have faced both of them. With that said, going on an all-out war with the three of them could prove to be disadvantageous to us.” Reflects Luden

“That’s not all Luden. Regardless of how weak Kelurus is overall if this alliance really is true… Then we could potentially lose.”

Adding more fuel to Luden’s argument, the purple haired girl named Illuri makes her opinion. Currently sitting on this large room, it stands a large table having 10 people in it.

“Unbelievable. To think he would be away at such crucial time… It was without a doubt a mistake to ever trust him. That foul creature was bound to bring no good for the greater good of Selkitat.”

Having already made a similar statement like this, a slighter older man called Ryuja makes his intention clear.

“All of you be at ease. He is coming back. Let’s have faith in him, for he is our hope.”

Creating havoc of silence in his own room, the King declares that he will return. However…

“Forgive my impertinent arrogance and rudeness my King, but can we really trust him? He has not returned for 3 years! To still hope for his premised return sounds like a vast lie to me.”

“Heed my word, when true danger surfaces, he shall reign over those who dare to storm Selkitat.”

Still trusting over his own conviction, the King persists with his words in order to make sure that this person would for sure return, thus leading a spiral of trust to his own people.

“I-If you say so, my King.” Murmurs Ryuja

“I can’t accept that, King. No matter how convincing your words may be, even so, there is no sign of him coming back. I suggest that we thoroughly interrogate his mascots. They are present, right?”

Finally speaking up, the Dimension Guardian named ‘Alzam’ strikes forward his opinion, ignoring his own rude manners towards the King. Of course, his manners would eventually stir up some problems.

“Alzam, mind your manners, will you? That’s the King that you are referring to.”

Retorting in such a way was no other than Selkitat’s dimension maiden ‘Lipa’. With her words ultimately delivering that Alzam was being rude towards the King, it would be a given that he would consider an apology in most cases.

“So what? The King or the dimension, which one takes the most priority? If minding my manner is going to save this dimension then I will shut up, however, that’s not the case, is it?”

Not being able to take down such retort, Alzam releases an emotional remark towards Lipa. Even though there is currently going on an argument about the missing person’s whereabouts yet these two are childishly hovering whether the usage of manners is the most appropriate in this occasion.

“Stop being so childish, will you? Just because Selkitat is about to be under attack is no excuse for you to discard your manners so easily like that. Apologize to the King!”

“Hell no. What needs to be addressed right now is how we are going to repeal the upcoming attacks. For your information, just so you know, there will be three, not one and not two, but three dimensions collapsing on us as we speak. Yet you suggest that minding my manners is the actual problem here? Some maiden you are.”

Most of the people who were indicated to be present right at that moment seemingly agreed with Alzam’s words. While it is important to be all but rude to the King, there are things that need to be addressed with a degree of urgency. Nevertheless, how they were going to combat such opposition was still the main issue that needed to be spoken about.

“You will pay for using such words towards me and the King. Right here and now!”

However, amidst all the commotion the young maiden still remained eager and convinced that her attitude was without a doubt the most righteous one, thus forming a massive killing intent towards Alzam. But, Alzam had no intention of backing down from a fight.

“Quite bold aren’t we?! Let’s have a fight then!” Shouts Alzam

“So much emotion, honestly. While it is entertaining to see such a scenario, you two have to consider where you stand. It shocks me to the depths of my core as a being to see such high-status individuals argue out like this. Let’s seek peace instead of war, shall we?”

Intervening in such a way was one of the men who lurked deep within the room named ‘Zats’. Nobody knows much about him. Unlike most people that remain in this room, his status and powers are rather unknown to the outside world if not even within the boundaries of the inside world. Giving off a shady vibe mixed with a mysterious aura, this person wore a classic type of hat. An unusual one, for sure yet alluring.

“Thank you, Zats. Both of you shan’t worry, for he is returning. Keen wise heed is to proceed as he shall deliver punishment upon this rampant rebellion. He will not return empty-handed.” The King offers his speech

“If I may take over, what our beloved King means to transmit to us is that we needn’t worry since our champion will be returning with victory. With that said, Alzam and Lipa, you two do not need to proceed with this unreasonable and pointless grudge.”

“I still can’t forgive him for speaking like that…” Replies the red-haired maiden

“Well, I don’t particularly care, but if you are saying that he will return with victory, could you be implying that he will defeat all the upcoming oppositions?”

“I mean precisely that, isn’t that correct, King?” Interrogates Zats

“Indeed, our ray of hope will shine on us with a most rewarding victory.”

“If that’s the case, then why summon us in the first place? Given that an ulterior plan was being put at stake, summoning us is just a waste of time honestly. There is no reason as to why we should be here right now or am I wrong?”

Alzam’s valid points would just keep on emerging. After all that, it’s only normal to question the actual purpose of their presences here. If there is a plan that is already being used as a counter-attack measure against the upcoming attack, then the necessity for this summon itself is nothing more than a lie.

“…I suppose it might have been a mistake of mine to appeal such lie. Forgive me.” The King humbly apologizes to the rest of the people in the room

“No such thing, King!” Replies Lipa

“Before I issue the main topic, are the champion’s mascots present?”

“Can I bring him in, King?”

The one asking that question was, Luden.

“Permission granted.”

“Etana, come in, if you may.”

Slowly opening the door comes in a middle-aged man which appears to be on his 40-50 years of life. Slender shoulder yet tense body compositions could be witnessed. For someone of his age, having a body like that could be considered rare. Even though one would consider Etana old, he himself declares that he is still living off his early youth.

“Good morning, all of you. Sorry for the intrusion. How is everyone doing?”

Greeting everyone gently like that, Etana makes his entrance into the King’s room.

“Etana-san!!” Exclaims Lipa while rushing to his side

“Hm, if it isn’t the young maiden. How is your training treating you?”

“It’s going great! I’ve gained a new atlas, not to mention that I managed to raise a few levels on my own!”

“That’s good to hear. I hope that fortune accompanies you in your journey as a maiden.”


Such harmonizing exchange of words could be glanced at from all over the room; still, the main issue was to be addressed.

“Etana, we will now begin the interrogation, is that alright?” Asks away Luden

“That is by all means fine.” Carelessly replies Etana

And so, the tension elevated in the room creating an even denser atmosphere. Since an interrogation was about to begin, all the 10 people present in the room, now 11 reverted their eyes towards Etana, the one who would be interrogated.

“Etana, is it true that you were the one to last see and talk with Tiddal?”

“That is the correct truth.” Replies Etana to Luden

“Forgive me for this but… Illuri, if you could.”

With a sharp quick exchange of a glance, both Luden and Illuri looked at each other as if they were somehow speaking with each other. Although, outsiders would interpret it as pure synergy and that’s what it truly was.

“Angelicos testes veritatis, activate.”

Casting those words away, the purple haired maid cast what it would appear to be a spell on the exact same area where Etana was. The spell was cast in a manner that most wouldn’t understand as to why it happened, but the most important part is that with a wind blow from her mouth she led away some kind of shroud pounder which went straight towards Etana.

“Sorry, it’s nothing personal whatsoever or ill-intended it’s just for the sake of truth and nothing else.” Explains Luden

“Worry not. I shan’t hide anything.” Openly says Etana

“I’m glad we can come to an agreement. My humblest of apologies for the usage of these forceful methods."

While one is very apologetic with noble intent, the other is open-minded and understands that it’s for the greater good that this is happening. It’s not like Luden himself likes to use these methods, but he himself sees that there is no other choice, thus using them.

“Etana, are you lying for your master’s safety?”

“I am not.”

Once again, Luden and Illuri trade glances by a mean of confirmation.

“Very well. What were your master’s last words before you and he parted ways?”

“He said to warn the King that if he didn’t return within two weeks that he would be out on other dimensions to check if they were in danger.”

“Liar!” Exclaims Illuri

“Eh? But I didn’t lie.”

“That’s not possible, my Angelicos testes veritatis makes the caster aware if the target who has the spell on is lying or not. You just did!”

The spell known as Angelicos testes veritatis belongs to the dark magic arts Atlas, thus accumulating a high capacity in its class. Needless to say is, to acquire this Atlas, which wouldn’t be easily accessible, the user would need to be extremely high level or have its magic points very high. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that it would be available on any Atlas shop out there.

“Forgive me… I can’t distinguish the truth and the lie anymore… I’m getting so old that I can’t remember most things in the past. Plus, it’s been three years; my memory itself isn’t the greatest… It’s not like I’m lying to you, I am not able to tell you the truth, you see.”

Yet again, Luden and Illuri glance at each other.

“I suppose what you said now is the truth. Otherwise, my spell would have interpreted that as a lie thus revealing your true intentions. I’m sorry to have doubted you.”

“If that’s the case, then what was Tiddal doing on that dimension? In fact, what dimension was he in?” Quickly asks Luden

“I believe that the dimension was called Heremus. My master was simply passing by that dimension to check any danger. That is one of the protocol regulation and duties of a dimension champion, correct?”
Taking over the conversation, Alzam decides to mark his appearance with his words once again

“That would be the case. But, that’s only under normal circumstances; there is no telling that Tiddal wouldn’t be up to something which could very well be beyond our knowledge. Furthermore, according to Illuri, there is also no guarantee that what you just said is the absolute truth.”

Essentially, lying about something would mean holding the vigorous truth inside the liar’s mind, thus making other accepting the reality that there is a truth behind the lie. However, under certain occasions, it might be the reverse case. There could be a lie buried inside the truth and so on. Therefore there is no actual guarantee that Etana’s words are the epitome of truth.

“I assure you that that’s not the case. My master was simply checking inside the Heremus dimension while fulfilling his duty. To make this a more factual fact, I even told the King preemptively.”

At that moment, whispers could be seen all over the room. Conspiracies and lies could be formed just by those words which came from Etana yet the one who had to confirm the truth spoke up.

“It is as Etana says. Once Etana returned to Selkitat, the first thing he did was to consult me and deliver Tiddal’s words to me. Rest assured he by no means is lying.”

“If that’s the case…” Murmurs Alzam

“Now then, why would Tiddal take three years to clear dangers on other dimensions? I’m sure that he is aware that he is bound to protect Selkitat yet why hasn’t he returned?”

Continuing on with his interrogation, Luden eludes that there might be a slight chance of Tiddal betraying the Selkitat dimension due to his overtime outside Selkitat. Normally, if a dimension champion has not returned from his expedition on other dimensions over a long period of time, he is to be treated as a traitor due to the possibility of the dimension champion himself allying with another dimension thus earning the spot of the traitor. Despite that possibility, the King holds Tiddal in a very high position as if to say that there is no chance of him betraying Selkitat.

“I’m afraid that’s beyond my knowledge. My master is very secretive with his mascots. Even his most trusted ones, and unfortunately, although I believe that he places a high trust on me, I am not one of them.”

“That’s ludicrous! It’s the job of a mascot to always be with his master, is it not!?”

In all likelihood, that statement is neither wrong nor right. In fact, according to a mascot’s regulation index, nothing says that a mascot has to keep an absolute track of its master’s actions. Although, strictly speaking, it’s wrong to not do so, since it’s the job of a mascot to guard the life of its master. Ultimately, it’s a paradoxical statement. Even so, Ryuja made sure to entice his words.

“If I may speak, it’s not Etana’s fault in this case. Every person who owns a mascot or more than one has the independent choice of taking it with him/her. Should such case arise in which you need your mascot to accompany you everywhere you need, then the mascot’s master is without a doubt a true weakling.”

The everlasting truth about owning a mascot is that a few if not a lot of conditions need to be met to supposedly own that mascot. Be it weak or strong, conditions shall arise thus raising the difficulty bar on owning them. That is to say, its owner, a master, has to be at least a bit strong and not completely weak. Furthermore, it’s common sense in Selkitat that among its primal Index, one of the conditions to own a mascot is to at least be above level 30. Conclusively, if a person were to explore other dimensions on its own unless that dimension is truly to be feared, then there should be no caution since that person can probably easily defend and eliminate any opposing force that comes along the way. Nonetheless, Dex voices his honest opinion.

“Well, but it is Tiddal that we are talking about. He is the type of guy who would cross over to a dimension located in the Via of Mors. Either way, suspecting him about this is probably a waste of time, wouldn’t we all agree so?”

Alzam made a fair point. Regardless of the danger, Tiddal would not care, that is a known fact among this room.

“Yeah, that’s true. That idiot is most likely just fooling around and being irresponsible as usual. To suspect of him is without a doubt a certain waste of time. Let’s just close this off.” Adds Lipa

As if to mock Tiddal, the whole room burst into soft laughter, one after another. Even the King himself wouldn’t overlook such an obvious fact.

“Ahh… Well, before ending this interrogation session, I have one more question for Etana, is that alright, King?”

By making his intention clear, Luden asks for his permission to be granted by the King, since this interrogation session seems to be taking an end pretty soon.

“Of course, let’s not prolong this for too long, after all, the main topic needs to be addressed soon.”

As a conclusion bridge, the King grants Luden the needed permission to go on, since it’s quite obvious that Luden and the rest of the people in the King’s room happen to be curious about this unspoken main topic. Of course, there is also the mystery of what that last question will be.

“Then, during the time that you and Tiddal went to Heremus, how many mascots did he bring along with him?”

“I have no way of concretely answering that question entirely, however, I know for a fact that he took three mascots with him, myself included. I do not know if he had more or not, that’s my sincere opinion.”


“He’s telling the truth, there are no traces of lies at least.”

“…Is that so…”

After a short talk with Illuri, Luden resumes his usual position on one of the chairs along with the large meeting table.

“Thank you for being present here today, Etana. You may make your way to your own actions now.”

By giving his own decree, the King declares the freedom of Etana. Without any intention of retorting, the almost old man named Etana proceeds to bow down as a manner to give his thanks silently, thus attempting to leave the room.


Breaking such silence was no other than Zats, the mysterious man who had been silent for a while.


Giving a hint of nervousness, Etana turns his attention towards Zats, most especially because Zats’s voice crumbled the whole atmosphere in such a dreadful tone.

“I just want to clarify a few things before you go; I assume that you are fine with that?”

Not being able to hide his worries, Etana becomes slightly wary of Zats.

“Wait Zats. We have agreed that he is free to go, why are you interfering? Especially when the King said so… Could it be that you are disobeying his orders or attempt to demonstrate a certain degree of disrespect?”

“No such thing. The very fact that Etana was able to answer those questions without any shred of a lie in them calls for a celebration! However… It’s all oddly convenient! No matter how one looks at it, those answers were all too well answered. Therefore, I will follow my own intuition and just clarify a few things. I believe there is nothing wrong with this, right?”

“The King gave his decree. To be as insolent as to break that decree calls forth suspicion. Zats, what are your intentions!?”

Aggressively demanding Zats’s intentions was no other than Kartisal, who has been silent for a while now. By owning a very high considerable status, Kartisal does not forgive those who mock or tend to form any sort of rebellion against the King in any shape or form.

“Now, now, why so aggressive! All that I’m doing is releasing my curiosity; there is nothing wrong with that.”

“You apathetic jester, don’t involve others, especially all the people in this room with your secondary intentions.”

“Apathetic jester!? FTHAHA! I’m hurt you know? To be called by such name. Even more so, I’m more hurt due to the very fact that my process of releasing my curiosity is being blocked. But, I do see your point. You think that I am perhaps mocking the King, correct?”

“There is no need to even think about it. The way you laugh and conjure your posture is the way of someone who clearly looks down on others. I won’t tolerate such profane act!”

“To judge someone by the way one laughs and conjure his own posture, that’s certainly questionable! However, I have a great proposal for everyone here! I’m sure that not everyone here is convinced that Etana’s words were the truth, therefore can I suggest a fair method to extract some actual valuable information from him?”

Zats’s words were undoubtedly infuriating to Kartisal, but Zats by no means would back down.

“Hold on a second, Zats. You say words that imply that you doubt Etana, but he was under a spell that strictly permits the caster to know whether the target of the spell is lying or not. Right, Illuri?”

“That’s correct, Luden. There is no way that Etana could be lying about what he just said moments ago.” Replies Illuri to Luden

“Oh, but there is! Mind if I enlighten you all just a bit?” Arrogantly proposes Zats

“Usually, I would be overwhelmed by such an arrogant attitude, but let’s hear him out. Speak, Zats.”

By giving such permission like that, Alzam purposely aims to pay attention to what Zats has to say. Needless to mention, but the atmosphere has once again grown denser, as expected from Zats.

“My thanks, Alzam-kun. First things first, I will say that you are not wrong when you said that there is no way that Etana lied.”

“Then wh-“ Tries to shortly intervene Illuri

“But, that by no means overrules the possibility of his words being a false truth. While he supposedly didn’t lie, that doesn’t mean that he told the truth either. Just because he didn’t tell a lie that doesn’t mean that he told the truth either. I’m familiar with your Angelicos testes veritatis you see! I know for a fact that it belongs to a very secretive dark magic art Atlas, also known as Tenebra! I just so happen to know that it can only detect lies, but it can’t, for example, detect truths. The spellcasters just usually assume that if the one that is being cast on doesn’t tell a lie that it’s the same as saying that the target did not lie. Yet can you overlook the possibility that there is a chance of Etana not telling you the truth just because he didn’t lie!?”



For once, the strong witted Illuri showed signs of being tormented. If given the speculation, it’s probably due to how Zats mocked her knowledge because he just so happened to knew more about the Tenebra than she does. That’s not the case entirely, though. It would seem like that, however, that’s only Zats taking advantage of his unspoken knowledge about this matter. There is nothing saying that Illuri wouldn’t know this yet Zats with supreme confidence decides to mock and toy with Illuri.

“Zats, enough of your bullish attitude, your point?” Says the slightly irritated Luden

“Ah, so sorry if I hit a mark there, Luden-kun. Resuming my point, given the fact that the possibility of his words not being the truth, I think that we should seek the truth from him! After all, if we don’t, that’s the same as letting someone leave this sacred ground without any shame whatsoever. To not lie yet to not tell the truth either! I can’t forgive that! Therefore, to ensure that we obtain the truth in its primal form, I suggest that I do the interrogation for this round. I am somewhat confident about my interrogation skills, you see?”

“You clown, you think that everyone here is just going to nod ‘Yes’ and give you their consent? Don’t fuck around you!” Aggressively retaliates Kartisal

“God, of course not! That would be such an imprudent proposal, right!? Hence, the following suggestion. We will hold a voting session to see whether or not I should interrogate Etana over here. I also happen to have a notebook on one of my jacket’s pockets. It’s nothing trivial to simply split a paper into 10 parts and to hand it out to everyone here to vote with a simple ‘Yes or ‘No’. Of course, to make the matter more balanced and impartial, I will not participate. That makes 9 votes in total then, thus making sure that there is always an impair side who will definitely win. Otherwise, there would be a possible draw. That isn’t to say that the possibility of a draw not happening is out. That is, without a doubt, possible. For instance, if all of you voted ‘no’ yet one voted ‘yes’, then it would be a par combination since the final score would be an 8 to the victorious side. Nevertheless, that’s not my intention. My intention is to make this as fair as possible. Would you be so kind as to give me your permission to allow this voting session?”

After such long explicit explanation of his proposal, Zats directs all of his attention towards the King who, sitting upon his golden chair, takes a thinking stance and wonders for a bit before giving an answer to Zats.

“…Hm… Very well, but with haste please.”

“Magnificent! As expected of your majesty, to give bless us with such a wise choice. Now then, give me just a few seconds of your time!”

Expressions of multiple characteristics could be seen all over the room. Some were wary of Zats’s true intent while others were either the pure demonstration of an oblivious rage, weakness, fear, anguish or even fatality. Nevertheless, the mysterious man Zats continued to happily split the piece of paper that he took out from his notebook into nine parts. Of course, to vote there was a need to have a pen in the first place. Although, Zats is by no means a careless man, therefore he already had one. If the word convenience would be used to describe this man, then that would be an accurate description in all forms. Having a roughly amount of twenty seconds passed, the man of the show demonstrates valor with his new upcoming words.

“Now then, shall we begin everyone? It will go like this: Etana will distribute these nine pieces of paper to all of you! Of course, I and Etana are excluded, so that’s a given. You will simply vote with a yes or no. A very simple thing to understand! Do notice that the voters do not have to reveal their intentions as to why. But, to make sure that there is no such thing as grudges; I will do a simple trick. Whenever all of you are done voting, I will insert all of your votes in my hat and then proceed to shuffle them. Then, the voters will be completely unknown, even more so, only the vote will matter.”

By proposing this fair system of shuffling the votes when they are ready to place the final vote, there is no way of knowing who the voter was. Otherwise, grudges would potentially be formed and it could lead to unnecessary events. Plus, everyone simply nodded in an agreement which was ironic, since Kartisal himself said the exact same thing yet all of them did that unconsciously since they abide the fairness within this little game of Zats.

“Etana, if you may.”


All that had to be done was to distribute the nine pieces of papers. To deliver them to the nine people in this room excluding both Etana and Zats, was Etana’s duty as he firmly accepted it out. Alas, after a brief distribution, the clock begins to thick. Another mention would be, Zats pen started to pass from his right to the left until it reached Zats again to make a complete full circle. Ultimately, it provided to be quite a useful method as every person simply wrote down their respective choice on their piece of paper. And so, the clock ticking reaches an end.

“Zats, that clock of yours is annoying; you do know that, right?”

“Really? A clock is awfully convenient in many situations, to describe it as annoying is not a false description yet it’s a rather exquisite one. Now then, Alzam, if you have given out your words, may I assume that everyone as finished voting, including the King?”

“That is so the case.” Reflects the King as he glances with everyone on the table

“Fantastic! Lastly, Etana, bring all the votes in your hand upside down so nobody can see what’s in them. This should be obvious but the voters should deliver the votes upside down for it to not be seen. Then, I shall shuffle them.”


And so, Etana marches forward to collect the votes. Finally, they reach right into Zats’s hat, which was right in the middle of the table. As the last movement, Etana places the votes inside the hat upside down.

“To close the curtain, I will now turn the hat upside down and deliberately shuffle the votes by circulating the hat in a circle. This way, the order will be random, finalizing a random order instead of a cardinal order.”

Perhaps there are more proper ways to definitely do this, however, Zats simply wanted to prove that he was by no means messing around. So, it would only be natural for him to propose a fast and practical way to end this event as soon as possible. After spinning his hat on the table in a circle for a great amount of thirty seconds, Zats stops doing so.

“Etana, you will now voice the votes to everyone here.” Orders Zats as he sends his hat sliding on the table to where Etana is currently located

Lastly, by receiving the hat that was sliding, Etana entices.

“I will now begin to declare the votes…”

“This is so exciting!” Sarcastically says Zats

Flipping the hat upside up was no meandering task, therefore with ease, Etana once again voices his words.

“First vote – No.”
“Second vote- No.”
“Third vote – No.”

In a total breeze, a triple no could be heard with a big echo in the shallow large room. One would think that Zats would cower at this moment due to the odds not looking so good for him right now, in fact, most would take advantage of that.

“Would you look at that, Zats! A triple no! Why not save the obvious humiliation and give up?”

The one handing this provocation down to Zats was quite obvious, since apparently he, by no means, had friendly intentions against Zats, therefore Kartisal makes his radical taunt.

“Etana, continue.” Orders yet again Zats in a serious tone


Dispelling the silence omitted in the room, Etana continues.

“Fourth vote – Yes.”
“Fifth vote – Yes.”
“Sixth vote – Yes.”
“Seventh vote – Yes.”
“Eight vote – Yes.”

Once again, silence is witnessed, however…

“What’s the matter Etana, continue.” Coldly says Zats to break the silence.

Although Zats did say that, it was crystal clear that Kartisal was speechless and mad about this, hence the pallid expression of his which could be witnessed ultimately.

“There shouldn’t be any point in continuing this on, right? Are you sure, Zats-sama?”

“Absolutely. Every vote matters, regardless of how one-sided this is.” Mockingly declares Zats

Ninth vote – Yes.”

A shock suddenly compels within Kartisal. That was to be expected since it was either Zats’s victory or Zats’s defeat. Either way, Zats did not flatter as his absolute prowess delivered him the final victory here.

“Honestly, I’m disappointed. I’m a huge adept of entertaining fights, but this was just plain boring. I was expecting to have 5 votes and you only to have 4. But to think that I would have 6 and you 3. Now that’s anticlimactic. Checkmate, Kartisal.”

“Checkmate!? You probably just arranged these votes, didn’t you, Zats!!”

Putting aside the one-sided win, that wasn’t enough to bring down a single drop of Kartisal’s spirit, so he pressed this issue even further.

“In all likelihood, gathering arranged votes is a great political strategy in the end. The ultimate goal in political warfare is to win, right? So what’s wrong with that? Sure, it’s dirty and whatnot, but it for sure enables one to achieve victory. However, this isn’t political warfare, so there was no such need to gather arranged votes. Also, that’s just stepping low, way too low. Such stagnancy does not entwine with my methodology.”

“You say that yet you are just the type of person who would do such tricks, you evil creature! Do you not know any shame!?” Continues Kartisal

“Hm… Arguing with you won’t lead anywhere it seems. Then… King, if I’m allowed to ask, who did you vote for?

“Bastard, don’t dodge my question. Answer me!!”

“Kartisal, don’t waver like this, it’s unbefitting of a general like you, is it not?”

Intervening after he got a straight question from Zats, the King shows no remorse nor any intention to appeal Kartisal’s argument as he presses to show just how arrogant he is at the moment.

“B-But King!!”

However, to guard Kartisal against committing any more shameful acts, Alzam gets up and pats Kartisal’s shoulder as if saying ‘Calm down’. Fortunately, it worked.

“All told, answering your question would be lack of courtesy. That isn’t to say that you were the most courtesans when asking it. But, I did vote yes. Not no.”

“H-How can that be…” Silently murmurs Kartisal

“How brilliant. Then, by all means, can I interrogate the individual at hand, your majesty?”

“That was the deal.”

With Kartisal’s downfall, it’s fair to say that with Alzam supporting him that he might have voted ‘no’ along with Alzam. Although, it’s more credible that Kartisal voted ‘no’ than speculating that Alzam also voted ‘no’. Just because Alzam simply received a comrade in arms like that, it doesn’t thoroughly mean that he didn’t vote ‘yes’. After all, it’s beyond anyone’s knowledge to know who voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in this circumstance. But, two things could be confirmed. The first being Zats’s victory. He won by sheer number advantage, just like how it’s normally won in a voting contest. Oddly enough, despite its numerous remorse’s, it’s a fair and simple competition. Plus, Zats added in a fairer method to ensure that it would go as smooth as possible. Even then, it would seem that all odds would be against Zats, given that the interrogation addressed by Luden had already taken place, but he won. Secondly, with the already confirmed answer from the King, it’s now common knowledge that the King voted in favor of Zats. The reason as to why this just happened is, of course, unknown. Still, the main topic that the King would very much like to make a form keeps on being delayed. Having this to be taken into consideration, Zats does not have a single second to waste.

“Perfect. This won’t take long, you have my word, King. In the end, it’s nothing more than a few questions!”

“Zats, just so you know, my spell wore off…” Says Illuri

“I know that, Illuri-chan. It does only last for 10 minutes at level 1 after all. You ought to practice more!”

“…You even knew that, just who are you?”

“A person of convenience, one might say.”

“Zats.” Impatiently points out the King

Although the King is extremely patient, this is just time wasting and counterproductive, therefore giving a brief warning with his name, the King calls out to Zats, in other words, to quickly close this.

“Etana! Let’s begin! So according to your answers, I would very much like to know the evidence to them, would you do me that favor?”

“…Sorry, I don’t follow your reasoning…”

“Huh? That’s weird… Well, let me explain this from the get-go just so we can reach an accord. Regarding your previous answer in which you said that you don’t know about your master’s whereabouts and such. I think that you are lying through your teeth on each one of them. However, to ensure that I’m not just spouting these words just for the sake of it, let’s form a deal. I will active a skill of mine, and if you manage to pass through it, then you are free from this interrogation. As a matter of fact, I promise that I will never ever cause you trouble in your lifetime. I am a man of my word, just so you know. Ah, but I suppose that words aren’t enough are they?"

“Zats, what are you planning to do?” Asks Luden

“Nothing special really. Sumaviv, activate.”

With the shape of a dead hand, something so despicable as to say appears right in the middle of the air. However, even though its appearance was that of a dead hand, the shape itself was a gray dead hand with only three fingers.

“…What the hell is that?”

It’s natural to ask such question with a shred of disgust, therefore, the young maiden Lipa opened her lips and let out a semi-loud murmur which could be well heard all over the room.

“Sporadic, is it not? Though its appearance is what it is, its effectiveness is undeniable!” Explains Zats

“Yeah but… What kind of Atlas do you have?” Continues the maiden

“That’s rather personal, little Lipa. You should mind your own manners before others; it’s not exactly fitting to ask such questions.”



Yet the maiden refuses to apologize. She perhaps believes that her interrogation was right, hence the silence symbolizing many things.

“Every time you don’t tell the truth, the fingers in this hand will go down. Once there are no more fingers to go down, then suspicion will bring you under our custody, is that clear?”


“Tell me. You said that there were other 2 mascots, correct? You are one of them, so where are the others?”

“……I don’t know.”

At that exact moment, all eyes from everyone inside that room could only gaze upon one thing, that is, one of the fingers from the terrifying hand went down, and thus only two remain to stand.

“Hm, you didn’t tell me the truth. Alright, I will ask you again. Where. Are. The. Other. Mascots?”

“I really don’t know! Please!”

Not being able to take the pressure in anymore, Etana’s tough composure is dispelled by Zats. What didn’t bother Etana wasn’t that he would suffer unknown consequences, but rather that the one’s he is trying to guard would eventually be found out by the imperial forces of Selkitat.

“Another finger down. Only one left to go. Please don’t be like this, I wanted to ask more questions and know the answer to them, but if you don’t cooperate with me, I might have to do things that you which are… cruel. Are you sure you want that? Aren’t you the one who is going to protect them? If you protect them now, you won’t be able to protect them after and if you don’t protect them now you won’t be able to protect them after anyway. Really, all of your choices lead to absolute hell. Which one will it be your own downfall or the truth?”

“That’s it! I will support this farce no longer! Zats, stop this at this instance right now!"

Crushing Zats’s speech immediately was no other than Kartisal. However, this time he was not alone.

“You’re evil! You intend to hurt Etana-san, don’t you!?”

The one who aided Kartisal was the Lipa, the dimension maiden.

“Why such oppression? This is all for the greater good! To unravel the truth buried in the sands of lies is simply what I’m doing. I see no reason as to why this should be a cause of an uproar!”

“Lies! You intend to use force to extract information! That’s not how things are done in Selkitat for your information. We preserved and constructed a realm of peace this long according to peaceful laws which contain peaceful methods of resolution. What you are doing is a complete obstruction to that!”

“What I’m doing? But I’m just asking a question, am I not?”

“But you were threatening him just now! Explain that, would you?” Persists Kartisal

“All I did was to use some rash words in hope to extract information. I’m in a tough spot you see; therefore I need to utilize every moment to be able to extract as much information I can from our target. But you went right ahead and expose me. Bravo!”

“Bastard…. Your lies are not convincing, you know!”

“Say what you will, but do you have any stored evidence that what you are saying is what I’m actually doing? You don’t. What I am doing and what your words are saying may sound similar but that’s only in your imagination. Every person in this room didn’t object this except you two, I wonder why?”

“Using evidence to your own convenience you damned clown…”

“Woah! That hurts, once again! If I’m a clown, then what are you? An emotional rain parade?”


Just as things were about to get ugly, an intervention arose.

“Calm down, please! Why are you both arguing about this!? If you are so indecisive about this, then why don’t we consult each other instead? There are more opinions around here than your own, so it should be more practical that way!”

As if to be a representative symbol to bring peace, Luden puts himself in front of Kartisal as a mean to stop him from going berserk. Even though this is the King’s room, Kartisal had by no means the intention of holding back against Zats. Still, Zats was completely relaxed, because he knew that the consequences for such rampage would be grand.

“Luden-kun, your opinion is completely logical. Although it’s a bit contradicting, it was me who was given the benefit of handling this interrogation. Therefore, the methods that are used for it should only be my own responsibility, right, King?”

“I will not say this again, but make haste. These childish arguments are sour and intoxicant. The methodology lies within the one I gave my own decree, therefore, you.”

“Hear that, Luden-kun? I am well aware of how bombastic Kartisal is, but I expected you to be more collected honestly. May I proceed or are there more objections!?” Exclaims Zats as he asks everyone else

A silent response came forward, not even the eager Kartisal dared to raise his opinion about this.

“Okay! Let’s try this one more time. Well, actually, it’s the last time. So, it would be best for you if you handed me the truth once and for all. I’m not saying this for my own benefit, but for your own, you see?”
Intercepting the sadistic question, Etana complies:

“I have said the truth, no more and no less.”

“So you say. Final question: Where are the other mascots?”

“…Who knows?” Gladly says Etana with a smile that symbolizes mockery

All of the three fingers now stand aligned due to the fact that they are all down.

“Such a shame that you would have to part like this. If you had given up and told me the truth, your life could have been spared. Adios.”

Right there, at that exact moment in that room, the hand suddenly began to move around. Twitching around violently like a helpless child who had lost its parents, it went right to Etana’s heart position, however, just as a potential cold-blooded homicide was to be witnessed, a sudden teleportation was therefore witnessed beforehand. The black haired man held that hand with his own hand and crushed it with his might.

“Etana, you look like you were in big trouble right now, weren’t you?”


Almost like someone who has been saved just by the ling of a spider’s web thread, Etana fully rejoices once Tiddal enters the King’s room, casually.

“Yo, I’m back, missed me much?... Well, that’s not the right question. What’s going on here?”

“I and Etana were playing detective, you see!”

Still being able to keep up his narcotic attitude, Zats openly lies to Tiddal like that. After all, most people in the room were in awe after seeing Tiddal, who had been gone over 3 years.

“So playing detective involves putting my mascot in fatal danger? That’s certainly a load of bullshit.”

“Tiddal, you have returned.”

Directing his words to Tiddal, the King voices his brief relief.

“I have, sorry for the wait. Care to tell me what the hell is going on here?”

“As I said, we were playing detectives.”

While the King and Tiddal were forming a dialogue, Zats persists on being impertinent furthering his provocation.

“Alright clown. I’ll allow you to play detective. However, never again with my mascots or else I’ll massacre you and feast on your flesh, ultimately serving it as a banquet to the people of Selkitat, deal?”

“Haha, such a cruel joke, Tiddal. Deal off, that’s way too problematic!”

“At least you have a sense of rationality and danger. Etana, return.”

Thus, Etana returns to Tiddal, into the ever spoken Mascot alternative reality. Not known to many, it’s strictly unknown what goes in there, just that once the mascot who is inside a dimension is returned, they return to their dimension.

“King, I’ll talk later. I need to rest now. I’ll be off. Call me when I’m awake, I’ll provide the details on my report.”

“Understandable. Thank you for your work.”

Everything sounded pretty normal. What it would seem to be a homicide was stopped thanks to Tiddal. Therefore, everything should be perfectly fine. Except…

“Tiddal! Where do you think you are going!?”

“You’ve been away for so long and you don’t even say anything to us!? What’s up with that?!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Tiddal-san, you’re always so rude!”

“Still the same bad mannered punk, aren’t you Tiddal?”

Alzam, Kartisal, Lipa, and Ryuja immediately fired a barrage of commentaries at Tiddal. He, however, did not care as he let this remark.

“Listen, the reason as to why I didn’t bother saying anything is because nothing would really happen if I did. Selkitat is fine as you can see. I’ve taken care of the attack. Should there ever be such an attack again I’ll be here. That’s my duty as a dimension champion, after all. So don’t be so damn noisy and needy for once in your goddamn lives!”

“…Even so, you could have left a message, just saying…” Cowers Alzam

“Huh!? Did you not hear what the King said? I would be away checking the dangers on other dimensions. I came here because there was going to be an assault of multiple forces from other dimensions combined. Therefore, I was somewhat summoned here by the King. Did you not tell them, King?”

“W-Well… Even an old fool like me sometimes forgets even the most important details!”

“Wait, you seriously didn’t tell them? Oh geez, this is too much, bye.”

After that awkward confession, Tiddal proceeds to be off, and so, he attempts to leave the King’s room. Nevertheless, all the others looked at the King with a discontent look on their faces. It’s perfectly understandable as to why they would be dissatisfied and angry. The premise of this meeting would be discussing the whereabouts of Tiddal and what to do against the enemy which would be attacking the Selkitat dimension in a while. However, that has proven to be a lie. No, more accurately, the King forgot to tell all the people here that Tiddal would return and clean up the work against the opposing enemies. Although the King did say those words, most didn’t believe in them. Furthermore, there is still the main issue that the King wants to talk about. Yet through all the rampart turbulence, such thing was not able to happen. Now that Tiddal is here, it would be the ideal situation to start.

“Tiddal, if it isn’t too much to ask, would you stay with us for a while? We are about to have an important meeting.”

“Hell no, meetings are always long and boring. There is no actual point in staying, honestly. Fill me up the details later, Alzam.”

Rejecting Alzam’s proposal like that, Tiddal opens the huge doors and closes them as he leaves off.

“Bhaha! That’s just like him, is it not?”

“Truly a savage radical one, our champion.” Adds Illuri more fuel to Luden’s statement

“Then, the true meeting shall commence at once.”

Given the true words worthy of a curtain closure, the King openly announces with vigor what all of them had been looking for, thus ending all the current trivialities.


Heremus Dimension, 19th April 2016, 6 pm.

So sleepy… The feeling of getting bathed by the immense sunlight upon my face never loses my interests. If only Selkitat had a sun to begin with. Originally, Selkitat was a dimension so cold that no matter who entered there, the person who did would instantly freeze in less than a second, therefore in half a second, if not less. Thankfully, the beginner of the Selkitat dynasty had a crazy powerful Atlas along with several other factors such as skills, magic, status, mascots, original abilities, Eaques, Terroties, etc. There are simply way too many factors to bother with them, sincerely. According to common history, that beginner had the power to rule the temperature of Selkitat, therefore he made it so that no matter the person’s origins, he/she would be able to visit Selkitat regardless of the temperature. Plus, not all dimensions can afford such things as ‘visitors’ or ‘outsiders’. Once you are placed there, your organism supposedly works the same way as that dimension’s regulations. Let’s say that the dimension you would be placed in was a dimension filled with a crazy Magna like type of temperature. Even if that’s the case, it wouldn’t matter since your organism would just be according to the dimension itself. That’s why leaving a dimension without any sort of back up is suicidal. Many tried and learned their lesson.

Fortunately for me, I’ve visited more dimensions than my years of life, in this one at least. That’s certainly helpful, for instance, there is a skill that I happened to get on a dimension called ‘Vicryla’. It’s not as simple as getting it, of course, this comes along with the conquering of the dimension. Although that’s really all part of the process. Still, that dimension gave me quite the trouble. Conquering it, that is. The amount of things one has to do in order to conquer a dimension is absurd; besides, there are a plethora of requirements for it. It’s seriously a joke, this leveling system. Beyond flawed yet it opens up so many routes to discovery. It’s not all that bad, but it could be all that good.
Nevertheless, this dimension is nice. I didn’t think that I would be staying here for this long. At the start, it was only for two weeks, but it appears that was not the case. I ended up staying here for three years. Well, I did tell Etana to say to the King that I would possibly not return for a while. However, three years? Normally, such timing inside a dimension would be considered betrayal towards the dimension champion’s dimension. In this case me. But… This dimension has everything favoring me. A nice place to stay and reflect. Cute girls without any faults on their personalities. No responsibilities for me. No, wait, that’s quite wrong, there is one responsibility for me. Training this disciple of mine. Let’s see how they are doing…

“Rei, come at me with all you’ve got!”

“That’s it…! You asked for it. Here I come, Azmai!”

Azmai, one of my mascots, in fact, the only mascot I bother to ever carry around with me, is training my disciple, Kige Rei. For reasons, Rei accepted to become my disciple, which favors me incredibly, and perhaps him too. I’ve taught him a fair share of things over these three years, yet that won’t cut it. There really is a limit to how much I can teach him alone. It’s not as if my ability to teach is lackluster. On the other hand, it’s the very fact that there are only certain things that are available to teach someone who is level 7. Of course, I could have taken him to another dimension and abused the same trick over and over until he reached level 25. After level 25, no matter how many times one was to use the trick I used, it wouldn’t matter, since certain requirements are necessary to move forward. Nonetheless, he received an explanation about that. Furthermore, gaining levels isn’t as easy as it originally sounds. An explanation to him was also addressed to him, by me. If raising his level isn’t the correct route for him, there was only one thing to be done. After all, that’s what these three years have been for. He has gained a bit of combat experience, after all. To be able to stand up to Azmai for more than 3 minutes? That itself is outrageous.
Given the fact that Azmai is an assassin type of mascot, he isn’t very useful to me, other than a particular factor, of course. However, it’s a bit different in this circumstance. He is amazing when it comes to practice. Training practice that is. To be an assassin means to emerge with the art of killing, in other words, the very fatal way to take someone’s life. To my favor, Azmai knows how to control himself, so he is very useful in this circumstance since I can’t exactly hold back.

“Kage Byakusatsu, activate.”

“Using one of your main moves already? Well, then… I have to respond with the same power! First seal break!”

The Kage Byakusatsu is a shadow assault essentially. By unleashing the shadow force of his Katana, Azmai is able to send as many shadows as he wants to constantly hit the target. It’s a very fearsome move regardless. Just the very premise of being able to command his own shadows just for the sake of killing the target is amazing; furthermore, while those shadows are busy hunting down the target, Azmai can simply conduct his own movements and proceed to kill off the target. It’s more of a bait technique, really. Although, calling it bait is somewhat wrong. Even if you were to ignore the Kage Byakusatsu, you will get killed by it. It’s not an option duality, but an undeniable duality. Still, Rei. You are quite wrong to say it’s one of his main moves; after all, it’s basically only a lure technique. There is no way that a technique which its only purpose is to lure out the opponent would be one of the main techniques. Rei, you are still a bit foolish, but I believe that you have gained the power to contradict that. Therefore, you chose well to respond with the Seal techniques. In the end, the Seal Breakers just so happen to not require any sort of partial condition for them to be acquired. No, that’s not quite right… They definitely require a partial condition, that is, to be taught by me. Since the Seal Breakers were one of the first techniques that I used to adapt and survive. Still, that’s not enough; therefore, there is only one thing to be done.

“The first seal isn’t enough, you know?”

“We will just have to see about that!”

And so, the fight continues. While one side continuously sends shadows to the other side, the other side would obviously be in plenty of disadvantage. Though, that’s not really the case. The Seal Breakers are techniques based on status. There are unlimited statuses in reality, but the main ones for a starter are only four. The first, Strength. The second, Defense. The third, Velocity. And lastly, the forth, Attack.
At first, both the Strength and Attack statuses will seem a lot similar but in reality, they are completely different. Strength by itself only boosts up the strength of something, therefore, physical attacks or anything which involves the conjuring of physical force will receive a beneficial part for relying on strength.

On the other hand, Attack holds a completely different meaning, especially in this situation. The Attack status will provide the conjuring of an attack formation. Therefore, if one were to use the Attack Seal Break, the conjurer would have to create an attack on its own. With that said, that would be no different from a simple punch or any sort of physical attack. Then, what’s the difference?
There is only one remarkable difference in this aspect, that being, the conjuration would be extremely stronger than your actual attack. Let’s say that the Seal Breaker would attempt to throw a punch at a very large thick rock. Chances are the fist that threw the punch, would be broken nonetheless. However, if one were to use a Seal Break that would be a different story.
The Seal Breakers are essentially enhanced techniques, meaning that each technique is stronger depending on the status point. Ultimately, if your attack conjuration would be, for example, a punch, it would be very likely that you would be able to break the rock completely.

However, there are several downsides to this, and one of them is, the attack conjuration fully depends on the conjurer’s imagination. In other words, even though this enhancing ability is nice, it’s nothing if the conjurer can’t forge an attack which is highly efficient and destructive.
In all likelihood, conjuring an attack with your imagination sounds completely favorable by theory, but in practice, it’s completely different. Creating that conjuration requires imagination from the conjurer. Plus, it’s completely up to that conjurer to see how to create the attack. If the conjurer chooses to create a punch attack, then it will only be that. However, that’s nowhere near the full extent of this enhancing ability.
In fact, there are plenty of things to do with it. Still, that’s partial and irrelevant, since it’s up to the conjurer to find out what he/she can do with this enhancing ability. Besides, it’s nowhere as good as it sounds. If it was as simple as it seems in theory, then this could be considered a cheating ability.

But, the ultimate downside to this is that to gain points in the Attack, Defense, Strength, and Velocity statuses, there is an obvious physical duty and pattern here. To build up defense, there is a need to construct a very strong physical body. A defense without a solid base is no defense at all, to begin with. Therefore, a lot of physical train is to be put to this. The same goes for strength, the stronger your physical strength is, the better it is. As for velocity, it’s a bit different, since it requires speed, implying that running would be essential here. Lastly, the attack part involves the actual knowledge of some form of combat. Martial arts are a good example; still, this requires more imagination than actual martial knowledge. Although, without any form of attack in one’s arsenal, it’s a bit, if not completely hard to conjure such an attack.
Yet the problem here is, the conjurer is essentially someone who has only started to understand what the basics of everything mean. At least from my point of view, Rei has the potential to become a full fledge Seal Breaker, given that he continues to train relentlessly.

“First seal, attack, release!”

What the hell is that idiot doing!? Can he not tell that facing all of that head on will lead to suicide? No choice then…

“Azmai, hold that attack, please.”

Forcing a sudden attack on a superior assault is not going to work this time around, therefore, this needs to stop.


“Master, why did you tell Azmai to stop?”

Still ignorant as ever.

“Couldn’t you tell what was going to happen? Azmai used the Kage Bakesatsu as bait against you, just so you would be forced to attack using the Seal Break.”

“Yeah, I knew that.”

And you still went for it.

“Yet you still went for it, why?”

“Mhm… Now that the fight was interrupted, I will tell you, then. I intended to use that as a bait to make Azmai leap towards me, but then I would use the Velocity Seal Break to gain more speed and then land the finishing blow. That was the plan.”

Eh, that’s not a bad plan. I’m just thankful that he wasn’t deliberately dumb to the point where he thought that going straight head-on against Azmai’s Kage Bakesatsu was a good idea.

“Even so, by using the attack Seal Break, Azmai would notice that something was off. You can’t overrule the fact that your move just now was strange. Especially after practicing together for three years now. It’s obvious that you would use bait against bait. Still, that was rather plausible.”

The usage of bait against bait is thoroughly known as one of the most efficient attacks to ever be created. However, against an experienced combater, it will not work. More so against Azmai, it’s that obvious.

“But Tiddal, what if that bait was bait among the bait?”

That’s also possible, but I don’t think that Rei has thought that far up.

“I was aware of that, but the main reason I ordered you to hold that attack was that even if that was the case, you would be one step ahead of him. Don’t you agree, Rei?”

“Haha, there is just no beating Azmai. But, one day I will beat him. After all, I just have to break the second seal, right?”

As if it’s that easy.

“Rei, you can’t possibly be thinking of answering bait with bait. That’s the worse you can do. Haven’t you learned anything from these past 3 years?”

“I know that. It’s just that as long as I’m stuck with the first seal, I can’t exactly defeat you, you know?”

The whole point of this is to figure that out. Yet another point remains, as long as you are not able to master the first seal, there is no way you can possibly control the second seal. After all the Seal Breakers have messed up conditions and consequences to it.

“There is just no defeating me. That’s why Tiddal had me go up against you.”

Not true, but very accurate.


“Yes, master?”

“The time has come. I have to do some errands; therefore I can’t train you for a while.”

In all seriousness, the King, last night sent me an urgent summoning request. That’s one that I cannot ignore, no matter how trivial it may be. But, the situation is pretty clear. According to the King’s information, three dimensions are essentially going to clash against Selkitat. Remembering their names is a bother, so let’s just say that dimension ‘X’, dimension ‘Y’ and dimension ‘Z’ need to be eliminated. Hence, the terminal temporal stop on Rei’s training. Besides, he needs to go to a place where he can properly get some basic knowledge. There is no way that someone can simply absorb constant knowledge that is immensely difficult for him to understand.

“Hey, Tiddal, what happened?”

“Oh, the usual.”

“I see. Shouldn’t we get going?”

“That’s the ideal course of action.”

Good thing that Azmai knows how to read the atmosphere.

“…Master, when will you return to resume our training?”

Not for a very long time, therefore…

“You don’t need to worry about your training. You can resume it anytime you so desire.”

“Eh? But how?”

That’s obvious, Rei.

“I’ll tell you the details later. Pack your stuff, we are going inside the Via.”

“Via? Temporis?”

“The one and only.”

Well, not exactly the only Via, but the only one named that way.

“Ehhhhhhh!? D-Don’t tell me that you are…”

Oi, why are you walking away slowly? What the hell is on your head right now? Stop looking me with those eyes. The eyes of someone who is looking at this person who is so horribly evil that the gazer would have to flee with all their might.

“Bhaha!! Tiddal, what have you done to him?”

“Well, nothing special right?”

I really have no idea what Rei is all scared about honestly.

“…Azmai, ever went to Aquaris?”


Why the sudden silence? Aquaris is a beautiful dimension. The diamond-like water there is worth at least 1 million Min. Of course, that’s only if you are able to return from it alive and all that. But the creatures there are so nice and understandable. They just attack you because they miss you, that’s all. Really, attention is all they want.

“Hey, did a cat eat your tongue?”

“Tiddal, you may be my master, but you have to get rid of that nasty habit of yours…”

“What’s that supposed to mean!?”

“Do you have any idea how terrifying it is for someone to be inside that Dimension!? It’s a forbidden dimension, for your information!”

Well, not really forbidden. It’s just that the Dimension Analyzers are quite picky. There really is nothing outstanding about Aquaris. Other than the fact that it has super high-level creatures. Calling it a forbidden dimension just because of that is outrageously wrong.

“That’s only according to the Analyzers, right?”

“…All hope is lost.”

…Azmai, why are you like this?

“No need to worry! Aquaris is out of the question. Besides, I never said where we were going, did I?”

“Mhm, valid point.”

Of course, my destination isn’t the same as Rei’s. However, he will learn soon enough that is destination will have a meaning in it.

“Tiddal, I’m opening the portal. We are going to the Via Temporis, right?”

“Yeah, let’s get going already.”

“Wait, where are we going!?”

Damn it, I’ve been avoiding this question for a while.

“To the Via Temporis.”

This is a fact, you can’t deny it.

“…I meant after that.”


“I don’t like surprises; they always have a downside to it.”

That’s the thing about it. However, there really isn’t any meaning in suspecting my actions. After all, this is for a greater purpose, really. Hence, my silent reply.

“It’s open. Are you going to call Kaliya?”

Mhmm… Kaliya is only useful when going to dimension located in the southeast direction. Since the Via Temporis is the reflection of an alternative universe, it’s very vast, so Kaliya can’t exactly go to other dimensions. Especially the dimensions that aren’t located in a southeast direction. That’s one downside about the Temporal Dragons. They can only follow a direction that they are accustomed to. Given that’s the case; I need to make a stop the east side of the Via Temporis, and then go North. Therefore, Kaliya is useless in this case.

“No… Blasin, in this case, is better. Rei, let’s go.”

“…Will I be able to return to this dimension?”

I can’t exactly guarantee you that. But it’s not impossible.


Without giving any concrete information, I enter the portal that Azmai opened. This leaves only one option for him that is to enter the portal.

Via Temporis

“…Master, just out of curiosity, but…”

“Hm? What is it?”




Ah, right we are falling. This is bad, the gravity here works exactly like on Heremus, so we are bound to go south at this rate, that is if we don’t fall prey to Umbra Perpetua.

“Tiddal, you are overdoing it.”

That damn Azmai saw through me. I just wanted to give him a little scare that’s all. But his screams are something else. Well, that’s to be expected, I suppose. After all, we are literally falling right into the oblivion’s shackles.

“Tsk… Blasin!!”

Oh, there is an unfortunate factor about Blasin. Although he is very powerful, he is very slow. That means…

“…We might be done for…” I murmur


“Oi, Tiddal, this isn’t a funny joke, just call Kaliya!”

Thing is, I can’t. Kaliya only answers my calling from a neutral stand position. Meaning, that if I called him when we entered the portal it would have worked. But now that we are going extremely down south, Kaliya will not heed us. In the end, Temporal Dragons are forced to respect other Temporal Dragon’s territories. And that isn’t the least of our problems. Falling down isn’t exactly much of a problem since we just have to open another portal to Via Temporis in case we land on a South dimension. The problem is…Umbra Perpetua!

“…About that…”

We seriously might be done for. Well, worst case scenario….

“Master!! Where is Kaliya?!”

“Somewhere else… Definitely…”

This is true.


I want to say ‘Shut up!’, but it’s really understandable in this situation.

“Ah, is that…”

“About time.”

Guess luck is on our side today since Blasin is coming over. Seriously, he is so slow… We are here falling at a tremendous speed yet he is right there taking and enjoying his sweet time.

“Rahhhhhhhh!!” The slow dragon roars.

“…We are saved.” Says Rei as Blasin catches us.

If Blasin wasn’t so slow, I wouldn’t mind making him my mascot, but the problem is, although he is very powerful and has a unique appearance, mainly the red skin with very large wings, he takes a toll on his Master. I wouldn’t know this concretely, but I assume it’s this case. If Leviathan takes a huge amount of physical burden from her master, in this case, me, then who knows what Blasin might require. Plus, he really is slow. Anything which is slow is only good in scenarios of defense, not attack ones. Besides, it’s not just a physical burden, but other things. Well, those are somewhat partial.

“Blasin takes us to Ceulonia.”

To get to Ceulonia, it should take about 3 minutes or so. Since inside the Via Temporis the time goes super fast, it’s only normal to be this way.

“Master, this Ceulonia, don’t tell me that’s…”

“Relax, Rei. Ceulonia is a normal dimension, unlike Aquaris…”

Thank you, Azmai. But why are you looking at me with those eyes? Could a memory of the past be coming back to him as we speak? It seems that the nail as hit its mark. Still, I’m impressed. To think that Rei could sustain his own balance while in the Via Temporis. Plus, he isn’t that afraid of the Umbra Perpetua that is essentially just a few miles from us. The fact that Azmai can keep his balance is normal due to him being an assassin. He is without a doubt trained. Yet Rei is able to keep his balance without me having to utilize Impermanence. However, this isn’t the time to be wandering around, before this is over, I need to lay down some words.

“Thank God, I have some bad memories of Aquaris.”

“I can feel your struggle spiritually, brother in arms.”

Oi, why are they making me the bad guy here?

“Rei, pay close attention now.”

“Yes, master!”

“You must never, ever reveal anything regarding me. About me or Azmai. Second, you are strictly forbidden from utilizing the Seal Breaks, unless an extremely urgent situation arises. Otherwise, you are forbidden from utilizing it. Lastly, I will apply a spell on you to hide your status.”

“W-Why though?”

Why? Because abnormality is bound to attract bad news. To prevent that, a plausible lie must be presented in face of a potential plausible situation. That’s one of the ways to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

“Trust me on this. Have I ever lied to you?”


“Okay, but just trust me this time around, please.”

“You have the habit of lying through your teeth all the time though.”

Oi, is it really how I sound right now? I’m trying to be helpful over here yet all I get is constant suspiciousness on me.

“Rei, just listen to his words. He’s serious.” Azmai says

“It is as he says, Rei.”

Thankfully, Azmai is the perfect atmosphere reader. Midst all this suspicion, I have to get the spell ready. Therefore, I need to access a different Atlas… Tantiam, was it?

“Oh, I forgot to mention. Keep your training up. Or else, well, you might not survive.”

“Survive?! W-What are you talking about!?”

This Atlas is ridiculously powerful, but it demands too much from its user, hence why I never use it. Now… Where are you exactly? It should be located on the ninth slot. Why did I even bother to collect this many spells? It’s logical to collect them if you are going to use them at some point, but this is just overstocking. Ah, there is it… Patiena!

“Master, don’t ignore me, please!”

Patiena has the ability to concede a target’s status to my desired points. However, it’s not really as it sounds. Firstly, the target will have their status remain unchanged, but to outsiders who try to scan the target’s level or status, it will appear how I want. Therefore… Given that his statuses are that, let’s completely reset it. Attack Points: 0. Defense Points: 0. Strength Points: 0. Velocity Points: 0. Okay, that should do it.

“Master, are you listening?”

How useless this is, really. This spell has no literal usage aside from the fact that it creates a certain type of mirage to elude people around the target of this spell. I should consider selling this Atlas.

“Azmai, try to check on Rei’s status.”


I suppose there is a slight chance of this not working, so just checking for safety measures.

“Hm… If it’s what I think it is, then it worked.”


“Huh? What exactly happened?”

“Nothing really. Also, we are here.”

I need to make haste, who knows when those bastards will strike Selkitat. Wouldn’t want to make the others too moody, they really are troublesome whenever they are like that. Especially because… Etana seems to be in trouble, according to his heart rate. Ah man, why do Mascot feelings have to be transmitted to their master’s? It’s somewhat annoying due to several reasons. Mainly that Apsu, I will kill him when I get to Selkitat. Better hurry.

“Rei. Best of luck. Remember those three years with you. They will give you the strength you need should bad times arrive. Now, off you go.” I declare as I grab Rei and throw him into Ceulonia

“W-What!? What are you doing!? Master!!!”

Off he goes.

“Bye-Bye!” Happily waves Azmai

I know that was a bit cruel, but he will do himself just fine. The closer you are to your death the faster you think, that’s the reality of a near-death situation.

“You sure that was the best?”

“Yeah, I’m confident about this. Also, aren’t you curious about the current situation?”

“Even if I am, will you tell me?”

Well, there really isn’t a reason as to why I shouldn’t. Then again, that’s implying that I should tell or should not. Either way, no matter.

“Yeah. Three dimensions are coming to attack Selkitat according to the King. So I need to get this done with as fast as possible. We will be facing the three dimensions all at once. Do you object?”

“Are they… strong?!”

So you can’t hide your excitement eh? Azmai, you tend to behave properly around others, but you can’t just discard your natural desires as an assassin. You want to murder some people, don’t you? You damned psychopath. Not like I’m complaining though. If it can make Azmai grow then I will gladly concede him that wish.
However, that’s not ideal. If it was as simple as killing them, then this would be a piece of cake. But to think that three dimensions would go up against one… Normally, there is a code of honor when it comes to challenging one dimension up for a fight. It’s not really a challenge, but more like an all-out brawl. This means that there are a few options to consider.
One, these three dimensions have forged an alliance, be it temporary or not, matters not.
Two, it’s not really three dimensions, but potentially more, since the Via Temporis’s observers can only gaze so far into it. Overruling the possibility that they are using an invisibility spell to conceal their presences isn’t really out of the question. As a matter of fact, if they are smart, they will go with this option.

Three, there aren’t three dimensions, but less than that, which would mean that the other dimensions are nothing more than mirages forged by a powerful opponent. That would be a bit troublesome since Selkitat doesn’t really excel at thinking this out and might send a very heavy force to fend off this upcoming attack.
Four, there are other dimensions hiding nearby. What I mean by this is if this upcoming scenario would happen: Dimension X decides to strike Selkitat. Selkitat then proceeds to strike back, however, Dimension X immediately runs away into the Via Temporis, thus making it seem as if they are running for their lives while they are intentionally drawing bait to other dimensions nearby. This is only possible if Dimension X follows this behavior and heads straight into a dimension portal. This would prove that Dimension X is nothing more than bait.

Given that possibility, there is also the fifth option. Though, this option is only possible if the fourth one is, therefore enabling this to work. According to the fourth option, Dimension X would attack and then run away, leading Selkitat to another dimension. But, the important factor here to consider is why Dimension X is acting with that type of behavior and course of action.
Of course, the most accurate guess would be that Dimension X is aligned with another Dimension in some type of alliance. Although, that’s just what they might want one to expect. It could be very well, that Dimension X is being forced into doing this type of invasion against their will. Given that case, Dimension X shall not be killed. Killing the innocent is beyond unnecessary in this circumstance.

“They might be strong. However, you are only allowed to kill them if they try to enter Selkitat.”

“That was a late reply. You were overthinking again, weren’t you? Also, what do you mean by “enter Selkitat”? Tell me, what’s on your mind.”

It’s true that I do tend to over think, but in no way is this over thinking. This is nothing more than a simple consideration of possibilities. There are infinite possibilities when it comes down to this. But since I know nothing about the dimensions that we are about to face then it can’t be helped.
Hold on… It’s not that I don’t know. I can’t be bothered to remember the opponents that I have beaten in the past. Even if they evolve, they are no match. Evolution is only remarkable against something that doesn’t evolve.
I’m an unstoppable momentum of evolution; therefore, if you were beaten by my tactics in the past, by no means, will you be successful.

“Sorry about that. First things first. We need to get to the Via Temporis’s neutral position, the center. Then we will direct ourselves into Selkitat.”

“I already knew that. Blasin can only fly around the South of Via Temporis, correct?”

“Precisely. Given that factor, once we reach the center of Via Temporis, we need to get inside a dimension and re-enter to call another Temporal Dragon. So we will enter Heremus and then re-enter the Via Temporis and then call the Temporal Dragon to direct us towards North. We will then encounter the opposing striking forces.”

“So, do you have a battle plan in mind or something?”

“Not really, but there are some things to watch out for. We need to confirm their numbers, most importantly, if they are what they seem to be.”

“I see. So you are saying that our opponents might not even be real in the first place?”

Amidst all the possibilities, that was the ninth possibility. By creating mirage spells, chances are that Selkitat would be forced to draw their forces against targets that are not even real in the first place. It doesn’t even need to be mirage spells. I can be anything, really. As long as it serves the purpose of baiting out Selkitat, the methods do not matter.

“That’s a possibility. The moment we confirm their numbers, you know what to do, right?”

“Oh, you mean ‘that’?”


“Fair enough. But once we do confirm their numbers and I use that, what then? Do we fight them? Do we go back to Selkitat?”

If their forces are real, then Azmai will have the upper hand. Strategically speaking, given the possibility that their numbers might not be what the observers make it out to be, Azmai will also have the upper hand. It’s a win-win type of situation.

“Protecting Selkitat is our number one priority. To ensure that, we will stand in front of our dimension portal.”

“That’s boring! I thought we were going to slaughter them!!”

“Hold on. I will give you that opportunity if they force their way through. But, if they do not, then we do not chase them. Although, if their numbers are beyond what the observers said, then we engage in combat and kill them, without a shred of mercy.”

Considering that their numbers are beyond our expectations, we cannot afford to let them go. Delaying a battle is only good under certain situations. This is not one of them. If the enemies are in an alliance and they run for it after they confirm our numbers they might be aligned to more dimension. That is troublesome, therefore that cannot be allowed.

“Just to be sure, how many are we exactly facing?”

“30 million.”

“…You serious?”

“Dead serious.”

Their numbers mean nothing if we take down the most important ones from the get-go. Including their leaders and such. Besides, I can’t see myself losing to other dimensions. I have too many favorable factors on my side. And really… He can’t contain his excitement.

“Kill… Kill…!! I can’t wait much longer, Tiddal!”

He really is a psychopath, then again, he is just honest to himself, which is a good thing as long as you are able to maintain and control your honest behavior in front of others. In front of me is fine, since I know his nature quite well, but in other cases, it would be extremely troublesome.

“I’m impressed that you can say that with such confidence. It’s 30 million you know? It’s an absurd number.”

“…It couldn’t be… But… Could it be that you are afraid?”

“You really think so?”

“With that look in your face now, I take my words back.”

Look in my face? What’s that supposed to mean? I admit that I got a bit triggered by his words just now, but that was only because he was mocking my strength. Numbers aren’t enough to bring me down.

“Open the portal to Heremus, and then right after we enter, we shall re-enter here, okay?”

“Got it, boss.”

And so, by opening the portal to Heremus, we enter Heremus and immediately after we re-enter Via Temporis.

“That was rather quick. That’s to be expected though. We need to go north, right?”


“So a North Temporal Dragon is the right call here.”

To avoid the same accident earlier, I need to call him right now.

“Surkin, come!”

Unlike Blasin, Surkin specializes in velocity; instead of being powerful he is a white dragon with reversed wings. By reverse wings, I mean that his wings are the complete opposite of the wings of your normal dragon. For example, Kaliya’s wings are normal, but if you invert them, you have Surkin’s wings. This could very well mean that he is the opposite of what he seems to be at first yet a dragon which is fast is a good dragon. His appearance matters not, because despite his majestic appearance, he is far wilder than Kaliya.

“W-Woah, this guy is fast!!”

“According to statistics, 89% of the people who mount Surkin fall into the infinite lands of the south, the forbidden dimensions. Be glad that we happen to be inside of the 11%.”

“I thought you were going to say that we are the 11%.”

“These dragons have their own masters, you know? Otherwise, it would be extremely weird to know that there are dragons which allow you to ride inside the Via Temporis.”

“Are their masters…?”

“…Yeah, probably.”

“By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask, but how are they doing?”

“Noisy as usual, but Etana…”

“What? Did something happen to Etana-san!?”

To own a mascot, a contract needs to be made. One of the conditions of that contract is for the Master to be one with the Mascot. However, that’s a bit vague. What it truly means is that, if your mascot feels an emotion, your master will feel that emotion as well. I’m sure that Azmai is aware of this fact, but I might as well ask.

“Azmai, did you know that a mascot and its master are bound by an emotional thread?”

“Yeah, that’s one of the conditions of the contract.”

As expected of Azmai, even though he has that psychotic dark side, he is able to understand situations quite well. I’m grateful for that since it’s very commendable.

“Etana has been feeling anxious for a while.”

“What? That’s not normal. Etana-san is known for his collectiveness and immense wisdom, whatever could be happening to him…?”

Azmai speaks the truth. Although Etana is slightly older than most of my mascots, well, some anyway, he is the very figure of a calm collected person. Even I have to wonder what has happened for him to be this anxious. It’s not normal.

“Surkin, to Selkitat.”

As I let out those words, Surkin goes up north towards Selkitat. Azmai was more heated up than usual. I knew for a fact that he was pretty pumped up about the potential upcoming fight, but he was emitting rage. That’s not good Azmai. Emitting rage this early won’t do you any good. First, confirm the situation before speculating.

“…How long until we reach there!?”

Due to how fast Surkin is, this should take around 2 or 3 minutes, but to ease his rage, I will tell him that there are only 2 minutes left. Even if there is more to it, he is to blinded by his own rage.

“Two minutes.”

“…Say, Tiddal, let’s just defeat them and go rescue Etana-san, okay?”

“What’s gotten into you? I thought you were pretty hyped up for this. Where did that fire go?”

I ask this yet I know the answer to that. Azmai and Etana share a deep bond that much I noticed already.

“Etana-san is always calm, isn’t it strange that he is feeling anxious?!”

“Calm down, it’s probably not what you think.”

“…I hope so, or else I’ll slaughter the one behind this.”

His eyes just now told a truth that will stay for history, if there is someone behind Etana’s anxiety. Still, Azmai knows Etana quite well. Even I am not fretting this over because I believe that Etana is simply facing a trivial matter, but for Azmai to feel this much rage, something is up here.

“Just focus on the upcoming fight, I will deal with this matter on my own.”


While we were having this talk, we have reached Selkitat. No, to be more precise, we have reached the border of our dimension’s portal. Although, I wish that on our way we would have encountered the supposed enemies yet against that speculation the Via was awfully quiet.

“Now what do we do?”

“We wait.”

“For how long?”

That’s a good question. I would say that we should wait over an hour, but my intuition tells me that Azmai won’t accept that. He most likely won’t, but still… It’s awkward that the Via is this quiet, just what the hell is going on…

“15 minutes. Is that alright?”

“I don’t think so. If there really are enemies coming then we should explore the upper way, shouldn’t we!? We might just be wasting time here while they are watching us from afar! Let’s just go out and find them, if there is no signal of enemies by then we return to Selkitat.”

“That’s not good. You have to consider that they might be waiting for us to leave the Gate Portal just so we are baited into believing that there aren’t any enemies, to begin with. Calm down, Azmai.”

“Standing here won’t do us any good, you know!?”

“And going out to potentially find nothing is better?”

“It’s certainly better than staying here and do nothing about it.”


“Let’s suppose that we do go up ahead and scout for enemies, what then? If we error then chances are that Selkitat is being invaded by then. But if we don’t and wait fifteen minutes then nothing happens. If they come, we kill them; if they don’t then we go straight into Selkitat. It’s better to play it safe at times like this. I emphasize with your burning spirit, but recklessness is no good. You know that better than anyone, don’t you, Azmai?”

Common sense is a weapon that completely piles up logic with immense reasoning behind it, therefore to use it in circumstances like this is for the better interest.


Taking a brief moment to calm down, Azmai takes a deep breath.

“I’m sorry about my behavior. Fifteen minutes then.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

This is really disappointing. A major fight was within my expectations but so far there is nothing coming our way. The Umbra Perpetua can’t reach a Dimension Gate Portal, so we are safe just wait at the bay of our dimension’s gate portal, but if in worst case scenario the enemies don’t come, then what happened? Did they retreat? Was the information that was supposedly given to the King false? Did the enemies notice my presence and flee? No… That’s somewhat unlikely, even though I’m without a doubt stronger than them, they should be quite confident in their numbers, so why aren’t they showing up… It’s been ten minutes. Forcing myself to believe that they are late is out of the question because the King would only send an urgent summon request if the enemy forces are only collapsing right in. Which means, that either I was told a lie or the information was given to the King was false. Worst case, they are simply under an invisibility spell or skill, therefore they are able to get past us, but even then, when someone enters the Gate Portal, there is an automatic registration, no matter the skill or spell in which you are under. Also, breaking the registration system, since their mechanisms are insanely hard to understand.

“Tiddal, what’s wrong? You look quite tense...”

“Ah… It’s just that…”

“What is it?”

“…What are the odds that the information that was given to me is false?”

“The odds should be pretty low; it was the King that sent you the information, right? If so, then it wouldn’t make any sense for the information to be false.”

“That should be the most logical occurrence to us right now, but what if the information was false and the fact that we are here right now is just part of that process?”

“I’m sorry, but just what exactly are you trying to say here?”

“I think that there were never any enemies coming here in the first place. It’s suicide to challenge Selkitat. Leaving me aside, Alzam and Lipa are without strong in their own systems. Alzam is our guardian, but he would show no hesitation to kill anyone who dared to crumble Selkitat. Lipa specializes in summoning arts. Summoning a mythical creature to aid Selkitat should be a piece of cake. Although, I’m unfamiliar with their arts overall since I am better in other departments. Plus, there are just overall greater forces inside Selkitat.”

“But you can’t overlook the possibility of the enemies coming with an even greater force, can you?”

“That’s true, but what if-“

At that moment, a sharp pain stroked my heart, but it mostly resembled the pain of being near death. Why is this pain coming to me though!? Could it be…?

“Tiddal! What’s wrong!?”

“We’ve been had, we need to hurry up to Selkitat, and more importantly towards Etana!”

How the hell did I not foresee this…! I knew it was a possibility, but it was so low that I automatically overruled it… Damn it!

“Is he in danger!?”

“I’ve got no time to explain. Azmai, Telekripva ring mode.”

Noticeably, all mascots have a main ability. Mainly, their abilities are great in general, but usually, their main ones are fantastic. Azmai’s Telekripva allows me to teleport, which is great, right now. But it has one damned consequence. The more I teleport, the more tired I get, both physically and mentally. That’s not great at all, however, it’s a fair price for such ability as overpowering as this. In the end, Azmai transforms himself into a dark ring, which fits in my index finger as a mean to teleport me every time I so give the command in my mind.

Selkitat Dimension, -6.30am, Trusilyia Country.

Already having teleported twice, my arrival is not so far from the main palace where Etana is currently located. And just as I arrive at Myraliga, all of my mascots are alerted. Alerted that I am inside Selkitat that is. Still, Myraliga is quite far from the gate portal. Thankfully, Azmai’s ability allows me to teleport as far as I want, but the price is…

“Tiddal, how far are we?”

Another useful ability that Azmai has is telepathy. However, this is only available if he is in Ring Mode. Otherwise, it will not work.

“Just a bit far…”

“As I thought, the burden is getting you…”

“What the hell are you on about? Burden? You think that this is something?”

A bad lie, but my condition matters not, I have to ensure Etana’s safety. Still, there is a downside to this. Although the teleportation ability is amazing, the maximum teleportation range is fifty kilometers. There are still two countries until Miraliga. Currently, we are in Trusilyia, but Trusilyia has a total of one million and two kilometers. That means that I will have to use the teleportation ability quite a few times just to get past Trusilyia. The sky is so beautiful even; it’s rare to see such good weather. This air feels good too, it’s perfect.

“Hurry up, we don’t have much time!”

Do you really think I don’t know that? But he’s right… My physical burden and mental burden is no excuse for me to go slow. Why the fuck am being I this slow? Two minutes have passed yet I’m not through Trusilyia. This is by no means slow yet the unshakable truth is, I need to speed up.

“You’re right. Don’t worry; we will be here in exactly 2 minutes.”

Enough is enough. Etana, why are you feeling so anxious…. Once I get there, I’ll get you out of this nightmare that you are facing, just hold on. As your master, I can’t afford to either be slow or reluctant. Full speed ahead.

“T-Tiddal! You’re going crazy fast, are you alright!?”

Of course, to make sure that everything goes as fast as possible, I have always with me a permanent. Atlas activated. Atlas require activation before being utilized. If one does not activate their Atlas, then it’s impossible to access it, therefore most keep it active without ever turning it off. Given the situation, that was also my only option, thus enabling me the option to keep Supernatet on. That way, I can freely fly. Precisely, it’s floating, not actually flying. With this, I remain undetected as I soar the clouds and beyond, and step by step, the second country is at sight.

Selkitat Dimension, -6.32am, Qyulopi Country.

“Mom! Look, it’s a person, flying!”

“Kuil, that’s impossible. Selkitat wouldn’t allow such a thing.”

“But it’s true! Just look up there!”

“What are you…? Oh, there really is someone flying, could it be that person!?”

“Yep! That’s the champion!!”

Suddenly, amidst the large crowd, people begin to look in the same direction as the mother and child thus noticing a heroic figure soaring the sky.

“Oi, Oi, is that him!?”

“Yeah, it’s gotta be him!!”


Loud roars and claps erupt all over the place as they witness Tiddal flying above them. Ever since Tiddal had gone missing over for three years, the people in Selkitat were extremely worried and terrified of a potential attack from another dimension. Plus, with the news that arose this morning, there would be an attack on Selkitat.
That attack being orchestrated by other dimensions, therefore bringing a huge deal of fear to all the citizens on Selkitat. Yet as he appears claiming the heavens for himself, Tiddal lets out a visible appearance transforming into a greater hope. The light that rules above all darkness, a dimension champion.

“Mom! Did the champion protect Selkitat again?”

“Yes! As expected of our champion, he is truly amazing!”

Letting out tears, the mother consoles her child by telling him the truth as it is. The champion has returned.

“Tiddal, you really are loved. How great.”

“Please don’t say that Astria will kill you later on.”

“Crap, you’re right. How do you plan on dealing with her?”

“I don’t.”

“I see. You do realize that’s not going to work.”

“Yes, I hate that undeniable factor.”

“You’re at fault for making her your own mascot.”

It’s easy to say that, but if Astria didn’t have that side of her personality then she would be perfect. Then again, it’s precisely because she isn’t perfect that she is my mascot. Anything which is perfect is already flawed from the very beginning. Either way, the Qyulopi country is quite short. Only holding six hundred kilometers in all its grace, Miraliga was not looking so far. In fact, we got there in no time.

Selkitat Dimension, -6:34 am, Myraliga Country, Main Palace.

“Tiddal, we are two minutes late.”

“So sorry, princess.”

“What the hell did you just call me?”

“We are going in, brace yourself.”

By activating the last drop of Telekripva, I make my entrance into the main palace. However, unlike normal people, my entrance came from above. Matters not, since my teleportation ability just so allows me to land inside the palace safely, now then…

“Etana, you look like you were in big trouble right now, weren’t you?”


As I thought, Etana really was in trouble. Furthermore… To think it was this guy who was behind it. Can I just kill him? It’s unbelievable that it was this clown who was behind Etana’s suffering. But… That would be the incorrect move here. There are many things to consider. Too many, actually. I’ll just break the ice with a simple joke. Also, Azmai is on fire. Just contain your rage for a while, if possible.

“Yo, I’m back, missed me much?... Well, that’s not the right question. What’s going on here?”

“I and Etana were playing detective, you see!”

A bullish response from a bullish person. Classic. Playing detective? Then play with someone else you fucker. Aren’t there more suitable people around this room to play detective with? This is absurd.

“So playing detective involves putting my mascot in fatal danger? That’s certainly a load of bullshit.”

“Tiddal, you have returned.”

Aside from the clown, the first one to direct his words towards me is the King himself. I have a lot of questions for him, but most importantly, there is a need to keep my act up.

“I have, sorry for the wait. Care to tell me what the hell is going on here?”

“As I said, we were playing detectives.”

This guy thinks he’s funny.

“Alright clown. I’ll allow you to play detective. However, never again with my mascots or else I’ll massacre you and feast on your flesh, ultimately serving it as a banquet to the people of Selkitat, deal?”

Although I said it with a bright smile, my intentions were pretty clear. Should this situation occur ever again, blood will rain.

“Haha, such a cruel joke, Tiddal. Deal off, that’s way too problematic!”

“At least you have a sense of rationality and danger. Etana, return.”

Priorities first. Making sure that Etana stays far away from this guy is to my best interest. Plus, Azmai has calmed down. I suppose this choice was for the best. Now… This physical burden is killing me. Not so much mentally, but I can’t exactly show my full extent in this condition. Even though I never use more than 5% of my actual power, just for maximum convenience, the time to rest is nigh.

“King, I’ll talk later. I need to rest now. I’ll be off. Call me when I’m awake, I’ll provide the details on my report.”

“Understandable. Thank you for your work.”

Well, the King is wise, hence his unspoken wisdom and understanding. For that, my immense thanks. But, unlike the King, naïve fools surround the scene. That’s unfortunate.

“Tiddal! Where do you think you are going!?”

“You’ve been away for so long and you don’t even say anything to us!? What’s up with that?!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Tiddal-san, you’re always so rude!”

“Still the same bad mannered punk, aren’t you Tiddal?”

They have not changed even a tad bit. Now that’s depressing. Though depressing it’s refreshing to see that they haven’t changed, they are fools, yeah, but they are good fools. Still, now is not the time to praise them mentally.

“Listen, the reason as to why I didn’t bother saying anything is because nothing would really happen if I did. Selkitat is fine as you can see. I’ve taken care of the attack. Should there ever be such an attack again I’ll be here. That’s my duty as a dimension champion, after all. So don’t be so damn noisy and needy for once in your goddamn lives!”

“…Even so, you could have left a message, just saying…” Cowers Alzam

Alzam, what the hell are you on about? Are you this unaware of the situation?

“Huh!? Did you not hear what the King said? I would be away checking the dangers on other dimensions. I came here because there was going to be an assault of multiple forces from other dimensions combined. Therefore, I was somewhat summoned here by the King. Did you not tell them, King?”

“W-Well… Even an old fool like me sometimes forgets even the most important details!”

Are you serious now? Wise my ass. I’m done here, goodnight.

“Wait, you seriously didn’t tell them? Oh geez, this is too much, bye.”

While reading all of their faces, their expressions show multiple meanings. Perhaps the very fact that I’m mentally drained due to how much I teleported to get here is getting me? Normally, that would be quite inconvenient yet it’s perfect in this situation. Convenience aside, I ought to leave this place at once.

“Tiddal, if it isn’t too much to ask, would you stay with us for a while? We are about to have an important meeting.”

Didn’t I just tell you that I’m tired? Seriously, what’s so hard to understand about this? If someone is tired then let that person rest. There shouldn’t be any sort of difficulty understanding this. Well, I’m aware that he wants me in this meeting, but as my honest gut tells me that if I were to stay in the same room as that clown Zats, my rage would burst.

“Hell no, meetings are always long and boring. There is no actual point in staying, honestly. Fill me up to the details later, Alzam.”

And with that, my leave, I take.

“All of you come out if you want.”

Already being on the main hall, my exit is for surely granted, and because of that, this is a good time to make contact with all of my mascots. But, I did say that they only have to come out if they want. This is to say that those who are busy and such don’t have to come out. In fact, I would appreciate if they don’t come out. However, as their master, it is my most faithful duty to look out for them.


Okay, that was a stupid decision. Forgetting about her was a fatal mistake.

“I missed you so much!! Where have you been!? Astria has been lonely without you!”


Too many voices to count, and I’m being crushed by Astria’s demonic hug. Send help, please.



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