A great man once said: “I think, therefore I am.” Such a man was René Descartes. Many interpretations of this great man’s sentence could swirl at a rapid speed throughout the edges of time yet many find it rather difficult to answer it.
However, it is as simple as it is. The fact that I think means that I am able to formulate my own thoughts, which construct certainties and doubts. Thus accepting the other part, my own existence.
In all likelihood, if this had an origin then it would be ‘Solipsism’. To be able to imagine that one would be alone externally in this world would be dreadful. But…Is it really? If it was me, then I wouldn’t mind. After all, no matter how I look at people these days, they give me the feeling that they are here to serve ulterior motives without any sort of assertive motive.
Furthermore, the true meaning of solipsism is that; one’s mind is the only one to truly exist. Of course, by all means, this is incredibly unbelievable to another secondary party. Even a third or a further party, if you may. Although, to the primary party, in this case, the observer, is it really? It’s not, that’s the scary truth.

To ascertain certainty of something, a valuable asset is always evidence. Perhaps, that’s what makes us feel true comfort in the end. However, against all odds, there is something more frightening than not being able to show evidence and not prove something. That being… To have all sorts of evidence and not being able to negate something that is supposedly a lie.
Such thoughts crumble inside this mind of mine while I make haste towards my own school. Sometime soon, maybe in the near future, I would like to fully reflect on my own situation right now, since it requires the bare minimum of attention and effort. Plus, if even I can’t put an effort into understanding it, then all hope is lost. Without effort, all chances go to luck and other secondary factors.
Nevertheless, there was something that I miscalculated. As I was running towards my school, I stumbled upon a familiar face by accident.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Rei! You’ve been missing for so long that I haven’t been able to have my fun lately! Where the fuck were you!?”

That manner of speech, those obstinate manners could only come from one person.


“Huh? What the fuck is up with that lack of motivation in your voice? Come on now. Let me introduce you to some of my new friends! They will be joining us while walking to our school!”

Three, four… No, it’s five. Five thugs, who exceed the average young adult body size, in a muscular way, were there along with Shiara-san. Come on… Was it really that much of a bargain to ask for temporary peace?! That’s not the only thing that’s disturbing me. Leaving aside the obvious fact that I’m in for some beating, there are a few people around us, but they are too coward to take action. Can’t you just call the police or something…?

“Fucker, start talking! Where were you these past two weeks!? Crying on your mama’s lap or something? Besides, what’s with that look of yours?”

“S-Shiara-san, can’t you let me go through please, I really need to go to school as fast as possible! I beg of you, let me through!!” I desperately said to Shiara

There is no way in hell this works, but then why did I say it? Also, there is something strange, where has my usual fear gone to? That’s not normal, no matter how you look at it. I’m terrified of Shiara. I’ve always been. According to human psychological behavior and such, it’s impossible for someone like me who has been traumatized from all the bullying done by him to not feel fear. What the hell is happening?

“Oi, guys. Let’s take him to the alley; it appears that Rei-kun here doesn’t know his own place.”

It would obviously come down to this. Even if my usual fear is gone, there are countless factors to number at the moment. Shiara being the major factor is the issue here. It also doesn’t help the fact that I’m about to get dragged into an alley out of the sudden. Plus, having to take I don’t know how many hits from other thugs makes me question whether or not my body can actually withstand them all. It doesn’t end there, unfortunately. More consideration is to be taken in, by the looks of it; some of the thugs have knives and street knuckles. This isn’t funny, damn it. If only there wasn’t such a difference. It won’t matter how much I try and think, this is the end for me. How unfair. Who the hell thought that this would be a good idea in the first place? Leaving the mountain was a bad idea. Besides, how come it didn’t occur to me the very reason as to why I avoided school in the first place? That’s right. It was to not face Shiara and the others. I could stand that no longer yet it’s all tumbling down now.

“Excuse me; do any of you know where I can buy beer or just something to drink?”

Huh? Who is it…?

“Fuck off old man. Can’t you see I’m busy?” Says Shiara by trying to reach out that certain man’s shoulders with both of his hands

No way is that…

“Man, what the hell is wrong with you people? I ask one of the simplest questions there is, and you decide to resort to such a weak form of violence… Now that’s pathetic.” Declares the black haired man while gripping Shiara’s wrists with force enough to make him cry and fall on his knees

“K-Kuu… W-What the fuck are you guys waiting for!? Get him already! G-Gaahh!!!! Stop i-it…”

It appears that I have been saved or it would appear that way. The current situation was still confusing yet it was pretty easy to narrow it down. A black haired man that had a somewhat familiar face, against all odds made his appearance right in front of me while maintaining a powerful stance towards Shiara. On the other hand, Shiara who was just in control not so long ago had begun to crumble on the ground while crying and spilling snot from his nose as if he was begging for his life, but those words did not come out. Not because he had too much pride to not tell them, it was because there was a very vast force being applied to his wrists as we speak. However, even though the force is circling to Shiara right now, the applier doesn’t seem like he is putting in any effort. It’s like the black-haired man is gazing upon a creature that is at the very bottom of the food chain. If by any chance there was a food chain going on, then the black haired man would be hegemonic.

“Prepare to die!!” Said one of the thugs as he charged towards the dominator in a black jacket

“Really now? Of all the words to launch an attack towards your hateful opponent you go with ‘Prepare to die’? Not only do you lack rationality, but class in general. Good grief.”

It’s quite commendable that a person that will probably either be taking the upcoming attack or deflecting them is upholding such courageous words out in the thin air. It goes without saying that the thugs were fast. However, they were in bad luck this time. If only it had been someone who possessed the strength to be equal to them all, then this might have been an evenly match. No, no matter how one looks at it, this was nothing more than a ritual for carnage. Even so, I must warn him!

“Tiddal-san!! Dodge them!”

‘Boom’. Wide yet hallow punches that came from the four possible angles with the intent of harming Tiddal-san fail and hit nothing.

“W-Where did he-“

“Up here, monkey!”

So bright. My current location was a deep dark alley where nobody could reach on normal circumstances, nevertheless on top of the small building was Tiddal-san, who was completely in front of the sun. Perhaps it was a strategic move? Yet it felt as if it was nothing more than a move to assert dominance over the ones that were about to receive judgment from the one who rules above. Just like an eagle hunts down the worms from the ground, Tiddal-san descended while saying.

“Rei. This is how the strong behave. The weak are to be consumed by the strong; hence they enforce this law on the predators, such as these.” Such words were uttered to me in a very strong dark tone

“Bastard… Underestimating us… Get down here!!” Shiara shouts

“Say no more.” Declares Tiddal

As Tiddal-san prepared to intercept all the attacks that were supposedly waiting for him, there was something else to be taken into consideration. Although I’m frozen due to my lack of ability in this situation, someone else is too. Glaring at me with deep hatred, the red-haired boy couldn’t move his wrists at all. That alone should not suffice yet it looks that way. This must mean that the damage inflicted to him is beyond my measure. If so, then this could be my chance… No, more importantly, how is Tiddal-san getting out of this one!? In an instance, if there are four people waiting for you to come closer to them, then how do you, as one, outwit them? That’s what I was about to learn from this upcoming skirmish.

“Vell translucens, activate!” he mutters

Fortunately for him, nobody listened, that is due to the fact that both the thugs and Shiara have their eyes on him, literally. Amidst such precaution, Tiddal-san suddenly disappears from my sight, as if he… turned invisible?!

“W-Where did he go!?”

“Stay composed! It’s normal that you can’t see him because of the sun in front of you, he must have jumped right into the left!”

A reasonable argument, since there is indeed a left way that leads that a darker path. However, that was not the case, because I know for a fact that it was one of Tiddal-san’s skills. It appears that they have been fooled by thinking that the sun is the problem here. I see. So that’s why you went as far as jumping to the building’s peak. Just so you could get them confused for a brief moment. In all normalcies, this wouldn’t work, in reality, it’s clear that Tiddal-san never went to the left way. It’s visible to the naked eye that such a thing didn’t happen. Oddly enough, since he is dealing with humans here who don’t have the knowledge about the dimension and skills and what more, that’s extremely helpful in a sense.

‘Pah!’ Suddenly, two thugs received a blow so hard on their solar plexus that they went unconscious right away. It didn’t end there, Tiddal-san, while invisible made a move from what it would appear to be a neck grappling. By grappling the front neck zone, he must have elevated it to the point where it would be sufficient to cause lethal damage upon taking it to the ground. Or at least, that’s what how it went in my mind. He is not on my sight, so it’s impossible for me to track him down.

“One to go, huh?”

“S-S-Stay away!! You monster!! Who are you!?” Interrogated the last thug standing

“I guess there isn’t much point on keeping the veil on. Besides, it was just to test something yet it appeared to be a futile effort. Such a shame. Now then…” Finished Tiddal as he appeared visible in my sight once again

“A-A-Ah!! Die!!”

“Again with that cynical speech? Grow a brain, will you?” Said Tiddal as he quickly elevated his knee while grasping the thug’s hair, thus performing a perfect knee strike

A-Awesome. He took them all down without any sort of difficulty. Tiddal-san really is a…


“Tiddal-san! Are you okay?”

“Not really. I’m sleepy and hungry. That’s the epitome of the status ‘not okay’, correct?”

Truth to be said, he has a point, but it’s meaningless to think about it. For that reason being, I could sense a very huge amount of sarcasm coming from that statement.

“Bastard… Who are you? I’ve never seen someone so strong as you before…”

Still holding on to the pain of having his wrists completely destroyed, Shiara throws that question up in the air, most likely towards Tiddal-san, surely.

“Of course you haven’t seen me before. Well, let me tell you something in advance. You see this guy over here?”

He pointed at me. Why though?

“Yeah, the shitty prick that does nothing except getting beat up… ISN’T THAT RIGHT, REI!?”

Kuh… It always pains and terrifies me over how right he is. After all, I’ve been dominated over and over by the same guy throughout many years of my life.

“Hm. I see, so this must be the guy that bullies you then. That’s perfect. Listen, in exactly two weeks from now, Rei will crush you.”

Huh? Why!? Why!? Hiding my anxiety was beyond my measure, because… Why would you say something so unrealistic…?

If that was possible then I would by no means have to be in this terrible, exhausting position every time. Saying that now will solve absolutely nothing, Tiddal-san.

“Don’t fuck around, you. Just because you have beaten some of my men that don’t mean that you will get away with it. I will send more and more after you until you are so exhausted to the point of exhaustion itself. Besides, Rei, crushing me? That’s too much of a joke, even for a fucking joke you know. Don’t act so fucking arrogant you piece of shit, I’ll kill you and you two bastards, mark my words. Set foot on school and you are D.E.A.D!!!!!!”

While delivering that malicious threat, Shiara grips the rest of his strength and runs away. Tiddal-san on the other hand, lets him run away at it…

“Tiddal-san… that talk just now… Can you stop it, please…? I want to stay out of trouble if possible.”

“Stay out of trouble? It seems as if you learned nothing yet again, Rei. There are certain types of people around everywhere that are trouble themselves. And by no means, do those people ever stop to give a damn about what you think. That’s what he is. A living bomb. A bomb so explosive that he will take anyone who comes across down with him. You are unlucky, I will give you that much. You got caught up on this spiral of torment. However, that’s no excuse. In fact, you are using that as an excuse to avoid the simplest of all things.”

I’m not that dumb. Even someone as weak and feeble minded as me could figure that out. That’s not the problem. That’s not the slightest of all problems. That’s not the problem, damn it. That’s not the…

“Before you interrupt me, let me add something to that. Why are you still interested in this part of the world?”

“This world is rotten and weak. Just where I belong. Is there something wrong with that?”

Perhaps I said too much there. Too much truth, that is.

“If the world is rotten and weak, then do you have to be as well?”

The state of being is entirely relative. It’s no such easy feat as to storm that ideal away with simplistic words.

“Honestly, no. But there is no choice. I am weak, therefore so is my view of the world.”

“So you admit that you are weak?”

Have I not said this even once? Or was it me just self-talking all the time? It doesn’t matter seriously.

“Yeah. That much was obvious, right?”

“Obvious or not, it only counts when the weak person acknowledges it himself. So, if you are weak, then what do you need?”

What do I need? Hell if I know. If I knew then I would have already done it, that’s for sure.

“Some sort of miracle, I suppose.”

“Wrong answer. Miracles do not exist. So, what is the right answer?”

All my life, there has been no such window for any opportunity regarding the salvation of my situation. And now you are saying that there is? Somehow I find that incredibly hard to believe. I’ve known myself for 18 years; nothing you say can ever faze me.

“I don’t know.”

“...That’s not the correct or the right answer. But, it certainly isn’t the incorrect or the wrong one either. Come with me, you are about to know the answer.” Says Tiddal as he directs himself out of the dark alley

If it has come down to this, then seeing what waits for me isn’t such a bad option in the end. It’s just hard to believe that’s all. No, I can’t believe, that’s the problem.

“Where are we going, really?”

Occasionally, Tiddal-san has a weird habit of not telling what his inner thoughts are. That is to say, he might be quite the introverted person yet I strongly doubt that. Is this what they call caution?

“No place special. It’s just that I have to take care of something before I head out. That of course, includes showing you something that you are, apparently so blind to even notice.”

“Please make it quick… I need to leave for school, you know!”

As we walk off the dark alley, I stand behind him but then Tiddal-san decides to stop once there is enough light to be seen. This just happened to be the parallel street to the one that I was originally coming from. So, what is here that’s so important?

“Before you set out, tell me. What do you see?”


“Hm… It was a simple question was it not? What’s wrong?”

Sometimes, even against a person like Tiddal-san, it exists the need to ask the reason as to why he throws such random tasks… What exactly is there to be gained just from watching the current scenario? Answers that I want to know that are hidden inside complex questions? A different vision? A new insight? I don’t know.

“Let’s see… It’s just a normal day. As the morning arrives so does the sunrise along with it? Stores are being opened everywhere, mostly the ones who serve bread and such foods. Even convenience stores are being opened. Lots and lots of people are simply just fulfilling their tasks for society, isn’t that it?”

“That’s true. Fulfilling a duty to society is by far the most right way to live your own life. To defy such duty would mean losing your place among the society. But, is that really all you can observe? What about that man over there on his knees begging for money? Is he a part of society? Of course not. However, does being a part of the chain of normalcy’s that goes through this society disable one from not doing what they want? The answer to that is no. If you take a closer look to your far left, you will see a shady man hiding in one of the alleys. Why is that though? What could he possibly want?”

That’s…! The same man that robbed the old lady the other day…! Well, I… It’s not as if I have a backbone here since I precisely did the exact same thing… I ought not to tell Tiddal-san about this…

“Tiddal-san! He’s gonna steal that store, stop him, please!” I request

“Not bad spotted. However, by the look in your eyes, it’s pretty obvious that you and that man share the same monologue, don’t you?”


“I don’t blame you for it. If you have the power to steal something then the most logical choice is to steal, that’s common sense yet people ignore it for the sake of looking good. To those who don’t exactly care about the consequences of their actions, stealing is simply a chain of events that comes in their favors. With that said, there is a degree to how much one can utilize their power, hence accepting the fact that there are always consequences to the use of power. But, is that really the case? Nevertheless, the usage of power is relative, meaning that there are some cases where it could mean your downfall or it could mean excellence. Knowing all of this comes at handy, no doubt. Although, no matter the circumstance, power should not be applied on the weak that contribute in a righteous way.”

“T-Tiddal-san, that’s cool and all, but can’t you really stop that thief before he… steals something again? He has a knife, just by looking at his right hand I can tell and there are no cops around. Only you can stop him.”

“That’s right. Only I can stop him. But, why should I?”

“Because you are far stronger than him!! So you should stop him!”

“If I’m stronger then I should stop him? There is something that you are mistaken here. I am indeed strong, but I am by no means extremely powerful. Being powerful means to be able to exorcize power in favor of your will. That’s not what the strong do though. Right now, I have the option to run and stop him. That’s something that I should do, according to morals. But I will not do it for such reasons. You see, the power to protect the weak comes with a price. By protecting the weak, then those who are tormenting the weak will come after you again and again and again countless times. Still knowing this, you think that I should stop him?”

He just keeps hitting me with facts, but what exactly is Tiddal-san’s point!? If I had the strength to save someone every time then I would. It’s unthinkable that a person like him would oversee this… I mean, he fully engaged on a giant Kraken inside Aquaris, defeated 4 thugs, including Shiara, so what’s his deal?!

“I… I always get chased down by bullies no matter what I try to do… I’m a coward, that’s why I can’t possibly know what you think. After all, you are strong, so you are bound to have a different view of the world. A view that I can’t possibly understand. That’s why… Yes, you should stop him. Because you hold something that I can’t see or understand.”

Yes, even though I am what I am, that doesn’t stop me. If there are other people who can do what I truly desire to accomplish in my place, then that’s fine, that’s how it should be.

“Quite selfish aren’t we? You are just forcing your ideas on someone that can actually accomplish them for you just because you can’t. That’s the epitome of weakness; to selfishly depend on somebody else because you aren’t strong enough to not do so.”

“Then… Should I not do anything?”

“That option by itself is one of the best, but in no way is it the best. For starters, no matter the person, everyone is selfish. The difference is, some are just more selfish than others while others aren’t that selfish, thus making them less selfish. The conclusion here is: it’s alright to be selfish. However, there are limits. A great example is a man who is about to commit a serious crime. He is being selfish, that’s for sure. But what about the person’s store that he will steal? Did that person really deserve something like this? All this because one person is being selfish. That’s why, to lessen this farce, all people should be selfish to a certain amount. That would be boring, though. So that’s why I don’t follow rules since that would mean putting me at a constant disadvantage. What about you? What do you think needs to happen for everything to go your way? Think about that while I deliver some serious pain to that peace disrupter.” Extensively says Tiddal as he starts walking to the shady thief

Even if thought starts to be given, there isn’t much that can be accomplished. I’m sure that Tiddal-san has noticed that as well, so that’s why I’ll just observe his actions for now. Right now, I’m currently in the middle of the street. Though filled with people, Tiddal-san went all the way around just making sure that he isn’t noticed by the shady thief. It makes me wonder if his plan was to go around him just so he wouldn’t be noticed by him. If that’s the case then that would certainly accumulate the element of surprise, still, what are you going to do with so many people here!? You will just end up looking like an outcast…

“Astral trium forma.” He silently mutters from afar

Ah, he’s gone, once again. Is it the same skill that he used earlier? No… It had a different name, so it shouldn’t be the same skill. Wait, should I be calling it a skill even? My current knowledge about the dimension’s traits is so minimum that I simply assumed that it was one. I ought to ask him later. Still…

“That guy… What is he doing...?” I lonely mutter while questioning Tiddal-san’s whereabouts

The thief is advancing towards the store at a rather quick pace, almost as if he is tempted to steal on a rather desperate degree. Nonetheless, just what is he planning to do… I better call the police honestly. And so, during the time that I observed the thief’s actions, I called the police and addressed the situation, mostly saying that a thief had just stolen from a store implying that he needs to be caught. Of course, this hasn’t actually happened; however, this could be taken as a prank call if things turn out for the worse. There are no consequences, basically.

“Help!! Thief!! He stole from my store, someone help me!” The old lady implores

Regardless of the cry for help, no help came and just as the thief was about to sprint out of sight, the thief suddenly flies as if something had hit him with a brutal amount of strength.

“W-What the fuck was that!?”

“I wouldn’t even bother questioning it honestly; you will just end up looking crazy for everyone who is witnessing this. Then again, that’s probably a compliment for you, a person with no set of restrictions at all, right?” A voice mysteriously speaks up

Tiddal-san..? Wait… Just how? Another invisibility skill? There is no doubt about it… Besides, invisibility comes quite at handy in this situation depending on how it is played out.

“I don’t have time for this; I can’t afford to be caught…!” Exclaims the thief

It was meaningless to exclaim such thing because sooner or later it had become quite public. The people that were ignoring such incident started to avert their eyes to the current situation. A thief who is going crazy and speaking to himself. Such anxiety could be born just from that yet he tried to escape. Although, it was proven to be futile as the thief gets sent flying once again.


“What’s wrong? If you are going to steal then be prepared for a fight or two.”

“B-Bastard!! Show yourself!”

Meaningless. No matter what he shouted all the words that came around were either scared voices or ‘creep’, ‘psychopath’, ‘lunatic’. Plus, some people started grabbing their phones, which should mean that they are calling the police. Nice one, Tiddal-san! You are a hero! Invisible, but a hero.

“Nope, you are just going to be arrested while trying to get out of this situation. However, I will make sure that won’t happen. Your end is near.”

“F-Fuck off!! Like hell I’ll be having my end here!”

“But you will. Take a look around.”

“Huh!? What do y-“

A white and blue car arrives at the scene rapidly. There is a very high chance that the car belonged to the very same cop that I contacted just a while ago. If so, then it was quite fast to arrive at the scene. But, there is a slim chance that it was the old lady that delivered that call. After all, I stopped paying attention to her actions once the thief went on a solo rampage.

“Hello. My lady, was it you who called the police?”

“Y-Yes. Please arrest this thief..!” She silently orders

So she called it too huh. No matter, that’s just even better.

“W-Wait officer! I haven’t done anything wrong here, she’s lying! I stole nothing!”

“Nobody issued that you had stolen anything, even in the call there weren’t such words yet you declare your actions like that. It’s obvious that you are the culprit. Come, you will be taken for interrogation. Resistance is not recommendable.” The officer confidently delivers those words

“Y-You fuckers!!”

Although being in a thug position, the thief does not waver; instead, he takes out his knife and rushes towards the officer. However…

“Desperate much?” A mysterious voice leaks out as the thief’s knees drop down to the floor immediately

“Halt right there!” The secondary officer takes out his gun while pointing to the thief

The situation has become a bit of a mess, yet thanks to the one behind the scenes it’s very likely that the situation will end up being a good one.

“I-I surrender…” Says the thief on his knees

Would you look at that… It’s almost like the thief is in a surrendering position that the officers themselves should have strived to get him on, but the one behind this made that happen against all odds. Just who is…

“Yo.” A voice comes out

“T-Tiddal-san!? Where are you?”

Even though the voice leaked out, Tiddal-san was nowhere to be seen. This means that he was the one behind that whole situation.

“Right here.”

“…I can’t see you.” I silently said

Standing out here would be bad, but most people are focused on the thief being reprehended right now, so that saves me some unnecessary attention, which is great.

“Oh right… Astral Trium Forma, off.”

He’s visible now.

“So it was you behind that?”

“No, it was someone who has the power to turn invisible all over the sudden! I was here all along; you were simply just focusing your attention to the scene!”


“Yeah, yeah, but I’ve been meaning to ask when you say those strange words and at the end, you say ‘activate’, what is that?”

“Ah right, that… Listen, I’m really sleepy and aren’t you in a hurry for school? What are you waiting for?”

I see how it is. Whenever something crucial comes around he tries to dodge the topic by making logical statements. However, I really don’t care about school anymore, since I’ve been told not so long ago that if I happened to step inside my school then I would be concrete dead meat.

“Eh… Not really… I mean, wouldn’t it be extremely bad if I suddenly went over to my school, considering the possibility that Shiara-san could be setting up an ambush for me?”

Going to school after that is officially out of the question. To think that my worst nemesis could be more enraged than usual is just beyond my normal capability. In no universe will I come near him again, that’s for sure.

“Not bad kid. You’ve got the mindset of a true warrior, or at least the mindset of someone who has suffered defeat many times. That’s correct; you should lay low for a while. Still, if you aren’t going to school, then what are you going to do?”

That’s a fair question in this regard. If I’m not going to school then I will have to do something to kill my time. Yes, that should be the optimal route.

“I don’t know. I’ll just kill time, I guess.”

“Hmm… Is that so? If that’s the case, then pay me something, Rei. I’m starving and I’m completely broke by the looks of it. That damn Apsu… To think he would take my Min like that…”

There he goes again, saying things that I can’t hope to understand. Well, if he tells me to pay him something then I suppose it’s nothing too trivial to achieve unless it’s beyond my current pocket money. Plus, I’m in debt to him for saving me all but too many times by now. It’s only fair that I repay him.

“I only have 700 yen… Will that suffice?”

“Hm… I’m not too familiar with that term, but is it enough to pay me a coffee or something to eat?”

“Yeah, of course. I thought you would ask for something more expensive, so I was a bit reluctant, haha.”

“Hahaha, as if I’m someone who would intentionally try to dig through someone’s money like that. I’ll have you know that I’m probably one of the richest targets overall billions of dimensions. However, I never predicted that I would be penniless as we speak. What a disgrace. Either way, let’s go to someplace that has pretty onee-san’s shall we?”

“Eh? Do you need me for something? Why do I have to come along?”

It’s really beyond my keen to understand what he meant by ‘let’s go’; I thought that Tiddal-san wouldn’t necessitate the company of someone like me…

“What kind of dumb question is that? I told you that I’m broke, so I need you to pay me the coffee and such. Also, don’t be like that. That negative attitude of yours is a problem. That’s why people always take advantage of you because you show that damn attitude of yours off. Be happier, even if there is nothing to be happy about. That’s how hopeless people can be happy in the first place.”

Tiddal-san and I continued our usual chit-chat while we made our way to the nearest by cafe. Even if my position at school is supposedly gone, further meaning that my suspension has arisen itself, and then I’m without a doubt in trouble. Still, that’s arguably the most irrelevant thing that I have to preoccupy myself with. What does school matter anymore, really? It’s true that my progress overall in this life has been pretty bad. However, I have died once and lived on to see things that were past my imagination. Perhaps the time to adapt to something beyond this world has come.

“Oh!! To think this dimension could have such pretty ladies! It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to be here for more than two weeks if it means that I can visit this place with an elevated frequency!”

It appears that my savior happens to be a huge pervert. Well, I can’t argue with what Tiddal-san just said, after all… the current place in which we both are happens to be a maid café. So, it would be extremely worrying if the girls here would be nothing except pretty. Speaking of which, I do come here from time to time, hence knowing my direction to here. This is the famous “Maid Paradisis” which could be pronounced as “Maid’s Paradise”. Now as for the reason I come here…

“Welcome to Maid Paradisis! How can I help yo- Wah! Rei, w-what are you doing here?”

I know, I know. This is normally the situation where the protagonist meets a girl that he is usually familiar with. However, that certainly isn’t the case. The thing here is…

“Shiara-san! How are you doing?”

Yes, she is Shiara Kunshu’s sister, Shiara Kogori. It just happens that while I am in constant turbulence against Shiara, his sister is someone that is familiar with me and I am familiar with her. Needless to say, she would be mad if she knew that I and her brother are in that sort of relationship. The one where one completely bullies the other. Nevertheless, I have no such interest. Besides, I’m more worried about Tiddal-san. He has no manners whatsoever. He has been staring at one of the maid’s for a while now.

“I’m fine, but… shouldn’t you be at school by now, Rei?”

Fair point. That is the main thing to notice about this. Other than the fact that there is an over the top stylish person indulging himself with his field of vision in this maid café.

“Sorry. An acquaintance of mine is staying here and he wants to know the town around…”

“That’s great! Coming to Maid Paradisis was a good choice! Anyways, take a seat, both of you! But Rei, don’t miss out on school, it would be bad to skip classes even in this case, okay?”

“Haha, don’t mind me! It’s just for a while, isn’t it, Tiddal-san?”

“Hmm… Truly, her ass is just so- Oh, yes! I’m just his acquaintance, please treat us good!”

It’s impossible to mask the fact that his eyes were purely focused on one of the maid’s. How despicable of you, Tiddal-san. Alas, Tiddal-san chose the furthest of all tables to sit in. As if he was setting up the perfect field of vision to observe all the maids. This guy… He’s the enemy of all females out there!

“What will your orders be, master?” Asks away the charming maid, Kogori

“A coffee and a cheesecake please.”

“I see… A coffee and a cheesecake…” Remarks the maid while noting down the request on her small notebook

“I’ll have nothing. I’m good.”

There is no need to waste any money here whatsoever, so ordering something right now is not exactly the most ideal of all scenarios.

“Are you sure, Rei? Have you eaten your breakfast? It’s important to eat your breakfast, you know…”

An accurate remark. But, there really isn’t any need for it, since I’m good at holding back my hunger. Not exactly something to be proud off yet it has its good sides. And, my wallet is about to be very light after this.

“Yes, I’ve eaten so much that I’m full, right, Tiddal-san?”

“He’s not lying, he eats like a tyrant. Be careful, especially you, lady.”

A totally unnecessary statement. Well, it is true that whenever I really am starving that I eat at an abnormal pace. Although, that’s just normalcy at its finest, right? If someone is very hungry, then it’s only natural for that individual to eat at its heart’s content.

“I-I see…….” Kogori shyly takes heed of Tiddal-san’s words

Now that’s awkward, how could those words ever be interpreted in another way than it actually is? Leaving things to Tiddal-san always gets me in the weirdest of all spots.

“Tiddal-san just likes to say jokes; he doesn’t mean what he says.”

“Haha… I’ll come back when the order is done, please wait just a few minutes!”

And so, Kogori leaves off to a place where it would be beyond the customers, most likely the kitchen, where, along with some of her co-workers they would work to prepare the food and such. It’s honestly so surprising. In all likelihood, to be able to visit this place is such grace. If one takes note on how it is organized, how the workers here have their synergy among each, and for sure, how cute they are, then this place is top notch.

“How terrible of you, Rei. To lie to her, not once but twice. Is that how you should treat other people who are kind towards you?”

“Like you’re one to speak. Anyone could see through your perverted intentions anytime, just saying…”

“Well, they are so pretty, you just have to contemplate pretty things. I believe that’s a fair philosophy.”

No, that’s without a doubt just an excuse to appeal his perverted intentions. Still, there is no denying that what he just said is an unfathomable truth.

“I for sure thought that you were a lucky guy when I saw that girl talking to you. What’s going on, you got some hidden romance behind the scenes type of romance going around?”

“No way. She just happens to be Shiara’s sister…”

“Wow, you are brave. To go out with your nemesis’s sister. I see you on a whole new light now.”

“…I’m sure you have realized by now, but I don’t possess the communication skills to actually acquire such things as friendship, not to mention a romance. Plus, I would for sure be hunted down by Shiara in the afterlife if I ever established a romance with her sister.”

“So you don’t deny your interest towards her?”

“I was never interested in romance that much, is that awkward?”

Truth to be told, whether I haven’t found my first love or not, it’s certain that I was never able to invest myself into the romance department. For reasons unknown, it was never a marvel interest, honestly.

“That’s not for me to decide. Only you can decide if it’s awkward or not. Besides, I was just messing with you. When I was younger I had such interests, but, you aren’t me, so it’s only natural that you aren’t developing the same interests, I suppose.”

While I did feel a slight bit of arrogance coming from those words, it might just be true, besides, there are some things which are still a mystery to me, if not all things which are currently at my disposal.

“Sorry to keep you wait! Here are your coffee and cheesecake! That will be 430 yen.”

My wallet just took some massive damage. If there is a wallet hospital, then please, take mine right away.


“Thank you very much! Enjoy the meal, master!”

“No, no. It is me who as to thank you, pretty lady.” Tiddal gently replies

Kogori walks off with a smile on her face to meet up with another maid in her service. They seem to be having a gossip. This is, probably the most common way of exchanging words among females, truly.

“Man, this cheesecake is good, want some?”

While my gaze was invested on Kogori and the other girl for a split second, Tiddal-san had already eaten half of the cheesecake. To think he said that I was the one who eats fast. Take a look at yourself, you devoured the cheesecake in a matter of seconds, you monster!

“No thank you.”

“Still, I have to say; in no way did I expect this dimension to have these standards. Normally, each dimension changes so much compared to what you are used to, that expecting something decent from another dimension can be pretty dubious."

Again, I have no idea what he is on about. It’s like he is speaking in another language in which I have no knowledge about. For instance, if a person who was born in Japan would go to the United States of America and that person has no knowledge of the English language, then that person is bound to encounter countless language barriers. The same could be applied in the opposite, thus making my understanding of this completely obscure.

“Aren’t you curious, about other dimensions?” Tiddal-san continued on

There is no denying my interest in them. It’s simply natural, right? Whenever a human being is confronted with the unknown their curiosity erupts to the absolute maximum.

“Yeah but… What does it really matter?”

“Everything. To open yourself to new horizons like those wasn’t it amazing when you were in Aquaris?”

Amazing? If that’s a joke, then it’s a bad taste one. In no way in hell was that an amazing experience. To recapitulate, I was almost devoured by a giant Kraken which had length beyond my measures, slapped by a Goddess and my terrors have grown rampant due to how terrifying it was just to stand there. Too many things are to be considered, in all likelihood.

“That wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable to all experiences…”


While having this weird exchange of words, Tiddal-san, already having finished with his cheesecakes, takes a sip in the hot steaming coffee. Now then…


“What is it?”

By putting down his coffee cup, Tiddal-san’s eyes, suddenly emerging a serious look among them, look directly at me.

“You know… I’m truly grateful for all the times that you have saved me so far and done things that I was in no way expecting you to do, but… Is there a reason as to why you and I keep meeting like this? It feels more than just a coincidence…”

“A weakling is about to get hurt, it is my duty as the strongest element to provide assistance or to completely overtake any sort of threat that comes along with it. That is the creed of the people from the dimension where I come from. Those with power shall rule supreme above others, while those with less power will rule nothing. What do you think? Is it fair?”

“…It’s not fair… Just because someone is strong, it shouldn’t mean that they should rule above others, that’s just abuse of power, isn’t it?”

“Yes and no. It always depends on how one utilizes such power to be precise. If one decides to overtake something through sheer power, then there is no denying that it could be labeled as ‘abuse of power’. But what if one tries to utilize that power to the greater well, what then? Could that be seen as abuse of power?”

“You know that I can’t answer those questions very well, don’t you, Tiddal-san?”

“That of course, is something that I’m aware of. Let me continue, I will eventually answer your question.” Says Tiddal-san as he sips into the coffee once again

I’ll probably not be able to understand what he means by those profound words, but I’ll try my best. There is nothing wrong with me trying my absolute best.

“Power or not, there is something that comes along with it. It could be called the cycle of power, but I prefer to call it “Chain of hegemony”. Let’s say for instance that a very powerful person who could take on the whole universe were to use that power to destroy the universe itself, what would happen?”

“Wouldn’t the universe be destroyed then?”

“Maybe. The point is, even if someone is able to attain such power as to be able to conquer the galactic horizons that lie within the cosmos, there is no guarantee that the power itself could possibly be rewarded for the ushered. In fact, it most likely won’t. Power with no goal is no power at all. But still, having power is obviously satisfying, but what happens after everything that that power could express? What would the usurper feel?"

“If I had to say… Wouldn’t it be euphoria?”

Euphoria is the feeling that one feels whenever that individual can feel that he/she can do anything that is possible, sometimes even beyond the field of all possibilities, exceeding the boundaries of the possible realm to transcend right into the impossible realm. It might just be the correct answer here.

“Wrong. It’s boredom.”

Boredom? How can a person who is so powerful feel boredom ever? That’s simply illogical, in my personal opinion.

“…I don’t get it, how can a person ever feel boredom with power?”

“Normally, that individual wouldn’t. But if that individual who acquired the power to obliterate the heavens itself had no other goal other than destroying the heavens, and then he would meet his greatest downfall. That’s why people who are often crazy powerful after accomplishing their goals either settle down or just kill themselves due to how boring it is afterward.”

“But shouldn’t it be fine as long as that person as a goal afterward?”

“You make it sound quite easy. Is it that simple? Can those words of yours form a reality just because they are credible inside your mind?”

Shouldn’t it be that way? Am I missing something here?

“Is that not it…?”

“Of course not. That’s nothing more than simple optimism mixed with idealism. If anyone ever spouts such nonsense then you have identified a weak person.” Tiddal cruelly replies in a harsh tone

Optimism mixed with idealism…? I don’t understand… His words are perhaps too complex for me to comprehend right now. If only I was smarter then, a mutual understanding could be possible here.

“Sorry, I really can’t understand what you mean by that.”

“No matter. However, just note down in your mind that, power will eventually lead to nothingness, ultimately meaning that its final destination will be boredom. And that leads me to the main point, in which I will answer your question.”

So the time has finally come eh? Tiddal-san always likes to make up points before coming down to the real answer. I guess that’s what you would call a logical train of thoughts. To present logical evidence followed up with credible arguments, just so your final ultimate argument resonates the most sense.

“You see, I’m pretty bored. Without going too profound here, I believe that I am someone that has made over his own life goals to be considered a strong, if not an omnipotent individual. So I have a proposal for you. While I stay here in this dimension for two weeks, do you want to learn the way of the strong?”

Thus, such a proposal came right back at me. I really have no idea what to do in this type of situation, whether to decline or to accept. Tiddal-san said that he was bored, so to not be bored he wants to make me learn the way of the strong? What’s up with that? It feels as if there is some ulterior motive here.

“Um, why me..?”

“Well, you are pretty weak, dumb and most of all, have constant people who are stronger than you up on you, so I figured that by giving you the ability to retaliate through other meanings you could have what you wanted, isn’t that right?”

What I want…? How can someone so strong be able to relate to a weak person like me when it comes to my desires? It’s impossible… but if that’s the case, if by some chances the possibility of Tiddal-san being aware of my true hidden desire, then…

“Can you really give me what I want in two weeks?”

“Well, objectively speaking, I don’t know what you desire so you will have to be specific honestly. I did say those words assuming that you don’t want to be weak, therefore implying it’s one of your desires to be strong. Am I wrong?”

Objectively speaking, no. Anyone that is weak would desire the strength to become strong. That’s it, right? Humans are creatures that naturally lust for power for multiple or an individual single reason. I wonder if among other dimensions this changes… However, my true desire would be-

“No… It’s just that… How can I defeat all my problems in merely two weeks? That sounds like a fabricated fairy tale?”

“Think about it. What is the one thing that you have at your disposal that others do not?”


“Nothing, isn’t that right?”

“That’s actually one of the correct answers here, but you probably don’t understand just how exactly you were correct just now. But no, that’s not the answer. The answer is the leveling system.”

T-The leveling system! How could I forget about that? But Tiddal-san said that people would look at me thinking that I’m crazy if I were to somehow use it… That’s why I haven’t utilized the skill that allows me to see the levels on someone…

“But isn’t it wrong to utilize those dimension skills on…”

“This reality? Yeah, you could argue that it is wrong; in fact, on some dimensions, it is strictly taboo to even attempt such thing. But, just for reference let me say this. That only applies to conquered dimensions. So, inside a dimension which isn’t conquered and no such rules are established, then all things are possible, mainly the usage of leveling arts and such. What I mean by that is, in this dimension, there is nothing that strictly says that you can’t use them. You get me?”

“So as long as I’m able to utilize those skills as you did, then there is a chance that I might be as strong as you are?”

…Why the sudden silence? Did I ask something weird or something? It’s not like him to make silence like this, is it? What’s going on…




Tiddal-san decides to burst out a huge laugh as if to mock me apparently. Plus, all the people in the maid café suddenly looked over our table. How awkward… Among those people, was Kogori.

“T-Tiddal-san, that’s a bit…”

“Haha… Sorry about that, it’s just that… Well, I keep underestimating you; I will not do that anymore, really.”

Make no mistake, by no means, was that a compliment. His words could also symbolize the following words: “You are just so dumb that your remarks made me laugh this much”. Honestly, even I am aware that I am quite dumb; I suppose that it is good that I am aware of that. After all, my imperfection is endless.

“I’ve told you once but I’ll tell you again. I will never be like you, but you can be like me. Although, just because I said that, it doesn’t mean that those words can simply reflect a plausible reality which accesses you to become like me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? What if I learn from you? Won’t I become like you?”

“Ah, that might be true, but do you want that?”

That’s… Do I really want to learn from someone like him… Think about it for a bit, Rei… What good comes from trusting a person like him? He is evil, savage, ruthless and merciless, just how can I trust someone like him? That’s unthinkable really, in the end, the best option is to decline…

“It seems that you are taking a bit to think this over. Well, let me give you another piece to your mind since it might prove to be useful. Do you remember the old lady earlier?”

“Y-Yeah, the one that got assaulted by that shady thief, what of it?”

“The old lady by herself is nothing. Her body is rotten, slow and can barely move yet she keeps a store in hope to contribute to society. But against a thief like that, did she fight back by herself?”

Recalling that situation doesn’t take any effort. Tiddal-san used a skill to completely make that situation the one he wanted for the most part. However, the old lady couldn’t do anything by herself, even with so many people around they didn’t bother to even flinch an eye. That’s horrible, but neither could I, thus I am horrible as well.

“She couldn’t… After all, she is just a weak old lady…” I reply

“Correct. So weak, but so weak, that even someone with low standards from the bottom of all bottoms could take advantage of her, yet what did she do that completely saved her? For sure it wasn’t me, because all I did was to block the thief from leaving the scene. I made him nothing more than a prisoner to that moment, the one who truly made it possible for the thief to meet his demise was none else but the old lady. But, just what did she do to make that possible?”

Now that I think about it… Tiddal-san probably could have defeated the thief and making him surrender in any circumstance yet he opted not to go with that route… Why was that? What advantage is there to leave it up to the police? I don’t understand. Still, it’s a no brainer that the old lady did call the police thus ultimately arresting the thief thanks to the police’s help.

“By calling the police?”

“True, but what was the act that determined that?”

The act that determined that…..? That was without a doubt her calling the police… What else is more to that…?

“I don’t unders-“

“Say, whenever someone is in deep danger and they can’t hope to turn their situations for the better, then what? What is that one thing that sometimes, if not most of the times allows them to exceed regardless of the danger?”

It was right about that time that I had a deep recalling, to a memory buried within my brain. No… The memory itself was so buried that it could no longer be called a memory; it was… a simple bad chain of events which should be forgotten.

“…A cry for help.”

“Oh, so you knew it all along? That saves me some unnecessary trouble. Do you act dumb or something?”

Me? Acting dumb? No way that’s possible, once someone is lacking in the intelligence department, and then it’s normal to label that person as a dumb person…

“Either way, what do you think is the difference between you and the old lady?”

Too many to count, honestly. There is probably something really obvious to notice here, but what does it matter, really?

“Age? Height? Weight?”

“Really? No way! I’m impressed you could lead to such a conclusion, care to explain the reasoning behind every answer?” Tiddal violently sarcastically assaults me

Sigh, this conversation is going on for a while. I’m getting no answer to my current situation… I don’t know what to even do next…. Just… What the hell am I supposed to do? It’s so damn frustrating. It’s like I hit a wall that has an infinite amount of height. It’s so tall that it transcends the heavens. The feeling of not being able to move forward…

“Don’t get so moody, that’s one of your major flaws. To finish this off, the main difference between you and the old lady is that she knows that she is weak.”

“But I know that I am weak…!”

“True, but does knowledge suffice? Is your own awareness of your own status enough to bring power to your side? No, it’s not. The main difference between you and the old lady is that she knew that she was weak and thus she called for help. But look at you, you are weak yet you never asked me for help. You knew that I was strong from the start after watching me, but you still didn’t budge? Why is that, though? I think I’ve come to gather a pretty credible conclusion. Despite you being the weakling that you are… you… are… without a doubt… convinced that you are far stronger than anyone else, aren’t you?”

H-Huh? Tiddal-san isn’t making any sense… How can a person like me who is so weak be able to think of himself as someone who is far stronger than anyone else… That’s just impossible…

“W-What do you mean by that…?”

“It’s simple, really. No weak person could constantly say to themselves that they are weak. It’s not that simple. In the first place, a weak person is not capable of having such thoughts. You say you are strong, but you are nothing more than a pretender. You fool yourself to think that you are weak for some reason, no…. It’s very likely that you force yourself into thinking of such things…”

Shut up… Leave me alone, will you? A person so strong-willed like you can’t possibly relate to me, that’s why you are saying those words…

“Haha, whatever could you be going on about?”

“See? It’s that attitude of yours; you like to play dumb, for some reason, am I wrong?”

“But I don’t play dumb. I just didn’t ask for your help because I thought that a person like you wouldn’t bother with someone like me.”

“So you don’t deny the fact that you need help?”

Everyone inside this planet or anywhere else needs help. Nothing can be achieved by solo endeavors.

“Yeah, I do need help… To overcome my own weakness.”

“Then, do you accept the offer or not? I won’t insist anymore after this.”

That’s playing dirty, but it’s a smart move, I suppose. Regardless, there is a need to face the current reality. Acknowledging the fact that I know nothing about the Leveling System is a start, to make sure off that I need to make the most out of this situation. Even if it means, putting myself above just for once.

“If I can, then yes, but under three conditions, okay?”

“Sure, but before that, do you have any money left? I’m sorta growing hungry again, so please ask your girlfriend to come here, will you?”

She’s not my girlfriend, damn it. Why did that make me blush and irritated? Ahhh!!!

“S-She’s not my girlfriend, just saying, also… I don’t have that much money left. Only 270 yen left to be precise.”

“Is that enough for a cheesecake?”

“Yeah, but only that. A cheesecake is 215 and coffee is the exact same, so it’s alright.”

Coincidentally, as soon as I take my eyes off Tiddal-san, I direct them towards Kogori, which just so happens to be looking at me. Although as soon as we cross glazes, she looks away immediately. Was that a coincidence?

“Somehow I feel immense density coming from you right now.” Declares Tiddal

“Huh? What are you talking about? Anyway… Shiara-san, we would like to order something!”

Against all odds, she also happens to be quick-witted to the point where she comes off flying out of nowhere to the point where she is right in front of our table.

“What will the order be, master?”

“He wants another cheesecake.”

“I see. I see! A cheesecake it is then! Wait a few moments again, thank you very much!” Leaves off the ever charming Kogori

Putting all that hypothetical romance talk aside, there is no way that someone like me could ever be a romantic interest to her, thus it’s meaningless to even think about it. Besides, romance is just a huge responsibility on its own. People desire it so much only to not desire it afterward.

“So, what are the three conditions?”

“I haven’t given much thought about them, but… As for the first one, I would like you to give me as much knowledge as you know concerning the other dimensions and the Leveling System, is that alright?”

This is essential to ensure that this isn’t all for naught. Besides, I’m genuinely curious about this overall.

“Very well, but just so you know, there might be things so complex that you won’t be able to completely understand with that brain of yours, even so, you still list that condition knowing that it might result into such?”

In all likelihood, the fact that I listed that condition means that there is an undeniable curiosity towards the system itself, however, this is moreover a precaution method, nothing less or nothing more. If possible, gathering information which surrounds what is unknown to me would be ideal.

“Yes, that’s fine. Now, for the second condition, it will be… To make your disciple.”

“Erm, wasn’t that kinda what it was going to be anyway?”

“No, by this I mean… You will have to teach me everything you know but not just for two weeks, but until when I become like you. Please don’t laugh at this.”

“That’s a very hard task. Not for me, but for you, really. Also, you said for me not to laugh, but it’s really laughable, honestly. But sure, I will accept that condition. However, I will not be able to teach you all there is due to the fact that I’m a surprisingly busy person, henceforth I won’t be able to always be present in such occasions, and do you agree?”

“That’s also fine, I think.”

While we were discussing our own terms, Shiara-san comes over with a cheesecake on a plate, which she held up with her right hand.

“Sorry for the wait, master! Here, that will be 215 yen, please!”

“Thank you once again, here.” I give her the 215 yen in response.

And so, she leaves off once again in a happy mood.



“If she is the one who makes these cheesecakes then you should marry her. Don’t doubt my counsel when it comes to love, I am an expert in that area, no doubt.”

Right, you are such an expert that you have to constantly stare at the maids from here, huh? Well, I’ve never tried the cheesecake, so there might be some truth inside those words, thus not making them as shallow as I perceived them to be. Although, that’s only if it is actually true.

“Is that so? Then can I try the cheesecake?”

“Sure thing, but only just a small portion. I really want to thoroughly enjoy this cheesecake. My God, eating something that is not Astria’s food is purely delightful.”

I don’t know who this Astria person is, but that is a pretty harsh thing to say, even more so if people like you can get someone to cook for you. Leaving that aside, I take the fork and split a small portion of it and lead it to my mouth and it was…

“I know how you feel. You don’t have to tell me. It’s beyond words.”

How correct. The feeling was so heavenly that it took my subconscious to the upper clouds just for a straight second. So explicit yet so simple. It’s not something that can be matched. It truly is the product of someone who has angel hands.

“E-Erm, leaving aside the delicious cheesecake, I’m going to announce my third condition, okay?”


That bastard, enjoying the cheesecake like that. Damn it, if only I had more yen I would order it too, but just the fact that I don’t is devastating. Wait… Don’t tell me that he was waiting for me to spend my money just for this occasion… No way, right..?

“Oi, oi, don’t look at me with such jealousy. Just so you know, there is a 87% chance of you getting a free cheesecake if you repeat these exact same words: “Shiara-san, please make cheesecakes for me every day from now on!”

No. No way.

“As for my final condition, I would like to be able to ride Kaliya.”

“No, that’s impossible.”


“That’s because Kaliya only allows targets which are either super high level or in other circumstances. No matter my influence, Kaliya only obeys the ones that are high leveled in the end.”

“What about the circumstances?”

“You are not among them. Besides, those circumstances are actually harder to achieve than the first one, being that you would have to be extremely high level.”

“So it’s impossible to ride Kaliya?”

“Nothing really is impossible; it just depends on the situation. If you can get a very high level then that’s a start. While it’s not impossible, it’s simply very hard. But I suppose you have no idea what I’m talking about, right?”

“That’s right…”

“Still knowing that you still want to maintain that condition as your third and last?”

“Huh? But you said it was impossible, didn’t you?”

“Yes, it is impossible as you are now, but through lots of effort, you might be able to ride Kaliya someday. As long as you don’t let that possibility go, I think that even you can ride Kaliya.”

I see. So it’s not really impossible huh? To be honest, ever since I saw the number of infinite marbles that lie beyond this reality, inside the Via Temporis, the feeling of euphoria consumed me. Not because of the simple reason that it was something which was never inside my imagination box. No, it’s just that every single dimension from my point of view could represent a new experience with new things, new people, new rules, new ways of thinking and whatnot. I’m tired of being limited and chained down by this world. What else is more exciting than finding out what lay bypass the cosmic borderlines? Although this might just be nothing more than a presumption, I must see it.

“That’s fine. That shall be my last condition, okay?”

“All of that is fine. But just so you are aware, your life will never be the same probably, are you fine with that?”

“I am, that was the whole point, honestly.”

“A fine answer. Let’s go, every time we waste is crucial. Say goodbye to the pretty lady and let’s head towards the Sekryu Mountain.”

“Eh? Why that mountain though?”

The Sekryu Mountain has been brought up now, which steamed up my curiosity. Speaking of which, it all started there, my meeting with Tiddal-san, going into the Via Temporis and so on. At any rate, it’s good to go there, just because of the harmonizing atmosphere that it has presents luck to me for some reason.

“It’s rather quiet; nobody visits it which is oddly convenient.”

I see, so just the fact that it’s silent is enough. There is a degree of agreement that I can definitely come into accord. Still, that doesn’t explain one thing…

“I can see that. However, just what exactly are we going to do there?” I ask as we get up from our seats with the intention of leaving the maid café

Noticing and appealing the atmosphere of the Sekryu Mountain is one thing, although saying that isn’t enough to completely unravel what lies beyond Tiddal-san’s intentions. Thus, asking about it is crystal clear right.

“Don’t worry about that too much. You said that you wanted to be my disciple right? I’m just going to show you what that means.”

Somehow I’m getting chills down my spine. Well, it’s probably nothing. Although my body is weak, it shouldn’t be too much right? It’s just leveling up in the end. It’s nothing more than a system in which is completely similar if not equal to that of a game. There is no way it involves hard work whatsoever. Such things shouldn’t be expected.

“Say, the Leveling System is like a game, right?”

“Game? Be more specific about that, please.”

Huh? Could it be that Tiddal-san has never played a game in his whole life? Well, taking into consideration that he isn’t used to this world there is a slight chance that he might just be extremely old fashioned in all likelihood? Still, if he is familiar with the Leveling System then he should have at least a vague idea of what I’m talking about. Ah, that’s not entirely correct, supposedly. Let’s say that he really is familiar with the Leveling System. Even if he is, there is no guarantee that he is truly aware of what my intentions were when the question ‘Say, the Leveling System is like a game, right?’ was asked. Therefore, he might be quite wary of that question as a whole.

“Um, you know how you start a game in a console and then you have to level up your character to the point where he hits the maximum level thus becoming overpowered. Isn’t that how it is?”

Perhaps that wasn’t as clear as I thought it would originally sound, so there is a chance that Tiddal-san didn’t get what I just said.

“So that’s what you mean by game… Well, we will talk along the way about that. There are lots of things to be explained first. In order for you to understand something complicated first, you need to break down the simplest things first just so that you can hope to understand it. Say goodbye to the pretty girl will you?”

That’s just like him, to not explain things on the spot, huh? Such expectations could be expected from the man named Tiddal. Also, just out of curiosity, I wonder what his other name is. Just like I got my own name ‘Rei’, there is my family name to be considered ‘Kige’. And… Pretty girl? Is he referring to…? Ah, no doubt about it.

“Shiara-san, thank you so much for today! Tiddal-san said that the cheesecake was delicious.” I openly engage an exchange of words with Kogori

“Ahaha, it was nothing. Come back anytime!”

“Bye, then.”

And with that, we left the maid café. Maid Paradisis is such a nice place. Ah, how I wish the whole world could revolve around this place. Pretty girls, a calm atmosphere and good food? Yes, please. No, this isn’t the time to be daydreaming. After all, something big is about to begin, I think.

“So Tiddal-san, what is your other name?”

“Other name? I don’t have one.”

“Huh? That’s impossible, every other person as at least another name, a family name, you know?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Why is that?”

“The answer to that question is obvious. But, I guess you wouldn’t get it.”

“I really don’t…”

“That’s because you’re dense and stupid."

Thus, our little chit-chat went on for a while. We both spoke about several things, mainly concerning the Leveling System and my own doubts about it. Man, I for sure had no idea what was about to happen, but that was all for the best, supposedly. Regardless of the upcoming future, a change was bound to happen. However, is change always good in the first place?
2013, 19th, April.


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