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"In my defense, I hadn't actually been trying to get hit by a truck."

Artemis wakes up alone in a giant futuristic facility with no hint of where she is, how she got here, or what this means. Yet within two weeks, she is shot at with all the guns, a voice is beginning to speak in her head, and she is tormented by a seemingly sentient and possibly trollish space Roomba. Her only hope is Scarlet, another girl who is a complete stranger and almost shot her in the head. Oh, and she has fox ears and a tail. That is possibly worth mentioning.

Artemis is not a nerd. She has never heard of the isekai genre, she can't fight worth a damn, and the blue-collar skills she learned at her community college are absolutely useless in a universe where technology is often indistinguishable from magic. She only has one thing going for her: A mysterious ability to interface with highly advanced technology left behind by the Antecessors, the long lost precursor civilization with technology that no one has been able to adequately replicate.

Finding herself in a universe where civilizations are locked in an interstellar Cold War, where societies are so stratified that the aristocracy commands fleets of starships while slaves wash clothes with their hands, Artemis decides to run away from it all. She has a ship. She'll find a crew. She'll find a way to make a living at the fringes of civilization, learn how to cope with danger, and survive the affections of a universe where everyone is a cute girl with animal ears and tails.

Welcome to Intercessor. AKA Kemonomimi Yuri Space Fantasy. Commissioned by Shaderic. Please leave your sense of shame at the door.

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Great, Enjoyble, Rationale and not Cliche

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: The Arkology (V)

This is a great story which deviates from the usual isekai-MC get transported to medeival fantasy-. Which is great. The nc gramnar, non-stereotype mc(the usual nerd gets bad power fantasy), and of course the adorkable space roomba is just icing the cake.

So far we have only been shown two(three) character. The MC, a malnourished poor and bitter mechanic collage student. So far its been great, shes not pulling out skills which she have no business of learning IRL out of her unlucky ass, there hve been no unrealistic and cringey conflict in which she defeat an enemy(which she obviously couldn't, because you know? Being civilian and whatnot) and then passing out of exhaustion. 

The other character is Scarlet. Who I think might be a sociopath and thank god not the "gets high torturing someon" and more of a person who prioretize logic and reasoning too much. a little bit of too much.

Every scene and moment of these character gas not been waste, you are given a peek on their personality. The difference between them is shown like people not a cardboard cutout every scenes and dialogue


And of course the adorable spaxe romboo. Pet it. Praise it. Hug it. Embrace it.

So far everything have been great and enjoyable and my expectations is moved. And thats saying something for a royalroad webnovel.