by sumo0093

Original HIATUS Action Drama Historical Romance Low Fantasy Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead War and Military Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Check out the book trailer with the original soundtrack I composed for the story HERE!!!

QUOTE FROM TRAILER: "A tale that was hushed and concealed by the heavens during the final days of the seven warring states of China. Here, in plain words, resonates a love with such fleeting beauty like that of a plum blossom, and fellowship with such force in grace and perseverance like that of a heron."

The novel is written in third person in the views of Ying-tai and Xiu Juan who are lovers. Both descendants of Qin, they are separated by the unfortunate events that take place during the 7 Warring States of China and they fight from opposite ends of the world to reunite. In their trials, they are tested against all that they know and the fine line that once divided mankind disintegrates as camaraderie is found amongst the known enemy.

OST Track 1: Prayer

*PLEASE NOTE: The illustrations in the story do not belong to me. They were artworks done by other amazing artists that inspired me to write what I wrote and to create the characters in the story. Most of the photos shown in the chapters were done by one of my favorite illustrators, Ibuki Satsuki (CHECK OUT THIS PERSON'S WORK! THEY'RE ALL AMAZING!!!) I greatly appreciate and enjoy all of their beautiful pieces of work!*

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
~CHAPTER I: Flower Terrace~ ago
~CHAPTER II: Something Important~ ago
~CHAPTER III: Loss~ ago
~CHAPTER IV: A Brother’s Return~ ago
~CHAPTER V: Pressed Plum Blossoms~ ago
~CHAPTER VI: Unrequited~ ago
~CHAPTER VII: Reconcile~ ago
~CHAPTER VIII: Acceptable Rejection~ ago
~CHAPTER IX: Dark Secrets~ ago
~CHAPTER X: Unspeakable Concerns~ ago
~CHAPTER XI: War’s Romanticists~ ago
~CHAPTER XII: Woe~ ago
~CHAPTER XIII: The Message~ ago
~CHAPTER XIV: Lanterns and Departures~ ago
~CHAPTER XV: Stone Cold~ ago
~CHAPTER XVI: A Quiet Greeting~ ago
~CHAPTER XVII: Arising Suspicions~ ago
~CHAPTER XVIII: Warmth to Stay~ ago
~CHAPTER XIX: Broken Brotherhood~ ago
~CHAPTER XX: Broken Bonds~ ago
~CHAPTER XXI: Disorder~ ago
~CHAPTER XXII: A Plan for Chu~ ago
~CHAPTER XXIII: The Proposal~ ago
~CHAPTER XXIV: Yellow in Red~ ago
~CHAPTER XXV: Heartfelt Conversations of a Betrothed~ ago
~CHAPTER XXVI: Crimson Day~ ago
~CHAPTER XXVII: Bygone Days and Heartaches~ ago
~CHAPTER XXIX: New Faces~ ago
~CHAPTER XXX: Jinhai~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXI: The Concubine~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXII: The Hard Truth~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXIII: Beauty in Hell~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXIV: Song for the Enemy~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXV: Fulfillment~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXVI: The Parallel Hearts of Humans~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXVII: Clandestine~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXVIII: The Bow and the Arrow~ ago
~CHAPTER XXXIX: Infliction~ ago
~CHAPTER XL: Presence of Nemeses~ ago
~CHAPTER XLI: The Empress’s Song~ ago
~CHAPTER XLII: ~King’s Heart in Palms~ ago
~CHAPTER XLIII: Augury~ ago
~CHAPTER XLIV: Brotherhood Blinded~ ago
~CHAPTER XLV: King of Brotherhood~ ago
~CHAPTER XLVI: Children of the Renegades~ ago
~CHAPTER XLVII: Light~ ago
~CHAPTER XLVIII: Casting Crowns~ ago
~CHAPTER XLIX: Kingdom by the Sea~ ago
~CHAPTER L: Dead Men Speak~ ago
~CHAPTER LI: Reckoning~ ago
~CHAPTER LII: The Battle at Sea~ ago
~CHAPTER LIII: Delun’s Mission~ ago
~CHAPTER LIV: Unearthed~ ago
~CHAPTER LV: Tread on Virtue~ ago
~CHAPTER LVI: A Blessing To Be Carried~ ago
~CHAPTER LVII: Indigo~ ago
~CHAPTER LVIII: The Tamed Devil~ ago
~CHAPTER LIX: The Grant~ ago
~CHAPTER LX: Conversations of the Past~ ago
~CHAPTER LXI: A Fair Uprising~ ago
~LXII: Kindness~ ago

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First, you should watch the trailer when you have a chance. The music is quite good, suitably epic and poignant. 

This story is written in the style of Eastern epic romance. This means that there is lots of overwhelming emotion, hyperbole, and recurring themes and symbolism. Good guys are paragons of perfection and virtue while bad guys are evil and despicable. She's not just pretty, her doll-like beauty touches the hearts of all who gaze upon her. If that style of writing isn't your thing, bail out now. If you're okay with that style, you're in for an enjoyable read! This is an excellently written example of that style.

The story follows two star-crossed lovers kept apart by things like duty, honor, and the machinations of evil men. They seek to find their way through the world and back to each other as kingdoms rise and fall around them (and because of them). It's epic and moving and poignant. The illustrations scattered throughout are truly gorgeous. 

Fight scenes are not the authors strong point, and there's plenty of things that don't make perfect sense (it feels like some of these kingdoms are only a single city, and there are multiple times where an enemy army suddenly appears at the city gates with no warning) but if you skip the logic and just go with the flow ofof t feel and emotion of the story, it is a truly enjoyable read.

This is a great story that needs better visibility than it has for the quality and effort on display. I'm so glad that I finally decided to give it a try.