The Treeboy (Hiatus)

The Treeboy (Hiatus)

by Vasko

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

                     There's always something that drives people in this world, no matter how small or big it is.

In an underground city, known by no man or woman on the surface, a tree lies deep within its deepest parts, one per year giving the people of the city a treasure as gratitude for the kind and gentle care, a reward of various sizes; be it gold or gold, clothing or weaponry...

Due to conflict emerging through the decades, the citizens formed a contract; every year, on the exact day of the tree giving them their treasure, they would form a competition to choose the owner of it. Or that is how it was supposed to be, at least until someone chose to break the cycle...

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Word Count (7)
Group Leader (III)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Everlasting Tree. ago
Chapter Two: Bloom Of A White Lilium. ago
Chapter Three: Whiter, Black And Red. ago
Chapter Four: The Gem's Mystery. ago
Chapter Five: The Master's Return. ago
Chapter Six: Preparations For The Preparations . ago
Chapter Seven: Beginning Of The Assignment. ago
Chapter Eight: I Don't Want To Be Inferior. ago
Chapter Nine: Mission For All, Part One. ago
Chapter Ten: Mission For All, Part Two. ago
Chapter Eleven: Mission For All, Part Three ago
Chapter Twelve: Mission For All, Part Four ago
Chapter Thirteen: Mission Complete. ago
Chapter Fourteen: Refusal To Expand. ago
Chapter Fifteen: The First Blade. ago
Chapter Sixteen: Baby Steps. ago
Chapter Seventeen: A Flower Mid-Bloom. ago
Chapter Eighteen: Plan For Assault. ago
Chapter Nineteen: ''I'm a big man now!'' ago
Chapter Twenty: Entryway. ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Hellflames Also Diminish. ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: A Piece Of Spite Goes Nowhere. ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Fox Who Felt Human. ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Fox Who Wasn't Human. ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: A Glimpse Of Change. ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Strength In Humility. ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Moment To Recollect. ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Cracking Walls. ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Beginning Of The Final Push. ago
Chapter Thirty: A Lost Man. ago
Chapter Thirty-One: One's True Name. ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Your Precious Name ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: A Princess' Worrying Choice. ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Paper Cuts From Back Then. ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Perfectly Comparable. ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Time For Departure! ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Out And Relatively Free ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Beautiful Green Fields ago
Hiatus ago

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