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The guards had been helpful enough to open the door to the main factory floor when they had responded to my attack, and I took advantage of that good fortune. The interior was bright, and I saw equipment malfunctioning left and right as the mindless machines tried to continue operating through the damage they had sustained. The overcharged laser had not penetrated far into the building, but it had damaged a chunk of the assembly line for whatever it was they were making.

With the careful timing of the factory disrupted, things were going hellishly wrong in places. Any part of the process that didn’t have an automatic shutdown process was going mental, and I saw workers desperately trying to mitigate the damage.

When the workers saw me, they didn’t react at first, their minds too focused on saving the factory. Slowly the workers near me started noticing, and with fearful backwards glances they ran in the opposite direction. Good. Less people to get hurt.

The trip through the factory floor was a lot easier than I had been expecting, and I was surprised when I met even a single guard. Not surprised enough to get shot obviously. I didn’t make it all the way across. I heard the growl of the motorbike first as it echoed off the vast interior of the factory. It reverberated to such a degree that it was almost painful. Who the hell…?

Bastion rode into view on his signature Harley style motorbike, and pulled to a stop with a small drift, his tired squealing. He cut the engine with a practiced flick of his wrist and leapt off towards me.

“You’ve gone too far this time Vulptrix, and I’m going to put and end to it,” he told me, striking a pose.

“You’re like a fucking caricature of everything that is wrong with heroes,” I said with a shake of my head.

“What do you mean?” he said, confused.

“God damn you’re so fucking dense,” I sighed, “Will you just let me past? These fuckers are up to some truly awful shit dude.”

“That’s for the law to decide and you should realise that, before the law catches up to you too,” I scowled.

“Righto then, try not to kill anyone else during this fight huh?” I asked him, not holding out any great deal of hope.

He frowned at the illusion he’d been talking to, “What are you on about no-”

I cut him off when I jammed the stun bar of my gauntlet into the back of his knee. He turned with wide eyes, swinging wildly with a fist. His strike passed harmlessly through another illusion, one I’d left as I teleported away after I’d struck him.

He swung at the illusion again in confusion while I stalked through the machinery around him, watching for an opening. I summoned another copy of myself and sent it running at him from behind. He heard the fake footsteps and reflexively put a shield up to stop the blow that would never come. When the illusion passed harmlessly through him, he growled in rage. Around us both, copies of me sprang into existence about the area. Some perched casually on machinery, while others stood close to him, apparently ready to strike.

“Stop this ridiculousness! Face me like a man!” he shouted, whirling to face each one.

“Like a man? But Bastion… I am no man,” I giggled from a multitude of mouths.

“You evil… wait a Lord of the Rings reference?” he asked, furrowing his brow at the same time as a confused smile sprung onto his lips.

I took that moment to teleport right in front of him and jam the shock bar into his stomach with a savage thrust. The blow connected, but as with every time I’d hit him, he shrugged it off after a moment. During that second he was doubled over, he summoned a shield of energy, using it as a floating blunt weapon to crack me in the side, my ribs protesting but not breaking under the hasty impact. I beat a quick retreat through thin air.

“That was low,” he said sternly.

“Sorry?” I asked sarcastically.

“You’re out of control,” he said, creating multiple interlocking shields of energy around himself.

Me? I’m the one out of control?” I’m supposed to be a villain! You’re the hero with the body count!” I shouted in frustration. How was this dude so dense?

Fuck this, it was time to turn my music up. Getting upset would just cause me to make a mistake. Time to enjoy myself.

Oh my my~ It feels so good, it feels so good, it feels so good~

That was more like it. I smiled, and lost myself to the rhythm of the music. I had multiple illusions attack simultaneously, and I joined them with a twirl mid teleport. My shock bar impacted a shield, causing it to shatter in a brilliant multihued cascade of light.

Oh my my, gonna make my move~

I zipped out of the way when he swung a punch at me, oh he was learning! I giggled, fighting was fun, wish the stakes weren’t so high! I teleported between him and a chunk of machinery, poking my tongue out in a childish taunt. He ignored me, thinking I was a distracting illusion, oh that was funny. I leapt forward, taking advantage of his opening. It wasn’t an opening! I squeaked in surprise as an emergency teleport helped me dodge a lightning fast uppercut from strong and dense.

I'm all in got nothin' to lose~ Oh my my, gonna shake it off~

Damn I loved the drums in this song! The bass too, can’t forget to give credit to the bassist, they certainly don’t usually get enough! Oh shit! I dodged a flying shield that he’d just used as a projectile! He was changing things up on me! No fair!

It ain't no thing, it ain't no thing~ Oh my my, doin' what I want~

Taking another shot at his defence with a quick teleport in, using another clone Vulptrix to take his attention, I was again rebuffed by his irritating shields. I needed a plan! How was I going to get through these things? I watched him from afar as he tore a chunk of the assembly line out of the floor and threw it at me. I sighed as I dodged it, I wasn’t one to talk, but using chunks of the business he was trying to save seemed a bit counterproductive.

Gonna do my thing~ Do my thing~ Put it up high and take it low~

If only I had like a power gauntlet or something. Like, a big metal fist! That would work! Damn, my powers were actually kind of crap for fighting a bruiser like Bastion. I ducked a lost haymaker from him and launched forward off the balls of my feet. Leaping into the air I threw my fist forward to break his latest shield with a shock bar.

I'm feelin' right from head to toe~ Light it up and let it roll~

When my fist passed my face, my eyes widened in shock and confusion. Surrounding my fist was an enormous steel gauntlet that looked like it had been pulled off some sort of giant robot in a dystopian future. Bastion saw it too, as I saw him narrow his eyes in suspicion, turning away from what he believed must be a distraction. It was not a distraction, the power gauntlet went through his shield like it wasn’t even there.

My earbuds fell out of my ears when the blow continued onwards into him, and he was sent crashing through the factory like I’d just launched him from a cannon. What the fuck? I looked at my fist in awe, only to have it dissipate like all my illusions. Did… did I just summon a real illusion?

I looked up at the path of destruction that Bastion had blazed through the machinery, gulping at the sheer power I had just accidentally unleashed. Fuck, I hope he wasn’t dead. I really didn’t want to be put in the same basket as him. Shit! What if he’d hit someone on his magical journey through all that machinery?

I rushed down the new path, checking to make sure I hadn’t hid anyone. Although, judging by the speed he’d been flying at, I doubted anyone who’d been in the path would be anything other than a fine bloody mist. Thankfully I found I hadn’t hit anyone, the workers at least having the presence of mind to mostly stay out of the way.

Bastion, when I found him, was imbedded in a twisted hunk of scrap metal, and I stood and stared in astonishment. He was not in good shape, I could see I’d broken his arm and possibly a leg. He was, mercifully, still alive though, which I could tell by the way he was groaning and trying to get himself out of his predicament.

“You pack a punch Vulptrix,” he wheezed.

“Uh, yeah,” I gulped, “Are you like, okay? I mean, you’re not gonna die are you?”

“Probably not. Just going to feel like shit for a week,” he said around a gasp of pain.

“You… wow, I might pack a punch but you can definitely take one,” I said shaking my head at the line of devastation he’d left.

“I picked the name Bastion for a reason you know,” he said with a pained laugh.

“Righto, well, if you’re okay… I think I’ll get going,” I said, turning to go.

He didn’t reply verbally, instead giving a simple grunt.

I stepped back towards my target. That was… really strange. He’d seemed almost normal after I’d hit him. What surprised me was the way I’d actually genuinely given a shit if he was going to live. I’d figured when we’d had a showdown like this I’d at least feel satisfaction when I put him down. I’d just felt concern, apparently I didn’t want to hurt him that badly? I’m kind of garbage at this villain thing. I didn’t even stay to gloat and tell him my plans!

No sooner was I out of sight of Bastion, than another hero showed up. I felt a truly galactic surge of fear and excitement as Nightbinder landed in front of me, her mouth set in a grim line.

“Vulptrix,” she stated emotionlessly.

“U-uhm, Nightbinder…?” I asked timidly.

I saw her mask of anger twitch for a moment, “What are you doing?”

I opened my mouth to reply, but she cut me off.

“Nevermind, you’re done here,” she said with a slash of her hand.

I squeaked in fear as she caught me by surprise with her chains. They wrapped around me like snakes made of cold iron, and I felt apprehension fill me from tail to ears. I tried to protest, but one of the chains wrapped itself around my mouth, cutting off my ability to speak. I was helpless to stop her as she picked me up in her arms, sparing only a momentary angry glare down at me before she took off.

She carried me out the doors of the factory and into the sky at a speed that left my stomach roiling uncomfortably. Looking down as we flew, I saw SWAT converging on the Yelmorn factory from all angles, and I noticed Seraph diving down from the heavens like an orbit to surface impactor. I saw Nightbinder’s lips move as she flew me away, but I couldn’t hear what she said through the wind. She did not look happy.


When we arrived at our apparent destination, I was both hugely relieved and confused. We stopped at a fairly normal looking inner suburb house, sporting a dark green metal roof and a small yard. The yard itself looked to be in a state of unkempt neglect, and a few battered cars were parked in the driveway, but other than that it was an alright place. We landed on the roof of the first floor, and Nightbinder placed me down in the snow on the roof.

Walking carefully on the icy snow she jimmied a window open and took a peek inside. SHe seemed to be satisfied with what she saw, because she came back over and lifted me up and carried me through the window. The room was… her room? In one corner was a gaming setup much like my own, and clothing was strewn across the floor. A double bed sat in another corner and a freestanding full body mirror in another. After the afternoon I had been through, the mundane nature of the place was strangely jarring.

Hefting me, she threw me roughly down onto the bed and I heard the springs groan in protest.

"What the fuck Kalia?" She growled, standing above me with a scowl.

I tried to speak, but the chain was still in place and preventing it. Nightbinder saw this and made an irritated gesture, dismissing the binding.

“Speak,” she said curtly.

“I was trying to find Kelly!” I yelled, my fear causing my voice to rise in volume.

She lunged forward and placed a hand over my mouth, “Shut up, I think some of my roommates are home.”

I gave her a wide eyed nod.

“Good, quietly this time,” she sighed angrily.

“I had someone investigating Kelly’s death, and I found out that she’s probably still alive! Those bastards at Yelmorn have her! I’m sure of it!”

“What?” she said, her anger giving a bit of ground to surprise, “Explain from the beginning Kalia.”

So I did. I told her about how I’d followed her advice and gotten the help of Redd. I told her about how Redd had discovered that the government had given the revived Kelly over to someone, for experimentation. I told her of the friend kelly had made in a girl called Robin, and how the two had kept each other sane through the weeks of torture and fear. I explained the suspicious connections between the prison and Yelmorn industries.

I saw her face turn back into a mask of anger at my tale, but it was not entirely directed at me. She turned and sat down on the bet next to me, her face dark as her wings. I could see her eyes flicking around as her mind worked away on what I’d told her.

“That doesn’t justify the recklessness of that shit you just pulled,” she finally said, turning to look at me.

I gulped and looked away, “I… I know.”

“Do you though? What if you’d killed someone?” she demanded.

I gulped, closing my eyes to fight the tears that were forming in them, “Laithe… she’s out there somewhere being tortured and killed over and over. What am I meant to do? I just want her to be safe!”

She sighed and I felt the chains disappear. Opening my eyes, I saw she’d dropped her Nightbinder look entirely, and I saw tears in her own eyes.

“What’s wrong-” I started to ask, but I was cut off when she leaned over and enfolded me in a soft caring hug.

“Don’t you go doing shit like that okay? You’re… fuck you’re important to me okay? I don’t want you to be hurt, or taken to some shitty emerged prison just like that one. I don’t want my adorable little fox thief to turn into some monster just like the ones I have to throw around every night!” she cried into my surprised shoulder.

“I’m… I’m sorry! I just, this week I’ve been missing you so bad and it’s been breaking me down and- and I just couldn’t take it when I found out,” I choked out.

“I’m sorry too, I’m sorry I didn’t come find you! I spent the whole damn week covering for you with the feds because they really want to get you Kalia. Even when they let me go I had to keep dodging their attempts to tail me. Shit I’m not sure I’ve been able to keep my identity a secret from them,” she sniffled, levering herself up to look down at me.

“I… didn’t think of that,” I murmured, “I was just, all I could think of was the worst case reasons for you not coming back.”

“Yeah… that happens when you’re into someone,” she nodded knowingly.

“Um, how do you, sorry… How do you want me to operate now? As Vulptrix I mean. Like, I’ll make changes if that’s what I need to do,” I asked softly, looking away again.

“Don’t kill anyone. Don’t permanently hurt anyone. I don’t know what else, just be careful, be sneakier, plan things better and hit targets that you know deserve it okay?” she urged tearfully.

“Yeah… I can do that,” I nodded, “Can I ask you to make a change for me too?”

She searched my eyes for a moment, and then nodded, “What is it?”

“Can you be more lenient with the people you face? Not everyone is a loose nail that needs to be bashed back into line. There’s so many people out there like me, who’re desperate and out of options. The emergence really fucked us…” I explained apprehensively.

“That… is reasonable yeah. But what do we do with people who still need to be taken off the street?” she asked.

“I don’t know… maybe we can figure that out together?” I ventured.

“Sure!” she said with a smile that broke through her tears like the sun does through a gap in the clouds.

I grinned back, reaching up and pulling her down into hug, which she gladly returned.

I shifted my head to get a better angle for neck nuzzling, but she turned to me as well, and suddenly we were kissing softly, our lips dipping together and retreating. Shit her lips were soft… and warm, oh so warm. I let out a little happy whimper as she bit down gently on my lower lip.

“Laithe…” I breathed between kisses, urging her on.

I got a low throaty rumble in response, and I couldn’t help a little happy fox grumble of my own. My hand slid slowly down her side, tracing the curve of her waist as I sought to use her hip as a handhold.

She leaned back, looking into my eyes with… oh gosh. Her eyes were ravenous, molten with desire even. Oh gosh oh gosh. Her mouth curved oh so slowly into a smirk.

"You’re breathing a bit heavily there Kalia, is something the matter?" she asked in a husky singsong.

"U-uhhh, I…" I stammered, my mouth hanging slightly open.

"Well, if you’re not going to use words, I might have to get the answer out of you another way," she grinned, diving down to capture my lips again.

Her kiss was blisteringly hot, her tongue diving fleetingly into my mouth to lap lightly against my own. I let out a whimper of need and answered her in a heady rush. The kiss deepened and deepened, to depths of need I hadn’t thought I was capable of previously. Why was this so much better than it had ever been before? How was I being swept away by just a teasing, worshipping mouth.

When her hand slipped down and slowly, purposefully, pulled the zipper of my hoodie down, I realised where this was going. I was going to there as a woman? My experiences thus far had been as a man, short and emotionally grueling attempts to please my previous partners, but now? Now I wanted it. Needed it. Lusted for it.

I shimmied as she divested me of my hoodie, then slightly regretted it, "The window," I whimpered, hating myself for breaking the flow.

I heard the clanking of chains, and the window slid closed with a thump. Oh. That was useful.

“You’ll warm up,” she said nonchalantly into the kiss.

Her lips left mine then, and I yearned for them to return, but only for a moment, because they found a new place to lavish with desire, my neck. She placed little nips and kisses with her mouth all around my neck, the soft sensitive skin seeming to crackle with pleasure. I couldn’t help it, I let out a happy breathless moan of surprise and a smile bloomed on my lips.

She chuckled into my throat, and I felt a hand slip underneath my t-shirt. It scorched a path of anticipation up my stomach, and a dance of fluttering feelings followed it beneath my skin. Reaching the sports bra I was wearing, she hesitated and leaned back to search my eyes for permission. I growled and pulled her back, just go woman! Take me!

Arching my back to meet her hand, I threw back my arms and let them rest haphazardly above me. That was apparently a sign, because she reached back down, grasped my t-shirt, and pulled it up over my head, my bra following it along the way. Just like that, I was topless, my breasts bared for her, rising and falling with my heavy breathing. She stopped and took me in, her fevered gaze tracing a path across my naked torso. Her tongue flicked out to wet her lips for what she had planned next.

Now I’ve heard girls complain about their nipples not being very sensitive, but I was most definitely not one of those girls. When she leaned down and flicked a pebbled nipple with a teasing lap of her tongue, I gasped. It was like a zap of warm lightning was shot into my chest, and I arched my back again. Damn, she was teasing me so bad!

“Laithe!” I begged.

“You are such a gorgeous little fox,” she giggled.

“Laaaaiithe!” I pouted.

“Fine,” she giggled again, and brought her perfect mouth down.

The full lavishing suck she gave to my nipple was delightful, and a happy cry burbled out of my throat. I felt her other hand reach up to play with the other nipple, and suddenly I was squirming in arousal at her caring touch. She was gentle and eager, somehow realising I was the type of girl who liked it soft and playful rather than too rough.

Without thinking, I reached around her thighs with a leg and pulled her towards me, which she resisted as though I was barely trying. She might be gentle with me right now, but fuck she was strong. It stoked my passion further, knowing how much strength she was holding back in order to give me what I wanted. Well if she was that strong… I reached up with the other leg, and suddenly the lower half of my body was hanging off hers. She chuckled deep and throatily when she felt my weight shift onto her, and gave a playful little nip to the bud on my breast.

Swapping her mouth to the other breast, her hair trailed teasingly across the one it had left, sending shivers of sensation through me. That felt nice. Her free hand began to work its way down my stomach, stopping briefly to glide a ticklish circle around my belly button. I wriggled beneath her at the sensation, but she pressed me gently down, stilling my rebellion.

Leaning back, her inflamed gaze burned into my eyes, searching for my reaction as her hand dipped lower, gently lifting the band of my shorts. I was the one who got a reaction when she realised I was shaved smooth down there, her eyes widening in a pleased smile. The idea that this woman, Laithe, wanted me, craved me like this was a heady intoxicating thing.

It was not nearly as heady as the sensations that swirled through me when a single finger slipped between my wet lower lips. Wow, I was thatsoaked? I mean I’d felt it, but the way her finger had dipped almost frictionlessly between the folds down there was something else. I felt my eyes flutter closed for a moment as she slowly, teasingly explored me. My heart gave a leap when she leaned down and kissed me lightly.

“Keep those eyes open little minx, I want to see them as I make you writhe,” she breathed.

“Okay Lai-laithe,” I moaned softly.

I opened my eyes as she’d requested, and was met by half lidded glowing violet eyes that bored into me with fierce smoulder. Oh that was so hot, that was so fucking hot. I felt my breathy arousal grow, and she took that moment to do a slow circling caress around the hood of my nub. A languid moan bubbled out of me, and I fought my fluttering eyelids, trying to maintain the gaze she’d told me not to break. It was so incredibly intimate, having her beautiful eyes holding mine in a passionate embrace, even as she moved her hand around delicately between my legs.

Suddenly, Laithe went further than just the folds, if only for a moment. I felt one of her fingers dip briefly into the threshold of my entrance, circling the rough contracted walls. With that touch came an explosion of sensation that launched up directly into my pleasure addled mind. I quivered.

“Lai-” I mumbled, trying to say her name and failing.

“Mhm?” she asked teasingly.

“Pl-pleasse, more! More!” I urged breathlessly.

Her reply was to slide a single finger into me, and oh my gosh did it go into me. It felt like forever before she reached a knuckle, and I shivered in delight as the gentle friction of her finger filled my groin with a buzz of sensation. My inner thighs twitched and contracted as they reacted to her questing finger, feeling as though they had been charged like some battery by the sensations.

Her thumb hadn’t forgotten about the rest of me down there, and I felt it begin to gently knead around my clit in a way that had me gasping for air. She kept those motions up for a while, one finger gently sliding in and out of me, while her thumb teasingly caressed my nub and the surrounding sensitive nerves.

Warm pleasure began to build within me, pulsing through the lower reaches of my body, while shooting tendrils out into my extremities. I tried to reach up with my hands to move them across her super suit clad body, but she captured them in her free hand and held them above my head. She smirked when my eyes widened, hers taking on a darkened smokey look that promised mischief. Gosh, the emotional connection between our eyes was almost audibly crackling as she turned the heat up on a seemingly infinite thermostat.

I knew I was getting close when I felt the twitching of my thighs spread to the rest of my body, my back arching and falling as the pleasure built to levels I hadn’t been able to achieve by myself. When her finger curled within me, gently rubbing at the inside wall of my canal, I lost it. I forgot all about Laithe’s flatmates as a breathless shuddering cry surged from me and every part of my body tensed in pleasure. I felt my heart skip a beat or two when even as I came, she gently forced me to hold her gaze.

I incoherently called her name as I rode the crackling sensations of pleasure, “Lai- Lai- Lai- Laithe!”

She slowly slid her finger out, trying not to overstimulate me as I shuddered beneath her, but it was no use. I felt every nerve in my body firing almost randomly with pleasure and sensation, and in a fuzzy haze of happiness faded gently over almost a minute. I heard her lick my juices off her fingers methodically, one at a time.

When I was finally done, I refocused my eyes on hers with a sheepish grin, “Um…”

“You’re rather sensitive aren’t you?” she teased, gently running her clean hand through my hair.

“Mmmmm,” I rumbled a happy fox noise.

“You’re adorable,” she giggled, leaning down to give me a light kiss.

“And you’re way more clothed than I am,” I pouted.

She laughed, “Oh, I guess you’ll have to fix that won’t you?”


“With the zipper on the front silly.”


I did as she told me and reached up to find the zipper at her neck. When she arched her head back so I had room to find it, I couldn’t help but to stop for a moment and admire the image of this beauty. Her head thrown back, her body slightly arched, and her hair tumbling around her shoulders. She was just incredible.

I found the zipper hidden away under a fold of material, and slowly slid the thing down. As I did, I exposed beautiful pale skin, so smooth that it appeared almost artificial. The zipper stopped just below her navel, and I was faintly disappointed it didn’t go down further. Up top, she wore a fairly no-nonsense sports bra of her own, while down below I could see black panties with a tiny hint of lace across the top. Shrugging her shoulders out of the top of the suit and standing up, I got an amazing view as she pulled the nearly skin tight suit off herself.

She was so, so hot. Her body was lithe and perfect in its dimensions, like she’d been sculpted by a video game artist who still had a moderate idea of what a woman’s body actually looked like. She really was like a living breathing statue of perfection. It was incredible.

“Holy shit,” I said in amazement.

“Yeah… it’s something isn’t it?” she asked with a sigh.

“You don’t like it?” I asked, remembering a bit about her being uncomfortable with it.

Climbing up next to me, she started to cuddle, but I stopped her, “One moment.”

Wriggling off the bed, I took my shorts and panties off before they got even more soaked, then got rid of my shoes too. Carefully stashing my necklace in one of my shoes, I climbed back onto the bed next to her in nothing but my thigh high purple socks.

“You’re damn hot too you know,” she said, admiring my naked body as I nestled in next to her.

“Not nearly as hot as you,” I whispered to her.

“Yeah, that’s the thing hey,” she said, breaking eye contact to look at the ceiling.

“So tell me… what’s upsetting you about it?” I asked gently.

“Before I emerged, I was transitioning. I think I told you that. Anyway, I had a lot of transgender friends, because… you know… it’s easier to make friends with people who understand you. I was doing pretty well with my transition, face was looking good, growing boobs and even getting a little hip width at twenty one years old. When I emerged… my body changed, becoming indistinguishable from any woman who had been born that way.

“On top of that, it became an utterly perfect version of me, like a higher power took my rough shape and moulded it into the best it would ever be. I was so happy at first, I finally had the body I’d dreamed of since I knew what dreams were! I was me! Then I made the mistake of trying to be happy about it to my friends. A good majority were equally happy for me, to be sure, but there were some who resented me for it. Tore me down and shunned me.

“I didn’t feel welcome anymore among the people who should have accepted me the most. I know, obviously, that they must have felt terrible seeing me get what they needed so desperately. I felt terrible because I couldn’t give it to them as well, I’d lucked out, rolled a natural twenty, whatever. I didn’t earn this, I was randomly given it. I’m sorry, I’m rambling… this perfect beauty… it lost me friends,” she said quietly.

“So, you felt guilty for having the thing you wished you could give to your friends?” I asked softly.

“Yeah, and honestly I resent the way it poisoned my friendships with every trans girl I’d liked. Shit, I’ve been ostracised from the local community almost entirely since then. Apparently I upset people,” she laughed bitterly.

“But not all of them right?” I asked soothingly.

“Oh yeah, I’m still friends with a lot of the other trans girls, but on an individual level, rather than a group level,” she sighed.

“Well, uh, you have me now!” I said, kissing her on the tip of her nose, hoping to cheer her up a little.

She giggled at the contact, giving me a squeeze, “Yeah I do!”

“Plus, I think they might come around eventually, and if not… well you might be able to help them in other ways,” I said as an idea formed in my mind.

“What do you mean?” she asked in confusion.

“Well, think about it! We have access to all this crazy new tech, surely we can figure something out!” I said excitedly.

Her eyes widened as she realised what I was saying, “You mean like… develop a super HRT or something?”

“Yeah exactly!” I grinned.

“Whoa, yeah okay, that… that’s a worthy goal, and it would definitely help my friends!” she said, her face brightening with a dazzling smile, “Damn, honestly I feel dumb for not thinking of that.”

“Hey that’s why you’re dating the crazy fox engineer!” I winked.

“Speaking of dating, you owe me something,” she said sitting up.

“Wait, what do I owe you?” I asked, my brow furrowing with confusion.

Her expression changed to one of caring mischief, and she pushed me down onto my back. Wait, when did she take her underwear off? Oh. OH!

Positioning herself over me, I looked up at her with excited devotion. Right, I guess I did owe her!


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