Ignore this chapter, I have decided against doing this for now. 


Heyyyyy! I will start this the same as last time to assuage any worries - No I am not dropping the story nor putting it on hold for months on end nor starting another work.

So I know the story is still not super far along and I have only been writing it for less than a month but the amount of stuff I have learned about writing, storytelling, outlining, that I should design world systems that will be needed later ahead of time - just EVERYTHING is massive.

Thank you, everyone, who has offered me advice, feedback, criticism, other author's works to look at for examples and so on - basically anyone that left a comment or hit me up in Discord. I want this story to be great and as people are pointing things out and I am learning I have come to realize two major points.

1.) With the ways things are headed now it will be very hard to keep the story at a standard of what I would like. I failed to do some important stuff earlier on, such as actually having a defined magic system in place (yea I'm that dumb), and I would like to go back and fix these issues so that the story remains fun for me to write. In its current form, I am still enjoying the story and what I have planned but I do not think I can implement my plans well without adjustments.

2.) As some have pointed out, and again I love it it's not a bad thing, my writing is not the best. The one guy on chapter 5 who left a nice big comment for me introduced me to a basic of writing I didn't even know and have since read lots about techniques related to showing and not telling. Implementing this in the current chapters will be a BIG change to the feel of the writing and will enhance the reader experience greatly.

So, I am going to take some time and begin another rewrite (for those of you not with us before, I did a rewrite around chapter 10) and I have no idea how long it will take. I will keep you guys updated in my Discord as well as on this post. I have a nice big list of stuff to change, fix, adjust, look into and so on and plan to start as soon as I am done typing this.

I'm sure some will be disappointed and leave, and I am sorry I ruined a fun activity for you, but I am very much enjoying to write but can't see myself enjoying it much longer as things are. Feel free to ask questions, give your own ideas/suggestions/changes/fixes and so on. I am about to go back through and read EVERY comment on EVERY chapter again and note down the contents and pluck out what seems of use.


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