Yooo progress update. Sorry about the two chapters a day for a bit and then nothing. I am a bit of a perfectionist and cannot stand issues that I missed not having easy ways around them without going back and changing lots of other stuff. HOWEVER. Please do not keep this event from continuing to point out anything that seems dumb, wrong, too unbelievable, and so on.

I wrote two entirely brand new prologues, both over 3000 words and one of them I actually want to turn into a second story later on because the idea I had for it is amazing and I am excited to work on it eventually.

I have a small group of people whose opinions I trust on these matters and after the various feedbacks for each of the versions and changes and such it is looking like my best bet is to keep the Prologue and story as it is and go from here. I will treat this as a learning exercise, and it really is, since it's my first proper storytelling attempt. Its something I have always wanted to get into but failed so having a solid base was SO exciting for me. Finding out it wasn't so solid, not quite as exciting. But I am not letting that break me! I ran through all my options for new intros and such and decided to stay as is.

I currently have the OUTLINE for chapter 20 mostly written at a 1000 words of rough outline, so it may very well turn into chapters 20 and 21 when all is said and done. 1000 words of an outline is a lot of story and events to flesh out.

Anyway thanks to anyone still checking back to see what's up. I don't work late tomorrow and plan to have chapter 20 out. I am thinking it might be best for me to single releases until I have a stock built up for emergencies like how I didn't post the last 2 days.


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