At first glace, 18 year old Lester Dunn seems pretty run-of-the-mill; nerdy, socially awkward and with a creative itch in need of some serious scratching. After years of perfecting his ideal Video Game he's reached a road block - that is until a mysterious code lands in his lap. Now one wrong click has landed him and everyone he loves into a world of his own creation.

Along with his younger brother, a classmate and an artificially created NPC best friend named Kappa, he must fight against the realities of the game world! 

The Code is a GameLit with twists, turns and a great deal of humour!

Also available in audio! Justin Thomas James narrates it here:

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Harlan Guthrie

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A nice short story, with a unique idea.

I enjoyed reading this through and found the various concepts behind the plot to be well thought out and consistent.

The story could use a bit of polishing up, as some points seemed discarded at times, or left as unexplained loose ends.

While the story lacked a little in character development due to its length, it held its own unique message, which I find is often missed in other stories.

Struggled a bit on the first page, but soon found myself imersed in the story.

Overall a nice read. Give it a go.


Lighthearted, smooth read.

Ani's Glance Review(TM) on 'The Code':


Style and Grammar:

The style isn't overcomplicated, as expected of first-person. The MC doesn't sound bland at all, and always kept that funny tone with him the entire prologue. No major grammar issues either. Though some sentences could have been worded a bit differently, but this one is subjective anyway.

4 star. Not bad.


Story and Character:

Only tidbits and hints about the story were given on the prologue. The entire chapter was spent describing his past experiences with a certain sandbox game, which didn't really add up to the actual plot of the story. Still, from the hints and synopsis alone, it promises something that can be thoroughly enjoyed by a large amount of readers.

As for character, Lester came off pretty well. He's a human. He plays minecraft. He wants to develop a game after playing minecraft. Sounds pretty realistic to me! Also, Lester tone, as said in the Style and Grmmar section, is pretty lighthearted/funny. Reading the prologue was like talking to that nerdy friend you have that always play games even with an exam tomorrow. Yeah, those people.

4 stars.


And that's all for my review. This empress gives you her blessing, TheLiriValley. Good luck and have fun writing~.



Funny, imaginative and interesting! Glance Review!

I'll admit it, before I started this book, I didn't think you could have a prologue that was basically explaining Minecraft. But I will say this, I'm definitely happy that it has happened!

There wasn't a lot about the style for me to touch on in the first chapter. It read well, and the style didn't really compliment the story/book as much as it should, but it was still fine. No issues that I could see!

Good use of grammar as far as I could see; semi-colons; commas; periods, basically all the normal stuff. None of it was used incorrectly and it all flowed well and helped keep the pace of the story moving along. Grammar definitely complimented the story and the book, so I hope it kept up.

There isn't a lot of story in the first chapter/prologue, which is entirely acceptable. It's easy to see that it's building up to something, mainly because that's how the first chapter is written. In my opinion, the story that's outlined in the first chapter is very enticing, and the way that it's written is rather captivating as well. I think the story will definitely be worth your time.

I think for most of us, we either knew someone or were the pimple-faced 12 year old that spent too much gaming. They're relatable, they're funny and overall have the makings of a good MC that people would care about.

Overall, I think from the first chapter that 'The Code' is outlined marvellously. I think that it's a very, very good starter - almost phenomenal. In the end, I recommend that if the tags suit your fancy, that you should definitely check this out. Worst case scenario is that you put the book down after a few laughs! 


a review ; my review of this novel

It's really not a traditional webnovel, but the conversational style and strong voice sell this weird offbeat world with really understated but interesting characters. There are some flaws with regards to pacing and the lack of fists making bloody, brutal contact with faces, but hey, not every novel can be about punching.

Charlie McDhoom

Great story and combined with the audiobook... this is a must read for all who appreciate RPGs, humour and adventure! 


Only a few chapters in and loving this story so far. Every little detail from interactions with other characters to past experiences breathe so much life and believability into Lester Dunn. He is such a relatable character with his fears and struggles that it is impossible to not become absorbed in his story in some way. Especially if the reader is a fan of RPGs and fantasy. Overall, very solidly written. I am eager to see where the story goes.