“Who's there!?”

Michael Mundy's fierce voice came from behind the door, and even through the thick panels, his voice still resonated powerfully throughout the hallway.

I felt like a ridiculously vulnerable child. In fact, it wasn't because of Michael's voice; it was because I was paralyzed by my own thoughts.

The door was roughly pushed open, and the harsh light made me instinctively put my hand in front of it. Then I was dragged into the office by a large hand from Michael's collar.

Michael saw that the eavesdropper was a student. The fierce, threatening look in his eyes disappeared.


After seeing me, Dianthe unconsciously said my name with a look of panic and uneasiness, while Michael knew me after seeing Dianthe and confirmed my identity as her classmate.

"What are you doing here, a little weasel?”

"I... I didn't do anything!"

"Tell me!"

I could even see the blood pulsing in his eyelids. He picked up my collar and began to question me.

“I only came to look for her! Today she is on duty in the classroom, but I’m afraid she forgets to remind herself!"


"I am telling the truth!”

"Remember, you didn't hear anything."

"I really didn't hear what you were saying. I just stepped on the bottle by the door."

In fact, I don’t know where I got the courage to find reasons to deceive Michael. I seem to be scared silly, my head was like a woodpecker kept nodding, no matter what Michael said, even if it was for me to jump off the building, I still nodded uncontrollably in agreement.

As if I were absolutely boring and useless, he threw me back on the couch and warned, "You're not the right person to be around the supernatural. You'd better stay away from the supernatural. You didn't hear anything today.”

Then Michael still looked me in the eye and let me know that I was scared out of my wits.

After repeatedly threatening me, he turned to Dianthe and said, "Miss Dianthe, it seems that this is all we can talk about today. I will report to the Ohio branch about your failure to cooperate with a social experiment.”

“You don't have to tell me; of course I don't want to be controlled by life in your hands!'

Dianthe seemed to be angered by Michael. Dianthe's body gave off a layer of smoke, and blood appeared in her black eyes, but this abnormal phenomenon did not make the officer shake.

For a long time, still in the air filled with the smell of gunpowder. I did not notice how messy the office at that moment; originally on the desk by the window, some office supplies were on the floor and the smashed glass of water wet the floor. It was swept everywhere because of some strange force. The walls and windows had a few marks. This was most likely from Dianthe’s quarrel with Michael.

Dianthe’s silence pacified his mood, she looked at the scarred office and seemed to helplessly sigh. She reached out in the air and a wave, a white light from her palm burst out of nowhere, shining in the scarred office.

Like a magical attack of the Harry Potter movies, my vision was suddenly distorted, and the cluttered office seemed to have gone back in time as if the fight had never happened and the noise had come from the next room.

"Dianthe, is this your doing?"

Seeing this magical scene, I was a little speechless and a little confused between reality and illusion.

"I'm sorry I implicated you, I'm sorry... "

Dianthe didn't seem to want to answer my question directly, she just sat quietly beside me, put her head in her knees and began to sob in a low voice, but she held back her emotion when sobbing, trying not to let herself affect others.

I didn't know what to say to comfort her. I just patted her on the back and touched her hot head, trying to distract her from the topic.

"Is that Michael... No, who is he?”

"Blare...... He's the head of the Mythological Biological Exchange Administration in Ohio, which monitors my ability to adapt to society. You’ve probably seen on TV. They administration is responsible for the integration of mythological creatures into human society on American soil.

It seems that my words played a role, keeping Dianthe buys with answering questions. Because of this, she was no longer crying, and raised her head indignantly to dry here tears and come back to her senses.

"The strange space above America; is that the land of dreams?"

"Yes, but that's not the whole story. In fact, any mythical creature that enters the U.S. territory have to be managed."

"And what does he mean by a social experiment?"

"This...... "

"I wonder."

"Well, for your information, mythological creatures are under a regulation of the United States government. Mythological creatures can only qualify for the right to act freely in human society through the period of social observation and experimentation. Often the human responsible has the absolute right to determine the if the mythological creature qualifies or not.

Dianthe's eyes looked helpless, which made me understand the cause and effect: Why Mrs. Tucker trusted Michael so much; Why Dianthe could be controlled by others to show her power and lastly; Why she had such attitude towards Michael in their earlier dispute.

"But obviously I'm not good enough, I'm not tolerant enough, I can't even stay for two days. I'm going to be sent home tomorrow... "

Dianthe's tone was full of helplessness and sadness, with her lips gritting her teeth to express her unwilling heart. It seemed that she really cherished this opportunity as an exchange student.

"Er... I don't know too many details, but can you stay?"

I touched her head with a smile, and I didn't know whether she was hotheaded or not. Although I didn't think I could stop Dianthe from leaving after saying a few words, I still tried my best to express my sincerity. At least before she left, I made her feel that at least someone cared about her in her heart.

Although she has been here for only two days, she experienced a lot of things, even brought us very tiring "trouble", but overall, I think Dianthe’s character is not bad. Even before my thoughts of her, having a guilty reaction, I only had a strong curiosity about the QiLin girl. This person appears to be inhuman, yet makes a person feel that she is still a really very cute girl.

"Why, do you want me to stay?”

Dianthe seemed to hear inspiring words, and her expression was shocked. The black human eyes flashed a golden light, and the Asian people's signature black pupils changed into a pair of crystal agate gemstones, reflecting the innocent brilliant brilliance of the sun.

The sudden changes made me stop breathing, but I didn't overreact. After all, I had been used to seeing her strange ears and tail exposed frequently, so I was used to this girl's non-human features.

"Because I'm your desk mate."

I answered her with a smile, but it was a pity that at that time, I did not realize how important and powerful this sentence would be.


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