My Classmate is QiLin

by ExactChangeOnly

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy Low Fantasy Mythos Non-Human lead School Life Super Heroes Supernatural Urban Fantasy

They are real. There are different people and mythological creatures in the world.
Because of a space cycle, the hidden doors of different worlds have been opened one after another, and mythological creatures from different worlds have flocked to each other.

In order to deal with these mythological creatures, the human government has introduced the Mythological Biological Communication Method to ensure world peace between human beings and mythological creatures.

Christopher Burba, a high school student living in Painesville, Ohio, never thought that his life would change, thinking that he would only live and die like an ordinary person.

However, in the beginning of his high school life, he was disturbed by a strange exchange student; a QiLin named Dianthe became his deskmate, bringing him a completely different life.

With the opening of the hidden door of different spaces over the world, mythological creatures from different worlds flock in. In order to deal with these mythological creatures, the human government has introduced the Mythological Biological Communication Method to ensure world peace between human beings and mythological creatures.

Like Husky's silly Anubis werewolf, the devil who likes to do good, an Immortal bird who always walks away from himself, the princess of the sea demon who sings seriously out of tune...

Mythological creatures have come into his life and brought him a new life. When Western Americans meet mythological creatures, what kind of sparks will they explode?

Ha-ha, when you think of how wonderful all this life is, the "Gods' Dynasty" has already been staring at you.


? This story is written, by Treasure Dragon (CHN). I, ExactChangeOnly (USA) am her translator and interpretor. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to donate to our paypal! It encourages her to continue writing content and me to translate.

? Updates will be Monday to Fridays.

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? Readers who do not have WeChat can send me, ExactChangeOnly, a PM and I can ask the author or relay your comment, concern or encouraging words to her.

Thank you kindly and we hope you enjoy the chapters to come!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Life Without a Still Water ago
Dianthe: Can't Be Relaxed to Be Ordinary ago
A Physical Ability Beyond Human - QiLin ago
The Disgust of Sorrow ago
QiLin: Dianthe's Confession ago
The Inner Struggle of a QiLin ago
The First Friend ago
Asking for Help is not Really Cowardice  ago
An Unlaughing Dianthe ago
Revenge of the Bad Girl ago
Beauty Saves the Hero ago
Woda~~ Ahda~~ ago
Crossroads, the Choice of Fate ago
Michael Mundy Comes to the Rescue ago
A Falling Goddess ago
The Verbal Cannon of Na-Jia, the Goddess of Water ago
MPR Foundation, Move Out! ago
New Regional Director - Ray Pride! ago
The Goddess of Car Repair ago
The End of the Matter ago
The Will of the Gods of Water ago
The Heavy Collar of Doubt ago
Dianthe's Strength ago
A Princess Betrayed by a Knight ago
A Kiss Erases Hate ago
A Change in Mindset ago
The Goddess' Principles of Social Conduct ago
The Truth About Blair's Transformation ago
News of the New Students ago
Literary Creation of Mythical Creatures ago
The Undercurrent of America ago
Let's Go Out for the Weekend! ago
A Passenger Who Wet His Pants ago
Naked Lovers Who Make a False Alarm ago
What’s It Like to Go on an Outing With a QiLin Girl? ago

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  • Overall Score

A fantastic start of  a story. The characters dont feel one dimensional. The story itself is interesting and I liked it. It was surprising for me to find no star rating as this is easily on of the better story on RR. The spelling and grammar I found no problems with as a english 1st language speaker. 

All in all good story would like more.