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With nothing but the voices in his head to guide him, twelve-year-old Cameron has wandered the streets for more than two years, never staying in one place for more than a few months at most.

Thirteen-year-old Greyson spends his weeks patching up a werewolf who fights in an underground mage arena to make money.

Living alone, fifteen-year-old Eden has no friends and challenges himself and his limits by fighting in an underground mage arena.

When the three of them meet, tensions are rising in Tejina, a city with many mages and supernatural beings. Wars are brewing there, and these three youth find themselves at the center of all of them. Mages, supernatural creatures, gods, and angels are about to clash, and these three youth will find their magic - and their minds - put to the test.

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Un pwasson volant
  • Overall Score

In no way do I consider my opinion objective. But I liked what I read, and it intrigued me. I thank you for writing, simply writing. For I like to read, simply to read.

To expand upon this, the magic system is rather original, wich leaves me curious and wanting to learn more about of it.

The characters could be more defined, I think. Not by backstory or something like that, just, litterally, more defined, or if you need more words to say the same thing, contrasted, different, divergent, distinguished... And such. But it is mere suggestion, I don't truly see the need, as of now, at least.

As for the story, let's just say I reserve my rights to comment on it later if I so feel the need, it is not yet developped enough as of now (ten chapters in).

Regardless, as I said previously, I think the story is good and I will certainly continue to read it.

  • Overall Score

Honestly if this were a novel, I'd buy it

A well written, enjoyable read. One thing I really appreciate about this novel is that it focuses on the fantasy and magic of the setting. There's no point where the author stopped writing something I wanted to read, unlike lots of other fantasy stories set in modern earth. 10/10 would recommend. 

  • Overall Score

a tree, with the boys

Read up to 01-032.


The prose/techincal aspect is dandy, I can't discern any obvious flaws. The magical parts about this are pleasantly surprising. I'd recommend anyone remotely interested in the premise to try it out.


Flaws; alright here are more of a critique part of the review. Beware! spoilers from here on out.

I don't like the foreshadowy parts of this fic. I can't help roll my eyes sometimes by how unabashed events are talked about before they happen. And then they happen... and you can't help but think "okay, I was told this would happen, and then it happened in a few chapters. Cool I guess? Now what?" It feels forced in an odd way, and sometimes melodramatic in a sense. "Hey don't get kidnapped dude" into a few kidnap attempts, into finally one that is successful. It's kinda bland and one tracked. Maybe hide the foreshadowing better to be more subtle, or have a bunch of foreshadowed things happen at the same time so that they interfere with each other into a radically different outcome. Or make expectations be exceeded or somewhat be different to what is expected or even reasonable.


I have a few other problems with the fic, but they are things that can be solved with time/more chapters. For example, why does fairy land exist even though they keep kidnapping kids? They go over the gist of it, and explain why they still exist, but hopefully there are more rational reasons on it. It kinda went over my head too. Okay, cool, there's a ring that can grant us access to that place, that seems awfully convenient and if there aren't more explanations... I'm not so convinced that this is the first time ever that this opportunity is present. Give me a reason that this is plausible, like a higher level plot kinda thing. If we witness the fall of something that has been impenetrable for a cajillion years, then there has to be better or more reasons than "oh yeah found this ring lol". Or have there be a reasoning of well we can't massacre fairy land cause insert complicated reasons. Or both, or something.


And then there's the main character is a spawn of a god thing. My impression of this fic was poor impoverish kinda schizophrenic orphan boy rises up, but then it turns out he's divine. Feels golden spoony. But again, this can be explained with more time. Also what's the end game to all this? Like okay, watch mind mage boy become mind mage man, then what? Change society? we don't know enough about the world. Not to mention the main character doesn't give a shit about much. This might be solved anyway with character developement and more chapters.

  • Overall Score

A great fantasy story with a unique magic system.

This story absolutely captivated me. I loved it's build up from the small problems of a orphaned street child to the grand of the gods. The characters are likable in their own flawed way though some could be fleshed out a bit more. All in all I recommend this story highly to anyone looking for a fun fantasy book.