Eating Gods, Becoming Beasts

Eating Gods, Becoming Beasts

by uncultured

Original HIATUS Comedy Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Over countless lifetimes, Bu Bian has always squandered his potential on drunken schemes and foolhardy attempts to become rich. Only his endless ability to kiss up to the almighty judge of the afterlife has kept him from being thrown into hell. When his latest reincarnation ends in another disaster of his own making, the judge sets him an ultimatum -- redeem his thoroughly filthy karma in a single lifetime, or be sentenced to ten-thousand years of suffering,

Alas, Bu Bian might well be incurable, and his attempts to do good can only lead to even worse disasters.

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One can only imagine how much Wuxia and Xianxia fiction Uncultured must have painstakingly studied for comprehension and deeper insight, before carefully refining each familiar idiom and turn of phrase and coalescing them into a dao of staggering purity and depth.

Eating Gods, Becoming Beasts shamelessly straddles the line between imaginative folklore and cleverly written serial, serving as both a fresh breath for veteran readers of the genre and an excellent introduction to initiate the unaware and unsuspecting.

Each character is rendered in exquisite detail, and every scene lovingly built up to paint surprisingly vivid visuals as the story unfoldsadding color and life that stands above and beyond other Wuxia and Xianxia I've read. I wouldn't dare to give this any less than a full five stars.



  • Extremely well written (for a cultivation novel)
  • likable characters (especially the MC) 


  • As I mention in the title, this is abandoned.
  • Falls into the usual trap of cultivation novels. MC gains power so quickly that seemingly insurmountable problems are blown by in a matter of moments.
  • Power curve / gain is stupid fast
  • Shallow female leads (this one is debatable)

Enjoyable for some light reading - but don't expect the author to return anytime soon.


Awesome novel overall!


I am liking it so far! One of my pet peeves, but I don’t like asian character names. XD

For the style, it’s a classic story telling style. Narrator speaks in third person, while characters talk to each other. It’s a nice style that can’t go wrong.

For story, he plotnisnt unique, but I’d rather common. BUT, I love this kind of plot, I can’t get enough of it, so I gotta give it a good rating!

Next, grammar is perfect. I couldn’t spot any mistakes and your use of language is better than average. Word choice especially.

Lastly, character. It’s your usual character archetypes, but if you do it right, it’s awesome. And that’s exactly what you did!

Loving the story! I advise everyone to at least give this novel a try! Keep on writing!


Bu Bian, the MC we all wanted.

This is a glance review!

The style worked surprisingly well for this story, it complimented the story and the pace of it in a way that you would hope for. It's easy to read so it only leaves you wanting more, which is the ideal way to make a story. All in all, the style may be simplistic in some areas, but it is definitely the right choice for the story.

As expected for a prologue that is mainly defining a character and their motives, there isn't much greater plot foreshadowing. However, the small plot of the prologue was genuinely fantastic, it was comedic and interesting. It gives you the general idea of how this universe will be as well as setting up a very good baseline for the level of enjoyment that'll be gained throughout this novel. In the end, the story is creative and seems like it will only get better.

There wasn't a single mistake as far as I saw, but at the same time, the grammar wasn't very extra. What I mean is that there weren't any risks taken, so it stayed at a basic level. However, it was all correct and linked in well with a simplistic style so it does help in the end at doing its job. 

The character of Bu Bian is amazingly defined with motives by the end of the first chapter/plogue which is exceptional for a story. They're interesting, you can't really pity them but you do get intrigued by them. It's superbly written for a prologue and only sets up the tone that it'll be better. The character of Hou Shenfeng is also defined, with how you can see that they're fearful, reliant on others and easily manipulated/tricked by Bu Bian.

It all sets up for a novel where the characters will only shine in the creative story. From the first chapter, this story looks funny, reads well and leaves me longing for more. I can only hope that this is how you will feel, because I highly recommend that you try this out and fall in love with the mischevious Bu Bian. Good work!