Cycles of Power

by Emliss

Riva is a sapient dungeon trying to survive and discover where she came from. But no one exists in isolation. Will Riva be able to survive the adventurers and intrigue to come? Who is this human in her visions?  Will Riva ever reclaim her past and secure a future?...

Thousands of years ago wild dungeons appeared out of nowhere and conquered the world. Armies could not hold back the infinite hordes of spawned monsters. The sapient races barely eked out survival in the corners of the world. Only the infighting between the savage dungeons allowed the sentient races to outlive these dark ages. Out of this struggle, adventurers were forged. By conquering weaker dungeons, adventurers discovered how to capture life energy to perform great feats of strength and create magic.

Now, as adventurers pushed back dungeons, population boomed again. But with rising numbers comes new factions, greed, and war. Caught among these powerhouses lies Riva.


On hiatus for the foreseeable future. I finished the first arc, improved my writing a lot, and learned I want to write from a humanoid perspective. Currently building up chapters for new series.

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This has the makings of something truly amazing. Already I find myself intrigued with the MC and I'm looking foward to learning more about the world. I would love to see this novel get more support and to see it become a truly amazing work and a fine addition to this site that I think it could become.

(Warning below is just my little rant on favorite dungeon novel stuffs)

My only suggestion and this is based only off of my preference for technical thing-a'magiggers is that you may wish to add more detail about how things work. One of the series that I enjoyed made use of this in a jungle themed floor wherein he (the dungeon) wanted to make a miniature water cycle for the floor complete with rain and everything. So he added heating elements via heat runes and when the water slopped off to the side it would hit the heating element and turn to vapor thus rising to the top of the floor several hundered feet up where it would cool, condense, and rain thus creating a foggy jungle where it would rain. I just love that sort of stuff.

Mister Bill

Great up to, and including, chapter 16

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: End of Arc 1

Fun little dungeon story. Well worth a read. Certainly a pretty unique take on the dungeoncore genre. It might move in more traditional directions in a while but I doubt. 

Instead, it looks like it’ll stay fun and unique for quite a while. It’s basically what I wished that dungeon world book was like. 


As of Chapter 12

 I enjoyed the early chapters but am really loving the latest chapters. Great dungeon, character and plot development. I'm tempted to wait until you are done and then binge read, but I want to see what happens next. I'll keep reading if you keep writing. Really impressive for a first fiction.