Flying through the sky

Days passed


Maybe even months

Unsure of the exact

Time has lost its purpose for me

Being unable to correctly guess it.

I Once could

But that was a long time ago.

When you have lived for as long as I have

Time seems to

Blurr togheter.

One year seeming more like a day

Hundreds of years feeling like a long nap.

But you know

These weeks have not been like that.


They have been the opposite

Never ending


Going on

And on

And on

And on



Let this pain go away.

I do not want it

Not again.

Have I not been through enough

Why must I live like this

Why do I have to suffer.


Why am I




As I flew

I found myself trapped.

Trapped inside my own head

I need to escape.

I do not want this.

Trying to flee

I scanned my environment

Flying above, looking for



To take my attention.

Soon, I found myself above the Fauns city.

High, high above

No mere mortal eyes could ever wish to see me.

But I could see them.

Clear as day

Even as it was night.

The Fauns were moving around wildly

Going from house to house

Never staying outside for long.

Feeling unsatisfied, I searched for that little morsel

That little Faun

No longer little.

The one who had promised me subjects

Something to occupy my time with.

But as I stared down into the still smoking building that housed the chamber

The place where everything had gone to hell

Where she did a horribly stupid mistake.

I could see many elders gathered

And from the way they were pointing

They did not seem to be united

Looking more like the opposite.

At least

The Faun, who were no longer little, was still alive.

The Human seemed fond of her-


Nothing for me here

I did say I would give her time

Time to convince her fellow Fauns.

Or did I?

Seems time is not the only thing you forget.



Thinking about subjects

Was there not a lizardmen tribe underneath that mountain?

They usually came with offerings.


I could go to them.

See what trouble I could stir up.

With that, I flew away from the city.

Flying straight towards the mountain.

In my path.

I noticed something

Or rather, I have noticed many things.

I’m not usually this observant

So I have come to see a great many things.

But this “thing”

It was special

This “thing”

Was a writhing, moving ball of rats.

From where I flew, they looked small.

But distance betrayed actual size

As the moving ball of writhing rats were bigger than even the Fauns city

Numbering in the hundreds of thousands

If not millions.

What an interesting sight

I wonder what they are doing?

Maybe I should follow

If they continue forwards, they will arrive at the Fauns city

That would indeed create an interesting situation.



It would not be interesting enough

It would be beneath me to go back now that I have already decided on a destination.


I do not want to go back

I might see the hum-


Continuing flying

I was met with flying wyverns

Creatures of respect

Copies of us dragons

Mutated through magic

Evolved through time.

Wyvarn’s lacked many things that we dragons had

For one

They only had two legs instead of our, obviously superior, four.

And sporting wings instead of legs

Where we had four legs and wings.

The other thing they lacked

Was there below average intellect.

I mean compared to us Dragons

Compared to any other creature, they were very smart.

But sadly

They lacked the verbal or telepathic powers to communicate with others

Even so

They were highly social.

Never staying in groups less than four, if possible

Also, staying faithful to one partner for the rest of their life.

I have even heard of empires that tame wyverns

Using their very social nature to their advantage.


I spit on such thoughts.

We Dragons would never submit ourselves to such a faith.

Only other Dragons can rule Dragons.

And only Dragons may have a Dragon partner.

Even though there existed


Let us call them.



The flying wyverns were following me

Trying to get my attention.

Something that was unfortunately very common

For wyverns lacked one important thing that distinguished them from us Dragons

The one thing that they wished for

The one thing that their forefathers had wished for

The reason that wyverns existed in the first place.


A thought so laughable that even gods felt pity for them

Giving them the gift of undeath

Of age never being a problem


You see.

That is not immortality

For wounds can still hurt


And kill.

A while later

I found myself over the great old forest

A forest older than even me

Existing in the times of gods




Just like me...


Maybe not exactly like me

One of those great trees was felled by the human

She holds great power-



Look down there.

The path of the fallen tree has created a big clearing.

Giving us flying creatures a chance to peer down the massive forest

And see something spectacular.

A mass of moving flesh

Of slimy scales glittering in the sun

Of lizardmen marching.


Is that not the lizards that lived beneath my mountain?

If they are

They have multiplied

Going from maybe a hundred

To what I see now.

The little I can see from the clearing

Tells a story of many

A story about maybe a hundred thousand lizards

All marching

Marching towards the stone lands

And then towards the Fauns city.



To think that me, merely sleeping, would yield such an army


I am truly something great.

Creating armies in the dark

Without even knowing it.

Can gods do that?

No they cant




Yes, I am the best

The greatest

The most powerful

I can do anything.

I can..


Flying past the lizard army

I sped up

Leaving the wyverns behind me.

Screeching and firing their magic into the air

Sounding as if they were in despair.

Flying faster and faster


I stopped.

Stopping in front of my mountain

A large gaping hole in its side

Big enough for me to fit


For a much smaller human.


Stepping inside

I huddled up

Head resting on two legs

Curling up into a ball

Letting out a small sigh of fire.


Home at last

It has been a weird journey.

But now

I will sleep

And all the pain will be gone

Centuries will pass

And everyone will be dead.

And I will remain


That is how things should be

How it should end.




I am sorry Human,



Liked you, and I wish we could have been











An eye opened

A thought formed


This ca not end like this

This is not the end.

Far from it

Comparing this to all other times

I can still fix this

She is still alive

I can still


Oh how I hate that word




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Bio: Hey, Hi, Hola, Hej, my name is Edvin and i do this as a hobby. I know i'm not good at writing but i really enjoy it so i probably wont stop :)

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nindjak ago

You know, I just binged through your entire story, and I think I wouldn't want a single thing to change if it was my choice to make

I mean, even the occasional grammar errors are endearing, when given through our outrageously silly heroine's voice ^_^

J Diaz ago

This is an amazing story and other than some editing for punctuation it's great as it is.

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