Well, it’s time.

Time to leave

It’s been wonderful.

It really has.

I’ve had good times

Wonderful moments.

Drank a little too much.

Danced for quiet a bit.

Met an old friend

Lost a friend

And gained a new companion on my journey.




You know

For the whole

Being chased by Fauns through town.

That part is, you know

Not so wonderful.


to take it from the start

To tell you how this happened

I’ll need to be upfront.

I never asked for this

I wished it could have been different.


Yeah, just

Remember that.


The room was on high guard.

The sudden exclamation from the human sent shivers down the spine

How is this possible?

Why did she hide this?

Is she threatening us?

The fauns collectively thought

But the culprit in question

Had one question of her own.

How do I slither my way out of this one?

I’ve really gone and goofed up.

Looking around, everyone seems to be tense.

Some even giving me outright hostile glares.

The only one who isn’t

Are those that are supposedly the old fauns “allies”

And the old faun herself.

Who’s looking more shocked than angry.

And mister Butler

Who has one hand on his face

And the other in a firm grip around his bow.


There are a lot of elders holding bows right now.

Trying to swallow saliva from my dry throat

This might be my queue.

My queue to leave.

The handsome faun spoke up

And weirdly enough, smiling.

“Human, why have you kept this hidden?”

A simple question

Or it should be.

“I did- I did not mean to keep it hidden, it just sorta... Happened?”

I said, whispering the last words.

A loud murmuring from the gathered elders

More taking out their bows

And some leaving.

Oh crap.

Looking up to mister dragon, I could not see any sort of reaction

But he where a lot brighter now than before.

Oh craaaaap.

“Human, I will only say thi-“


A sudden exclamation

A powerful yell.

Shaking everyone.

“There is no need for violence! The human and her... compatriot, has been nothing but kind and helpful to us, she has shown no hostility towards us!”

The old faun almost screamed

Sounding calm and assertive

But as I looked at her

She looked nothing like calm nor assertive.

More on the brink of a total mental collapse.

Wide nostrils

Opened eyes

Sweating profusely


I’ve never seen her like that.

The gathered elders seemed to listen to her words

Some even lowering the bows, but only some.

“Venerable elder, You have been a voice of reason for so very long, but we can clearly see that age has taken its toll on you. This is not for you to decide anymore.”

The handsome faun responded

Giving an eerily big smile as he stared at me and the old faun

The old faun looking


Maybe scared?

Not taking her eyes off the phoenix for a second.

“No, listen to me. This is not the time for hostilities, we should calmly ask her about where they met and how we can continue our friendship in the future.”

The old faun spoke, not screaming.

But holding nothing of her usual assertiveness.

Merely a facade.

“OUR FRIENDSHIP? She has lied to us since the start! Why would see seek friendship when she comes to us with that, abomination!”

He yelled

Pointing an accusatory finger at the phoenix

Who in response

Gave a sharp look, staring dagger into the handsome faun.

Making him shrug back

Smile vanishing.

His hands turning white

Tightening as he stared back at the phoenix

Eyes narrowing.

“Pl-please, don’t take offense to his words, he does not know any better.”

The old faun said

Voice turning more and more shaky

Almost sounding like the beginning of someone crying.

This change of her emotion seemed to be picked up by the gathered elders.

Looking towards the phoenix

All bringing their bows out, some holding runes of power

Some even aiming slowly.

But the one who reacted the strongest

Was the handsome faun.

Who seemed puzzled by the old fauns words

Looking between her and the phoenix.

His eyes turning from wide to narrowed

Frown turning surprised

Surprise turning to fear

His face turning deathly pale

And his eyes turning wide again.

Hands drew blood as he held them tight

Fingernails puncturing perfect skin.

This seems bad

I slowly drew my bow

Placing an arrow while chanting an explosive spell.

I really don’t wanna use this.

Please don't turn violent


Then the handsome faun spoke

Words that sounded


“It is.. It’s you”

At that, mister dragon scoffed.

“Hrmpf, I am no “you”, Faun. I clearly remember you calling me “Sir Blue” when you were little. Show a little respect. That is the least you can do as I have deigned you all with my presence."

At that the chamber went ballistic.

Screams of fear

Of surprise

Of Confusion.

No one shot, but the room was trembling.

A single twitch of a feather and the room would explode in action.

You could almost taste the fear.


I screamed.

Trying to instill some sort of calm in the mass of fear and confusion.

And it seemed to work

The room seemed to still.

Stay so very still

Stiller than a windless lake.


I managed to do something.

Okay, okay.

Think think.

What should I do?

“Everybody, there is no reason to fight. Me or mister dragon won't do anything reckless. As long as no one here does”

I said:

Trying to instill some sort of order.

But my words fell on deaf ears

As most just

Stared at mister dragon.

No one moved

No one spoke

My face turning red.

The old faun was switching between many facial expressions in a matter of seconds.

And the handsome faun seemed to go paler by the second.

And before anything happened

I took a look at mister Butler.

Seeing two very determined eyes

And giving him a bright smile in return.

“It will be okay”

I whispered.

And then suddenly, the handsome faun spoke


He shouted:

Scampering backwards as he wildly tried to climb the seats behind him.

A shout that was on the brink of tears

A shout that brought everyone into action.

An explosion rang through the hall.

One that I made

One that blew pebbles and dust

Making nothing visible.

Loud magic

Shouts of power

Blasts of wind, fire, water and earth eked out at random.

Arrows flying past



Or blinding.

Screams of pain

Shouts of anger

Yells of order

All being coalesced in a chamber of confusion.

No one could tell friend from foe.

And in it all

Me and mister dragon ran.

We ran in a straight line.


That no one would hit us.


Hit him.


This will end so very bad if you do.

Slowly the smoke cleared

Kicking and punching my way through, quickly finding myself by the wall.

“Destroy it”

Ordering the dragon

“I do not take orders.”

Aaagh, why do you have to-

But before I could finish, a blast of wind shot me into the wall.

Blackening my vision and impairing my hearing.

Quickly rolling around, I found myself trying to look for the source of the wind.

But only seeing stars.

Hearing a blast where I had just rolled from-


Standing up wobbly, I took out an arrow

Aiming blindly.

Hopefully, not at someone friendly.

A few seconds later, my vision cleared.

Enough to see that I was


A very slimy film of water was protecting me and mister dragon.

And the cause?

A very grim looking old faun.

And beside her, a butler that shot arrows faster than anyone she’s ever seen before.

A quick glance at the “battlefield” and she could see chaos.

The dust cloud had been blown away, and from it she saw a mass of elders.

All firing different elements at each other

One side aimed at her

The other seemed to protect her.

Adding their forces to the old faun.

But their side was small.

Too small to win.


She shouted again.

Angry eyes piercing the dragons

Who in response



She screamed, aiming her bow at the wall.

Letting out a scream of frustration as she loaded her arrow with mana

One second

Two se-

But before she finished

A loud scream of pain rang out behind her.

A quick glance

And blood splattered her face

A faun lying by her feet

No one she knew.

Three seconds

And she let her arrow loose.

A loud blast

A new wave of rocks pelted the battlefield.

Hitting few but not hurting.

Luckily, she managed to create a small hole

But not very big.

Looking around, she searched for her friends.

Seeing a bruised butler

And a very sweaty old faun.

“We need to go-“

She tried to shout, but was interrupted by explosive thunder.

Looking to the source, she was stunned.


A small red dragon.

No bigger than a tall human, but bulkier

And way more frightening.

How is this possible?


The dragon shouted.

Voice creaking the foundation of the chamber, making all those close bleed from their ears.

But it succeeded

Everyone stopped.


The dragon continued

Spreading its arms wide

Arms that looked more like wings

Spreading to the width of two tall people standing on top of each other

Showing its fangs as it glared at the gathered elders

Scales glimmering from a nearby burning arrow


It tried to say:

But was stopped

Stopped by itself

As it had started to scream.

Screaming in agonising pain

Burning from a very blue flame

Making all those standing close run from the heat.

The walls bursting into flames.

But just as quickly as the flames had come, the scream stopped.

Switched to the sound of falling bones and melted flesh.

And the scattered screams of elders trying to run for their lives.

“How dare you take that form. No Dragon has given you that right, Faun”

Mister dragon said.

Floating in place, wings spread far

And blue dribble dropping from his tiny mouth.

The battle ensued once more.

More ferocious than before


Like animals on death’s door.

The elders used all their mana

Water spewing

Fire burning

Wind cutting

And earth shattering.

But she did not see the battle

As she was already long gone.

Holding a very upset dragon by its tail

And six very, very frightened fauns behind her

Six elders

Two friends.

No one spoke.

Letting the situation speak for itself.

But all staring at mister dragon.

As he bounced through the air, shouting in anger.



She screamed back

Closing her eyes as she ran

Running blindly through the streets.

Streets that were empty.

How could this happen?

Why did this happen?


Have I done?

She thought

Feeling something worse than pain

Something truly horrible


 Soon, she stopped.

Throwing mister dragon in front of herself

Glaring daggers at him.


“Hrmpf, you must be more spe-“


The dragon stopped at that.

Looking at her with

Something more than confusion



“He dared to copy our dragon’s sacred ritual. A right only reserved for those chosen by us. Us Dragons”


“I did only what was right”

“NO, you killed someone”

Her screaming, turning quieter

More cold

“If you have to be factual. Then yes, I did kill someone. I fail to see how that matters.”

“You killed someone in cold blood, how can you-“

“You have also killed plenty. I seem to remember you killing ten rats in that village we came from.”

“That was different, they were trying to kill me”

“Everyone in that room tried to kill me”

“And you would not even get a scratch from them”


“So why would you kill him?”

“He deserved it. He has used the ritual to gain powers that are not his to take”

“No one deserves death! And that shit ritual? You fucking stupid dragon, all the fucking elders has gotten that shit ritual”

A short silence emerged

She stared at him with burning hatred

And he started glowing brighter

“They have WHAT?”

He shouted:

Glaring widely at her

Then looking behind her

Towards the six elders


She screamed, bringing out an arrow

Filling it with mana

With all the mana she had

And then more

Filling it with primal energy

Energy that she kept deep

Deep inside her.

Something strong

Something she has had since birth

But rarely used.


Someone spoke up.

Stopping her.

“Oh my dear Dragon god. Please forgive our great transgression. But we had to. When the dragons disappeared, we had no one we could turn to.”

The dragon floated closer.

Burning just as bright.

The old faun going down on her knees, followed by four other elders.

“In the beginning, the gods where silent to us, left us to our own devices. We had no choice, either the ritual or death.”

He was close

So very close.

Burning of the few hairs the old faun had

The four others were bowing low

Shivering in their skin.

The butler had shuffled near the human

Eyes of sorrow as he looked to her.

Then the dragon stopped

Close, but not close enough to burn

“Then why did the other fauns try to kill me”

The old faun bowed

Hands low on the ground.

“They have forgotten, forgotten of your love and power. Of how we worshipped dragons. They only know of the stories of gods who spoke ill of dragons”

At that, the dragon stood quiet

Floating above them

With an angry human standing behind him.

Seconds passed

Shouts could be heard in the distance.

Searching for the culprit of the attack

Looking for the holder of the blue flame

The one who wrought such suffering in this city.

He, in question.

Was silent

Looking down on the old faun

Who, in turn

Looked up.

Tears and snot covering her face.

“My lord, my god. I’m so sorry.”

She said:

Then bowing again.

“Give me time, give us time. We shall fix this. Please, give us time and we shall once again bow before your greatness.”

Silent words

Almost a whisper

But louder than anything

Making both the butler and human turn towards her.

Both wide eyed

Both thinking


How can someone as strong as her be brought to tears?

Then they differed

One showed fear, feeling overwhelmed by the dragon.

The other

Seethed with more rage

A fire deep in her heart.

Then the dragon spoke.

“Very well”

Two simple words

But enough to make the old faun breath a sigh of relief.

Standing up, with the four others in tow

Giving a big, bright smile

Looking to the dragon

Then to the human.

Giving her a new smile.

A smile that said:

“Show no fear, no hate. Dont worry. I will make it all all right.”

Then she turned, walking towards the storming elders.

Walking towards elders with fury in their eyes

“We have to go.”

The butler said.

Dragging at the human

Who looked at the old faun as she walked to certain doom.

Standing still

Mister butler not strong enough

As if trying to pull a stone statue.

Everything has gone so wrong

Everyone is in pain

And it’s all my fault

It's all.


It’s not my fault.

It’s his

That dragon.

I should have never tried to befriend him.

Never brought him on this adventure.

This is wrong.



Such a failure.

Why must everything go so wrong in my life?

Why is there only pain where ever I go?

I don't understand

I don't...


She whispered:

Looking down on the ground

But getting nothing in response.

“Leave. Dragon”

“I take no orders-


She looked up at the dragon

Eyes filled with tears

Body shaking in both anger and frustration

The dragon

Shrugged back

Flames dimming

“I will not leave, you still have a promise to full-”

“I REVOKE MY PROMISE. I don’t wanna see you anymore, I... I HATE YOU

Three words spoken

Words heard many times by the dragon

But different this time.

This time

They left him feeling



He responded.

Flying up

High up

And up

The ground far behind him.

Taking in the air

Taking to the sky

Higher than the clouds

Going further

And further

Turning back to his dragon form

Flying even higher

And higher

Sky turning black

Air disappearing

Stars getting closer

But then

Being stopped

Hitting an invisible wall

Falling, before collecting himself.

Floating in the air

By himself

All alone.

Why did I bother with that human?

Such a bothersome creature

Being nothing but a pain.

He flew

Flying far, far away

Not really bothering where

Letting the background pass in a blur.

I should have killed her

How dare she speak to me like that?

Why did I not kill her when she woke me that time?

She has been nothing but disrespectful

She has been nothing but...





Through the night

Rain would bless the land

Rain that seemed to not stop

Rain that seemed magical in nature

Growing crops that should take years in just a night

Filling lakes to the brim

Birthing fountains of youths.

Bringing miracles

Creating foundations for empires

But nothing about it was a blessing.

For it

It was tears



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