At the hanger of the Starship, Eon looked at the spacecraft which was currently going inspection for an interstellar journey.

Eon looked at his skyline for a while before ordering Jinny to call his father.

“What happens?”

A deep voice filled with authority reaches Eon's ear as the call gets linked while replying with a weak voice.

“The mission is over old man we are compromised…”

A brief silence fell between them as Alex waited patiently to let Eon complete his sentence

“..I think she knows our plan, even if she doesn't she will exist as a new person from now on…. She has become a chosen that to a traveller who had glimpsed the future -no she has experienced it.

"She is now as mature as Rebecca or even more as she has survived through a war. I might even say that she is a veteran now”.

Alex listened to the point where the topic was headed, pondering for a while he replied.

“We are the Guardian, we only assist and protect the Chosen we never interfere with their growth let them take their course of action, do the same”.

Eon listens to Alex as he sighs as he expected the outcome so he didn't hide his disappointment.

“Eon, we Guardians only assist or stimulate the Chosen as we had given our oath to the Gods of this civilisation.

"Don't get attached to her emotionally we will terminate all our plan let's go along with the flow for now.

"As for Rhauls let them be as it is as there will be no plan to foil, but we will pretend to proceed as we had planned something immense so to keep them distracted”.

Alex immediately slated his intention while terminating the strategy he comes up to change the world.

“You are easy-going even though your plan has been foiled, what's the catch”.

“You are a wayward son”.

As Alex said this he cut off the transmission while keeping Eon hanging with his last sentence.

You are my son who has lost his way, even though my plan cease I have no issue with it, cause it is for you I am willing to give up on my dream. This is what Alex meant by his last sentence.

Thinking of Alex last sentence Eon unconsciously curled her lips upward with a clear grin appearing on his face.

‘He sure knows how to catch me off guard’ Eon looked at the Spacecraft which was on the second stage of inspection out of fifth stages before setting off to Rois.

After a few second of silence, Eon raised his hand in front of him as he controls his astral energy to form an orb of green, red, blue, orange, purple and yellow colour.

As the orb was completely formed he threw it in front of him, as the orb reached a certain point it started floating in midair.

The orb got stabilised as they split into six different luminous colour orbs. After stabilizing a clam but profound voice echoed in Eon's ear.

“Why did you summon us?”.

The yellow orb who was at centre inquired Eon indicating his leadership among the six orbs.

“We had a deal, that never interferes with Chosen growth and their surrounding people, but why did my little sister along with Sage have to be one of Chosen”.

Yellow orb remained silent for a while before saying in a solemn voice.

“We only provide some help to Chosen by augmenting them with some of our capability which helps them to consolidate their profession, but you Guardian are the abomination of nature!".

“Abomination, Oh please! we are natural not like yours artificially augmented Chosen!”

Eon mocked them as he looked at them with arrogance and pride as he was looking down.

Orange orb who was floating replied Eon while ignoring his arrogance and disrespect to them.

“If there is no Chosen then you freaks would have plunged your civilization into greater chaos then Lithic!

“This is why we select the Chosen to keep you freaks in check and protect this civilisation as we are the Gods of this civilisation”.

Eon had a grim expression as he remained silent for a few second knowing that there is nothing to retort, so he shifts the course of the topic.

“I am now at my limits, I am going to interfere with my little sister and Sage no matter what happens, even it means that this civilisation will be damn”.

Eon shifts the topic as he declared his conviction while stimulating his aura into wild form showcasing his determination to go against them.

“You can do as you wish”.


Yellow orb spoke in a calm manner, as he had not heard Eon overstepping his authority as it acted casually.

This comes as a shock to him as he was expecting a threat and penalty to follow after his declaration, but soon he realises the crux of this development.

“You guys are one hell of bastards using them to keep Dad, Mom, Brother and me in check"

"You're imagining things we have just selected them as they have the highest probability to maintain this civilisation order".

Eon did not follow up with the reply as he ponders about their other objective in selecting those two.

"We have three conditions to approve of your ignorance"

“What are they?” This did not surprise Eon as he very well knows that nothing is free a price has to be paid for every major outcome.

“First conditions is that you have to partake in the mission which we assign to you.

Second conditions you have to overlook The Chosen which we assign to you as there guardian

And the third condition…..”.

Eon did not say a word after hearing conditions said by Yellow orb, but there was a grim look on his face.

“Well, I will be damn you sick motherfucker, you had prophesied my future with your third conditions not bad at all for a bunch of sickos.

"So tell me what I had done in my future for you to prophesied it

"Only my old man had got this honour, I didn't expect to follow his footsteps”.

“Ask Time”

Eon did not say a word but looked at the green orb

"You have to rectify the damage for the faults you have committed in her future with your present actions”.

Eon did not say any word but there were shadows of doubts bothering him with regard to Green orbs word endlessly.

“As mysterious as ever, any warning”.

“A future where she held someone dear has now become her past, she has to stabilise”

“Shit… don't tell me she….. ”.

“It is what it is, she has to emotionally stabilize herself”.

“Whose her in charge?”.


“WHAT! Are you out of your mind if what you told me is true then her wound will be resurfaced if she remained with me which will lead go further comprising her recovery!".

“Well, that is up to you you to heed my advice and if you accept this be sure to be patient toward the development if not for you then do it for her sake…”

Eon interrupted the green orb sentence by forcefully cancelling the energy supply.

'Fuck those bastards, I have got no choice but to accept their opinion'

Eon ponders for a while before making his way toward Sage's room while middling his head over the last sentence green orb has said.

Thinking about the advice Eon, not for a single second did he disregard the advice given by green orb because if one thing he was clear was that they never play with the destiny of the Chosen.

While he was thinking about this he got a call in his skyline the caller id was of Lin.

“Patch her through”

Eon commanded Jinny as while walking towards the elevator.

“Hey Eon there is someone who is waiting to talk with you and it's urgent, where are you?”.

Lin's voice reaches his ear as the call get connected, to his surprise there was someone who wants to meet him.
‘Heh… I am getting soft these days to think someone has guts to make me come to them’

“Eon it's me, Sage, meet me at your room I have a message for you”

Eon was literally shocked when he listened to Sage's voice on his coms. He wanted to question her promptly to get to the crux of her dilemma but thinking things through he controlled himself as he's asked her location

“Have you stabilised yet?”

“Yes thanks to an unknown helper”

“Somebody help you? So where is that person you can use him as a stabilizer for a few days heh… wait for me in my room I will be there”

After saying this Eon disconnected the call as he aboard the elevator and head towards his room.


“So Sage how are things going for you, are you okay considering you are going to get engaged to Eon ”.

Lin asked Sage who was sitting in front of her with a little worried expression.

“It's nothing considering all the stuff recently transpire. I am just a little bit disappointed considering that my father betrothal me already at such a young age”.

Lin looked at Sage and said, “Do you hate him or do you loathe him?”

“I…”, Sage hesitated for few second and continued, “I am confused right now. The feeling I have right now is conflicted with my present and future self”.

Lin was a little taken back by her blatant acknowledgement. She gathers her thoughts as she advised Sage like a big sister.

“In my opinion, you should just leave him instead of giving him false hope. Are you getting what I am saying?”.

Sage clenched her fist, “I am well aware you don't have to remind me" she paused for a second as she continues, “Well, whatever happens, we should not let Eon go to planet Rois”.

“What's the rush you only regain some of your memories at least you should wait for a few days before you recollect all the events in the future”.

“I am serious this memory is the first memory which I have recollected when I was sent back in time or you can say it was with me when I was sent back. Whatever the case may be if Eon will go there he will die at the worst-case scenario”.

“Hmm... So what?”

Sage went blank for a second as she heard Lin answer ‘So what, you bitch it's Eon we are talking about’, Sage soon recollect her calm demeanour and replied.

“He could die in the worst-case scenario if he is lucky enough he would be at a coma for a year or two we cannot let this happens, I will never allow him to take off to Rois”.

“Well glad to hear that you care for him even it is for your future endeavours and all but, considering your current status make your guess…”.

Sage was stump for a movement before realising that she was in past not in future where she can persuade him.

“That's why I have come to you for your help he only listens to you Lin Romanov”.

"Yes, he listens to me that's because all the things we have gone through and you know he is a Guardian if you know what it implies then you better stop wasting your time”.

Sage did not give up as she resolutely narrated Eon with her comprehension of him.

“He is a walking Nuke waiting to be detonated with just a little spark of fire don't you think?".

“Nuke ..heh nice description of him, so I will consider that you have caught a glimpse of his madness”.

“Yes, I have watched his rampage, even though my memory is hazy the fear is still there”.

Lin looked at Sage without saying a word for a while. Lin studied Sage from her temperance to her Aura and sitting position.

“*Sigh*… Give up Sage you had your chance but you ruin it and let me tell you an open secret Eon hate traveller type of Chosen One the most”.

Lin sigh as she said with a tired tone.

“I will never for…….”

Before Sage completes her sentence the door to the room abruptly open as Eon walk-in and surveys the room.

In the room, Lin and Sage were only present who were sitting face to face with each other.

“Where is Angel?”, Eon asked with a confused expression.

“She has a low rank to listen to this conversation I have to send her to Serah's room”.

“Okay”, Eon looked at Sage as he continues “You have 30mins what do you want to talk about”.

This time Eon tone was impassive unlike before which was warm and filled with passion.

Sage expected this so she didn't mind but it hurt her a little as she reminisces his kind demeanour in her past life.

“I advise you to not head towards Rois solely bring someone with you”.

“Why should I take your advice?”

Eon asked without even looking at her as he makes his way and sat on the sofa near Lin.

“You are not invincible your outcome is decided if you go there alone”.

“Hmmh, anything else if not you are wasting my time”

Sage looked at Eon who have an impassive behaviour as she concluded that nothing is going to change his mind. She looked at Lin.

“Can you leave us alone”.

Lin did not say anything but she looked at Eon who nodded his head signalling her to leave the room. As she got the signal she moves out of the room leaving those two behind.

“What do you want to talk about so privately?”

Eon inquired about the sudden decision made by Sage with a slight interest.

“With that impassive look, you wouldn't take any suggestions even when your life will threaten in front of others.

"That's how you were in my past or you may say in my future but you always listen to me and I hope that you were still the same as you were before because….”

As Sage said this she hesitated for a while but gather her courage as she gets up and walked towards Eon.

“That is what I hoped to happen and willing to do anything for that smudged smile which gave me hope during the dark time because that's the Eon….”

As Sage reached the end of her sentence she was in front of Eon looking down at him with a casual but seductive look.

What comes next is what Eon did not want to assume even he was expecting it to happen.

Sage who was standing in front of him sat down on his lap as she faces him while she caresses her right hand at the side of Eon face as she continued.

“… I had once loved the most”


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