Words on a Screen

by Hazuzu

Sanada Masumi struggles at school. He studies hard, and he's not bullied, but he has no friends. One day, he comes up with the idea to start streaming games online to build up his confidence. But not as himself. Little do his parents and peers know, he spends his nights crossdressing as the adorable idol Low-Life!

It's been over a year since that decision, and he still has no viewers.

Until one day, someone visits. Masumi soon finds himself catching feelings for his viewer, and the lines between Low-Life and Masumi start to blur...


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Endless Paving

This review is for up to fourteen chapters. Updates seem to be daily so far.

I’d recommend this story for those who like Youg Adult, or emotional teen drama types of stuff. It has themes that would make some people uncomfortable, so off with you people.

It’s centers around an insecure highschooler who suddenly starts to make friends. The biggest thing the story has going for it is that the protagonist is a very genuine feeling person who’s high strung, anxious, nervous, shy, excitable, and all those other emotions. The most important part of the plot is the secret identity and the threat of discovery, largely the uncerainty of what consequences result from said discovery. There have already been a good scene where the protagonist gets discovered but then makes a new friend, plus the scenes where I’m still worrying what would happen from said discovery before the befriending, and more recently where someone else might have discovered the coveted Secret, and the resultant paranoid mass deletion of evidence.

The style and grammar are fantastic. The author obviously has a good grasp on both English and a lot of Japanese terminology, as well as an understanding of the world the story is set in and its culture.

While the characters are amazing, the plot is the least developed oart of the story so far, on account of how early we are in the story still and the fact that the author is spending a lot of prose in establishing the first arc of the story beautifully without rushing it. Which is preferable in my opinion.


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Reviewed at: Epilogue

Way too good to have so little views! Never expected to find such a hidden gem here! I first started reading this because was bored and couldn't find anything else to read until I found this on the forums. The adorableness of the interactions between the main character and the FL were something I never knew I needed.