Follow the cursed Aura

“Hi Raven,

Long time, no see! Sorry about that, clan affairs and all that jazz. In addition, I had problems with the guard. You have probably seen stuff it on the website. An idiot from our clan shared some info. He decided to draw attention, the damn idiot! Well, that isn’t important, we'll sort it out. Now, skill books are in great demand, especially ones with rare skills. But, as we can farm them, my leader reciprocated after she had learned that you would pay more than anyone else on the market would. (The fact that I put in a good word for you played a considerable role in making her decide Wink). So, don't let me down. All in all, eight gold. Look at the names and the descriptions; maybe you already have some of these.

Light Terror”

Will had a look at the titles of the books. There were five of them:

“Theft” skill book - The name was self-explanatory; the skill allowed him to rob a victim.

“Shock” skill book - One of many skills for stunning an enemy, which grants the user a three-second "stun". If timed right, it could interrupt a magician’s skill cast.

“Dirty Dodge” skill book - The skill which allows the user to throw some sand into the eyes of an enemy, blinding them for two seconds.

“Poisoning” - Allows the player to apply concentrated poison on their weapons and arrows. The higher the poison level, the more additional damage it does.

The last book was the rarest one, and the rogue did not understand why Pak hadn't sold it. And why the leader allowed him to send it.

“Double Attack” skill book.

He had slightly more than hundred fifty gold coins. Without hesitation, Will sent his friend the ten gold coins. Such help should be appreciated. He was planned on asking him for help in the future. It was good, having support of both guild members and the Horghs .


Dey-Ghard did not follow the strange soldiers that afternoon. His mood had been spoiled, and he left the game, and waited for the moment when he would be moved back to his Floor.

When he entered the game the next day, he was standing near the Grotto of Slugs. He knew that the dungeon had been occupied by his clan. After writing back to Alteya and learning where they were, he went to meet them.

The elf received more than a splendid award from the leader. Though he did not understand why…

Mollie had already watched the received video four times. She was trying to figure out if the player on the video was that the guy she was looking for, or if he was just a NPC. Again and again she damned the elf for chickening. But now she could at least put the nickname “White Raven” on her list of suspects, which had, truth be told, only one name on it.

Will left the shaman’s house and took a breath of fresh air. The time on the clock was 12:30 PM.

“Foo-ooh, it’s time to grab a bite,” saying these words, he disappeared.

Half an hour later, he was standing in front of the shaman’s house again. He was about to leave when he realized that the shaman could help him read the piece of paper that he had retrieved from the corpse in the warehouse.However, he recalled something.

“Fuck me! He’s blind!” Will turned around, headed to the gate and stopped.

“Why did was he holding a book when I entered then?" Turning round again, he rushed to the old man.

The shaman was sitting in the same pose as before.

“Shaman, can you read the book you're holding in your hand?”

“What are you talking about? Of course, I can. Why would I be holding it otherwise?”

“But you’re blind…”

“Ah-ha-h…” The shaman burst out laughing. “I get it, get it, no, I’m not, Envoy, I’m not blind, my race just has no pupils. Have you heard anything about Khhasakh?”

“I guess you know that I have not.”

“What do you need…?”

“Can you translate this text?” He took the scrap of the withered paper from his inventory and gave it to the old man.

“Gm-hm… It’s a ciphered message. You are in luck, however, as that language is familiar to me. Show up in five days. I think I will be done by then.”

“Thanks, Grrakhkat. And, before I forget again, tell me everything you know about that cursed monster.”

“Ask Vakhor, he is the only who survived an encounter with it.”

“Well, I will show up in five days. See you soon.”

“Good luck, Envoy.”

  The locals pointed him in the direction of the house in which Vakhor, the hunter, resided.

“Knock-knock. Hello.”

He quietly knocked, and a little girl opened the door.

“Hello you, Sir.” She was slightly more than three feet tall, with the same pale skin as all of the Horghs had and amusing pony tails. Her big, childish eyes gazed at the guest with curiosity.

“Hi, little girl, is Vakhor at home?”

“Dad being lie, sick, no walk.” She shook her tiny head and pointed into direction of the room. “There.”

“Thanks, little girl, may I come in? I need to chat with your dad.”

Her blinking eyes and funny ponytails reminded him of his sister’s whenever she encountered something new. She would always approach it and, pointing with her finger, ask: “Bro, bro, where are baby pigeons? You see big ones everywhere, but never the small ones.” She was inquisitive which, perhaps, somehow influenced her abilities to study.

Will came into the room where the sick horgh was in the bed.

“Vakhor, are you able to speak?”

“My to be but quiet. Who are your, human?”

My name is White Raven, I ‘d like to talk about that cursed monster, as it is said you made out him well?”

Having heard the rogue, the horgh began to shiver; his face was distorted.

“Vakhor!” Will drew attention trying to see his reaction to the words about the monster. “I am going to kill him, but I need your help.”

  The hunter looked consciously at the guest again. “Death? Death this monster? You cannot, nobody can! Our captain cannot! I to watched how it to guzzle my friend. No! You cannot!”

 Will continued as if he had not heard the Horgh. “You just describe him to me, his abilities if they were. His size, whom he looked like. Though something that could help me in the fight with him.”

  “Don’t you not to hear my voice?! To want death, be as your choice! It is huge like a bear, a claw and a canine, big like my daughter. It to start up fear around and to stop my friend and I. Blow as fast arrow. In half. That’s all! To go from my house! I cannot speak about it anymore.”

The Horgh turned away, there was a deep bleeding cut on his back and some weak violet smoke, proceeding from it.

“Hem! Wait a bit! …”


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