Player reached the Top

by Rick Scar

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery GameLit LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Ruling Class Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Two Thousand Forty-Four. The world of games changed long ago.

"Ascension" has become one of the most popular VRMMO games. It is a huge world divided into a hundred Floors, with each Floor a boundless location with its own countries, tribes, and millions of players.

The object of the game is to unlock all the gates and conquer the top.

Having joined the game, Will Thomson doesn't realize that he is all by himself. Then he accepts the first quest ...

Cursed Rat: level 46 ...

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To break it down.

Style 3.5

I like these types of stories, its my personal preference. Style is Naritive.

Grammer 3.5

There are few errors  that I spotted so far. You can totally get what the author is trying to say however every now and then you come across a sentence that makes no sense.

Story Score 3

It needs a lot more substance. There are only 4 chapters out so far but I like the genre and premise sounds good.

Character score 2

The characters including the main character have limited depth so far. The story speaks of few motivations but gives no inclination as to what motivated the MC to really be convinced that gaming would be a reasonably viable method for him to begin with considering from chapter 1 he knows next to nothing about gaming or the gaming industry. Second there is some backwards logic in character progression towards gaming.

Yes it makes sense for a character to know about things like botting/ToS expoits ect. However, the method of making money from games that it is made to sound like he wants to commit to is Video Blogging his time spent in game.

Most competitive gamers I would say view people who exploit disdainfully. This is especially true of whenever RL twitch streamers get caught exploiting. There are many negitive perceptions. I mean. Who wants to play with a person who they know is going to beat them via cheating? Most people play games as a form of entertainment, is it entertaining to lose to someone when you come to the realization that you never had chance to begin with?

Anyways. ^^ I may evaluate again after more chapters are released.

Have a g'day and thanks for reading my review.


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Great start! Currently at Chapter 30

So far I’m really enjoying it.  It’s very different that other novels in this genre, but it’s still very good.  I like the story progresion.  It’s easy to follow and it’s very entertaining.  Barely any grammatical mistakes too.  Keep up the good work!  Love to see more!