Turn-Based Engineer

by Zalex and Entelechy

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Romance Sci-fi GameLit Harem Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

When James woke up five years before, he did not expect to end up in this weird, new world. Here, he found a reality filled with queer rules and magic beyond his imagination. Despite all this, he clung to his peaceful roots that he had been brought up with. With his knowledge, he could have changed the world. However, he did not wish to become some reckless adventurer or fearsome ruler; instead, he only sought to protect his loved ones and live a happy life. Sometimes though, the call of adventure forces itself upon even those who desperately wish to refuse. 

Warning: This story has multiple POVs. (But by chapter 15, it kind of narrows down onto James)

This work is (as of now) being co-written by Zalex and Entelechy where Zalex has previously written the story, and Entelechy edits/adds pieces. 

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Zalex and Entelechy

Zalex and Entelechy

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  • Overall Score

Great idea, poor execution

I like the idea of sci-fi to fantasy iskai portal fiction. Some of the best games I played on the ps2 were in this genre. A multiple pov warning would be nice. Not quite sure how this is written, but it doesn't flow from chapter to chapter at all. I thought it was a collaborative effort story, (which are always great) but it's apparently a restrictive authorized continuation of a dropped work?

  • Overall Score

Review after chapter 5

I like it. The story has a great flow. Combination of humour and everyday life of common people in much greater world. 

Bobby Harlow
  • Overall Score

I very much enjoyed this work. The author's writing appealed to me. I thought this guy should become a professional writer when he grows up.