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25. looks like we are really on our own here.


Aut stifled a groan as she was forced into a hug from Mrs. Minamino who had showed up to see Aut off. Mentally she would have to remember to hit Kurama for alerting his mom of her switching schools and leaving on that day next time she saw him. It was bad enough that Keiko had came with her to see her off. All she wanted to do was slip away quietly, her mom wasn't there and had said bye that morning and thus she was stuck with her best friends mother and her brother's girlfriend seeing her off. She couldn't say anything about it to the two females as she didn't want to appear rude.

So despite her feelings on the matter, she smiled and looked a bit happy yet sad at having to leave. "I'll be fine Mrs. Minamino besides it's just a boarding school it isn't like I'm leaving completely without any contact since I'll give a call and Shuichi I'm sure will give you updates." She said much like she had told her own mother that morning about calling her.

Mrs. Minamino shook her head and looked at her sons best friend, it appeared the girl had grown a lot in the past year. She smiled and said "I know but you'll be missed.. you've certainly .grown from that shy quiet girl who was always running that I first met." She wouldn't voice it but she felt like the girl in front of her was a daughter from how much she had been around over the past years. Even if at one point she thought her son and Aut were a couple from how much time they had spent together and how well her son knew the younger girl. But that had disappeared when she saw how the two acted and realized they had a sibling bond.

Aut smiled and took one more hug from Kurama's mother before she stepped back and said "Well a lot has changed since then, I've been through a lot too." She looked at Keiko before she was hugged by her brother's girlfriend tightly. Softly she whispered "I'll call and update if anything bad happens to him."

Keiko hugged Aut tightly before she replied in a whisper "Alright." She let go of Aut and looked at the time before she stepped back.

Aut looked between the two women and said "I'll miss you two." It was the truth, she would miss them. But she knew she had to get away or else she wouldn't be able to play the part of her that they where so use to. Plus her fears would just keep her the same and she knew she needed to grow away from the people who knew her. Try out other personality traits that she had in her without scaring anyone or having people worried about her. To push the nagging voice she had in the back of her mind away that she wasn't useless or weak.

With a glance at the clock she shifted her grip on Yoshi's leash and picked up her bag that was beside her. "Bye, I'll call... I promise." She said with a nod to the two women before she left at a jog with her dog towards her train that would take her to her new school.


The sprawling school grounds could be seen nicely from Aut's dorm room, since she had gotten there early as an attempt to settle her nerves about being so far from everyone and everything she knew. She felt Yoshi push against her hand and she smiled at the dog before she rubbed behind his ears. "Well Yoshi, looks like we are really on our own here." She said softly as she looked down at the grounds. Her roommate wouldn't be showing up until the next day with most of the other students, only a few were around that had to get there early for whatever reason.

Stretching slightly she turned and went to where her dresser sat on her side of the room and changed out of her travel clothes into a pair of training shorts and a t shirt before she pulled on no show socks. Her plan was to go for a run since she knew both her and Yoshi needed the run after the trip there. She walked over to the door and slipped on her tennis shoes before she picked up Yoshi's leash and clipped it on his collar before they left the room.

At the door to the dorm building they met another girl who had long blonde hair and blue eyes in passing that caused Aut to glance back at the feeling she got from the girl. With a shake of her head and a slight tug on the leash from Yoshi to get her attention back on track, she looked back in front of her to keep track of where she was headed.

Jogging slightly with her large dog next to her, she reached the track field and noticed that she wouldn't be the only one there. Her eyes saw a tall dark hair male that was running on the track, normally that wouldn't detour her but since she was new she wasn't sure if she should or if she should go find a park to run in. She paused to watch him before she glanced at Yoshi and shrugged before she stretched slightly and started out to jog that turned into a run with Yoshi next to her.

Without Aut noticing she had gotten the attention of the other person on the track who had stopped to watch her and Yoshi run. When she noticed that she had passed the male, that caused her to take notice before she came to a stop as he waved to her when she got close to him. "Sorry didn't think me also running would bother your training."

The male shook his head before he replied "You didn't, the fact that you aren't winded is what caught my attention, most by the third lap are unless they've trained before." He smiled at the girl with a glance going over her before he said "Mijikai, Nobuo. I'm a third year here and track club leader. You wouldn't happen to be interested in joining would you?"

Aut giggled softly and said "Well I hope I'm not winded by the third lap.. I've been running my whole life and on the track team for the past four years." She smiled at him, "Urameshi, Autumn. I'm transferring here for my second year and I think I kinda already am in the track club.. at least on the track team."

Mijikai blinked in surprised at the name of the girl before he chuckled softly with a light blush. "Ah I heard there would be a girl joining the club. Glad to know you really can hold your own in the long run and not just short runs like most of the girls in the club." He said with a smile, "Lets see what you got." He then started to jog and waited until Aut caught up before he picked up speed.

Aut kept the smile on her face before she patted Yoshi's head and said "Rest Yoshi." She then jogged to catch up with her upperclassman, matching pace with him when he did pick up speed. Mentally she remembered that she needed to appear normal human, not one that could keep up with demons, and started to show signs of being tired even if she wasn't and kept her speed only matching his.

As the two came to a stop, Mijikai grinned at the girl who had manged to keep up with him despite the running before hand. "Really gonna give the other teams in the area a run for their money with you on the team. Probably even make the girls team into a more winning team with you." He said in an excited voice, after all it would be good to see the girls of the track team win more and have a chance to match their male teammates for wins.

Aut laughed softly as she took her bottle of water from Yoshi who came over to the two. She took a drink before she said "Well I hope I can live up to your expectations on that. Not that I think it'll change much just because of me on the team." She sat on the grass next to Yoshi and leaned against her dog slightly. "So Mijikai-sama what are the females on the track club like?" She asked.

Mijikai smiled at the joyous girl before he joined her on the grass sitting across from her and the large dog. "Well they are hard working and try their best." He started as he saw her curious look, "At least with the club they are. They are all fun loving and warm to new members." He then went on to tell her about the members of the track club.


Aut yawned as she walked next to Yoshi back to the dorms, she waved to Mijikai and a couple of the other track club members that she had met earlier when hanging out with Mijikai. As she had spent the day with him as he showed her around the campus and introduced her to a few of the other students. She had found out that the town was considered part of the campus since students could live off campus if they wanted to after being there for a year. As she reached her dorm, she blinked as she felt like someone was watching her and glanced around before she saw blond hair disappear around the corner. She shook her head and muttered "Just a trick." She unlocked the door and entered with Yoshi and slipped from her shoes and stuck them in her spot before she shuffled to change for bed.


As she laid in bed she closed her eyes and felt Yoshi lay next to her, her arm draped over her dog as she closed her eyes. Nearly instantly she was sleep, well not exactly as she was more pulled into a dream of one of those she was connected with. As a bystander she barely realized it wasn't her own mind that she was in but in a dream of Hiei, at least she figured from past times it happened. It was something that she realized happened at times from the past, however it took longer for her to realize they weren't just dreams but his past.

However this dream wasn't a scene she hadn't seen before as she saw it back around the time he had first left. The setting was simple demon world, she figured, caves with some demons packing up and a young Hiei coming up to them. A sigh left her before this time she noticed something else.. well someone else.

Hiei stood nearby watching the scene, not expecting anyone else in his dream. Thus when he caught sight of Autumn, his red eyes lingered on her and watched her. Feeling slightly annoyed at the intrusion yet at the same time he felt a peace settle over him as he moved over to stand next to her. His right hand moved to her hand as he said "It's my past. They left me because of the trouble I was causing them and because I'm the forbidden child. I'm not allowed to have any one to care about and I'm unlovable.. I'm meant to be alone."

Aut glanced at the male who stood next to her and felt his hand lacing their fingers together, she tighten her hand around his before she turned to him. The dark purple eyes moved over his face as he spoke before they narrowed into a glare at him. "Idiot." She snapped, "You seriously can't believe that crap. Just because you were born on an island of all women doesn't mean that you are meant to be alone. If you were then you wouldn't have found friends, wouldn't be so nice to me, and certainly wouldn't have gone through all that you've gone through just to find and protect Yukina."

The surprise on his face wasn't masked quickly enough but his hand tighten on hers before he growled softly, "I don't have friends and what do you know of what I’ve gone through? Have you been snooping in my mind?"

She kept the glare on her face and at him, "Goddess you truly are an idiot if you believe you don't have friends." She tugged her hand away from his and crossed her arms as she squared herself in front of him more. "No I wasn't snooping you pulled me into them back after you came here. Even this time you pulled me here. I don't go snooping around friend's minds as long as I can control it."

"Why would I pull you in here or even what to show you anything of my past?" He snapped at her, growing annoyed with her words.

A roll of dark purple eyes before she reached out and flicked his nose, "You tell me since I never once tried to go into your mind aside from when we first met and I felt you in my mind." Her arms crossed again, sensing his annoyance since the setting around them changed to one that was more peaceful yet annoying. At his growl, she snapped "Goddess you are annoying!" She then turned and stormed off, well attempted to.


Hiei growled at her and then her attempt to storm off only made him angrier and he snapped "Where do you think you are going? Going to snoop some more?"

That stopped her and she spun around to glare at him, "I'm going to leave if you let me, ass!" She growled at him with her glare, at least before she saw something that drew her attention away from him. It was in the scenery around them, something that was so familiar to her yet at the same time she had no clue what it was. "Hiei.. were are we by the way? I mean what world is this place at?"

Hiei glanced at her noticing her anger seemed to disappear quickly and before he could question it, he heard fear in her voice. Turning he looked at what was clearly a demon that stood on a cliff looking down at them. "This is the demon world.. but I've never been to this spot before." He moved to stand a bit protectively in front of the girl as he felt a need to protect her. "But this is one of our minds.. nobody should be getting in here."

Aut moved closer to Hiei as she looked at the demon that stood nearly seven feet tall, bulging muscles that rippled with each movement he made. Long yellow hair flowed like water down his back, two long horns curved with his head as two long horns stuck up from his head nearly a foot. Down his spine was white fur that went along the reptilian tail that came out at the base of his spine. All he had on clothes wise was a pair of loose cloth pants with no shoes or shirt. "But I've never been to the demon world. So this can't be my mind."

The demon on the cliff smirked at the two, showing his white fangs, "Oh but you have been here before, My little human."

Something about the way the demon spoke made both of the ones on the ground growl, for Aut to grow angry and for Hiei to draw his sword at the strong feel that the demon meant harm. His eyes narrowed, not liking the way the demon called Autumn his, no if she was gonna belong to any demon it was gonna be him like it was in the past. "You aren't suppose to be here. Get out now." He snapped.

Autumn stayed behind Hiei, not liking how the demon on the cliff was looking at her and she wanted to hide. It was taking all her willpower to not cling to the back of Hiei's shirt like a scared little girl, even if she was terrified right then. Her heart beating faster as she breathed a bit faster in fear, slightly surprised that her flight instinct didn't kicked in as she knew her fight instinct wasn't kicking in just from how fear gripped her right then. Softly she whimpered "Make him leave. He doesn't belong here. He isn't real." She was starting to mumble more along the lines of the demon male on the cliff not being real and not belonging.

The demon on the cliff laughed, "My little human, I am very much real. Just not exactly real here after all I am just a memory but my powers let me linger in memories and able to track my prey by my lingers. Houshanouu will get what is his, and you, my little human, will belong to me while I figure you out."

It was then that the dragon of darkness flame and other dragons appeared and surged forward towards Houshanouu and make him disappear. Before either of the two on the ground could say anything everything faded.


A soft scream came from Aut as she bolted up, panting and in a cold sweat as she shook from the fear. Rolling onto her side, she hugged Yoshi and hide her face against the large dog's neck. "Hiei?" She called out mentally to him, seeking comfort from the one who had been with her.

"Don't worry, you're safe. That demon won't harm you nor will he get close to you." Hiei replied from where he sat awake, wondering where he had heard the name Houshanouu before. As it was, he wasn't gonna stand for letting Autumn feel that fearful of anyone. It frighten him to see her so scared that she couldn't even flee. "I have already strengthen your mental shield.. well the one I have around your mind to make it so nobody can get in. Work on strengthening your own for when I need to take mine down."

She couldn't help but relax a little as she listened to Hiei, it made some of the fear she felt leave her. "But what if he comes after me?"

"He won't. I'll make sure of that." Hiei said in such a tone that left no room for her to question it.

"Thank you Hiei." She whispered back to him as she felt her mind start to relax, knowing that she had Hiei looking after her made her feel better.. a little bit that is. It was more from the fact that Yoshi seemed to lean against her and making her body relax from the pressure also helped with the relaxing. It didn't take long for her to slip back into sleep, a dreamless one that was the cause of the protective dragons and fire demon with their desires to keep the young female safe.

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